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My first cosplay was Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, something I'd always wanted to do, even before I read manga properly or knew what cosplay was. My aunt and uncle went to Japan and brought me back a few manga, and it spiraled from there.
Mitsulika from Alichino was next, overly ambitious considering it was the first time I'd made a cosplay on my own and there was no real reference, but it's an example of my desire to make costumes that are unique and haven't been "done a million times". No sailor moon over here folks!

I'm a complete perfectionist when it comes to sewing and cosplay, I strive to create THE BEST of that cosplay there is.
Elika and Ada were the only exceptions as they were part of a couples cosplay thing I did. Let's just say, Ada was from ebay and altered a bit, and Elika was done in the car on the way to London, and finished in the que to go on stage for the masquerade.

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So I never got round to finishing this one... It's passable but I'm not calling it finished until the corset is completely covered in leaves instead of just the front, also the panties need leaves and the fastening for them at the side needs changed to be clips or hooks rather than laced up. Suitable boots need to be bought/made which I don't have the spare money for. The material I was using for the leaves is almost run out too so more of that needs bought first and foremost... aaaaand of course I can't find it any more. The cosplay gods have deemed this one to be unfinished until some vague point in the future.

Currently in the middle of the most time consuming part of the cosplay, leaves! They look better than I could have hoped, and the glitter looks really good on them!
I'm glad I splashed out on the fabric though, it makes a huge differance.
The wigs arrived today, and they're so purdy! Really nice deep red, and pretty long too. I'm going to leave altering the wigs until last, as there's not much time to do this and it wouldn't exactly be the end of the world if the wig was just out the box.

I'm really worried the corset wont arrive in time, if it's not here tomorrow then I'm fooked for Saturday (where the plan was to win £200 and therefore pay for the costume).

Not only that, but I'm also introducing two friends to cosplay at the same time, so while doing my own thing I'm pretty busy playing teacher/director for a Bane cosplay and fem-Freddy Krueger. Also helping my partner with his Vega Street Fighter cosplay, there's not enough time in the world!

I got in touch with this amazing guy who works with latex. The long and short of it is that I'm going to be pestering this guy for help with every latex related problem I have.
He has a couple of good tutorials on making latex body art like horns and spines etc. and a really good tutorial on a wig that would be perfect for Kerrigan.
Here's the links for anybody attempting something similar.

The way I think I'll do it is carfully constructed pannels of latex. Outer upper leg, inner upper leg, front knee, back knee, lower back leg, lower front leg etc. each of these will have any needed spines and textures and horns attached to them, with seams in conveniant design lines, like under a long fold, or at parts of my body that will flex and show lines anyway.

In this way, my whole body will be covered, except for my hands and face, however these will be painted to blend seamlessly with the latex.

The latex parts will be made by painting a few layers of latex onto greaseproof paper, and sticking cotton wool wadding, mountboard, craft foam etc into it and covering in more latex to keep the weight down on each part. Have a look at the tutorials done by Marshon, they show the prossess in detail.
Finaly, the paint will be applyed and varnished in place to give it a slimy shiny look, the parts that join onto my bare skin around the face and wrists will have plenty of room for face paints to be blended. That way I can clean off most of the face paint between uses and keep her good.

One of the problems with latex is that it likes to stick to it's self. After making each part on the paper I'll be brushing it with talc to stop this, but the part that connects with the skin will be kept clean to help it stick to my skin... so each part will have to be stored on paper, flat and protected by individual boxes for storage and transport. Not only will I need to to tests to see if this will work, but at the best case senario this will be the bulkiest cosplay I've ever thought about doing...

The final push is on! I probably wont have time to update with pictures before going to expo, so I'll see everybody there!

Okay, due to time/money restrictions and a growwing loathing for the underskirt I'm scrapping it.
The final design should tie in with a more aristocratic-battle-ready look with just the upper skirt and a new underbit in the form of embroidered (to match the upper skirt) thick tights. I know tights doesn't really scream steampunk, but you know what, I make my own rules. :D

I really really want to make the steampunked bokken swords, eventualy there's going to be two long swords and a little mini one that I'm sure has it's own name but I don't know it so meh.
The "Reapers Trident" is a tri-bladed samurai sword and then there's "Seraph's vengance" which has a sort of crescent moon design in the base of the blade.
I have pictures on my deviantart I think...

I'm suffering for my own bad planning. I just put everything together for the first time (see new pictures) and the underskirt is giving me yet more problems. The stiffener was so expencive that I only bought enough to go around the bottom of the skirt (as it was the only visable bit) but it's warping the creases and being no end of trouble... I'm going to have to hope that the bustle will hold it a bit higher and fix the problems but I've a bad feeling it's not going to work.

If it comes down to it, I'll just have to rip off all the stiffener and pray it comes off easily. I could really do without the hassle though.

Okay, so it's a little close to the time and the things nearly done and yet I've only just uploaded this baby.
Hopefully I'll be able to enter the masquerade with this, I'd really like to give it a go because there has not been a single corner cut with this thing.

I'm going to look into buying bokken's to make steampunk katana's for this cosplay, it'd be nice to give it some character and depth rather than it just being a girl in a pretty dress.

Let's hope I can afford it... I'd recently quit my job so money is an issue... shit. I miss money.

Well, I tried to order a swatch.... A SINGLE SWATCH of fabric. guess how much the postage was...... over £50!!!


Also I ordered my shoes... they were a size 6 just as I asked... a US size 6, which it the same as a UK size 3!

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