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Well, Id dabbled before, been Reno once or twice but never anything major and i needed an awesome idea for Fuyucon back in 07 so, inspired by a mate called Bakura, i decided to do a team rocket grunt. simple, recognisable and minimal effort. The response was mind boggling xD After that, I was hooked!

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So the mask isnt perfect, but its damn close and £7 beats £90 any day of the week.

So I tore my barragan costume in half, leaving me with an excellent base for Arakune. I just need to work out a way to make the mask, get a shroud over the head and then work out just how much crazy shit im gonna have. Yellow arm seems a given, itd be cool to make it spiny, but ill see how i go

Snapping an enemy ninjas neck just for giggles? Hello instant cosplay. seriously. this is happening at kitacon.

To be worn at Fushicon for one of the parties alongside Warren whos doing "good" spidey

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