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I've only been cosplaying for about 2/3 years now, but I love it :).

I love the people in the community! I've made so many great friends through cosplaying ^-^.

I got started thanks to a friend who was already into it inviting me to a cosplay meet.

Mainly, I cosplay male characters. Mostly because I like the design more, and I've never really felt comfortable in female clothing anyway. xD.

My early cosplays were quite bad, but hopefully I'm slowly improving. :)

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I'm hoping to do this cosplay by manchester expo next year!!!
I have fabric planned out and other parts of the cosplay, so i'm hoping i'll be able to do it uvu)/

I just have to finish sewing the ribbon onto my swimming trouser..thingys and get some flip flops and Makoto will be all done ;u;

SO Yato is basically done now?? I just need to get round to making the sword if I can ;u;

so I have the costume now, the front ribbon fell apart slightly so that'll be stiched back together by me.

apart from that, I just need tights, matching hair ties and a hairband uvu!

I technically have the full cosplay now, all that's left is to finish painting the shoes and the headphones (when they arrive~~~) If i can I'll get his watch/coil done too uvu

So I woke up to a message that my Taobaospree agent has my Aoba cosplay all ready to send when I've made the final payment ;v;!

Well i've sewed it all up, one arm is a little tight on me so I'll probably look into that soon.
Sides just need hemming up and it's done uvu!

So I've started sewing the coat together, and it's not going too badly. I think it won't take that long to do
The fabric is p thin but it's the colour i wanted so
I'm not really complaining.

Well I don't know when I'll be doing Dirk next as uhm
My shades are broken and I need to redo my wig again?

I've actually made progress on styling the wig for this cosplay!
P happy with it so far, need to trim the back a little more.

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