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After finishing the first draft design of the outfit, I used it as the starting point for the second, adding in and taking away aspects that I did or didn't like. I've also taken some cues from the new 2015 design of Kopaka, mixing them in with the original for a nice, blended look.

It's still not the final look, but it's close. I really like it so far.

Drawing up early designs, figuring out where fabric folds and pieces will all go.

Right now I'm in the earliest of the early planning stages and deciding on the look of everything. Kopaka is one of the earliest Bionicle sets (and coolest) which means that his design unfortunately doesn't have a whole lot of articulation. To adapt this for an actual human to wear, a lot needs to be done. To simply recreate the pieces on a bigger scale and have them hollowed out for wearing wouldn't be adequate.

Every single detail and body part has to be individually imagined in a new way, so that it can sit on the body as comfortably as possible, while still allowing for a full range of body movement and most importantly, being faithful to the original design. As such, I've chosen from the offset to mix Kopaka's original design with his newer 2015 updated design, as the newer one has a lot more articulation.

I'm still undecided on the final look at this point and am considering throwing in some more human/organic elements, but ultimately I want it to look as mechanical as possible.

Here's how one leg piece looks worbla'd next to a flat foam piece.

Cutting indents in to the back side of the foam so it folds.

For the armour, I'm taking pieces of foam and covering them in worbla. Here I'm marking out the foam for the leg sections.

The pecs also worbla'd. They're rough and quite lumpy, will smooth them out later.

I bought a foam chest piece and cut it in to sections. This was mostly due to save time carving out the sections from scratch. Here's the 8 pack after cutting it up.

Planning out the worbla armour plates, taking in to account flexibility and how each one will fall over the others. I plan to cover up as much as I can with armour, while still maintaining a sensible range of movement!

Here's the morphsuit after dyeing it. I have to extend a special thanks to Nesabi for telling me about iDye Poly, which I used on this. It worked wonderfully!

I'm dyeing the muscle morph suit a crimson red, so it looks more bloody.

This costume starts with a morph suit. I'm using a muscle morph suit.

The chest plate is attached at the back with thick velcro. It's done at last! Here's how the chest plate is looking over my jacket.

Straps have been attached to the chest plate via hot glue and some carefully placed screws. I'm seriously going to have to redo this whole thing after MCM, not happy with it at all. ;_;

Straps cut out from PVC that I'll be using for the chest plate.

Oh god it looks awful. D: The chest plate has been a big rush job this last week. I have to make do with it seeing as Saturday is tomorrow and I've little time left today before I head out to MCM.

The sword sheath is painted. Just need to cover with pva/water mix to help protect it from the rain!

The sword, sheath and chest plate have all been primed. Two whole days I have left to work on everything until MCM! With two days, I still need to sand and paint these as well as make and attach body straps to the chest plate, which I haven't figured out entirely how I'm going to do yet...

Adding the cap to the bottom of the sheath using card. This has been hot glued and will be paper mache'd and Gesso'd a few times each before being painted.

Applying layers of modelling paste on top of my balsa wood chest plate to help get the curved surface shape.

Shoe and boot cover. I've a few more details to add as well as hot glue them together.

Zip sewn on to the back side of the boot cover.

Zip for the boot cover being marked up for sewing on.

Chest plate being sanded down excessively to shape. I'll need to re-Gesso before painting.

And here's how it's looking from the side. This photo actually was taken a few minutes before it was finished, the back section is a bit shorter than this! The fringe will be puffed up a bit on the day as well, but for now I've kept it flat to make it easy to transport around. That and of course I'll have my stubble shaved off when I'm cosplaying. :p

The wig is finished. It took long enough, but it's done. Here's how it's looking from behind with the ears on as well.

I have elven ears! Bought these online from a recommended site along with spirit gum. I've tested them out for a day and they stay on perfectly! I'll need to apply some makeup so they blend better with my skin.

Here's how the shoes look originally (left) and after I apply my fabric (right).

Applying fabric to the shoe, I'm doing my boots in two parts.

Cutting out my fabric for my boot covers.

marking out my boot cover cutouts using templates I drew up with measurements previously.

Creating a sheath for my sword. I've taken a large piece of canvas card and wrapping a section around my sword to get an idea of length/size, cut out a tube which I've hot glued, paper mached and now gesso'd. Two more layers of Gesso and it's ready to sand down. Then I need to add a cap on one end and details on the other.

First arm wrap done! They both use the exact same template, just flipped for each arm.

Cutting out fabric for my arm wraps from the template I made previously.

I'm adding a few layers of liquitex modelling paste to the front side of the chest plate. Once each layer sets to a hard sandable surface, I do the next one. After a few layers, I'll sand it down to a nice smooth curve covering the entire front side of the chest plate.

Handle wrapped and stuck in to place.

I've started wrapping the sword handle. To keep the fabric in at the base, I'm hammering in some small nails.

Marking on my fabric where to cut according to my templates.

Drawing up measurements for my hand wraps.

Chest plate armour and sword have both been Gesso'd up! Time to sand everything down.

As you can probably tell, that's not my hand with long nails doing the sewing. I'm having some help with these! It's a tricky job!

The wig, as it currently is, isn't thick enough to hold up the ponytail properly. That and when it's up, it exposes the weft racks underneath in the wig. To remedy this, I'm having more wefts sewn in to the wig to make it thicker.

After doing my first layer of a dark cast iron paint, I go over it with two layers of a metallic silver paint. I'm using a sponge to apply my paint as I want to avoid the strokes left by brushes and don't want to invest in a airbrush just yet...

Sword sanded down, I'm now starting to paint. I start by doing a thin layer of dark cast iron on the hilt.

First layer of Gesso applied. Four more to go.

3 layers of paper mache applied to the chest plate. Now to Gesso in preparation for a lot of sanding.

I now have my coloured contact lenses!

Spraying together the two balsa wood pieces with a spray on adhesive.

Here's how the two layers look together. Note how the edges don't quite match up. There's a lot of sanding and tweaking to be done with these before the next stage!

I've cut out another layer of balsa wood in the shape of my chest plate, this time cut vertically. I've labelled each of the pieces so as to not get them mixed up and next will have to stick them all together.

The first part of the chest plate; cutting out a basic outline to work from, is done.

Cutting my balsa wood pieces down to size.

Measuring out the balsa wood for cutting.

Making a start on the chest plate armour. I measured out my proportions and then approximated the chest piece dimensions based on artwork of the character.

The wig being cut down to size. The back needs to be shortened considerably, but with enough left to make the ponytail on top.

My wig, being kindly modelled by this polystyrene head. I've quite a bit of modifying to do to it.

Sword is all Gessso'd up, time to paint. I also added a few screws in the the hilt amid concerns about its stability.

Here's how it's looking from more of a front angle. It's only PVC, but it has a nice texture and look to it in my opinion.

The bag is now finished (Pending subjection to some stress tests of course)!

After cutting out a strip of leather as measured, it gets sewn on to the bag straps. This will help keep the bag from sliding down my back when there's some weight in it. It also helps pull the straps in to the centre a bit and sit better on my shoulders.

Here's the leather piece I'll be using for the last bit of the bag. 'gasp' I'm actually using genuine leather.

Both bag straps are on. The bag now looks like this! The top bits are too wide apart however, so I'm going to attach an extra piece to the straps to keep them from going too far out on my shoulders.

The bottom end of the bag straps going on. Realistically I should have done these the other way around as the metal parts give strength, which is needed more on the upper part of the bag.

Straps for the bag being sewn on. You can tell it was me that did it by how messy it looks.

The ends of the straps have been sewn shut, they're ready to sew on to the bag!

The points where the strap was cut in two look a little rough, so I'll need to stitch over them just to keep the insides from spewing out.

Next I take the large strap, extend it to its full length and cut it in two. Each one is equal in length and will make a shoulder strap, making the satchel more like a traditional rucksack just like Alundra's.

What's left on the body from having the straps removed is the little bolts on each side. A little clean up on either side to remove any excess fabric from the cutting and they're good to go.

With the straps off, they can now be modified. On the left you can see how the straps look on the back, the right is how they look from the front when sewn on.

Once all the stitching around the strap is undone, the only thing holding it in place is the metal bolt in the middle. Instead of leaving a hole on the body of the satchel, I cut around the bolt on the strap itself. This leaves a hole on the strap, but it's much less noticeable than it would be on the body. I can always patch it up later anyway.

To remove the strap attachments, first I get a small pair of sewing scissors behind the edges and cut away the stitching.

Apologies for the out of focus photo, did this in a hurry. You can see what you need to though. These side attachments for the single strap need to be removed.

After frequenting charity shops for a good two weeks, I finally lucked upon a satchel. It's not genuine leather, just has that leather look which is what I was after. Real leather is very hard to work with and I've not the skills or means to sew it. I'm going to do a bit of modding to this satchel.

The jacket's arms have been cut short and sewn up. This will make the folded sleeves much easier on the arms. Also, the two holes left where I took out the excess fabric out at the back have been sewn up.

Applying the first layer of Gesso. Each layer needs to be dry before applying the next.

Applying Gesso to my sword base.

Gesso (pronounced Jeh-So) acts as a primer, making it easier for surfaces to be painted. In this case I'm going to apply 5 layers of Gesso and smooth it down with sandpaper before painting. This should give a nice finish to the sword.

Belt loops have been sewn on to the trousers. The trousers are now complete!

Belt loops have been cut out of the excess fabric from the trousers I cut down earlier.

Sword base is finally finished, with the components cemented together and 5 layers of paper mache applied. Next task is to apply layers of Gesso, which will help smooth everything over and make it easier to paint.

Turtleneck t-shirt has arrived. This is one part of the costume I won't need to modify. It's comfy!

The excess strip of fabric that was on the back of the jacket has been removed. I'll now need to stitch up the holes it's left.

Jacket arrived.

This royal blue jacket I ordered from Ebay. It has a rippled effect going along the sleeves which I undid using threading needles and scissors. I still have quite a bit to mod before the jacket is ready though. The sleeves need to be cut back, the lapels need to stick out a bit more and the piece that's going across the back needs to be removed. The fabric is super comfy to wear though!

Trousers have been cut and sized, they now fit just right.

The trousers have been modified. They are now just the right size for my legs, so that they fold during movement but allow for a good range of motion. Comfy! You might notice the straps dangling from the top. Next task on these is to replace those with belt straps.

Here you can see the marking and stitching where I'm going to cut the trouser leg.

I turned the trouser inside out, marked where I need to alter the with sewing pins and used them as a reference to draw a line down the trouser leg. I then sewed along the line, securing the trouser in place and essentially tightening them to fit my leg's proportions. After trying them on and making sure they fit just right, I cut the excess material left over.

Base sword parts crafted, time to paper mache.

Alundra's sword is like most other swords and pretty generic looking. Not only that, but inconsistencies in the game's official artwork show the sword drawn slightly differently each time. I'm hoping to strike a balance between these different looks and create something that I feel would look best. I've left parts of the handle overdone on purpose here to give myself excess wood to work with later when I sand it down.

Marking with needles where the trousers need to be sewn to bring them in at the sides.

For Alundra's trousers, I wanted a material that would look the part for long adventures and thus be sturdy, but at the same time also offer a good range of motion and comfort. I used a pair of trousers from a Tae Kwon-do gi in the end. They're far too big for me at the sides so I've marked out where on the trouser legs I need to bring them in and I'm going to cut and sew them to size.

Crafting base parts for sword from Balsa wood.

I'm using a small hacksaw, a small chisel and small sheets of sandpaper to cut out the various parts from the wood after it's been marked.

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