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Cosplay has quickly become my greatest passion in life. Everything about it, from the crafting to convention atmosphere has me hooked! It all started at London MCM Expo in October 2007 and I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw people in costume from left to right that I just had to give it a go myself.

University likes to snap away at my time as well as funding though if you have any questions concerning my cosplays, don't hesitate to ask!

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Well I managed to miss the deadling of May expo, too much was going on with university and thus eclair ended up very last minute and never got finished. Then at 5am I kinda blundered and ruined the original so the dress has to be made again. But at least the patterning is out the way so it shouldn't take long to re-make. Here is a progress picture of it all pinned together before I totally screwed it up!

Mr Hollow has acquired a body! Now some nice arms would go lovely with that.

Here we have his eyes, lips and tongue all pinned into place. Isn't he the cutest?

Since I once again ran out of funds to finish any newly started cosplays, decided to jazz up Perona once more with her own Negative Hollow companion!

Just found a plain old ball plush pattern on the interwebs for his head and cut out paper templates; pinning them for rough sizing/positioning.

Ahem, well..
Since I fortunately finished my elite beat agent cosplay in super quick timing there is still hope for angewomon! I have been working like crazy on it and theres a 70% chance it will be finished for expo! Progress pictures coming soon when something is ACTUALLY finished. (Everything is in the works at about 60-80% done, some needing just paint, but none fully completed)

I solved one dilema the other day when I found my helmet being too heavy. One kilogram of clay was not going to sit confortably on my head all day! So I pleaded with my old secondary school if it would be so kind as to let me use their vacuum former. They kindly agreed and now I have a super lightweight copy in plastic! Just have to add the small details to it and it is as good as finished.

That's about it for now, peace out.

Yup, title says all.
Quite simply, I don't think I will have the time to complete her up to scratch ready for May Expo.

Too many things went wrong in a short space of time, and It will murder my mental health if I try pick it up from now XD

So for now, I am saving it for October expo! I'll have the whole summer to pull it off properly.

But who knows! A miracle might happen and I might get the morale boost I need to complete it. But for now, Diva is main priority.

Here's the breast plate at any rate that was nearly completed. Needed another sand and coating before painting ;)

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