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Anna from frozen
Coronation dress Anna from Frozen

Hello there! I first got into cosplay since I was about 11 but never completed one fully until I was about 13. I went to my first con when I was about 14 and loved it!
I love making and wearing cosplays but never get a chance to photograph them unfortunately I usually just wear them at cons. If you need any help just pm me! C: I'm happy to help.

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Currently I am getting all of the planning for the costume done before I buy any fabric or components. I have planned out a pattern for the belt which I plan to make from worbla (first time using :/) and also have the intricate pattern for that written out (will show pics later). From my images it looks like I've put more planning into her under clothes but that's because I've brought the simplicity 1487 to base the design on. That means I also won't be making a patten for the embroidery (which I will block print) until then. The under clothes are actually quite complicate and although I am not planning on a corset I am going to have to spend ages getting those knife pleats right and also I'm putting secret pockets into the skirt because I don't want to have to carry a bag.

After spending the whole summer sewing the panels I have FINALLY been able to start putting them together (although I still have two left to finish). Anyway next I'll be top stitching the new seams and orienting for the rest of my life. I really need to get started on the petitcoat and finish the corset! :(

Also I spent the whole of Thursday redying the pleat panels darker because I really wasn't happy with how they looked. If anyone ever thinks about using idye dyes I suggestbeing really thorough when checking the colours: they're are not clear at all!!

FINALY! It's taken me the whole summer but I've actually finished one of the panels! Yay!! Only 9 more to go! Honestly I thought I'd would have had the whole thing complete mouhpnths ago but I haven't even started the petitcoat yet xp

I haven't updated this costume in a while but I have been working on it almost all day every day since I last did. The embroidery is taking so long and I really don't want to show any more until it's finished. I've still got A LOT to do on this costume including putting the skirt together, adding the pleases, lining and zip as well as creating the petitcoat, pantaloons, wig, makeup and prehaps redoing the pin as I don't think scupty is strong enough for such a delicate piece (any suggestions?)

Phew, I'll try and get this embroidey done in the next week so I can stop stressing so much c:

The accessories are almost complete but progress is rediculasly slow because of how long the embroidery is taking me XP also I keep running of funds because of my driving lessons XP

Here some progress:
I've started and given up on the petticoat because I hate the fabric (going to try again with some cotton lawn after LFCC when I have more time)
I chose the wrong dye twice for acetate and when I finally got the dye type right I confused the colours. I've been panicking about the results all week as I think they're too bright but there's nothing I can do now xP if you every have to do idye have a good look at the colours first, they're confusing.
I started the embroidery and it's taking me so long, I'm doing the big bits first though so progress is going to speed up soon c: also the disney store store messing me about messing up my orders.

Waiting for dye to dye skirt fabric and can't go any further with the corset until I get the skirt fabric and zip.

I'm going to being the skirt first because it will take the longest so I drafted the designs using girdding.

Here I have drafted the corset pattern from a commercial pattern. Also I have drafted *almost* all of the other patterns for this dress I have also found the perfect fabrics for the skirt & petitcoats.

Unfortunately I won't be able to spfinish the cape, bonnet, mittens, or pantaloons in time for expo as I don't have the time or money xp hopefully I will be able to finish them over the summer.

I've just finished adding the satin trim to the corset and I am not happy with it at all. I'm going to have to unpick it all and work with the already trimmed edged xp no idea how I am going to beget this done, the metering is so hard

I originally wanted to cosplay Jareth when I first watched the film a few years ago (yes I was unfortunate enough not to see the film in my childhood :C) but decided against it because my face really wouldn't suit it XP However I saw a Jareth at MCM october 2013 and started getting back into the idea really quickly, although instead this time I wanted to cosplay Sarah instead because she actually seems like a lot of fun to do.

I am planning to have this cosplay done for either MCM midlands in February of MCM London in May (or any other cons I can afford to do). If you are cosplaying anything from Labyrinth at these cons please let me know, I'd love to meet up for a photoshoot!! C:

I managed to get everything finished for expo (just). My gloves and boots arrived on the Thursday which was a relief as I was panicking about them a little :/ the glue that I used originally for the pads wasn't strong enough so I had to get my hands on some extra strong stuff the day before to seal the edges which worked really well. I also has to practice the make up on the night before, luckily it didn't turn out to be very complicated and I managed it quite easily in the end: just a little bit of purple eye make up and pink lip gloss.
I also has to finish my knives the night before. I would have preferred to drill holes but instead I decided to draw in black holes as I didn't think that it was a very important detail.

Expo went really well dispute how tired I was from queuing for such a long time in such a hot costume XP I also couldn't sit down due to the back darts being to big (I will fix this before the next con) I also split the back of the crotch slightly when bending down quickly to grab my train ticket when I dropped it before getting on the replacement bus.
Other than that I had a lot of fun as a lot of people recognised me and asked for photos (which I have not seen any of yet on the net :P) and I also saw a LOT of kick-ass cosplay era which was a surprise to me. The first I saw was a Colonel stars and stripes which really surprised me as he came up to me out of the blue and I was quite shocked as I was also trying to work out how to actually get the con. I must have seemed very surprised as he asked me if I had even seen kick-ass 2 xD I also saw a nice kick-ass himself who took a photograph with me (we where about to shoot the cameraman with my guns haha) and a very lovely Dr Gravity at the end of the day who I high fived while waiting for the bus and then he came and had a chat to me at the station. I wish I had gone for both days as there where many cosplay era that I missed as well as lovely experiences c: if you saw me at the con let me know, I'd love to keep in touch.

I am now planning to edit any problems that I had with the costume before the next con and finally build the dual sided katana( and practice to get some nice skills) so that I can take it to cons.

Had my wig cut yesterday and I must say that is looks fantastic!! The costume is defiantly all coming together now and I am really gettin excited for expo!!
I also went to the sewing shop and brought lots of bits and bobs that I've really been in need of. The cape is now nearly finished (I just need to figure out how to attatch it to the jumpsuit without it pulling). The belt & holsters are also nearly done. The only thing that is going to need a lot of work are the knives which still need painting XP

All in all I am hoping to get the costume finished in the next week so I will have some time to organise stuff and relax for a week c:

All is going well so far an I think I am currently running on time for expo. When drafting patterns i made several mock ups first before using the proper fabric on them. Working with vinly was hard but once I learnt the tricks it got a lot easier! I didn't draft the collar until I had sewn the whole thing together but I still had to take the original off and add a new one.
The padding/armour is a bit annoying to do as props arnt my specialty and so I have been flying blind a bit. However after a few trials I feel that everything is coming together nicely.
I am still unsure whether to includethe two sided katana as I am unsure what time of sheathe to make for it and how it would work with the cape. I am also quite unsure about how annoying it would be carrying around all day and on the tube :/

Today the fabric came for the cape. I made a really big mistake with it and had to reconstruct it from the remnants. I am now really unsure about the fabric that i have chosen (its vinly :/ ) any thoughts?

Tomorrow I am getting my wig cut and the. Hopefully new week I will be able to by boots c: sorry this has been quite boring to read I will try harder to be nice and fancy next time.

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