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1st cosplay in 2008 when I acquired a ticket to Amecon that year. I met lodes of new friends though cosplay which I found really refreshing. And cosplaying itself was a gr8 experience. I’m dyslexic so it was like my escapism form the real worled witch most people get from reading a good book.
I in no way have a craftsman’s hands and can only make the simplest items. So most the cosplays I wear aren’t made by me but probably have been forged together from parts and then tweaked to look right. That or I borrow someone from the cosplay community to help me, so at least its some1s good work on display, normaly gaming_goddess.

I suppose what im trying to say is I do most my cosplay in the wearing not the making.

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my attempts to shorten the rifle i was given. its a bit slap dash but need it quite soon so it will do for now.

had an adventure time themed Christmas. a lovely Care package containing finns hat bag and other bits was sent to me for Christmas!

There are various methods that people have suggested for how Connor's Sleeves attatch to his coat. In the end we opted to go for attaching them to the undervest method. Everything is fully lined with blue lining. The vest is actually sewn shut at the front and a zip has been put into the back as this seemed the easiest way to make the front stay flat.

Only a little more progress needed on the jacket. The jacket is made but just need to add the collar and the front blue panels with the millions of buttons. The hood and hood lining have been sew but the hood needs to be altered to fit the head correctly. The lining will be attatched after this process. Then finally the jacket collar and the strips of wool fabric to attatch the hood to the jacket. oh and the big blue diamond that goes on the back and the fake pockets. So about Jacket and hood are about 50%.

So the process begins. Gaming_goddess has ordered all the fabric for my connor cosplay and she is eaglerly awaiting it's arrival. We decided on a synthetic wool in the end to keep cost down as it's £9 a meter instead of the £30+ that 100% pure wool can be. For the waitscoat we are using a fairly thin cotton drill to counter the factor the coat will be so warm.

We had originally decided to use leather strips for edging but then gaming_goddess had the idea of using seude as she can also make gauntlets and fingerless gloves from it as it would A. be cheaper; B. nice and soft to wear and C all those segments match and then the other leather work is a different colour which is more accurate to the artwork. Though I may change my mind and make the gauntlet and gloves out of leather if I'm not happy with how the seude looks.

Currently left to buy is:
Order Buttons.
Order Coat Pattern.
Buy Jeans
Buy a thin shirt to wear under all clothing.
Buy Milliput for assassin emblems
Buy fabric for sash
Buy primarni finest slipper to build boots from.
Consider buying boot cover pattern.
Beads for Beading

So still a lot of work to go but staying proactive. Really please I decided to cosplay Connor as I really like his design. Hope it comes out as well as I invisage.

put togethere what i had with a few substatuts just 2 c how is going. im defantly ganna need to duy my hair black or people are just ganna be calling me chuck norris all day.

Ok I now have 80% of the tactical gear for this cosplay. Even took it for a test run playing airsoft in it. it’s not a bad light lode out. Still need the little grenade pouches for the belt and the main back pouch. Not sure if that’s a hydration bag or a laptop carrier. Still need to hunt about.

Boots have arrived. I’m really pleased with them. Goanna take some braking in but ill prob wear them casually as well. The shoot during the bank holiday with gaming_goddess and Frederica_la_Noir went really well. Had a slight problem at the start with their white dresses becoming far too bright in the sunlight but as far as snake, it all went well. New pics soon! (Shame they are without the boots.)

1 of my more rushed cosplays is 1 of the 1st to go on a photo shoot. I haven’t ever really done a proper photo shoot but I have been invited by gaming_goddess and Frederica_la_Noir to take the good Dr to join there Bella sisters in a shoot. Let’s see how it goes.

Finally I have found a uk supplier of the us jungle boot! So I finally have the last big part of this cosplay. The wrong belt and gloves I can deal with but the boots had been bothering me for some time now. Shame I didn’t find it a few days sooner as I’m going for my 1st real photo shoot gaming_goddess this weekend. And they won’t be here in time.

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