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I started far too many years ago, but it was only in the last three or so years that I started learning how to sew and make my own costumes. In that times I've set myself increasingly difficult challenges, but I've yet to put myself off cosplaying. I mainly cosplay from video games, and tend to pick based on the outfit as much as the character I'd get to portray.

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So I realised I've neglected updates on this costume... Here goes...

All the armour is obviously foam, with funky foam for the scales (all hand formed... not as bad as the 400-ish scales I've made SO FAR far my partner's Rathalos armour). All primed and ready to paint.
The undersuit I just bought (waiting on the leggings though) and probably won't modify much unless I have time.
The hat was made from scraps of the trousers from a pattern I drafted. The trousers are quilted (by me as I couldn't find pre-quilted stuff) to give the appearance of scales.
The belts are cheap belts that I chopped up with small painted perfume bottles as the ammo casings.

Just the collar/tie, armguard and bowgun left to do now (and the painting, obviously)

My partner bought a very basic wooden master sword a few years back, but it broke very quickly, so had been left in the loft. I've now stolen it for my master sword. I've sanded off the painted detailing on the sheath, added new foam detailing that's more accurate to the reference piccies, and have just to shape the blade and repair the handle.
The hylian shield is made from EVA foam with craft foam details and fabric handles and will be painted soon.

As the TP armguards look easier to make than the OoT gloves, I've gone for them. These are made out of craft foam using the iron and shoe polish method to make them look a bit leathery.

This is quite a large cosplay, so I'm hoping I can get it done in time for Kita 2014.
Anyways, I found a lovely green fabric, and started by cutting out the side-skirt, which is meant to be a wing, and painting the 'eyes' on it. I've also started quilting the leg pieces out of the same fabric.

I never have any luck with cosplay shoes, and have been searching for the right shoes for a fair while. With no luck so far, and Kitacon fast approaching, I was happy enough to find a pair of tan coloured ankle boots, recolour them to while, and add the cuffs. They're not ideal, as I'm not used to this size heel, but I think they will work.

Well, actually I've gotten over my fear of PVC using large amounts of tissue paper. The top and shorts were based off old patterns I've had lying around. The only bit I'm iffy about is having to line the front of the top with PVC for the lapels - I suspect it will make the costume quite warm.

So I drove up to London for October Expo and managed to squeeze Garrus in the car. Unfortunately I ran out of time to wear him during the daytime, but managed to get some great night shots with CelPhotgraphy (with Xero as my Shep again). I'm really pleased with the pictures, and unless I can think of another good location for photos, this might be his final outing.

OK, so I might have skipped a few journals along the way - oops.
Anyways, made the jacket, harness and skirt thing, bought a tshirt and had to turn it into a tshirt about 4 sizes smaller, and altered the jeans. I even polished my boots ready to debut this costume on friday at expo :)

Picture is all three sets I had to make becuase it almost killed me, so I want to show them off a little.

So it looks like I'll be making the harnesses for the whole group. I started prototyping one to see exactly how much material I'll need, and the answer is a lot more than I thought ^_^' Still, the harness is easy enough to make (though some of the buckles aren't needed and will just make it a bit more confusing to put on, so I'm still deciding what to do). Halfway through the prototyping we'd decided to look for an affordable kind of webbing to make the harnesses from, soI didn't bother making any more suede straps, hence the white used instead. Still, once we get materials, the harnesses should be coming thick and fast - just the jacket and shirt left to worry about for now, as I won't be doing 3d gear at the moment.

I did actually finish this and wear it to Ayacon 2013, but got no photos :( It was only her summer casual, but I will probably be rewearing it soon - apart from the wig and hat making my head very warm, it was a very nice comfy cosplay

Well, I got it all finished in time for Ayacon, and even had the guts to enter it in the comp/masq. It was my first time in the masqurade, and I feel it went well, even if I did almost fall over at some point XD.
All in all, this costume isn't bad to wear, but it does make sitting down difficult. A few bits also tried to break, like the detailing under the torso and the feet, so I need to improve these before my next wear, which will hopefully be at MCM october in London.
Many thanks to everyone who commented or asked for photos at Aya - you all really made my day ^_^

For what looks like a simple black and white sniper rifle, the mantis has a deceptively large amount of detail to be painted on, but it is finally finished. I'm tempted to add some battle damage to fit in better with the whole costume, but am unsure at the moment, as you usually equip the guns after the rocket incident.
Not much left to go now :)

Since Ayacon is in two weeks (erk) I thought I should hurry up with this.
I've painted the details on (including a few I forgot to make off with the soldering iron, but it's a bit late to add them now, so they're just painted)
I've also added the neck padding, which helps keep it in place. I've also cut a load off the lower torso armour,which unfortunately loses the nice curve on the back,but stops the upper torso from getting stuck inside it. It's also sufficiently tight to give me the wide-legged-waddle of a turian XD Having some problems with the feet - the foot plates look too short to me now (unchanged from test wear 1) and the fkae soles on the lower legs keep getting stuck on the foot. Might have to redo them if I have time.

Finally painted the armour, and so far I like the colours. The torso actually allows me to see a little bit now that it's lower. However, I had to alter the legs in the hopes that I can kneel and sit. Once the sealing in dry, I'll test it again and see if it works.

However, the main wonderful thing realised today, is that I can dress myself into my Garrus outfit without needing help - huzzah!

Finally added velcro tabs to the undersuit to hold the various armour pieces in place (since Garrus's armour seems to have no visible straps) and was finally able to do a test wear. This showed that the torso was too long and too tall at the front, the butt armour is too high up, and the legs need to made smaller to allow more movement

I decided that the main torso armour was too wide, and the back wasn't curved enough. After trying to fix the backplate I had, I ended up making a new one. This has worked out a lot better - I remembered to make it in two pieces this time, and using a curved template allowed for the distinctive bulge outwards. The improved torso is also tight enough around my middle that it may not need as many straps inside - woohoo.
Also sorted out the upper legs and waist armour too - just need to seal all the foam, then I canget connecting it to the undersuit and painting it, then just the visor and undersuit details to go.

Added the scarring and bandage. Cutting into Garrus's head was difficult to bring myself to do though

Bodysuit made from stretch jersey sewn together out of two basic pieces. I'll add the arms later with the patterning on them. The shoulders are yet more foam, but the bodysuit has a layer of upholstery foam to give the proper shape, as the torso armour comes out past my actual shoulders.

Detail added, velcro added (unfortunately had to make it two pieces in order to get in and out), and spike added using craft foam over more upholstery foam. Feet are still a bit iff - got some old shoes I can use, I just need to smooth them out.

Unfortunately I don't like walking/standing much (achey back and knees usually result) so proper stilt-style feet were out of the question. Instead I'm using foam to reshape my leg, and have formed the armour panels over that.

(The most iconic ME sniper rifle in my opinion)
Made using templates base on http://croc-blanc.deviantart.com/art/Mass-Effect-vector-weapons-pack-291419812
Layered foam, shaped, then details put in. Barrels are thin plumbing tube. Still need to get something for the scope

A layer of 3mm plastazote heat-formed over a doorstop, layered with thicker foam. The wristlet was heatbent and detailed sodldering-ironed in

In case anyone was curious about how the body goes together.
I can just about get in and out of it by myself, but I daresay the other pieces will stop that

It is scary attacking a costume with a dremel, but I finally got up the nerve to do the battle damage. Luckilly most of it is limited to the main torso, so I won't have to repeat the process. The other details were made using a soldering iron.

Made the front narrower, made new side panels which stretch round furhter and have the lower layered bits

Apologies for the incoming journal spam, but I'm getting so many pictures I wanted to keep a record of the progress
So, I started the body a few weeks ago by sketching out some templates (couldn't be bothered to use/locate pep files). It was a bit of a pain fitting it to me, but the dummy helped a lot. Inside there's a lot of velcro and a lot of straps just to hold it all level and in place - I'll take a picture of that sometime.
Once I had it done of course I realised it was wrong, with the front too wide, cutting out the middle panels.

Managed to get both my Lilith and my partner's Mordecai finished in time for expo. In the end I had to wear my back-up wig, so I'm hoping to do another photoshoot with the proper wig at some point.
I had great fun wearing this (and many thanks to the lovely people at the borderlands meet for making us feel welcome even though we had no idea what was going on), though a few bits (like the shinguard straps) fell apart, and Mordecai was held together with safety pins. The main problem was that the shinguards need more straps to stop them swinging round off my legs. I will fix all this when I come to cutting this up for the borderlands 2 version, which should be soon.
I also kinda want to cosplay Maya now too...

Finally got on and finished this outfit today - painted the weapon thingy, put the straps on the leg guards, and painted the bodysuit. The bodysuit was a killer - it took a few hours to map and paint her tattoos, but I'm happy enough with how they've come out. The stomach area is wrong, and a lot of it will be hidden under clothing 'till I do the Borderlands 2 version, but it's still better than having to apply bodypaint each time I want to wear it. I also got a lot of weathering done.

Now I just have to decide whether I want a gun, and if so what...

The only bit I may need to beg people for help with is the wig - after a lot of rinsing the sharpie ink is still coming off :( Worst to the woart I suppose I'll have a pink forehead all day but it'd be nice if I can get it sorted.

Well, after a busy weekend I think I've finally finished the head.
The foam has had many many coats of PVA and latex, then various tones of grey paint. The whole thing is on a flesh-tone lycra balaclava I made (gluing the bits on was a nightmare). Asides from the nosepiece squishing my nose, it's comfy, and I'm generally happy with it. The visor is just a quick one I threw together, so I'll probably remake it soon.
Unfortunately the shaping suit and armour will have to wait as I've got more urgent costumes to make (but I do at least have a plan now)

Well, looks like I'll be going to May MCM this year, so I'm going to try to finish this in time (and also make Matt a Mordecai outfit) - erk.
Still, today I've got the jacket and buttlep chaps done, so I'm mostly through the main outfit - it just needs a lot of weathering.
Other than that, just the accesories, leg armour, and any gun I want. Still wondering how to do the siren marks - whether to use the bodysuit or just swallow my fear and use body paint...

So, this is planned for October 2013, but I felt motivated to make a start on it. I've done the tricky bit of the trousers - had to take the rousers apart, then stitch them back up with the pink sections.
I've got the wig ready to dye, but that'll have to wait 'till the wighead isn't being used.
The only bit I'm struggling with is deciding the colours to use for the boots/armguards - brown or burgundy, and the straps on the boots/trousers - black or blue. Any help would be appreciated ^_^

Decided to add more to this costume, as it was great fun to wear, but I feel it was a bit plain. I still don't have the time / effort to make a whole Ezio outfit, but I've decided to add a capey pauldron thing like he has, some other leather bits, brown trousers instead of black, and some more odds and ends. Still trying to decide on a weapon...

As I've been ill, I thought I'd start with the easy bit - modifying the two tops I bought off've ebay. I reckon it's gone pretty well, though I accidently cut the pink top too short - it's about an inch longer than where it meets the yellow top's zip. This won't be a problem till I try to do her Borderlands 2 outfit though, so I don't have to change it immidiately.
Some of the seams are hard to see, but I'm hoping that the weathering will affect these bits more and make them more obvious. Of course the whole lot will look much browner when it's weathered.

As much as I've been wanting to do this costume, I was daunted by trying to make the head. I'm no good at scultping, so the latex mask method would have been a pain, plus I hear they get very warm very quickly.
Following the inspired idea of Billious from the RPF board, I'm attempting to make a foam head.
First I cut out paper pieces to see how all of Garrus's face sections fit together, before cutting them out of 1" thick upholstery foam. After a little bit of shaping, this is the result. Still a lot of shaping needed to make it look more like Garrus, but I'm pretty pleased with it. Once I'm happy with the pieces I will attach them to strapping akin to a fursuit head - this will hopefully allow for an opening mouth - before coating the whole thing in glue and painting it. Underneath I plan to wear a balaclava which will have all the details of the back of the head on.

Well, despite being ill, I got some semblence of this done for MCM October Expo 2012 a few weeks back. Unfortunately there were a fair few problems with it.
The hood is too light and the strong wind that weekend made it hard to keep in place, so I'm going to add some weights to the peak and brim to hopefully solve that
It was much too cold to wear leggings, so I wore trousers
The bag on the belt was too heavy against my poorly stomach, so again, I had to wear trousers becuase of the pockets. With any luck I'll find some trousers of my own this time instead of having to borrow Chloe's (big thanks to Chloe) ^_^'
Also, as I didn't manage to get a hidden blade done, I'm going to try that for next time.

I was surprised that some people still thought I was an Ezio. I definitely want to make my costume more elaborate, including longer flaps, more decoration, etc, but now I'm not sure whether to just make an Ezio outfit...

Well, been a bit ill recently so haven't managed to get much done, meaning I've had to cut down my plans for costumes a bit.
For my assassin I've altered a plain white men's shirt - I got one several sizes too big, altered the torso to fit, put the excess length into angled bits and took off all the modern trimmings like buttons and whatnot. The overcoat I made a while back out of cotton and fake suede for the hood lining. The red bit around the waist was just a band of fabric but now it's got proper corset boning to make it keep shape, but I'm also considering adding the dangly bit to have the iconic red sash. As I'll be wearing leggings with this, I needed a bag, so I made the belts and bag, though unfortunately I've had to use velcro to secure it, which is rather visible - it's a shame, but I don't think I'll have time to change it, so just pretend it's not there =p. I've also got a pair of long leather gloves to go with it. I was hoping to have a fully working hidden blade, but that's out of the question now. To make sure it doesn't get mistaken for a real dangerous item, I'll instead try to make one that has to be flicked out and retracts back by itself, instead of the other way round.

Well, so much happier with how this looks compared to the old one.

Where last time I had red pespex lenses, it was too easy to see my eyes. After consulting a few lovely people who helped me, I've used reflective red window film for the eyes this time. You're meant to attach it to the lenses, but I ran out of time and was terrible at that anyway, so the film is just help taught between the foam frames - it seems to work :)
The whole thing's had a new coat of paint as well, along with some weathering.
The helmet is brand new, having been given to me by CyanideCustard - it's a helmet liner, and all I had to do was trim off the front and add my pepakura'd lightbox - still with working lights. Again, more black spraypaint and attacking it with scissors to weather it
I also finally managed to put a fan into this - huzzah. Last October I had to walk around without my helmet on indoors becuase of fogging, which was a pain when I was asked for photos. The fan does unfortunately just look like a fan as I couldn't make a good housing for it, but I'll see if I have time to fix that. There're also vents around the eyes that make it harder to see but should help stop the fogging.
The whole thing slots together so much better now too, so should be easier to put on

Right, almost finished the gun. This is a toy pistol very kindly given to me by Rob - I don't know how he manages to find such cool guns in toyshops up north, but I couldn't find anything locally.
It used to make sounds but I took out the batteries becuase that would just annoy me ^_^' I traced over the detailing that was already there in gold pen - it's not quite the same as the pattern on the Ranger Sequoia, but it's close enough. The whole thing then had a coat of translucent black spraypaint to make it look less shiny and new. Just got the NCR Bear sigil to add to the handle, and it's done

I narrowed down the trousers and spraypainted them, and I like the more now.

Chloe Lynch (http://www.flickr.com/people/celynch_photography/) took us for two photoshoots at their closest national park - Bradgate. It's like a tiny Dartmoor, which was lovely. Unfortunately on the first day it was raining, so we all got drenched. The second attempt was much more fun though. I left the holster off becuase I forgot it, though in retrospect wandering around in public with a holster is a bit of a no-no. Also, I know Lara doesn't wear gloves in this game, but those rocks were sharp.

Well, all the bits and pieces have arrived (I can't believe I spent so much on shoes, but I just absolutely adored them ^_^') and it's not looking too far off. The ponytail isn't quite right for my hair colour, but I cannot be bothered to grow my hair out. The trousers are currently being dyed a bit more brown, though I may just look for a lighter-coloured pair entirely. Maybe linen or demin would look better... or I'll try my brown pair tomorrow. Most likely I'll have to narrow them down either way, as I feel dumpy and short compared to Lara >_<.
The holster is done, and is holding up pretty well. I might re-do it better, though I might be lazy. Hopefully no-one will notice the big mistake I made with it.
Other than all of that, I'll make the strap she has later this week hopefully, and pick up some bandages. Not quite sure why I have my tops for this in the wash basket, as I really need to roll them in the dirt a bit.

Though I won't be wearing this to a con 'till May, I'm probably taking this next week for some photos up North :)

Finally made a necklace I'm semi-happy with with for this costume. It's a bit smaller than the last one (only about 3.5cm across). The picture on the left is without flash to show the colour, while the picture on the right is with flash to show the detail. It's made out of resin, meaning that I can make many more in case anyone wants one, and can keep making more if I lose it (as I did with my Yuna necklace)

The clothing is proving hard to pick, as I'm being fussy over the shades of blue and brown/green, but sooner or later I will have to give up and pick, so then I'll be able to put up some real progress

Gave myself a bit of time to start the holster this weekend, and so far I think it's gone well. It's made out of fake suede, like most of my 'leather' things, so should end up looking pretty worn. If it looks too fluffy I'll get some leatherette and make a new one. I'm going to probably put foam in it to give it shape - I notice it hangs off've Lara's hip rather than sitting flush against her. I may also end up using this for my redone NCR Ranger costume as it seems pretty fitting.
I've sculpted a smaller pendant - some of the detail is lost, but it should look OK. Eventually I'll use it to make a green resin version of the same, to have a semi-transparent and prettilly green effect :)
Keeping an eye on some of the clothing I need online too :)

Starting with the simple bits, I've had an attempt at making her necklace. Obviously it's not been painted yet, and I suspect it's a bit bit (slightly bigger than a £2 coin). I might paint this one or try making another, but I'm please with how it came out - it looks avian and swirly enough for me (at one point it looked more like a fish-slug-thing)
I've also ordered a ponytail extension, so I'll have to see if that works at all - I'm putting off having long hair for as long as possible. Also done some sketches of the holster, and should be attempting that before too long.

So, pictured is the basis for my re-wear of this for October 2012 - a new toy gun very kindly given to me by Rob, and a replacement helmet from Codename for the one that never arrived. Obviously both need painting, but other than that should be fine.

List of other improvements to be done:
~ New jeans. The old ones actually fell apart at the seat after last October, so I'll try and get some new ones to destroy in only the right places
~Better helmet lightbox, probably using the pepakura file
~Mask improvements. Either making the whole thing again out of foam, or just smoothing the old one. Also I'll be adding a fan, and a voice box if I can get hold of one (though I dunno where...)
~New waterpack made out of plastazote so it'll be smoother.

Also, Xero will be cosplaying Boone in the ranger armour - so basically the same as this but with the beret and sunglasses. While he plans to make the armour himself, I'll be doing the coat and straps, so I'll post up that one too.

Right, so just finished fitting the jumpsuit - it now looks more like my size. I was going to go for a zip just to the waist, but a full-length zip makes it somuch easier to get in and out of, so I'm ignoring the reference pictures (the zip is also a strange light blue, lol). Unfortunately my alterations have meant putting a seam up the back, so putting on the vault number will be fun... when I decide which vault to be from

Well, my boilersuit/jumpsuit arrived. Thankfully it's waaay too big for me, so I'll be able to take it in to look better. Unfortunately it's polycotton so it won't bleach. I'll try grubbying it instead to give it an aged look, but it may well be quite a bright blue. Still, for a first one, I suppose that's not the end of the world.

Well, I've decided again to try and keep journals for cosplays, so here goes

The last couple of day's work has just been on the foam bits - the pip-boy and belt - as the boilersuit hasn't arrived yet.
For the pip-boy I traced piccies off the internet and took sketches from in-game to try and get the full armlet right. I then cut all the pieces out of plastezote, taped them together to check they were OK, then started the fun. I glued together very lightly the first few pieces (as in the middle picture) and started sanding them down to match nicely. Then glued the bits together, which took a bit of pursuasion and brute force, then added the details. After another roundong sanding and shaping, I then latexed it - waiting for various coats to dry at the moment

Woohooo, I've finally finished this. I'll upload some pictures soon, then there'll be the barage of piccies from Kita ^_^
Sinec i'm quite happy with this, I might re-wear it at may expo

Right, too lazy to take pictures, but thought I'd list the progress I've made so far.
Both the legs are attached, so they don't have the bulging at the top like the progress pic with the single leg does. Lo and behold, I can actually move in this thing - much nicer than the battlesuit Jill costume.
The arms are both made, so I've just got to sew them up the side and attach them.
The lenses have been cut, re-cut, shaped, re-shaped (lots of trial and error), but they're finally a good size and shape, so I'm happy. I should be looking into making the frames over the next few days.

The rest of it is pretty much planned, except the hood (no idea how I'm going to make that yet =/).
The remaining tasks are:
Attach arms, add detailing
Add straps and buckles to sides / front
Make hood
Make frames and strap for goggles
Make gloves, add detailing
Add straps to shoes
Make whip loop

Not a huge list, but considering there's a month 'till kita, that's just as well.

And while I have this set for Kita, I'll probably be rewearing it to MCM May 2012

Right, instead of getting on with my catwoman costume (which I really need to do =/) I've gotten my Yuna closer to finished - almost done.
I've finished the jewellery and ponytail, I justn eed to decide how to attach the ponytail.
The top is looking better as I've added skin-coloured support threads across the gap at the front, so I'm far less likely to flash people. This means I will probably not be wearing too much underneath that might ruin the shoulderless look of the top.
What's left? Just got to make the skirt tie have tassles at the end, make the little round bits for her belt, and make her guns. On the subject of those latter two, my balsa wood arrived today and there's just enough - with some creativity on the matter - to make both her Tiny Bee guns and the belt decals - yay. Now I've just got to force myself into the cold garage to make them. If they're not ready for Kita I almost certainly see myself rewearing this at some point.

So, I'm a few weeks in (and have been ignoring all the other stuff I have to do, oops) and am so far pleased with how it's going. All the lovely comments and the progress sp far has encouraged me to make this a slightly bigger project than before focusing on more of the details. Therefore, my new list of stuff to do is:

Finish belt (or use a different belt, dunno yet)
Make earring (I've made some of the beads and have other beads to paint)
Make necklace (I've sculpted the pendant, just waiting for it to dry)
Make guns - yep, I'm going to attempt making her' Tiny Bee' guns. So far I'm looking at balsa wood as the best option, but I should have decided fully in a couple of days.

Now I'm in two minds about whether to sell this straight after Kita or no... =p

Well, I've been looking into bits of this costume for a while now, with limited success.
for the boots, I'm looking for ones with almost no heel just so I can walk in them. Unfortunately lace-up boots seem to be out of fashion at the moment, so I'm ebay-trawling for them.
Equally, looking for a sensible looking whip has been tricky, with most cheap ones being thin ones for ... well, adult pasttimes. This is definitely not the kind of thing I was after, so I've plaited my own out of paracord using a simple 4-strand plait. I'm going to spraypaint it black and attach a handle soon and should have piccies up asap ^_^

Well, it's been quite a while since I put up a journal for this costume (oops).
The coat is pretty much finished, and I'm actually really happy with it. I decided to put darts in the capey bit even though the game models have almost no seams on their coats (>_<) - this meant I had to stencil over the seam, but that's still in fitting enough (the coats were the trademark attire of Desert Rangers, who later joined the NCR, so it would've been done like this anyway. Honestly =p)
The breastplate is finished and fitting better all the time (though I have to bind my chest >_<).
Arm guards are pretty much done - literally just held on by string, but I still need to figure out what is stenciled on to them. I looks like "RA-1" or "PA-1" on the arms and "LA" something on the hands (Maybe LAPD again?) - if anyone knows, please let me know too ^_^'
The belts are more or less done, I just need one more buckle for the belt that goes round my middle.
The mask is slowly recovering from it's 4th coat of papiermache, and it quite solid now. Just waitning on the helmet, then I'll get carving all the weird bits of the headgear ^_^

Slow progress on this costume since I've been working on my MGS1 Meryl, but I finally have something to show - I've cut out all the foam pieces for the chestplate and arm guards. I've also cut a piece of heavy duty canvas to glue them to - combined with enough webbing and elastic around the back, this'll make it hug close to my form without being too thick.
The mask is coming along well - I've taken the prototype, changed it a big and capped off the front properly. I've also covered it in masking tape ready to be papiermached - I decided I didn't want to spend all day with resin dust getting in my eyes and throat.
I've ordered torches to go on the side of the helmet, and just need to get the helmet (which Asten is very kindly sending to me ^_^) and cut the various foam bits to go onto it. I also need to cut foam for the little waterpack on the back.
The coat is coming along well, with the basic panels being in place - just need to add the sleeves before I can check if it's the right size.

So, I managed to cut down the wig today and thus made my major progress on this costume. The wig used to go down to my ass, so it was quite nerve-wracking to cut it (I'e never tried styling a wig before)

I've also gathered most of the stuff I'll be using for this costume, as shown in the new progress piccie. I'm still not sure about the top, but I may use it sinec I think it looks OK. Apart from that I'm mostly just waiting to find kneepads, and I might get some brighter green trousers. I also need to dig out my black wrist-thingies for under the gloves and make one for the top of the arm. Hopefully I'll also be getting my own belt and holster soon ^_^

Lo and behold, I've managed to gather a fair few bits of this costume:

~wig just needs cutting (was a old wig for Yoko from Gurren Lagaan, so it's ass-length at the moment)
~Found 2 possible pairs of trousers - one full-length or one three-quarters that's a slightly brighter green
~Found a strappy top that will do for the test photos, but I will buy a better top soon
~Found my old gloves
~Finally got my nice boots through the post

Along with all of Matt's airsoft kit that I'll be stealing, all I need now is the kneepads - woohoo ^_^

Well, the fabric arrived and was the wrong colour. The replacement was still not the colour I expected, but it'll do. So fabric is sorted out. foam arrived too.

Main actual progress is in the form of the chest templates, which are ready to be cut out of foam. I've also done a quick gas mask prototype based on a pepakura file that I found. I'm going to change it a fair bit before cutting out a final template, which I will then cut out and coat in resin or similar to make it durable enough.

I've also decided that I don't want a plastic rubbishy helmet for this, so I'm going to splash out on an airsoft helmet or similar, which unfortunately bumps up the price ridiculously.

As you can see, I've been working on this for a couple of days now.
The embroidery hoop is leaving a few stretch marks on the fabric, but I'm hoping that will go away in time.
The Valkyrie's hair is brown becuase I couldn't find a suitable orange-y colour - evrything looked too bright, and I want this to not look bright and happy.
Just got the fire, black inner fire, spearhead and writing left to do.

After deciding to embroider the jacket, I considered embroidering over the design that Chloe printed and stiched on, using it as a guideline, but didn't want to ruin it. I carefully removed it, and it's in perfectly good condition to be re-used.
After that I took a tracing of the design from my computer - it's the same one I always use, so it's the less tall and narrow valkyrie. It's also a tad bigger than the design from the jacket since I messd up my measurements >_<. I spent ages cutting out each bit and tracing it on, ready to start filling in the colours.

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