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i fell in love with cosplay after my first expo in May 2008 but have always been into dressing up since i was little, i love almost everything about cosplay apart from having to budget lol, my greatest achievements were finishing all my cosplay costumes in time.

My first "proper" costume is of the Final Fantasy character Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. I choose to cosplay as her because, she was quite a shy character and it was a nice easy cosplay to make even tho im not a big fan of pink >.<.


1ST PLACE - DCON- 2011 - Handmade cosplay competition - Luka sandplay of the dragon dress

Judges award -May 2011 expo - for "Most Detailed costume" - Amano Rydia Drake

best performance - October 2011 - Sanderson sisters group from Hocus Pocus

1st Place Masquerade winner @ Mcm Scotland - September 2014 - Amano Rydia mark 3

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Amano Rydia Mark 3
Rosa Farrell

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the footwear for this costume is a pair of wooden flipflops and tabi socks
to stop the shoes falling off my feet due to the socks i had to add a red elastic strip to the back of the fliflops

Under the jacket is a pleated dress in red cotton with a white lace trim to the hem with a off white but cape in chiffon trimmed in pink pearls

the coat was made with white cotton with a red chinese silk collar that was sequined around the edges, the hem and sleeve openings were trimed with red cotton bias that i made, the bottom hem goes from the front to the back in a V shape

the sleeves were made from white cotton and painted with light blue fabric paint with dark blue and white swirls, flowers were glued onto the outsides,red ribbon and lace finished the outer hem, they were attached to red lycra fabric top sleeves that were attached to the coat

i made a long tail from Faux long pile white fur and attached it to a belt to hold it onto my body under my corset

i have lined the light gold kimono with black cotton, added the antique gold band to the neckline and added a band to the bottom to match the tails that Peri is working on, then i added a lace trim to the bottom edge and armholes

working on the outter kimono in light gold and attaching the sleeves

As shown in the fashion sketch Peri wanted the sleeves long so i made them knee length so she could still move about and not trip over them the outer layer is light gold and lined with Antique gold

we went for taffetta for the gold and antique gold with the lining in black cotton

Peri commissioned me to make the base of her Kimono for the Demon Lord Ninetails

she sent me a fashion sketch to show me what she was looking for and we talked about what colour's she wanted the Kimono to have we went for light gold with antique gold trim and lined with black

re styled the wig and added more onto the headpeice

bought a new pair of white leggings will dye them green and modify them and add the gold detailing

Using the embroidery patches from the original version on the new leggings now painting them gold :D they look so much better now

i decided to make a circlet for this version rather than a string of beads so i made this out of craft foam hot glue and painted it gold it will be clustered with beads after the paint is dry

the hand painted beads were black so to tie in with the costume i painted them the same gold

More painting this time with a darker colour as i ran out of the lighter paint >.<

70% finished - i have embroidered all the leaves with green wool to make them stand out and finish the cape off after 4 years lol i will be sewing on the missing sequins and beads to the top cape and start adding stars out of beads to the bottom

the dragon took about a week to finish and i am proud of how it turned out due to never doing anything like this in my life

Skirt - 100% finished - attached the stars on the skirt that were coming loose with fabric glue and gave the back of the skirt the gold trim i had meant to do ages ago and that was that part finished
Corset - 70% finished - i painted the gold stars on and started beading round the edges to give it a clean finish

Sword - made from a foam board base covered in craft foam,4 layers of air dry clay sanded down smooth,painted with acrylic paint, center gem and handle was then covered in Worbla sanded down and painted, end of handle was given a glass orb, all of this was then varnished with clear Varnish.

Shield - made from metal biscuit tin lid covered in craft foam, Air dry clay detailing, painted with acrylic paint then varnished like the sword, flames made from fabric were glued to the inside and a bow was added

I have decided to try and make the dragon as a prop for this version of the costume it will be made using a wire frame with air clay head and feet, cover in upholstery foam, cover over with felt,paint the clay parts,add beads for eyes with lashes,craft foam wings and covered in white fur

wig- white blonde wig was thin so i hand sewed in white blonde wefts and red wefts to the wig lace, cut in a fringe and trimmed any frizzy ends, gave a conditioning treatment and dryed naturaly and styled in place with no products, seperated 2 sections and using clear loom bands i tied them together so the hair decorations can be added then secured them with more loombands, wig done!

headpeice - clear plastic headband and 2 clear hair combs hold this in place, the ears were made from faux long pile fur in white sewn onto pink cotton and stiffed with toy stuffing, they were attached to the headband and the combs were sewn into the ears, the flowers were glued onto the ears and a pearl added to each center, bows from ribbon were added at each end of the hairband to stop the ears from falling off the headband,the center of the headpeice was made from 4 layers of craft foam with hand sewn sequins and pearls added to it and backed with worbla and molded to my head with a heat gun then the top was glued to the center of the clear headband.

i made my armour peices out of craft foam hot glue and air clay when dry get painted gold

so my Rydia costume was damaged on the way back from Ayacon so i have had to throw away the bodysuit that was beyond repair and begin to rework the whole costume

i will use the corset,skirt and cape from the old costume and remake everything else

Sword - made from a foam board base covered in craft foam,4 layers of air dry clay sanded down smooth,painted with acrylic paint, center gem and handle was then covered in Worbla sanded down and painted, end of handle was given a glass orb, all of this was then varnished with clear Varnish.
Shield - made from metal biscuit tin lid covered in craft foam, Air dry clay detailing, painted with acrylic paint then varnished like the sword, flames made from fabric were glued to the inside and a bow was added

Sword - made from a foam board base covered in craft foam,4 layers of air dry clay sanded down smooth,painted with acrylic paint, center gem and handle was then covered in Worbla sanded down and painted, end of handle was given a glass orb, all of this was then varnished with clear Varnish.
Shield - made from metal biscuit tin lid covered in craft foam, Air dry clay detailing, painted with acrylic paint then varnished like the sword, flames made from fabric were glued to the inside and a bow was added

Due to my old dress getting damaged i have decided to make a whole new Fluttershy

my base Underbust corset arrived today its going to have pretty details added to it when the trims arrive (i hate waiting for the mail to arrive lol)

doodling away a design for Amaterasu

this took forever to do and im still not 100% happy but i cant do any more to it

beads made from air clay and long bead is made from a hollow metal pole cut to size all painted and will be varnished before strung on the cord and tassles added at the bottom

made from craft foam and hand painted

trying it on to see where i need to put the fasteners on the bands and how far the pleats need to be sewn to keep them from opening to much

all finished just need to varnish

painting the design on the skirt

after ironing the pleats i added the waistband and hemed the skirt and added the bias tape to the botom

using the kimono pattern i made the sleeves out of 100% white cotton just need to be gradient dyed

using the kimono pattern i made the sleeves out of 100% white cotton

i hate pleating ..............

ironed interfacing onto the fabric and used a section of card to make sure every pleat was the same width thenironed into place

making a bag for the costume that matches the costume

band made from interfaceing the yellow fabric

went fabric shopping and bought Yunas fabric today


9 meters of blue polyester
3 meters of yellow polyester
4 meters of white 100% cotton

3 meters of blue bias tape 2meters of yellow bias tape and 2 meters of yellow cord

also bought fabric paint in green,blue,pink and white

using a pattern for a kimono i made the obi band

made from a metal broom handle,polystireen ball,craft foam and Das air dry clay

made from glass beads and fimo hand made each bead and strung together with embroidery thread at the bottom

neclace was a present from my sister

ok this costume is scaring me big time as i have newver tryed anything like this before give mew some beads or sequins and im all go but this is really going to test my cosplay skills wish me luck xx

don't know if i will have enough room for my goggles but i will have to wait till i get them b4 i rule them out but i am loving the hat and ivy.

the wig had been curled but the de friz spray made the wig frizz up big time and stripped colour off it :( so i had to cut a good chunk off the wig and safe it best i could will see when it has a few days to settle how it is going to be

well i started out making my top hats when my glue gun arrived and burnt the hell outta my fingers but it was worth it as i love it

i have decided to make both a staff and a bow for this costume as i will be wearing her both saturday and sunday i can use one weapon each day

i am using photos from another cosplayer xxxlaylaxxx from dA

her amano version inspired me to do my 1st version of Rosa and i have decided to go all out this time and make my final costume worth it xx

i knew it wouldnt be long till i had to put a bead or 2 on this costume and boy am i planing alot of beading

in the middle of making gloves for Harley so made some for Ivy with the same lace

i have decided to commission the base armour for this costume from Jupiterlight aka Katie and bling it up myself as i suck at armour

was bored and went through my makeup found i had alot of greens so i did a makeup test for this costume

i have now added the lace trim and have begun working on the details for them to make them all look like one costume set

having a look at how its coming together not happy with the skirt its to long and the buttcape now has a lace trim

i made a bolero for the 1st time its a little hard getting on and off but its so beautiful going to add details once i get the skirt and shorts finished so it all matches

My base corset has arrived and its so awesome

Started adding the leaves onto the waist band on the part that will be shown when im wearing the corset i will be adding flowers and ivy when i can get them delivered

my friend Amy loves big buttcapes so i made this bad boy just for her XD

its a 3 layered buttcape with tulle inserts to add even more volume and it bounces when i walk XD

the 5 mtrs i bought has now arrived the taffeta is beautiful and had to get working on it straight away so i made my edging tape like bias tape but cheating as i just cut it from the end of the fabric XD

i started planning Ivy today using this image as my reference

i bought a white butterfly that i painted blue to put in the wig and a larger blue butterfly to attach to the belt

i will be styling the wig again so its nice and fresh

i made a hoop with wire and wound flowers around it and added leafs to finish the wreath

the pattern was easy to sew together and i finished the base dress in 2 hours then started on the detail and shape i wanted to make

once it was sewn i tryed it on only to find the hooped skirt i bought was needing to be resized as it was too big to fit the dress over it

i decided to add a lace trim to the top and bottom of the dress and add the yellow ribbon to the front seams of the green and sequin the two front yellow seams

i added a green flower trim to make a underbust belt

i had to lengthen the pattern a little to make sure it fell in the shape i needed and decided to make it a princess cut dress with riffled sleeves

went to mandors today in Edinburgh and bought the pattern for the dress and got the dress fabric from Edinburgh Fabrics

ok so i am not used to making armour done a few small peices in the past pauldrens and arm greaves but with this i am looking to do a helm,greaves, breast/cheast plate and wings if i can manage it

this will be for mcm expo in 2013 so i have some time to get this finished in time

along with this will be my usual sequins and detail work because i cant do a ff summon without it ^^

i used the hot water treatment on my white curled wig as it was badley damaged and managed to save it

i have decided to add a bit more detail and beads to the costume

as i borrowed my friends black wig for Ayacon and it was a brilliant wig but it was a bit to short

i have decided to get this wig from wonderland wigs as its long and has the right fringe plus its next day delivery ^^ and all i have to do is remove the curls and trim it to the right style and i will be one happy Garnet

started out cutting out square pattern peices outta craft foam and drawing around them with blue tailors chalk

then when over the design with dark red fabric pen

then removed chalk once happy with the design

started out cutting out square pattern peices outta craft foam and drawing around them with blue tailors chalk

then when over the design with dark red fabric pen

then removed chalk once happy with the design

now i have finished the bloomers and bodice i tryed them on with the torn tights and boots to see how its looking but i will so have to wear a bra with it so i dont flash the world >.<

managed to get the zip to sit properly at the back and hemmed the entire bodice and made it look good ^^

then to the flower embroidery with white peach and silver edged flowers and leafs

we had to do an emergency repair on my crown today my sister picked it up wrong and a pointy bit cracked i managed to repair it with hot glue i hope it makes it to expo as its my pride and joy

i have added a trim to the red layer on the skirt and started to add the tassle detail to the trim

Bloomers wip - one side is elasticated the other is in the middle of being laced and sewing the channel for the elastic then the bloomers are done and onto the rest of the costume

so i finished sewing the skirt onto the elastic waist band and then i found out how drafty this skirt is lols the pannels dont meet until the wistband hence the need for tights and bloomers so i dont flash the world my pants >.<

halfway just to get the bodice hemmed and add the details

as Sarah has a little bag on her waist i decided to make one to carry my belongings about, i used red velvet as the main body with a purple trim and purple ties along the bottom i used a light purple tassel and a pink sequin trim to the bottom then i added a floral detail to the front

i had to see how it was looking so far so i draped the skirt layers over the elastic waist band to check the length and i tied the back of the bodice together to see how much was needed to take the bodice in so it would fit correctly

cut out the front parts from the pink and back parts from the purple fabric

hood sewn and hemmed and sewn onto the body of the cloak and the ends have been snipped and will be weathered to look worn and aged

started on the cloak today the hood has a peak style hood which is very witchy never made one like this b4 but i gave it a go its looking ok just need to sew it

dyed and dryed and ready to cut out and sew

found this decoritive brass clip for the cloak clasp

using Dylon - Carnavel pink hand dye

hand dyed the light cotton cape and thicker cotton skirt and front bodice fabric
then hung the fabric out to dry

using Dylon - Scarlet red hand dye

hand dyed thicker cotton skirt fabric
then hung the fabric out to dry

using Dylon - Windsor purple hand dye

hand dyed the light cotton cape and thicker cotton skirt and back bodice fabric
then hung the fabric out to dry

today i measured and cut out the bodice pattern pieces out of paper to use to cut out the fabric

today i found the perfect wig with loose curls i may have to put new curls into it or loosten them off depends on what style i choose

well thanks to Acoustica i now have a pattern for the bloomers and she has been so nice to loan me the perfect boots for this costume

today i found photos of the actual costume from the film so this is the perfect reference photos ever lolz

now i can go shopping for the fabrics i will need

made from air clay and a plastic headband for shape and strength painted black then silver and dark silver shading

green beads to finish

today i marked out the pattern and painted the gold fabric paint over the design needs another 2 coats but its coming along nicely

i made the gloves with leftover off white satin and covered it with the white polyester just like i did with the dress sections

then i edged the edges with white satin bias tape and embroidered the leaf pattern

once i measured the length i needed the skirt to hang i measured out the white tulle and pinned it around the glow stick hoops and hand sewed the tulle around it and moved onto the next section and sewed that onto the 1st set

i made a hooped skirt for going under the dress to make it easyer to walk in, i couldnt find one in my local town so i had not choise as im running out of time

i started off with making the hoops out of glow sticks and then wrapped them with black tape and then the last hoop i covered with white tape

McCalls 3711 pattern in size 12-14 - is one of my fave patterns for summer dresses

i decided to add curls to the bottom of the pink wig using the hot water treatment and bendy curlers as she only has a curl at the end of her main and tail i only curled the ends

fell in love with this yellow fabric and it was only £2.99 per meter

once i cut out the templates i drew them onto the skirt with pencil

i bought this pendant 3 years ago in a local British heart foundation as it was a perfect stone for Garnet but never used it till now

i used a peice of pink craft foam to cut out the templates for the vines and leafs

the outer skirt was made buy cutting both fabric polyester outer layer and cotton under lining layer using a circle skirt pattern on the d shape and sewed then together on the hem.

once sewn i began to sketch the leaf design

today after i have handsewed the 3 bodice peices together i sketched out the basic shape of the leaf design on Garnets dress

i did this in peicil now i have begun to sew this design with grean thread and will start adding the leafs b4 i add the beads ontop of the design so i have the same design on both sides of the bodice

here are the front peices for the boddice once sewn back together i will draw out the design for the leafs to be sewn on with the beads

today i finished taking the dress back to the base pattern peice's the photo shown is the under dress that i have added tulle to help make the skirt fuller i may add more tulle if needed along with the hopped skirt later

this whole process took 2 days to fully take each bit of detail off the dress along with taking each seam out by hand

as the base dress has only one train i had to buy extra fabric for her outter dress layer and her gloves

these are the beads i will use for the leaf pattern on the dress and the headress

this is the detail on the front and back of the dress and the outter fabric that will be removed from the dress and salvaged for my Amano Rosa

this is my base dress that i will be taking to bits and using the base white fabric for the dress

about £250 for the kits from this place

wig arrived today so i did ha wig and make up test

finaly the cape is finished no more sequins no more sewing it x

i have found the perfect wig now i just need to purchase it ^^

thats it purchased from Coscraft ^^ it should arrive Monday 23rd May 2011

well im almost finished the sparkle cape of doom ^^

the under cape is finished and the foam edge has been painted gold and has a red jewel and green details on each section along with a tassel so its finished

the other smaller sections are finished just need a once over with the iron

the outer cape is still getting sequined and driving me mad im going to twitch everytime i see a sequin from now on :P

the bodice just needs to have the jewels attached and the last bit of beading to finish it

leggings have had the trim attached and the trim was painted gold and had its patches attached

the boots,skirt, head dress and bag are finished

once the tassels were made i had to sew them onto the foam bits so i made a hole with scissors then widened the hole with a paintbrush and attached the tassels with more green wool

hand made out of

stripped down green wool
white embroidery thread
light green embroidery thread
gold thread

i was going to buy tassels but i ran out of money so i had to hand make them to go on the gold foam panels

im halfway through the sequining on the top cape

almost finished the hem on the undercape and halfway through painting the edgeing panels

im almost finished painting the trim gold on the leggings

almost finished the beading on the bodice just have to glue the gems on top of the buttons amd add all the other little bits and bobs

and Order my wig from coscraft

Everything else is finished ^^ so im almost there but its taking its time >.<

i have added 2 white and gold layers to the front of the lime green cape and the 2 light green layers to the back of the cape all attached to the top so they still flair out.

i have since added a green and white tassel to the end of the white and gold layer and silver coins to the bottom of the light green layers

once the foam pieces were attached to the cape i painted them gold once they have had 2 coats and dry i will add the rest of the detail

to finish the hem line of the under cape (the lime green one ) i added a length of blue/green fabric to the lime green cape and covered the join with a cream braid with a green design onto it.

then i added 8 edging panels out of craft foam

The skirt was a simple enough task to draw up the pattern and cut out and sew the sides together out of the lycra material and the green silk made a wonderful belt.

the silk ties at the back of the skirt to keep it up and was hand beaded to a design drawn onto the silk with chalk once that was finished i sewed it to the lycra and added the flower and a small bag for money and keys to one side and the tie for the whip and sash on the other hip, on the front i hemmed the skirt with a gold trim and gold star details.

My whip started life as a glow stick tube from pound land,a ball of green wool, a Xmas tree decoration, feathers flowers from the craft store and gold thread.

i gathered up 10 lengths of the wool for the main whip ant attached the jewel to the en and threaded it through the tube that i had covered with a channel of green Lycra, once i had the jewel at the end i glued it into the tube and glued the elastic covered in gold sequins to the top end to stop the wool from detaching from the tube.
Next came the winding process i started from the base of the handle and wound the wool to the top of the handle after 4 layers i added the flower and the beaded end section and did 2 layers after that to secure them, then i went onto the main whip making the wool a solid length once i was happy with the size i added the gold thread wrapping it around the green wool till it was sparkling and added the feathers to the end and the flowers to the top gold piece and thats it finished.

its light and easy to carry and con safe

voile - lime green panel
voile - white embroidered panel
cotton - dyed dark green fabric for sleeves
cotton - dyed medium green fabric for inside sleeves
Lycra/cotton mix - dyed dark green for leggings and bodice
Lycra/cotton mix - dyed medium green for skirt and bag
silk - gold embroidered fabric for sleeves
Silk - dark green for belt

Capes are my pride and joy thats why i loved ff4 as its full of capes :)

this cape has a lime green voile panel with a white voile hand embroidered and sequined top panel along with two ploy cotton green panel's with silver coins attached at the hemline.

the cape has two loops on it to attach it to the back of the bodice.

to finish off the bottom of the cape i am waiting on a green/gold fabric to arrive that has a beautiful scalloped edge on it and a gold trim to finish the top layer

With the bodice i used a old swimsuit to make the template's for the green cotton lycra fabric to be cut in the right shape and size for my body.

the lycra/coton mix material i got was white as thats all my local shop had in stock and i dyed it with Dylon Dark Green fabric dye

once sewn together i added the sleeves and added the gold detail to the neckine at the front and added the large buttons to the back so i can attach the cape to the bodice and remove it when i need to i also added the leaf embrodered center pannel and beads to finish the front off i will be adding some gold embroidery in swirls around the center design.

The reason i decided to make full sleeves rather than cufs and drapes was to hide my tattoo on my right shoulder as it wont go with Rydia as she would never have a tattoo.

sleeves have always been a problem for me as i could never get them perfect, this time i managed to get them to be the same length till i got to the bottom cuffs even tho i cut them the same shape as i made one 3 months b4 the other one they dont look the same shape but it cant be helped and with only 19 day's left to go im not taking them apart again to fix them.

i love the bell shape at the bottom as i hate having somthing tight around my wirst due to me over heating if i cant keep my wrists cool.

they were made in about 7 sections starting off with the puff sleeve then the middle sections down to the bell shaped bottom i used the dark green cotton, the floral mid green cotton and the silk embroidered gold fabrics and my machine embroidered leaf details with red bead detail on both sleeves to finish the look.

ok so im in panic mode as im not finished yet >.< and havent started on Edge yet >.<

got the pattern for Edges trousers yestorday just need Takage to get his fabric

for Rydia im getting her gold braiding and the last of her fabric dye and feathers today and once i finish work today im going to power through this costume ^^

i now have the craft foam for her wings and a design how to make them still unsure if i will make the ears for the cosplay scotland meet but as everyone else is i will make them outta foam for somthing quick and easy ^^

well as the dress puffs out a bit i thought i would make it a full skirt and add a tulle underskirt to in in white to finish it off ^^

I started off with a yellow base dress from Primark that i took the buttons,pockets and ruffles off and took the hem line up by 9 inches.

after i re hemmed the new length of the outer layer i added a layer of white tulle that i cut into a scalloped edge to look like flower petal's and added a pink lace hem to cover the join.

after that i worked on the straps as i didnt want a simple stap i used the ruffles to make the new straps coming from the center panel of the dress and made them look like a halter neck

i also added a white lace butterfly with pink beads as the body of the butterfly to one side of the dress and a pink lace bow on the other side and i added the pockets back onto the dress

to form the dreads you need to grab the section and backcomb it from root to tip and space out the matted hair once you have the size and texture you want you then hand roll your dresd with both hands from root to tip and smoth the matted hair down you then twist it tight and put it into pa pan of boiled hot water then remove the extra water and repeat till the dread is sealed once it has dryed your left with your synthetic dread

i stripped the wig to bits and cut the wefts into smaller sections and backcombed them and rolled them into dreads then gave each one a hot water treatment to seal them, then make 2 elastic loops and fed the dreads through the loop to make dread falls and sewed them to the base and covered the edges with the curled sections to hide the joins.

i had 2 cheep wigs that were white blonde that i had bought ages ago and never used so i decided to use them for this cosplay.

so i used the better one for the base and used the other one for the dreadlock peices along with the green hair wefts i had.

the base wig was very long so i cut and feathered it to a shoulder length at the back with a shorter front with a fringe and sewed the green extentions to the wig on the left hand side and throught the fringe and then started to thin out the entire wig and tapper the ends to make it look natural.

the ears were made from craft foam and sewn into the wig

well i had fabric painted the old Underbust top and it looked a mess so Acoustica and i made a new one in 24 hours ^^ made out of the fabric she has used for Gakapo's Coat ^^

we cut out the 4 sections and pinned and sewed them together put in the darts, added the fastenings, put in a couple of corset bones,added the trim, made templates for the designes for the front and back pannels, fabric painted

it looks beautifull and im glad i have begun to match Acousticas Gakapo

well i got impaitent and started a day early on her underbust it was a simple pattern on black fabric with a hook and eye fasten at the front.

the trim was done in 4 stages 1st layer was a black ruffle with a white lace trim beind it then came the rose embriodered red ribbon followed by the dark gold braid

i have decided to give him a new jacket as the otherone was a bit tight and im goitn to make full fur sleaves and full fur tail to finish him off i dont have time b4 d-con for a new wig to arrive tho >.<

i have decided this thrusday i will be getting the fabric i will need for this dress, going to Rejects in Kircaldy with Amy to go for a mad shopping day ^^

i have to get

purple shiney fabric for the top layer
Black fabric for the corset and dress under layers
A masive amount of black Tulle ^^

cant wait to get started on this as i only have 2 weeks to make it >.<

well........ i found the perfect gold pixi boots last summer and lost them >.<

and i found them when i was packing my flat up :D so i decided to start work on them and pack them up b4 i loose them again >.<

so they had these stupid bows round the ankle that was the 1st thing to go! then i cut away an arch on the top of the front pannel, the next thing i did was make a template in the shape of a star and drew them onto the side of the boot then i painted the stars on with gold paint, once the paint was dry i added a green outline with a marker.
Next came the beading which was not an easy task as the boot fabric was tough to get through with the needle but i added a string of jade beads around the edge of the boot and a string of smaller beads round the ankle in a swirl pattern.

and thats it for my boots

well i begun to peice this cosplay together today,

i started with her corset top that i made from an old dress i had that i no longer used and it was the perfect shape for her top it already had the proper boning and shape but didnt fit at the back so i added a line of hook eyes on each side of the back to lace it up and removed the sleaves.

the skirt i made using a simple a-line pattern out of blue cotton and added a zip at the side seam that the black corset will hide as i made it with a high waist, getting the right length was tricky as the refrence photo's i found all had different lengths so i decided to make it ankle length to be on the safe side.

the bow was made from the leftover skirt fabric and attached to my red wig that i bought for my Fairy princes Ariel

the top was made with a basic long sleaved white t-shirt in cotton which i will have to dye with a light blue dye to get it in the right colour.

the shoes i had already and my court shoes are easy to walk in so i wont get sore feet :D

OMG COLD but fun :)

while at the fancy dress party last nite i got Sammy to take some photos while we were out at the smoking area and they turned out quite well even tho i was a block of ice lolz xx

i dint do the full make up as i was dealing with food and had alot of people to hug n shiz and didnt fancy covering them in paint xx

i took down the bottom hem of the dress and frayed it a little bit and let out the side seems again as i have put on weight again and the dress didnt fit :(

once i did that i re- attached new buttons as some of the older buttons had been lost in the wash grrrr @ them

the good thing is i needed to make a new dress for Aeris as this one is getting past the best and a bit tatty anyway so i get to have 2 cosplays instead of just one :)

i added the blood stains to both the back and front of the dress

well i got a fancy dress party sprung on me on the 2nd of December !!!

and i was like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what am i gonna do ???

none of my friends that are going to this party actualy cosplay but love FF7 so i thought yeah Aeris is still in the closet then looked at the wig it needed a whole restyle and as im in the middle of doing a few other wigs i thought nah im gonna do the dead version less hassle and it will be fun to run about in :D

well hello and welcome to the Cait sith creation station,

Makeup - black eyelner around the eyes in a cat like shape, painted nose and lips, wisker marks in eyelinker, black outline of face with a white center triangle
Ear's - already had them leftover froma halloween costume
Crown - card crown covered in a layer of paper mache and gold paint with a bead added to the top
Tail - long lycra cotton sock filled with cusiion filler finished with a white fur tip
Gloves - kids streach gloves
Armwarmers - lycra/cotton long socks with the end cut off
Bodysuit - Bought from primark
Boots - Had them from Lightning cosplay
Fur over coat - still to be made

well this is another 1st for me as Cait Sith is the first male i will have cosplayed as even tho its a gijinka version i think it will be an easy costume to pull of and i have never seen a Cait sith before at the expo so im looking forward to finding a Red XIII for photo's with x

Today is going to be fun as i bought the hair dye for Kairi, i had to also get a bleaching kit to pre lighten my hair so it goes the right shade of Magenta which looks pretty close to her colour i just hope it works that well on my hair wish me luck xx

im not sure if i want to die my hair or get a wig for Kairi as im curently blonde and getting a little sick of it mabe time for a change ^__^

HAT - The hat was bought a long while back for a witch cosplay so i decided to add a ribbon detail and Kairis kh logo onto it with some more detail to be added later like spiderwebs, a pumpkin light at the end of the hat, and some halloween trim round the rim of the hat.

BASE SKIRT - simple black skirt with red embroidered flowers on the hem

TOP - velvet zip up gothic top (from an old halloween vampire costume)going to add some red details to this so it matches the rest of the outfit

GAUNTLETS - made from a black lace like material hemed with purple ribbon

I went for a tulle tutu skirt as i have always loved them but never got round to buying one b4 and now i dont have to as i made it myself ^__^

Materials used: Tulle, thick elastic cord, scissors, measuring tape.
Cost of basic materials: Around £10.
Followed this tutorial:
Time to make: Probably around an hour
Metres of tulle used: 5 metres of red Tulle

so the fabric turned out perfectly,i love how they all go together so well

the cutting has begun!
i first cut out the sleeves the top of the sleaves will be made from the gold fabric with an elastic section at the bottom of the puffed sleave section and the bottom of the sleave will be the dark green lined with the floral light green fabric the sleaves will be attached to her cape so it will look like a shrug holding up the cape.

Bangles - the bangles have had their 1st coat of paper mache and are drying, i think 3 coats and 2 coats of bronze paint and they will be done.

Dress - the dress was taken apart, cut up the middle and shortened to the middle of my calf and hemed,Then button holes were made and the buttons were attached along with popper studs in between each button to stop the fabric from popping apart when i move.

Jacket - the jacket was taken apart and the padding removed along with the old fabric cuffs and re-sized to fit me after i lost alot of weight and was re-lined and awaiting new armoured cuffs which are being made the same way as the bangles

On the 15th of August will be my last sotland cosplay meet so i thought i would spruce Aerith Gainsburgh up ahain as she was my 1st cosplay and she needs a good photoshoot, so i re styled her wig and will be re doing her bangles and getting new boots for her as the old one's are falling to bits.

the Skirt/sash was the main task today, iattached the red silk to my white belt with the star buckle,i also added the star fairylights which are battery powered and started the embroidery on the pannel this will be another 2 days worth of work but everything should be finished by Sunday.

As we speek i am watching my fabric being died! never used Dylon fabric die before but was told it was the best to use so the base fabric will be a beautifull dark green! (i love this colour it reminds me of my favourite green velvet dress that i no longer have)once the fabric has had its second was and is dry i can start to cut out the shapes i need and start sewing again,
I have bought the other fabric for Rydia it has a floral embriodered pattern on it which i am in the midde of dying a lighter green colur (Dylon Amazon green) to contrast with the darker green i have (Dylon dark green)and i also bought some shimmery gold fabric with an embroidered pattern on it, so i have all my fabric i can get to sorting out the design and putting it together =] x

today i started on the white shrug/bellero its made from mohair wool and slips around both arms and has red ribbon and pearl and crystal beads for detail on both sleave adges.

i also added detail to the bodice with gold glitter detail on the velvet and glitter on the silk with a beaded edge.

and the detail on the skirt/sash pannel and beads to the silk part of the sash .

i started work on the waist sash that looks like a skirt that wraps around the back of the bodysuit, the sash is made of red silk with white fabric draped from it to flow around the waist and a pannel that sits to the knee which will be full of detail once the csplay is finished,

the detail will consist of snowflakes and stars to keep with the christmas theme, this will be in gold glitter and red embridery thread

the progress has gone so well i have almost finished the base of the bodysuit and added the fur trim to the legs, i decided to not attach the back of the top half to the bottom of the velvet and leave a slit of skin on veiw i decided to use a buttin fastening for the back silk part and am currently sewing button holes for the four buttons.

after deciding to re-do my xmas rosa design i set out making a body suit like her sprite version has,(the fabric i am using is the same fabric i used to make my dress which i decided to take apart to recycle)i used the darker red fabric for the bottom of the bodice with the red & gold stars ribbon as the center panel of the sides and the legs will be lined with a white fur trim and the red silk will be made into the top half of the bodice with a fur trim. thats all the planning so far

i know i love glitter beads and feathers but i have never done a respectable high necked covered up cosplay b4 and its a change for me even tho Belarus has the same personality as me at times so im realy looking forward to this

im curently making a 3 layered petticoat to fluff up her dress i decided to to this rather than use a hooped skirt as they are so uncomfortable to sit down in so im going for comfort as well as style

i have found simple plain black strapped pupms for this cosplay which i will be adding a few strips of ribbon to them in the belarus flag colours the ribbon will also attached to her knife and the back bow of her dress

well i decided to draw up a design for Rydia so i have a starting point and its turned out to be realy beautifull i decided to add bits from all her forms like i did with Rosa,
the next task is to gather up the materials which will take a little bit of time and a long bus ride to the fabric store lolz

Dress - well the basic shape was worked out and i have begun to add the detail and loats of beads and now my fingers hurt as i keep stabbing myself! lolz (i have sat for 4 weeks solid just beading the dress and it is about 70% finished with the beads and the enbridery is finaly done)
Armour - well the armour has been sealed and awaiting painting but it wasnt as solid as i would have liked so i have added a few more coats of glue and left it to dry out fully and will check back on its progress in a weeks time.
Cape - well i have had huge problems with my cape but i have decided to go with that i have and work with it ^_^ i will be adding a collor to the cape along with a longer shimmery fabric layer with a feather trim at the bottom.

well today i started on my shoulder armour for Rosa its starting life as paper mache on a balloon sized to fit my shoulder so one layer down several more to go xx

now (7 layers later ) im making paper mache pulp to thicken and add detail to the shoulder armour

after this stage comes the finishing paper mache which is made from tissue paper pulp which will leave a smooth finish and i will use this stage to make the horns and raised detail on the armour design

then i will seal the armour with several coats of glue then white paint,
once they have dryed i will do a final 2 coats of white gloss paint and begin the beading and painting the detail designs

i have been using this tutorial

for my paper mache recipes which has made so much difference to the way i used to paper mache :}

well i have been working on this cosplay for about 6 months now and learned alot of new tricks as this has been the most chalenginc cosplay i have done!

Never ending cape saga
well i have now made 3 different capes and each of them have been a pain in the butt at some point lolz, im now settled on a final simple design and its begining to take shape just to add the detail and flowers to the bottom and it will be done :)

the dress
i decided to make a dress instead of a corset and sash and it has take some time to get it to come together the way i wanted it to look but it has gotten easyer since i got help from my mum who makes wedding dresses to help me out and now im adding the embroidery and beads

Arm warmers

the material i have used for them came from my first cape and as i spent 2 weeks enbroidering it i had to savage it and they make the cutest arm warmers ever

started as white boring pixi boots so i beaded them and enbroidered designs from the dress on them along with adding a painted design on the heals and toes with pink paint

Bow and Rose arrows
well i had some fun with my first bow untill it got damaged as my friends dog decided to use it as i chew toy ! D8

so now i have made a new one and its a bit bigger than the last one and is till in the early stages

the rose arrows are made from fake white roses slid inside a straw and the arrow tip is made from clay then i added a few white feathers and ribbons to them to finish off the detail

i will also be working on a holder for them to sit in attached to my belt

i was over heating asd the skirt was sticking to me and it was to heavy next time i wear this costume i will have to wear it in cooler weather !!

paint flaking off the pockets should have sealed it on better must fix it

boot inserts falling out had to superglue them to the boots zips!

well thats it for problems !! i loved the costume loved wearing it even tho i was warm loved how well my wig breathed !!

and had a great expo

well this week i have redone my gloves that fell to bits !!
but had problems with sewing on the silver trim as i kept on stabbing myself! lol
and i have been painting my yellow pockets! they now are a pinky tan colour as my sister bought a cark red instead of a brown ! but it looks realy good so much better than the yellow so im going to keep it.
had to re do the shoulder pad as it didnt fit right when i fixed it onto the jacket so i took it of trimed it down and velcroed it onto the jacket and it fits much better now.
i have finished the boots i added another belt in the middle to hold the fabric covered craft foam inserts and they are looking realy good.

got my wig through and it was well worth the wait!! i love it to bits and i started on sewing together all the peices of fabric that has been cut out and waiting on some spare time to become a costume, everything went together quite quickly till the sewing machine went down!!! and to top it all off the stuff i sent to my mums came back and she has made the pockets and the trims for the coat out of yellow !! pleather and not tan material like it was supost to be so now im having to try and fix it should i just cover the yellow with the tan fabric?? or die the yellow and pray it looks ok?? or start from scratch again im so confused its not long to the expo so i hope it works out. xx

well im finished the gunblade and its looking good got all the material set out just waiting for my sewing machine to be delevered !!!! ( you have no idea how long i have been waiting for it to arrive feels like years lol) my wig is being commisioned by Seph Noir so its gonna be awsum i cant wait to see it finished xx

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