I've only recently started making all of my costumes. However the quest for a completed cosplay has allowed me to substantially up my skills in the craft. Going from someone who didnt know how to use a sewing machine to someone who could make a big dress really helps to show me that cosplay is a lot more practical than a lot of people think.
My very first cosplay was Riza Hawkeye and my most current one is Fairy Godmother (2015)

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I drafted a 2d pattern for this on my computer and printed it out to size. I used this pattern as a reference and built it all out of craft foam and EVA foam before giving it a cover in worbla and a snazzy paint job.

Oh god this took ages. I pretty much crafted the base of it out of the ol' worbla and craft foam sandwich and then added on different pieces of worbla to create the shape. I drafted each segment out of paper first though to make sure it fitted good

I dont even know how many flowers ive gone through but im pretty sure its alot. I started by cosplay with a mermaid style dress with huge kimono sleeves, now im just adding as much flowers to it as i can

Glindas wig is well underway. I've just come home after my first year at university so i'll have a little bit of time to get the bubble/petals out until i go back in January!

I've finished sewing the organza and the satin together and have finally started to add the sequins. So far im about 8 hours down and have finished 1 and a half/ 29. RIP me

Finally finished the petticoats for the skirt!! Now to add in the Zip into the bodice!
Picture of my silly Dorm mates from University

I've pretty much finished the hoopskirt and just need to do a few minor touches on the petticoats untill its finished. I think i went a bit overboard on the amount of fabric i bought to do the main petticoats but i am heading back to my local sewing shop to get more tomorrow!

I've patterned my own bodice by wraping my dress form in glad wrap and celotape, and then marking out the lines which i want my seams to be. Tracing this out onto paper i add in my seam allowances and bite the bat and just cut it out on my normal fabric. Now this silly bugger here thought organza would just zigzag as a away to halt the fabric from fraying. lol no. Its a trap, fray check the bugger because you'll have everything sewed up nicely with boning and everything and then it'll just pop out of the seam and then you cant unpick it because it starts to ruin your fabric. Mild anger. My problem solving was adding fray check down the visible seams hoping that it wouldn't be able to be seen. Kinda worked.
After getting the bodice sewn and the sleeves sewn i started adding the sequins and beads. Im literally crying thinking about all of that work. The bodice i was able to wack out over a few hours and then the sleeves probably took over 6 hours to completion (i've only done half). I've used 6 different types of sequins and beads so i like the variation in it.

Petticoats are my next project. I've got 10 meters of tulle so we'll see how that goes, i've started to sew and next up is gathering. Hoop skirt was made pretty quickly with only hand sewing because i left my sewing machine at my parents house, stupid mistake

Started working on Glinda's Crown. I made the base out of worbla and then covered it in over 400 rinestons. I've ran out of them too, which is why its not all covered!!

Trust me when I say the red is a lot more red-er than in the picture

Played around with make up and it didn't turn out that bad.
Think im going to make this more traditional than accurate to the Cartoon

The last picture to be posted before labrys is shown in her pure glory~! Such a journey!

Made le top but ran out of thread. Will need to get some more. But it's coming along nicely. Only 3 weeks left till it has to be finished!

Pretty much finished this. Just need to get some decent photos to show :3

Everything is beginging to come together. I've finished labrys's bottom half as well as her arms and head pieces. I've also begun work on her top which should be finished sometime over the next couple weeks. I hope to have some finished photos in February, so stay tuned :)
*crappy photo is crappy

I've made alot of progress with the axe, I made the top part and painted the whole thing.
I just need to wait until I can get the staff to separate before I can do finishing touches.
I also need to paint a bit more stuff and sew the top and it's finished!

Nearly finished the bottom half...just a bit more painting and sewing...hopefully have that done by Tuesday

Finished on leg of labrys....Would nearly be done the other side if the paint hadn't have decided that t was going to crack and flake and not cover properly D:
Havent worked on the axe in ages, will start on that after the Christmas rush as well as the top and the arm guards.
Aside from that everything is coming along

I've finally bought everything that I need for this costume, apart from the fabric dye which is holding everything up. After that's been bought I can start sewing the skirt and detaling onto the corset

finally got around to attaching the bra to the straps so it could be kept on.
I've got material, just need to dye it and I'm waiting on my corset to arrive so I can dye and then play around with.
Plus I need to find jewellery.
BUT nearly there

4 hours later and I've completely dyed this wig! I'd call today a success!

So far this baby is 2.2Kgs-(4.8pounds?) I think it'll only get heavier from here OTL.
I've nearly finished making this smooth, and I'm adding details to the 'light parts?'. I've bought a handle for it, which is wood. I also found a way to make it transportable, so once it was the screw thing placed in it I can then attach it to the main part and its pretty much easy from there.

Finally got around to coating this axe so that its smooth, but decided to sand it down for ultimate smooth-ness which will take ages and add more weight to it, but hopefully it will be worth it.
I started to make the leg armour and the top bit is ALOT easier than the bottom...So I've only made the top so far OTL
I've also covered a pair of second hand wedges in a white stretchy material and then placed the little pointy bit onto it like labrys has, not 100% sure on them at the moment though, and I still have to make the matching pair.
A lot of my time for the next week or so will be re applying my smoothner and sanding down my axe. Hopefully adding the handle to it also...

I've started to make this axe and as I started it wasn't as intimidating as it firstly appeared (I might be speaking to soon though)
I need to add thickness onto it though as it has a 1cm thick foam core sheet as the base, I just need to add another 2cm to make it ideal. I'm getting the handle to it tomorrow and thanks to kamui's Cosplay books, its shown me how to finally make this axe transportable.
I need to prime the cylinder's in the axe and of course add more stuff to it, but at least at the moment it's a start.

Ohhhh~ And I've also bought shoes so I can make the shoes, I've start on my upper leg armour and my lower arm armour....So everything has been progressing quite nicely :D

Gonna actually try and finish off the top part of it this/next weekend.
I also have a necklace/chocker thing that is coming in the mail, so that should be here soon :P
I'm trying to walk in these heels, not as bad as I thought I was at heel wa;ling XD

I've tried out sharpie dying on a cheap wig and it doesn't look half bad, so ill get around to buying a foam head and a wig I can start to style that and dye it.
I made the other bit to go on the bottom of the head piece, I put pieces of wire down the craft foam so that it would be sturdy and not flop aroun. Still need to paint a bit more and layer it. Right now I don't like the visible mark where the 2 pieces of craft foam have connected. Ill try and get rid of that. I also managed to put in an invisible zip, I did that for the first time and didn't manage to muck It up. I'm also wearing the stoking that are going under the leg armour and my shoes, which give me height :P
Still haven't made the rest of the upper arm.

This is pretty much everything upto now(apart from some gloves im making). Ive got the fingers which are out of craft foam so that I still have some flexibility. I have the maxium I can bend my fingers up there too, going to be interesting to work in this outfit, but it's for Cosplay.
I've more or less finished the ear things, just need to paint it a bit more and seal it.
Ive nearly finished both sets of fingers, just need to secure them and paint them a bit better. (I'm kinda worried that they look to chunky though.... I think they might be fine?...)
I started to make the upper arm, once again need to paint a bit more and seal it, and create another one.
I'm also contemplating wether to make these gloves out of craft foam (to give it thickness and that armour look) or just go with material, ill make both and see what looks best.
When I get some worbla ill make the headband and start working on the other parts of the costume.
Last thing, I brought some stretchy white material so once I sew half a body suit to go underneath the fingers and armour, I'll be getting a lot more progress ;)

I haven't finished sewing the vest to fit with my corset on yet, so that will be a holiday job, lucky on I'm on one at the moment. I also haven't added the sleeves on yet, as I'm not sure what I'm going to do for them yet. It may as well just end up being a sleeveless vest thing.
Where you can see my batman t-shirt it will just me my skin, meaning heaps of cleavage... I hope my boobs do me justice ;)
The Diadem/horns haven't yet been attached (shitty photo) and I've got to find a way of making them stay.
Gonna buy some worbla, for the first time in forever, and ill attach that to the back to the diadem or overtop so thtat it can maintain shape better.
I think that's it for now... Next I think I'll try and get some leather to make the under bust cross thing that hiddles loki has.

I've more or less made the fingers for labrys. It's a bit iffy on the back but the front doesn't look half bad, just wondering if they're a tad chunky.
Also made the ear part and the head band.
I brought material to go under then as well, hopefully in the holidays I'll be able to make the glove/sleeve and draft out the fore arm armor.

I finally finished patterning out my fingers for Labrys and ive drawn on set up on craft foam. I thought that id use craft foam instead of another material such as worbla because craft foam is flexible and would be easier to maintain though out a convention.
I'll make the hand part out of a thick fabric that ill paint the same colour as the fore arm armor. At the moment im thinking of getting some worbla shipped in to do so.

So i repainted the scale boobs and brought some material for the vest, which i've mainly finished sewing at the moment, i just need to take it in as its loose with my corest on and finish hemming the arm holes and then vola, finished.

The colour looks ALOT better in person, the camera washes it out a tad

Managed to scale the other boob and connect them together. I still need to add details to it, but ill do that once I am defiantly happy with the colour.
Ill figure out how to connect them to the top once I have made my top, which ill do later, when I have time... Although it should be easy enough to make a basic under top, after that ill mkae the leather strips around the waiste. (Like in the cinematic version)

For the chest area I thought it would be cool to have a scale type thing going on. So I cut out individual scales and glued them onto pad and pained them. Im not to sure if I like the colour but that can always be changed.

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