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So yesterday the wonderful wings-of-crimson came round to help me get started. And she did more than help! She made excellent progress with the skirt and underskirt of this outfit. She even managed to machine sew the red bobbles onto the bottom of the dress (which I was expecting to spend many hours hand sewing - so massive thanks for that)

My boots also got delivered Saturday, and while I was initially planning to add the details to them to do the green patterns, I have now decided not to. The reasoning being, I plan to do a few Applejack costumes where the boots are similar, but with different patterns, and to save money, I decided instead of buying 3 pairs of the same boots, I would hold off on doing the patterns on the one pair and re-use the same pair for all of the outfits.

So happy with how this is going right now - this is 100% the costume I am most looking forward to at Kitacon.

Teacup-Erinyes was kind enough to offer to make this costume for me, and here are some more progress shots she has sent me.

It looks so beautiful, and I REALLY cant wait to try it on.


My base wig arrived today. Alot quicker than I thought it would. So now all I need to do it cut and style it a little.

Will start work on the cloak when I get chance

Teacup, who is very kindly making this costume for me sent me a link to some progress so far.
It shows the petticoat and the neck tie.
I think it looks great so far. Can't wait to try this one when its all done and be part of such a big cosplay group :D


Just to show off the belt buckle, made for me by kadaj006 out of Fimo, and painted with spray paint

I ordered the shoes I'll be using as the base for the boots this morning.

They're red shiny, so they should work pretty well.

I'll be using Ranma1-2's tutorial for using the boot covers, and my very dear friend Selph will be helping me hugely!!

My lovely hubby-to-be made the lights to go in my Ironette costume.
The chest piece has 2 LED lights in it and the hands each have one.

I have to job of attaching them to the gloves, but I just wanted to share this picture with everyone.

And Thank You kadaj006 for your help. I love you <3

Tiny shorts are TINY

Seriously like underpants!!

Started to think a little bit about this costume today,and had a little look around the internet for a zentai suit that would match Ravens skin colour as I don't want to have to paint my whole body with body paint be cause its difficult to get the right consistency and usually end up with stroke marks once the paint dries. and thought this one would be good.

I also managed to find a black suit which would be a perfect base for Ravens clothing, as the hood and hands on it are detahcable

My wig arrived this morning!
I was actually shocked at how quickly it arrived as it was coming from China.
But arrived in just over a week, and it is stunning.
Its absolutely gorgeous! And is the exact colour as my own hair, which is what I wanted as the idea for this costume is that I want it to look as if it is me wearing the costume, not me cosplaying someone else.

Got all the basic shapes for this costume cut out tonight.
Had a little trouble getting the top to be completely symmetrical, but luckily, super-Aunt was there to rescue me!

Super-Aunt kindly volunteered to sew it all together (mainly cause it gives her something to do, and I'm not very good on a machine)And then we can shape and size it correctly

I ordered the wig shown in my last journal entry

I figured expo was getting closer and closer so if didn't get a move on it would sneak up and I'd have no wig for my costume

I was thinking of not wearing a wig for this costume, but then I decided it might be a good idea to anyway because otherwise my own hair might just end up looking flat, and least with a wig I can add a little bounce to it.

I decided I wanted a red one, to kinda match my normal hair, just a bit longer, and curlier. I found this one, and thought it looked really pretty, so this is the one I'll be getting unless I find a nicer one beforehand.

Its from eBay, so i'll get ordering it once I've got the fabric in a few weeks time.

After stitching up the dress and the jacket and trying them both on at the same time, I've decided the jacket still needs further alterations. This is because I feel like I could be more fitted than it is at the moment. But I'm not going to worry about this costume any more until October Expo is over.

My Shuriken is finished :D
kadaj006 did a fabulous job in making this! Thank you so much huni, I love it <3

Please check out kadaj006's page, he's a great cosplayer, and he makes his own props too!!

My boots I had commissioned came today, and I could not be happier with them.
They are beautifully made, the materials are brilliant quality and fit perfectly. And, as an added bonus, they are really comfortable.

I'm really excited about cosplaying Yuffie now. And I've got the motivation now to get the rest of the costume finished now!!

The picture isn't brilliant, but its the best I could do in the excitement of getting them and being home alone :)

So kadaj006 and myself went to fetch the mdf to make the Shuriken today, after the fiber glass version failed. We had (great) fun carrying it back home... It was huge and kept blowing us off with the wind.

He's going to be starting it tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some progress for you soon :)

The jacket is looking good. It fits great. My aunty (bless her) volunteered to sew on all the zips all the way around. So when thats done, we need to add pockets and the hood.

The shorts are done. They were a brought piece, as I found some that were pretty much perfect.

The socks I need to add the white bit around the top (although Im unsure as to how to do so when they are elasticated.

The sleeve is cut out and need elasticating and sewing together.

The belt bags are also all cut out and can be sewn together as soon as I have a belt to attach them too.

Sadly no progress pictures, I always forget to take them. And they never look good when I do take them anyways.

And the headband has begun to take shape, just needs stitching together and edging in white.

I think thats covered the main areas of the cosplay. So I know where I am with it and what still needs doing.

Boots have been ordered and paid for.
Now hopefully they get here on time. The seller says 5 weeks. And expo is in 6 weeks, so I'm really hoping they do come, because otherwise, I have no cosplay for expo

Finally got round to starting the jacket. I've got the pattern all cut out on the fabric. So now it needs stitching together and shaping and sizing.
Then the little details will need to be added, such as pockets and zips.

I also need to buy fabric for the hood which is a lighter shade of grey then the actual body of the jacket itself.

So, the wig I ordered came today. To say I'm not pleased is an understatement. It looks nothing like it did in the picture (see previous journal) Its way too long to be Yuffie's bobbed style, and just hangs in front if my face like something sat on my head and died. To say its going to need a bit of attention is a definate... Not amused in the slightest

Socks arrived today, so when I've got time tomorrow I can add the white binding to them and then they'll be complete.

Really excited for this cosplay now!

This is the wig I plan to order from ebay tomorrow once my bank account clears

As I mentioned in my last journal, the white dress ended up a little bit shorter than I had intended, so to compensate for that I've decided to deviate from the design a little bit and make the orange jacket longer than the white dress instead of the other way around.

After starting this cosplay well over a year ago now I'm finally getting around to completing it.

I've now added the jaggered ends to the bottom of the dress (which has ended up shorter than I expected)

Kadaj006 will hopefully be assisting with the making of the tail because after a year I'm still none the wiser on how to do it. I'm thinking craft foam and fabric :D

So, I plan to re-wear this costume this year at October MCM Expo as part of Sjbonnar's Shaman King group.

I'm really looking forward to it even if it is months away yet!

I had a great time wearing Judith the second time around.
I felt a lot better in it this time around after doing some work on toning my tummy.

I think Judith my very well be retied now though as my wig started to fall apart after expo. It can be fixed, but I've got a few more cosplays I'm really excited about right now.

I might bring Judith out again next year.

Now that this costume is completed and I wore it at Kitacon. I can confidently say that despite all the doubts I had about it beforehand, with much help from my ever beautiful Selph, everything turned out fine.

Theres just one teeny tiny adjustment I'd like to make, and that is to make the point on the skirt actually stand up (it kept flopping down at Kita)

But other than that, really happy. And totally looking forward to wearing it again at May Expo!

I'm having serious doubt about this costume now.
After spending alot of time getting the cosplay done with alot of help from my aunt I've tried it on today and I'm TOTALLY not happy with the way the whole bottom half looks.
It's probably not as bad as it seems. But the problem is mainly that the skirt is too big so it doesnt sit right. But thats something that is prety dificult to fix yourself when you're wearing it.

I'm considering not even wearing this cosplay now and just going as a normal person to Kita and hopefully getting it fixed up in time for October Expo.

I have Elf Ears!
I'm so excited about this, like you have NO idea!
I haven't actually tried them on yet, I'm waiting until next week when I have time off uni so I can mess with them some more :D

Pictures will follow!!

I recieved a message from Gender Confused Cloud who has done my wig commission for me today. She says she has finished, and sent me some pictures, it looks wonderful. So I thought I'd share it with you guys

After saying I have a few extra things to do to this costume for it to be totally complete for about a year now, I've come to the conclusion that I probably wont be doing those things. And as I'm most likely not going to wear this costume again unless for a big group or something I figured I'd mark this as complete

Fabric Brought! Finally!
I swear the guy in the fabric shop hates me. Every time I go in he has to get up a ladder to get the stuff I want lol.
I'll get round to starting this cosplay next week after my exams are all over. I have a week off so hopefully I can get a fair amount done :D

Fianlly got into thinking about this cosplay. I've managed to arrange a wig commissioner. Gender Confused Cloud has kindly agreed to take on the task of creating my Judith wig.
I knew this costume would be an expensive one and I was right, its already turned into the most expensive cosplay I've ever done.
Theres not much in the way of fabric for this costume, so hopefully that will even it out. Otherwise, come Kitacon, I'll be broke ... ^_^;;

I'm so excited to be cosplaying Judith
A few people told me before I'd ever played ToV that I'd love her and want to cosplay her. And they were right. Although I thought I'd ever cosplay her because of her clothes (or lack of). But after much talk of Vesperia cosplay at Kita I decided to go ahead and cosplay her anyway
Which means. Diet and Tummy Toning is in order.

As the title suggests. This costume is complete now and ready to go to Expo.
Pictures will follow post-expo asIdont have time to take any beforehand; and because, at Expo I'll be getting pictures with my wonderful friend kadaj006 as my fabulous Faust VIII


Stress over.
My second wig came today. And its beautiful. Its hands down my new favourite of my wigs.
All thats left to do now is make a belt with the leatherette fabric left over from Laura's Tifa costume.
So close to being completed now; which is a relief after thinking I wasnt gona be done in time for Expo :)

Stress is really on for getting this costume done now.
I realised the other day that my wig STILL hasn't arrived. I ordered it at the beginning of August; and when I tried to contact the seller for the third time after two successful tries, they had disappeared from Ebay.
So I've ordered a new one
Hopefully I get this one in time.

The pink dress for this costume is now nearly completed. It just needs shortening to the right length, and a few darts added in the back to make it fit nicely, and then its good to go :)

Only thing Im missing now is the wig which still hasnt arived, dispite odering it 4 weeks go :(

{This title remind me that I still havent seen Princess and the Frog}
But on a cosplay related note...

Everything is looking good so far. Its all coming together very nicely.
And the weapon that Kadaj006 is making for me looks absolutely amazingly awesome. So thank you very very much huni!!

Sy's Faust is also looking good. We did alterations to the jacket yesterday (which took longer than expected, but these things always do when Im involved)

... Like the title says
I has shoes.

Making good progress with this costume now.

And with Sy's Faust trousers

Ordered my wig today
This is the one I've decided to go with

As the title says, the base of the dress has now been sewn together. If Im honest, I didnt think it was going to fit, I thought it would need a piece adding in the side, but it does fit AND needs nipping in at the waist (bonus)
Now, I need to add on the belt loops and buttons and we're well on our way to having a completed costume, minus the wig, which I'll be buying once I clear my overdraft!

Also, Sy's Faust trousers are now looking to have taken shape. The dark blue strips need moving slightly, and the light blue one making a little smaller as they're huge, but otherwise, I think they're gonna look pretty neat too.

Today I have decided to get on with this costume. I still don't know when I'll be wearing it but I will at some point, maybe Expo.

I got the basic shape of the white dress cut out, and the neck-scarf

So we're getting there slowly but surely.

Not too sure how to go about the tail... That'll come later

Today I've had just enough time to get the basic shapes of this costume cut out.

Now all that needs doing is sewing together and then the detailing can begin!

So, today, after much procrastination I finally got round to making a start on Eliza.
I haven't done much, I've only cut out the paper patterns. But on Monday when I get back to it I'll cut the fabric out and hopefully get the basic shapes cut out.

I wasn't planning to take the wand to Kita due to lack of money
But I figured I wouldn't be a proper wizard without one, so one whim today I've ordered one

I hope it gets here in time
Says around 4 days delivery, and it gets sent first class recorded so it should do, but if it doesn't gives me an excuse to wear it again, and I wanted one anyway =D

The main bulk of this costume is now completed bar the elastic waist band and attaching the purple sleves to the waistcoat.

The only thing missing are the belt details, but due to time restirctions these may have to follow post-kita for this costume to be marked as fully completed.

Wig finally came today so thats the main worry out the way!
So now all I have left to do is the embroidery on the headband (for the third time)
Seriously, if it goes wrong this time, Im gonna need to make a new headband because its startig to look weird, but Im gonna give it one more go.

In my stress to get all my costumes done in time for Kita, and get looming dissertation done for April as well, I started work on the embroidery for the headband yesterday, and I have to admit, Im really not happy with it, but It's going to have to stay that way now until after Kita when I have more time to ix it and do it better...

I wish I had the time to re-do it, but hopefully the costume won't look to bad because of it.

This costume is now complete, but Im still waiting for the wig before I can mark it as 100% complete (I do hope it get here before kita)

This costume is now so neary being completed
And I must admit I wasn't too excited about it to start with, but now it's nearly done I can't wait to wear it

The only thing worrying me now is that my wig still hasn't arrived.
Hopefully it'll get here for Kitacon, if not, she'll have to wait for another con!

My wig is in the country
But sadly the bastards at customs are holding it until I pay import tax D:
Majorly sad, I'll do that later and hopefully get it tomorrow, then progress picture time

The top is almost finished, it's looking really good I think, and it fits well, I just need to shape the shoulders a little bit more!

And the skirt isn't far from being done, then it will be at a stae where it is almost wearable even without the little accessories that go with it, such as the belts as and such

The only other thing I'm worrying about is that sleves and making them stay without attaching them to the top... thought needed there I think!

Oh minor after thought, I need shoes!

So, I need:
* Plain white long sleve button shirt - GOT
* Slytherin Tie - GOT
* Thick grey V-neck knited jumper - GOT
* Grey trousers - GOT
* Black Shoes - GOT
* Plain black robe with house crest (Lined in green) (GOT FABRIC)(In Progress)

I had a horrible realisation this morning
Kitacon is only a few weeks away. And Im broke.

So therefore, seeing as I don't actually have any of Snapes Clothes yet and I haven't started the robe he my have to be post-poned until a later date.

I really don't want to have to do this, I'm going to try my hardest to at least get his clothes done. But I don't have the wand yet,and I very much doubt I'll be able to afford it before the con now. I also just realised I don't have the tie either. D:

This epicly sucks as I was really looking forward to being part of the HP group at Kita D:

The wonderful Dokudel of cosplay.com mailed me yesterday to say that the wig had been shiped
Just waiting for it to arriv now as it's coming from America

Can't wait to see how it looks
This costume is coming together nicely
There will be pictures when it arrives

I've finally got round to finding some free time to do some cosplay work.

I went to my wonderful aunt's house, whom I could not do these costumes without.
And I got all the patterns drawn up and material cut out.

Gotta get round to stiching it all together
But the fabric for the main body of the outfit looks awesome, and I've got a feeling it's going to look good

I finally got round to buying the fabrics for my Snape robes yesterday!
The black mterial fees really nice, and the green lining I found is absolutely perfect for a Slytherin robe.
The colour = Love :)

So yeah. finally getting somewhere

Dream cosplay finally in Progress
I Love Quistis so much, she's awesome

Sorted a wig commisioner out :)
And Going fabric shopping on Monday with the wonderful Selph (And possibly Reiss too)

So I am one happy Yasmia right now :)

Boots came today!
They look awesome.
Now I just need to get the patterns done and that'll be a big part of the costume done =D

The headband still has work to do it. I think I need to start again. It needs elastic putting in it to make it slightly stretchy. And I need to embroider the thick pattern on it.

The jacket is all cut out and ready to be padded and then stichted together

The skirt is finished :)

I have to boots ordered, just waiting for them to be delivered and then I can put the buttons to then and embroider the pattern on the shoes and we should be done =)

Progress 50%

Quick edit:
Finally got round to ordering the Slytherin crests!
Hopefully getting started properly on costumes next week!
So I compiled a list of all the bits and pieces required fo this costume of a ratty piece of paper
And considering I've lost the bloody thing 5 times already, I figured I'd better post it on here before the inevitable happens and I loose it all together

So, I need:
* Plain white long sleve button shirt
* Slytherin Tie
* Thick grey V-neck knited jumper with house stripes
* Grey trousers
* Black Shoes
* Grey pockted blazer with house crest
* Plain black robe with house crest (Lined in green)

so, when I say this costume is in progress. I mean I've started looking at the ties and the Slytherin house crests. And I'll get round to buying them once I've cleared my overdraft from last Expo. Which should be next week =)

And over the christmas holidays I'll get the fabric for the robe!

<3 Snape <3

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