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Red top needs the 'rips' in Sera's top, leather top is very much in progress (around 70% done here)

Bought material to start working on Trish's skirt, one of my favourite things about Jojo cosplay is that I get to use really obnoxious fabrics that I LOVE and make it work well. Finally I can use all the crazy fabrics of my dreams in costumes and not look out of place.
I chose some shiny vinyl for the details on Trish's skirt, I'm not sure what I'll make the base part of the skirt from but probably matte vinyl.

Originally I was just going to do the purple lipstick he usually wears in ASB but I decided to try something different. Since he's typically portrayed with purple, black or green lipstick I combined black and purple together. I kinda like this effect, it stands out more than purple on its own.

ok so I finished curling my Griffith wig and I'm really really happy with it like woah it turned out exactly how I imagine Griffith's hair ? I was worried it wouldn't work out but I couldn't find any with the right texture online so I gambled on a straight one and doing it myself and I'm sooo glad I did honestly it paid off

Put plaits into the wig and going to use the hot water method today to curl it. Hopefully it will work, I'm a little nervous about it!

Changed my mind to cosplay a fancier outfit of his. I was originally unsure about it due to the time constraints but I'm going to try my best.

Bought lipstick, based it on the colour he wears in All Star Battle

I think I lost my sanity in these shoes but here they are. I was awake until 4am last night working on these. They might need another coat or two of paint but I'm happy with them :D

These take a very long time to make, but they're fun

On the left is the shoe I used as a base and on the right is the completed shoe. Now to make the second one.

First shoe finished. Needs a second coat and some cleaning up but I'm happy with it :D

fully poseable and scaled to my body like a cats tail to a cat, I imagine she would have a fluffy tail like a fancy Persian house cat

Decided on this design instead of boots since I think it works better for a wedding look, love it!

It looks weird from this angle but I only have strawberries on like a quarter of the dress so far
This needs more layers underneath and more strawberries but so far its pretty cute??? Ridiculous strawberry wedding outfit here I come!

The strawberries are finally here so I can actually get working on the rest of the cosplay! Initially I thought 50 would be way too many, but considering I'm putting them onto the bottom of the dress now too (appliqué looked bad) I hope I've got enough...

Added a sparkly layer into the dress and I'm really glad I did! The dress is super cute so far, I hope it only gets cuter!

There is a LOT to be done on the dress but I'm really liking it so far, it makes a cute dress already! I'm super fond of my material choice for the sleeves, since I couldn't work out if the original dress was light pink with spots or not(?), I decided to try and encorporate that by making the sleeves a very subtle pink with sparkles! I'm thinking of adding a layer of this into the skirt of the dress too but I'm not sure yet.

I will be using this as an inspiration for my cosplay, but my cosplay won't 100% follow this reference as I decided to make some creative changes with it since I'm not convinced that it would look so great translated into 3D as is.

The changes I will make are:
I don't really like the corset bit on the dress so I won't be including it, but I will keep the strawberries/ruffles bit on the chest
I don't think the boots would look great for a wedding outfit IRL, so I'm going to replace those with some cute stockings and some more suitable shoes with similar trim.

Also, since I can't really tell if it's primarily in white or very light pink, I'm going to try to make it a bit of both.

I need to make the red part into a bow and it's becoming more and more obvious to me that this won't suit my body type... but I'm going to do it anyway because I love Catherine!

I'm going to use the lace at the top for the choker and the second for the bodice. They're not perfect but it's the closest I could find and I visited multiple places u-u;;

It took three attempts to get these curls... I'm still not happy with them but honestly I'm not sure I could possibly find a better way to do them. I'm kind of happy with the one on the left, not so much the right. I will probably redo the right one.

They are both the same length and I will make them match but right now for drying purposes they are not perfectly matched.

The cut isn't extremely neat but that doesn't matter too much as I will be cutting the base wig into a shorter and neater cut and it won't show with the wefts I use from it, I'm really pleased with how much I have to use on the curls!

Lower half of the cosplay finished! Now just to sort out the upper half and finally tackle that wig...

Today I did a wig/make-up test! This wig is SO hard to take care of, it gets tangled before I've even worn it ; ___; I'm reaaaally happy with how I managed to make my make-up look (this was my first time wearing false eyelashes!) and how it looks together with the wig though :D

This photo gives a much more accurate view of the skirt colour than the last one!! I'm really happy with how it's turning out, it's almost finished! I just need to sew it together and add a zip so I can wear it :D

Here they are! I think they're perfect, I just hope I can get them to look right and be secure on the wig

I did a lot of thinking about what to use for Rin's pink ball hair accessory things and it stumped me for a while. I thought about using polystyrene balls but I didn't quite see that one working out well. But then I realised that ballpit balls would be the right size, lightweight, they'd be hollow like I wanted them to be and they'd have the right overall look. I found this bag of playpit balls including the PERFECT colour so I won't even have to paint them! Sooo pleased right now.

I'm hoping to attach them to some wire that I can wrap around the wig where it has to go as I think it would be easier to wear them using that method than if I attached it to an actual hair band (Can you imagine how hard it would be to wrap a hair band around a wig when it has two large spheres attached to it?) and should also keep them sturdy. Fingers crossed this works out!

The wig arrived! Here's a photo of just the two clip on twintails (this is both of them), they get tangled sooo easily. I almost forgot how much of a pain they are ;___; The wig is a little more golden coloured than it looked in the stock images but I'm pretty okay with it. It's not perfect but this colour might look nicer worn on me than a lighter blonde.

Okay so I'm pretty pleased with how the jacket is coming along so far! The hood definitely won't look like that when it's done, I'm just putting the hood part on last after I've made it button up and everything and I sorta kept it there to give an idea of what it will look like. The material is so soft and warm inside, I hope it'll keep me warm enough at October Expo! All this hand sewing through so many layers is making my hands hurt, though... ;__;

These aren't quite as far apart in colour as I was hoping judging by the stock images that were given... but I'm hoping they'll work out anyway. I guess I sorta like the subtle look of them together.

Ordered everything for the jacket, hopefully it'll work out to plan! I'll head down to the fabric store and pick out the lighter blue material I need for the skirt soon. Really counting on this to all work out!

Okay, this skirt is actually one that I started making for my K-On! cosplay a while back... but I ended up buying the entire thing to match with my group so this skirt was left unfinished and abandoned but I kept it anyway. I found it out and I think I can use it for Rin with some work! It's pretty amateur work, I know, it needs a lot of fixing up. The waistband is really long but that might be okay since I plan on wearing it high up on my waist. It's not even sewn together fully yet, I just folded it around a little to take this photo and give you an idea of what it looks like. It's also a lot lighter and closer to Rin's skirt colour in real life, the lighting in my room is just awful. And obviously, it needs ironing... I just found it out from where I've been storing it for a while.

I've decided to wear these socks with uwabaki shoes instead of the flipflops or trainers I always see her wearing with this outfit. I think this will work fine since she wears these in other outfits and IMHO it gives a cuter and more 'Rin' look overall.

This is the wig that I bought! I'm a bit wary about the stock image used (it doesn't seem to be their own but I know that most stock images are never the store owner's own on Ebay anyway) but hopefully it'll turn out fine and they have very good feedback!

Finally bought the shoes! That means I have everything I need for this cosplay and I can't wait to wear it at October Expo!

Hoping to improve this! Bought new jeans, new wig and some new individual fangs instead of the full set of teeth I was using before.

The new wig arrived! I'm a lot happier with this one, the colour is really nice.

I'm not sure if I'll have any chance to test this before the day I wear it, though, since I'm getting my friend to help me with cutting the wig in the hotel (I'm too afraid to screw it up u__u) which makes me nervous but at least I can stop worrying about the wig now!!

Ordering a wig this late for the cosplay was an awful idea... I'm so stressed and worried waiting for it to arrive ; _______;
I promised I wouldn't leave this cosplay until last minute and ugh, looks like it still managed to end up last minute.

I decided today that I was going to cut the wig that I have and just use that one but when I tried it on, I changed my mind. I don't want to be stuck with a wig that I don't like, I'll only regret it. I'd rather buy a new one and so I did.

Here's a photo of the new wig I ordered... if it doesn't arrive like the one in the photo and ends up just as the same wig I already own or something, I will actually cry.
Fingers crossed it arrives for May Expo.

Okay so I'm reconsidering keeping this wig... because looking around I can't really find anything better except one that's out of my price range and this wig only looks bad under certain lights, really. I guess because it's a wig.

It looks pretty fine in natural light and indoors without artificial light, it's just artificial light that makes it look really shiny, I guess. I've tried using a bit of dry shampoo on it to take the shine away which worked a little, I might try cutting it and applying that to it some more to take away some of the shine.

A thing I like about this wig is that depending on the lighting conditions, it changes colour quite a bit, just like Asukas hair changes in practically every reference image... sometimes it's a darker ginger colour but sometimes it can be orange-y and sometimes somewhere inbetween.

Opinions, anyone? Any tips on taking shine out of wigs?

I have everything for this now, time to finish it off today! I'm pretty excited, hopefully it'll turn out well so I can wear her for a meetup tomorrow.

Considering getting a new wig in a different colour since I'm not really feeling the one that I have...

Okay so uh, so far this has been a minor disaster...
I don't know how to feel about the wig, it needs cutting which is pretty fine but it's also much more shiny than I like in a wig. It's not party shop shiny or anything, it's just bothering me. I'm going to attempt to deshine/cut it and if it looks bad, I'll just have to buy another one.

The outfit... well, I ordered the small because it was much closer to my waist size (still a bit big though) but unfortunately small also apparently meant it was meant for very short people. The waist of the skirt ends at my lower ribs which gives me a really odd looking shape... I'm not sure how exactly I can fix this but I'm sure going to give it a try.

I tried the dress on for the first time and it's sooo amazing, this was my first time using a proper commissioner and they did an amazing job, it fits just right!

I bought all of the supplies for the crown today so I'm going to finish it off today and try on the whole thing and take photos tomorrow, so excited!

I'll probably be able to finish this cosplay this weekend so I'm pretty excited!

The dress I commissioned arrived and it's gorgeous (I haven't tried it on yet though so I'm hoping it fits right!), the face paint I ordered arrived and it's a little brighter/darker than I expected but I tried a little out on my hand and it looked pretty okay, the contrast with my wig colour should work nicely.

All I need to do now is make the crown which I'll hopefully be doing this weekend, I've got quite a few ideas on how I'm going to do it.

Okay so I considered making the skirt type part for this cosplay for a little practice and since it looks simple enough for me to tackle... but this is a last minute plan change and I reaaally don't want to deal with the stress/wasted money of being unhappy with my result (I'm too perfectionist, sadly) and rushing to buy one as a replacement. Plus Bodyline had a nice looking one for not much more than I reckoned it would cost me to try and make it myself...

So yeah, I just bought the outfit. I'm going to trim the wig when it arrives. I also bought the headpiece clips.

I'm not sure about the socks, I'm having trouble finding any simular ones (they all have three stripes... can't seem to find any with just one) but I'll just modify a pair of socks if I can't find any, simple enough. I'm going to look around some stores to try and find the shoes.

The wig arrived! I'm really happy with it, I was a little scared it was going to be a bit shiny from the stock image but it isn't shiny at all and the colour is so lovely!

I was pretty torn apart on the wig choice... all of the wigs I could find at the right length and style (or at least possible to style into PB's style) and of a reasonable quality were either too light or too dark except one PERFECT wig, but sadly it was out of my price range ; ___;. I decided to go with a darker one that I have attatched a photo of since I thought that a lighter one might wash out my make-up and this colour is pretty accurate too in some scenes. Inconsistent colours are both a blessing and a curse in cosplay.

I finished this on Sunday and it's not perfect but I worked hard and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I'll be wearing this Saturday and Sunday for October London MCM Expo 2012

I thought the hardest part of this cosplay would definitely be the helmet. I thought horns were going to frustrate me because I hate making them. But both of those seem to be coming along kinda smoothly really, I haven't done enough on the helmet to say much but the plans for it seem to be just fine and workable.

You know what's REALLY stressing me out? Shades of yellow. Turns out the gloves I got are the loveliest gloves ever but the dont match my other shades of yellow so I'm going to have to make the gloves now, which is a shame because the pair I bought were really approprate and comfy and gorgeous. Why is it so hard just to get these colours to match?

Okay so I have the base helmet, the stuff for the suit and the gloves sorted.
I'm being waaay too picky over colours and it's kinda frustrating me that I couldn't get the same colour for the yellow on the suit as on my gloves but oh well, it should hopefully work out anyway :/

Kind of a little last minute deciding to do this for London Expo but I'm confident I can manage it in time!! I love Mituna soooo much.

My only slight worry for this is modifying the helmet well enough for it to look good but I'll try my best until I'm happy.

Okay, so I FINALLY improved this to a standard I'm happy with!!
Improved the wig, added the cape which I made that wasn't actually so bad afterall, got better horns (all thanks to my mega talented girlfriend/doctorwhootowl on Tumblr), worked on make-up and made Ahab's Crosshairs in a week with zero prop knowledge but I think it turned out pretty well!!

Not EXACTLY complete since I didn't manage to get a soul gem in time but this cosplay is practically complete for London Expo, uploading some photos of the complete* cosplay now.

*minus soul gem, unfortunately, but I'm still calling it complete

The teeth I ordered arrived the other day and I haven't fitted/tried them on yet since they're kinda intimidating me but they look great!! Hopefully they won't be too hard for me to wear.

This cosplay is practically done, I'll get a proper test done tomorrow maybe :D I need to practice my make-up skills...

I really didn't realise I was so close to finishing this already, wow! Today I bought the glass stain to paint the glasses with and a headband to put the horns on and realised that I have practically everything except the teeth so that means I can possibly do a proper test tomorrow! I need to do things like fix the wig, though ><

Wig arrived today, it would really help if I had a wig head to style it on... I may buy one before I start styling it, instead of trying to awkwardly style it on my head like usual and having nowhere decent to put it afterwards.

Got the jeans and base glasses today, I can't actually see out of the base glasses very well (they're reading glasses that are too strong for my eyes...) but I really doubt I can get a fake pair in that style and I probably won't be able to see out of them when I put the red and blue on anyway.

I won't be making the horns myself this time since my lovely and amazing friend (doctorwhootowl on here/Tumblr) made me some for this cosplay ;u;

I'm really happy with them, I just need to buy a headband to put them on

Got the official one from the Topatoco store, I was a little worried at first about the colour since the photos on the site aren't very good but it looks WAY better in real life than in photos thankfully and I was worried that it'd be huge but actually it doesn't fit me too badly! :D So I'm really happy with it

I'm not sure why I changed this to complete, it isn't complete at all ahaha. I've changed it back to in progress now.

I need to fix the cape which I did make but unfortunately failed when I actually got it to Expo since the part that stands up around the neck decided it didn't want to stand up anymore... and the glue that I used to put the new horns (which are now painted) onto the headband didn't work either so I had to use my old horns for Expo.

I also plan on making Ahabs Crosshairs too for when I re-wear this at Manchester Expo.

I have the official t-shirt ordered, but I'm still trying to decide which wig to get now...

I can't wait to get started on this cosplay!!

A friend is kindly making the horns for me this time so I won't have to worry about those and I think I'm going to buy the official t-shirt instead of painting the symbol as originally planned.

I was a little wary of buying the official t-shirt because the stock images provided on the website are suprisingly poor but my friend Ivan bought the t-shirt from their website and it looks fine so I guess I'll go ahead with buying the official one. It's nice to support the comic by buying the official products.

I bought the glasses and t-shirt to transfer onto today!
When I transfer onto the t-shirt, I'll do some test photos~ :D The only thing that I need is the skirt now.

All I really need for this now is the scarf, cape and Ahab's Crosshairs if I can manage to make that! (Wish me luck... x__x I've never done much with props before ahaha, only simple things)

I wore this to a meet at the weekend and it was really fun even if my cosplay wasn't complete! :D I just made a temporary scarf to wear until I get a better one and went as capeless Eridan. (I also forgot to wear my horns most of the time so I'm only wearing them in one photo >< .. oh well)

I'm thinking that I'll just use my John wig for this and it shouldn't be too hard to pull together! :D I'm going to start working properly on it soon inbetween working on Eridan.

As I mentioned, I'm mostly buying this cosplay since I don't have the skills to make it myself and have it look good enough since it's somewhat complex. Here are the items which were ordered for my Christmas gifts, basically most of the cosplay :D

I know that most Madoka cosplayers use lighter or brighter pink wigs but I really liked this dusky pink one, I think it's pretty accurate too and not to mention really pretty. As you can probably see by my Gumi wig, I prefer darker and more realistic wigs to super bright ones ><

The outfit, wig and shoes are ordered but I won't be recieving them until Christmas as they are presents :0

Wow, the base wig I ordered arrived already! I ordered it this day last week at night and it was only free postage from Hong Kong so I'm really suprised it arrived so quickly! :0 I haven't tried it on yet, I'm going to wait for the t-shirt to arrive too and then try it on to see how progress is going maybe.

I sanded down the horns and they're pretty good looking now in my opinion :D I'm going to paint them tonight.

I've been choosing what I want for my Madoka cosplay to ask for as Christmas gifts and the only thing that I'm not 100% sure on is the wig. All of the ones I found either looked stolen or weren't what I was looking for, the one that I did find looks really nice quality and style and not stolen but the only problem is that it's a little duskier than Madoka's colour... ;__; But sometimes, I prefer the look that less bright wigs (See my Gumi wig for example) give off, a more realistic if not completely accurate look. They tend to look better quality wise too but not always, of course.

Apparently plain black normal hipster glasses are a thing which are really hard to find now (they only seem to sell coloured/fancy/oddly shaped ones now) but I finally managed to find a pair which are perfect aside from them having some stupid decorate tape off but that thankfully came off easily and cleanly without leaving any marks which I was fearing it would.

I also got some spray fabric paint to do the stripes on his trousers and decided that I'm going to use my God Tier John jeans for his since I'm impatient and they're the same ones that I wanted to get (I looked yesterday and they're still selling them but not in my size at the moment) but I WILL REPLACE THEM WHEN I CAN.

I also bought sandpaper and filler on Saturday so I'm going to try and fix up my horns so hopefully they'll be all nice and smooth when I'm finished with them :D

I just realised that I never uploaded the petticoat photo into a journal.
I have it uploaded as a photo already but I'll probably delete that as more progress is made or at least definitely when the cosplay is complete.

This is the petticoat that I have, I think it will be perfect for this cosplay as it is super poofy just like Madoka's! (This photo doesn't show it very well but it gives a super poofy cupcake shape when worn)

I decided not to paint the sign onto the t-shirt myself this time and instead have it printed so that the colour would be exactly correct and it would look much better and neater.

Here's a photo of the t-shirt as it is being printed~ I'm hoping this will look good and be worth it since it did cost more than expected.

Many thanks to Kapow for making the design for me to use and Vk-Melon for telling me about this printing site!! :D

I bought this wig to use as the base wig, I'm hoping this will work well, I have an idea of how I'm going to style it but I hope it works well enough!

T-shirt arrived.
Decided that I may make some ears for this cosplay which I wasn't originally planning but I'll see how they look, yay for adding more work at last minute to a cosplay while I'm already very busy..
Expect very last minute complete cosplay photos tomorrow.

Hat arrived!
Now I'm just waiting for the t-shirt.. which will HOPEFULLY arrive tomorrow.

I am sooooo last minute ahhh -stress-

The t-shirt that I dyed faded too much after the dye so I found a new one along with a hat on Ebay and ordered them today. They SHOULD come in time (2-3 days estimated delivery on both) but I really am terrible for leaving this WAY too late.

I've learnt my lesson, at least. I need to stop relying on finding the items I need in person and just go to Ebay.

I just have to hope nothing goes wrong and that I get these in time or else I'll have major problems.

Made the mask and dyed the t-shirt (I couldn't find one in the right colour so I just dyed a white one. I had to use that dye on shoes for my Nepeta cosplay anyway)

Only thing that I have to worry about now is getting the hat which for some reason is turning out to be pretty hard.

I love this plushie so much! Soo cute and just the right size and proportions.

The boots arrived today!
They aren't perfect ( Especially with the studs at the back.. >< but they look fine from the front so I guess it's ok ) but I'm happy with them! :D

Okay so I gave up on the boot covers thing and had another look on Ebay for a suitable pair of boots to use.

It was a lot more successful than the last time I looked, even though all of the PERFECT pairs had heels so I had to settle for something that isn't exactly perfect in colour but it will work with some slight modification.

One worn and one un-worn (mostly just so I could take the photo with that hand)
Obviously, they look better worn as you can see.

Working on making the boots which is a really annoying process bluh.

My amazing bestest friend Laura (who doesn't have an account here.. yet) has offered to make me Eridan's scarf as a Chirstmas present since she's learning to knit :D

I'm so lucky to have such lovely friends! :D

I made the belt (or rather, modified the base belt) on Sunday, forgot to mention it on here.
I tried to take a photo but it didn't do it any justice.

I haven't been able to decent picture of the cane yet since it's too huge but I'll try to get one. Here's a picture of the finished red leg bag thingy~ (Ignore the fact that I'm wearing my pajamas..)

The red leg bag thingy has velcro on the strap to go around my leg and the flap of the bag. I probably won't put anything inside of the bag though XD

Today I'll probably work on the belt and fixing the gloves that I messed up..

Working on finishing the leg bag thingy now that I have velcro, just taking a break to post this. :33
Hoping to finish the cane too and then I'll work on fixing the gloves tomorrow since I kinda messed them up ><

Stressed about not finishing this cosplay in time for Expo.. ;__;

I'm not even sure what I should call this so I just call it 'red leg bag thingy' XDD

Uuh yeah, I'm gonna have to wait until the weekend to finish this because I need some velcro to put on the flap and on the leg strap thingy but this is it for now.

To be honest, this only took me about 10 minutes to do with a cardboard box, some fabric and fabric glue XD But I think it turned out pretty well :D

I have just purchased a Kyubey plushie for this cosplay, it is soooooooo cute *___* I can't wait for it to arrive, I won't be making any contracts with it though ahahaha.

I already have the PERFECT super poofy cupcake white petticoat for this, I'll hopefully buy a Kyubey plush for the prop soon and I have found a perfect, really good quality version of her outfit from a seller that I have used before and trust aswell as looking at some good wig options already.

I'll mostly be buying the parts for this cosplay as I'm not skilled enough to make them myself ^^; But I will probably have to make the soul gem accessory myself as the ones online are expensive x__x

Hoping to do this cosplay for May Expo with NavigatorxNami as Mami! :D

I made Eridan's wand and I'm pretty happy with it even if the clay was much harder to use than expected and there are some cracks, hopefully I can fix those.
Ignore the Nepeta horns, they're unrelated obviously XD

Sort of started early on this~

I found a purple hair extension to use for the wig which was really nice quality as well as only being £4, I also decided to make the wand already and have some stuff already for it.

I found some fins that fit over your ears so I'm planning to buy those for this cosplay and paint over them with the grey face/body paint.. hopefully that should work..

I'm kind of really far behind on this but still hoping to finish it for October! It's not much but I did manage to buy some blue gloves when I went shopping for this :D

So, the wig arrived yesterday and I bought the transfer papers on Friday so I finished the cosplay and took some photos! :D
I'm really happy with it, especially how easily and well the wig styled!
I'll start uploading the photos now. I'm really happy with the photos :D

I did a test mainly just a test to see how the glasses look with short black wig + t-shirt combo. I just used my Azusa base wig (since I don't have the one I ordered for John yet) and the t-shirt which doesn't have the transfer yet for a vague idea so obviously the finished cosplay will look better.

Yay, I found the perfect glasses! I'm so happy. I thought the glasses might be hard to find and that I wouldn't find any exactly perfect ones but I managed to find the perfect pair straight away in Claires, lucky! :D

I also bought a plain white t-shirt to transfer onto. I had some transfer paper but I lost it so I might have to buy some new transfer paper if I can't find it.. ><

I haven't even finished the cane yet, it's still sitting in my room unfinished ><

I'm hoping to get back to working on it soon! I want to get it finished in advance for October.

Also.. not really related to cosplay progress but.. OMGOMG SLY 4 WAS ANNOUNCED OMGOMG :D

I bought this wig for the cosplay. I really like it, especially how it looks all messy at the back.
It'll need a bit of styling, I'm going to try and style it to stick up like John's. I haven't done that before so wish me luck! ^^ I'm hoping it won't be too hard, though.

I think this is looking pretty good so far and I thought I'd update this and share it with anyone who is interested.

I'm thinking that I'll make cuts under where it meets the stick and then fold those over for stability and cover with some more gold.. does that make sense? I'm not good at explaining stuff, it works in my head.

The wood on the cane should also be darker but that's just me being fussy, I'll try and find a way to make it darker but if I don't then I think it'll be okay.

I think the length is pretty accurate though, you can't see the whole length in this photo obviously.

I figured I'd try using this, I doubt I'll be able to keep it up regularly though.

I'm really excited to do this cosplay! :D

I've finished the tail which needs some slight modification because even though it's flexible with wire, it still touches the floor sometimes so I need to make it a little shorter but it is otherwise finished and I'm happy with how it turned out.

I'm currently working on the cane which I'm hoping will turn out as I planned!

For what to wear in terms of trousers I'm going to wear my grey jeans as they're the right colour. But after thinking about it I think it'd be more accurate if I could make some poofy trousers out of the leftover grey fur that I have (I have tons of leftover fur from the tail x__x) to give the proper effect but sadly I'm not skilled enough for that so the jeans will have to do. I can dream, eh?

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