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I now have the foam I need and the balaclava is on it's way so all I need to do now is make the head

more will be done as I have time like more armour and weapons but as it stands I can cosplay in it.

just need these things:
suit jacket
shoulder holster
glock 19

My nan is making the cloak for me and all i have to do now is make the swords then the costume will be ready for detailing (such as accessories and a suitable brooch for the cloak)

Even eva foam won't work for airsoft oh well

just finished cutting the EVA foam base for the armour just need to make the details. also got a barcode for the armour

just tested the foam of the armour and it will not hold up to airsoft so i am having to use EVA foam now if I want to wear it while airsofting the original will be for cons and shows

now it is time to get started with the swords, a common short sword and a elven katana thing.

now i just need to wait for the weather to let up to paint the rest

armour is almost finished just need to tweak it then paint it!

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