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I started cosplay around early 2008 and have been actively cosplaying since then. I started making my own costumes in 2011 so in that way, i'm fairly new with it haha! I honestly have no clue how to make costumes so at lot of my works are made completely with trial and error.
I love trying different types of make up style and I hope I can improve in the future! I love cosplaying with groups and other people so I hope to be friends with everyone *kira sparkle*!

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Started the piano for the bottom Mayu's dress.

Black lines are sewn, the black notes is pleather stuck with UHU glue

Did the base!! Still no sleeves yet as i'm out of gold trimming orz;;

I made the front (outer) bodice piece though it's not lined yet.
I also started one of the sleeves and it's decor ^^

Sleeve decor is just golden pvc + x4 layers of gold organza (it doesn't fray!!) + gold trimmings so far. I need to add more detail when I get more trimming!!

I don't have costume progress pictures from back then - however I did do a commission for Miku where I did take pictures XDD Here is the almost finished result.

Pictures of the entire progress from the start!!! If you're unsure what's what please ask!

The WIP progress - excuse my rushed efforts...

Before the collar, hakama and sleeve were finished - was pretty satisfied at this point!

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