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So I bought a set of 5 crow skulls with the idea of moulding them to cast more, and came to the conclusion that the film definitely used scaled down sculpted skulls. There is no way 6 crow skulls can fit down a corset!

I luckily have a very talented sculpting friend, a miss Emily Pooley, who I asked to sculpt a scaled down version of the crow skulls I had. She did an amazing job of it and made it very easy for me to create a silicone block mould of the sculpt so I could easy pull out lots of fast cast skulls.

I then cleaned them up, drilled 2 holes in the skulls as stitching points and gave them a quick blast of white primer and a clear spray as the fast cast tends to come out a bit creamy.

Thank you Emi for being awesome!

So this is my corset all constructed, lined, boned, biased edges etc...

I used a silk Duchesse satin for the outer and a silk lining. All the edges were then finished with a non fray stitch to make stitching on the bias a lot easier - which I ended up doing all by hand as I was worried the tiny satin bias I had and all the tight curves would be too difficult to manage by machine.

Once it was all finished and neatened I put in my eyelets and stitched all the little leaf charms on - which was a lot of searching on ebay for the most accurate leafs! The snakey detail on the front panel was an exercise in relentless googling... I initially bought some silver cord that I thought I could use but felt that it really wasn't right and didn't fit the feel of the costume, after much peering at my screen trying to see what was used on Ravennas actual costume I came across some snake chains. I found a good supplier online and ordered various different thickness's and then got to sewing all the chains across the bodice in a twisted manner so they would all lay in and over one another.

I am REALLY pleased with this find and I think it really fits in with the feel of the character. Success so far!

This was the first corset I drafted - disaster!

I used an old pattern I had then modified it a bit, I even got as far as constructing it out of some old satin I had and began boning it, but decided I really wasn't happy with it so started from scratch and drafted my own corset pattern that I've mentioned in a post below that I am still chuffed to bits about!

I first of all created a corset by patterning off my dress makers dummy and then trying to emulate the structure of Ravennas. I almost completed it but decided I was very unhappy with the shape of it and that the seam lines didn't match up to hers, so I tore it up for scrap (I have a bad habit of doing this often!).

Round 2. I decided to do some heavier research into the style of corset she was wearing, her outfit has an Elizabethan style to it, however I felt her corset was more 18th century, a cut that I feel is also a little more flattering. I drafted a corset pattern using my measurements and adapted it to an 18th C style, dividing each half into 4 parts. Figuring out where all the bones would go and also support the tabs that I had added was quite a lengthy challenge! Once I had my pattern though making it took no time at all, I completed a canvas insert with boning in about 2 hours.

I'm really pleased with the shape I have so far, its just pulled together with some cord at the back at the moment, no proper lacing yet.

Her earring gem has been such a lengthy process as I got so particular about it.
I initially took an old earring I had and moulded half of it so I could get 2 pieces of fast cast out of it and piece them together to create the ellipsis shape I required. I then moulded this in platsil 7315 and cast it in proclear resin. However my gems came out cloudy, to get a clear gem the original I cast needs to be shiny so that the mould comes out shiny too.

I decided to cut up my original earrings and seam them together and mould those ones, giving me lovely shiny black gems, however (again) I then got picky and decided my gems were too big, so I sanded down my originals and re-moulded them a third time to end up with a smaller shiny gem that I felt was a more appropriate shape and size.

Hurrah! indecisive

This was a lot of patient pattern building, figuring out all my angles and shapes that would slot together to form all the geometric forms on her crown.
It was built out of styrene sheet and super glued together as an initial shape to work with. It took me about a day to create the entire crowns base.
Once I had that I covered the entire thing in polyfiller and used it to strengthen areas of the crown and fill and seam it. I went through several processes of filling, sanding, filling, sanding etc... I used a few coats of spray in between just to see where I still needed to fill.
I left a few of the imperfections in and created beaten textures in areas of it as I wanted it to have that rustic metallic look to it. Once done it was given a coat of 2PAC primer and is now ready for painting!

D's sword. I sculpted the handle in medium chavant, and the sword was several pieces of plywood cut and glued to shape. I made a two part fibreglass mould for the sword, and cast it in a slightly different method to what I was originally planning on.
First, a layer of gel coat was applied on both sides of the mould, then I fibreglassed the handle, but only layed a strip of fibreglass matting down the length of each side of the handle. The mould was then put back together and fast cast resin was poured into the mould. This gave me a completely solid blade to work with when I cracked open the mould that I could sand down to shape.
I'd have liked to have spent more time seaming the blade and making it perfect but I think its as good as I could get it in the time frame.

Lex ordered a wig for me and loosened the curls up a bit. I then back combed the hell out of it and styled it into shape and sewed a bunch of extension clips along the hairline.
For the pearl details I literally threaded 3 strands of the wig hair onto a needle and threaded beads straight onto the hair and tied them off. Took ages but it turned out really well!

These were the finished top halves of the sleeves. I had to create my own patchwork and beaded fabrics to match Amanos design. Tried to emulate the silk and black lace/embroidered details as much as possible, a lot of this was my best guess as the design is quite tricky to interpret

The back of the dress has this really weird detail thats hard to make out, there seems to be all this fabric just bunched up and hanging off the back of the dress, I considered making it a hood but thought that would be a bit ridiculous on a wedding dress...
So instead its just draped fabric down the back. Again a lot of the fabric was dyed, beaded, cut up and sewn together to match her design. I also used a lot of fabrics that Lex is using in her D costume so that both of our costumes have elements that pull through together.

Sleeve detail, all pinned in to place at the moment. I was trying to emulate the fabric patterns on Doris's dress as much as possible, so most of the fabric was hand dyed to match, strips of fabric sewn on and beaded to copy her design.
Its taking ages!

Lining with the boning, didn't want to boning channels to be visible on the outside, had to hand stitch the 2 sides of the corset together.

Corset is actually finished, just don't have a photo of it yet.

Bits of the corset all in parts, so many layers to it!

Decided to make a corset for this costume that I'd then have various, dresses, skirts and sleeves under and over it. This was my initial pattern I mocked up for it

This costume is eating my soul.

Finished gimp suit, now onto armour, and dip dying various materials...

Spent the day getting all the fabric I needed at Goldhawk. Made my own patterns for the main bulk of the dress and have now tacced it all together. Stitching it tomorrow and doing the sleeves.

So I'l have the panels and belt left after that wahey! Though Iv got some hand painting designs to do blerghhhh!

Spending 4 days in London to get this finished as I dont have the space or materials in Bournemouth.

Started the weapon today, the blade is cut out and is setting in a wooden pole as I type this.

I also finished all the little touch ups I needed to do on the armour.

Started to piece together the shin guards, there exactly the same as Hideyoshis accept they have lovely pointy knee caps on them oooo! All made out of buckram and craft foam (no pleather this time awes!)

Tomorrow I'm starting work on the tails, going to cut out all the patterns and hopefully have them all pieced together. So I can spend my last 2 days painting the shin guards and tails. And also the weapon! Though that might require another weekend in London. Time is not on my side it seems! sigh!

Ok so I'm half way through this bitch now I think. I've done (in my opinion) the hardest parts which are the chest plates and leg armour. I've also cut out the majority of all my patterns now.

(I would say the headress is hard but I'd be lieing - I can make these things blind folded now! - This 5th?!?, and thats just counting cosplay I've made loads for stage productions) ANYWHO...

I'v just come back from a long weekend in Liverpool to see La Princesse, the 50ft spider (with the rather hot French puppeteer team! - Fabia!) So I'm going to crack on with getting this costumes finished, well as much as possible in the next week and a half before I go back to Bournemouth.

Next thing I'm working on is the shoulder pieces so I can get some full head shots on the go for posters and the like etc...

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