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When I came back from my holiday both my wig (which I ordered two days before I came home) and my costume had arrived! I will try them on properly soon to see how I feel about them. If it's all good then I'm set to go with expo!

Not 100% accurate to Holo but I tried to make them to suit me more.

you can't see the colour well here but it's lovely :3

this was made by Fables as a birthday present for me! I love it >w<

This was the most amazing lucky find I have ever gotten for a cosplay. I found it in a charity shop in Hull in their fancy dress section and for only a fiver too. I feel so blessed to find something so perfect that fits O__O

It's only taken several months to get a decently priced pair of red shoes in my size! I'm sooo happy because now I will feel happier being proper default Panty with Fables' default Stocking next week <3333

He only really is ever seen in these red boots on the cover of the manga volume 1 and ever so occasionally in the manga. He mainly wears black boots which is what I wore with my uniform but I'm going to totally replicate to the best of my ability this version for Fushicon as it's a bit more distinctive!

Oh my god this was the worst part to do. I tried using a far more complicated method first and it looked horrible and messy. But then I found a far simpler tutorial for doing them and so I had to completely unpick the puffs and sleeves and re-sew them together but it came out far better. I do not enjoy making puffed sleeves though, will be avoiding that when i can in future!

the actual shirt sleeves arent long enough so I made fake cuffs and customised them. used red satin ribbon and scalloped elastic trim (which is a nightmare to sew >: )

currently making the hat, this material isn't the most fun to work with but it's coming along nicely :) attached is just a pic of before I cut out the main part of the hat :) above the pattern is the rim on the hat.
After cutting the circle out I tack-sewed it to the band and then machined it on and it fits perfectly. Now I just need to make the brim and the bow.

I didn't manage to sort this all out in time for Ayacon so I'm not sure when I'll wear it now, probably Fushicon if I don't have anything else planned. My main worry was getting the mandarin collar right. I think what I'll do now is buy a mandarin collar shirt and mod the top with it that way. I haven't succeeded very well at making the puffs in the sleeves so far but the top need to be fitted to me more so I can tweak them then.

There isn't too much left to do on it now, just need that shirt, make the cuffs (get some more ribbon for them too) and add the white edging around the bottom of the top.

My ears and tie arrived today so I tried them out and styled the wig too. I was amazed to see I do actually look like him a bit o___o; So I'm feeling more confident about this! Now to find a good blazer, make the tail and find stuff for the sword case!

They seem to be a good scale and made of proper feathers is a plus!

9th April:
This version will be for in a week and a half! Hopefully I'll win the dress I've seen on eBay that's perfect.

I didn't get any photos that were flattering on the night but I took one or two recently to show it off! I might wear it again for the next Heart Japan event!

I've finally styled the wig exactly how I want it to be, though I should really get a couple of wig heads as I sprayed myself in the face and eyes full on with hairspray doing it (just remembering makes my eyes water...)

The dress STILL needs taking in to fit correctly, it's too loose on the sides and straps. At some point I need to put in darts so it sits on my hips/chest correctly. I wore (but you can't see) a white netting underskirt like in the episode which helped poof it out a bit though it'll look more flattering one I've taken in the dress.

Here's a clearer look at the make up for this cosplay. I look so odd, like a mime or something XD I'm pretty happy with this cosplay and how it's going. I'm currently attaching the stripes to the sleeves of the jacket and then it's DONE! Happy times.

My wig has arrived and it's so beautiful and perfect. The exact colour and style I wanted. I've cut the bangs into miku's classic style too, just need to decide whether to buy or commission the earphones. I know someone who might make them but they may be too busy. Hmm.

I went into John Lewis and completely forgot to get white lace oTL but I will try to remember tomorrow. Here's a photo of what they look like though :)

Ordered the cosplay, yes I suck and I bought it :<
But it was just too temtping and at least it'll be well made :/

wig and goggles are here, will take test photos tomorrow
hope it suits me >.o

Okay Ive ordered goggles and a wig to test it out :3
Cant wait for them to come ^__^

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