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I had fabric leftover from ritsuko where the dye went wrong, it so happens this is an ok colour! i'll try and give it a darker tint i think. In photos it still appears white

I'm gonna make sure it fits before I hem anything. Need to get some velcro

I managed to get some fabric for the collar and it is taking me forever to hand stitch it on properly before i can sew it on. I think i need a good day to sit down and just do it.

Progress from two weeks ago. Waiting for more fabric to arrive so i can finish the collar!

- Make Hakama
- Make black kosode
- Make white shitagi
- Make waistband
- Make 4th Division Armband
- Make Sword

Selfie taken at kitacon with Kunochi-me, Outfit all finished :)

i had to remake the entire vest...cause the zip was put on wrong. SO! I went out, bought even better fabric and wolla! how the zip...and its done ALSO EARRINGS <3

After lots of gesso > sanding > repeat the shoes are ready for a final spray paint! need some neatening up ofc.

The collar has been finished! All sewn on. Onto hemming, zips and I'm done!

I painted a brown headband with gesso, then gave it a dark green cover. I'm gonna spray paint it dark green so it does not crack while i am wearing it.

Curling the back. Going to do the red weft soon!

YAYYY - about time i made it. I've made as most as i can so far as i need interfacing and a blue zip. Evangelion references will forever be the death of me.

I have bought my shoes and am now editing them. The back lace parts? whatever they are need to be taken off so that's what im doing next!

I tried out the outfit...the wig is not styled and the elf ears needed to be re-painted! Well, need too add more pinky tones really. I need to buy some latex and spirit gum for them too!

I attempted to dye some fabric to match the colour of her outfit as i could not find the right colour. It might be a case of buying it online, but i can use the fabric for another outfit so it has not gone to waste.

I Tried to dye a fabric for ritsuko, however it did not work! BUT it came out the perfect colour for machi's top. So i will be using it for that lool. At least i can use it.

So after I bought the belt I decided to edit the position of my waistline so the belt sat better. Also making belt loops, there so boring to sew on ahh :'( I'll will probally do this very slowly...

I hemmed the shorts and am going to hand stitch the rest of the zip tomorrow! I left my needles at my friends so i have to go and buy some more.

The dye did not work! Ahh, i'll have to hunt for another jumper. It's a shame as it looked perfect but the colour really varied. it looked blue in some lights and green in other... i think the picture shows this :( i'll be on the hunt for another jumper from tomorrow

I don't have any pictures of the shorts seperatly... but they are done! and attached onto the shirt to make the playsuit! I have to made it a bit neater but it will be easy to do! Also need to hem the shorts. Such a good weekend too, The belt is just a random one my friend (Saz) Has! I wanted to see what it would look like with the belt

Sewing weekend - Saturday! I made sarias top and hopefully will start and finish the shorts tomorrow and make them a playsuit :)

I was going to make this outfit last year...but it never got finished! So i am going to finish it :) I already have the elf ears and the jumper underneath. Which is going to need polyester dye which i will be doing this week

So! I'm going to go shopping for fabric after my exams so i can start making this :) I need to grab some purple cotton fabric as well as a zip. I also need

I ended up buying the outfit from cosplay sky. Would defiantly use again as there delivery was very fast and the quality of the outfit is really good. Need to make some adjustments (redo the glove and add some more velcro onto one part of it)

This cosplay will be probably for next year at amechibi (10th April... i have 6 months to make this outfit!) Sometime in the future...take my time with it. I'm going to do the N7 Armor that my shepard wears. However i will have a wig and makeup like the standard femshep on the me3 cover. But also i may get a wig and makeup for my femshep in me2. The first thing i need to do is make a cast of my chest!

I'm going to start with purchasing the worbla from coscraft. this way i can make the headpiece, accessories and arm braclets first. I have never used worbla before so this will be a good opportunity to practice. I want to start with these part of the outfit first. I need to research more into what fabric to use for the cloak and waistband as it needs to be smooth and light.

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