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I first started cosplaying when I saw all of the amazing costumes at my first Expo, I wanted to be part of that community! My favourite part about cosplaying has to be making it and then people asking to take your photo, to know that someone likes your costume makes you feel so proud :D

My best cosplay experience has to be the first time
i went on stage and people cheered!

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105 rings down... 1495 to go! Yes, 105 rings make up something this small. I think I'm going to need more rings >______>

I've been using the European 4 in 1 weeve method.... WHY COULD I NOT FIND ANY BIGGER RINGS!!! I've been using 7mm diameter rings.... the biggest at an affordable price I could find.

Today I worked with Lolita Hime...


Yay, finally after 3 days hard work, my puzzle is finished!

I started with a 10cm X 100cm X 5mm piece of balsa wood. I then cut 1 squre of 10 cm X 10cm and 4 equalateral triangles with sides of 10 cm. I then cut a curtaion rail hook in half for the loop ontop of the puzzle.

After cutting the shapes, I then sanded down the edges until they were at an angle I wanted, (I think the angle was around 30 degrees on the 'bottom' of each triangle and 45 degrees on the 'sides' I then held the pyramid together with pins and masking tape whilst used wood glue to glue the sides of the triangles together.

After the pyramid was glued I sanded it down again to fit onto the square I cut put before, making sure all of the edges were lined up. Before glueing the 'lid' onto the pryramid, I cut out a swquare of 9cm X 9 cm and wood glued that to the 10cm X 10cm square (smaller square ontop). I then proceded to screw the curtain hook cut in half to the 'lid'. Afterwards I used wood glue to glue the top onto the puzzle. I then sealed the balsa wood with PVA glue, so then it was ready to spray paint.

Whislt waiting for the puzzle to dry, I made the Eye of Horus out of blue-tac, yes blue-tac as I can't afford to buy polymer clay XD... it works the same.... ish. Once made, I spray painted the eye gold.

Once the puzzle was dry, I made the corner 'brackets' from craft foam cut at 45 degree angles ( this is very hard to do... especially woth a blunt craft knife DX). I then proceded to do the same for the tiny pyramid at the tip of the puzzle. I then hot glued the eye and the 'brackets'and tiny pyramid onto the puzzle.

Next, I spray painted the puzzle gold, and as I'm impatient... I sprayed the whole thing... I then had to run around my house to find something to suspend the dripping gold puzzle that I still had in my hand XD. I used a stick and a cardboard box.

Once dry, I then tied the brown shoe lace to the hook and it was done :D

Photo's coming sooon.

Yesturday after school I went shopping to get prop materials... and shoes :P which all togther cost a lot D:

But anyway, I edited my shoes! I started with plain white/cream flats and then hot glued a gold trim around the top of them. I then spray painted some craft foam gold, cut out 6 white rounded rectangles and hot glued them together, (3 on each shoe) and then hot glued the craft foam to the shoes :3

The photo shows the process and result!

I'm very happy with how they came out, but I have hot glue burns everywhere >.<

At long last, my wig arrived from the US.. I bought it off someone on and have only JUST recieved it.. after sending many messages XD but i love it XD

Now some photo taking and styling!!!!

I have just started making yay! As you can see from the picture.... I have loads of fabric lol :P

When making the dress, I will be and lining it because the material I have is rough and irritating on the ugly side I dont want to show... plus it is quite thin and see-through when its not doubled up lol!

I have just cut the front sheet I am now cutting around it to make the back!

As the title says, i have recieved my dye at last :3

I will be dyeing my trousers this weekend then Yahoo!

Here i have spray painted the tsubas gold and have half painted the swords... this is what they look like together at the moment

Here i have have cut 3 swords out of some wood using a jig saw. I then sanded down the shapes and rounded off any sharp edges. I have now put a white undercoat of paint on the swords and tsubas.... now for them to dry!

Yay, I have a wig now :D all i need to do is get someone to wear it whilst i cut it hehehe

These are made from the stuff that tidy up cables around the house, you know the plastic stuff. I cut 3 tubes 70cm long and then made fabric sleaves for them to go in. I just need to add the details to them now.. yay!

I have made trousers from scratch lol. I used white cotton so I could dye it and i used my jeans as an outline. They will stay up by using elastic as I'm not very handy with sewing zips TwT. I'm just waiting for the dye to arrive now :D

I finally started making the tsubas, and for my first atempt at using a jig-saw, I'm pretty happy with them. I've also sanded them down now and i plan to layer the designs with craft foam. i still need to drill the holes for the swords.

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