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So a couple of weeks back I made plans to wear this again at Ayacon if I was able to get some fabric to make the hat and tail which I've managed to do. Very excited for wearing her again, looking forward to seeing people at Aya~

Almost 2am of Expo morning the day I'll be wearing this costume and my Ralph has just finished painting my tights for me while I stood and suffered for 2hrs but we've got them done and I'm happy with them. Sadly no pictures but if you're at expo you'll see them in about 12hrs.

Okay due to the fact that I'm running out of time to get some grey tights for my legs I'm just going to wear her normal outfit along with the cape and instead get pictures of the boxers version in my room and photoshop my legs.

People were lovely about this costume but I wasn't really that happy with it so I've order a corset to edited. So hopefully I'll be happier with the costume for Expo.
And I also add that I have added extensions to my wig and now I can actually give it a bigger look.

After seeing wonderful photo's of my Ralph and Felix who I'll be attending Expo with, I've finally ordered my hoodie (which I thank my Ralph finding for me.) I'm currently (and slowly) working on the skirt. I also do have the tight which need to be painted and the shoes which of course need to be edited as well. So I guess I'm somewhat getting there.

This costume is more or less done now. Just need to attach the horns to a headband and paint her symbol on the shirt.

Had to paint my shirt print on because my printer hates transfer paper with a passion *sigh* I do still need to take the shorts in but that shouldn't really take me too long.

So I'll be doing her outfit that she wears right at the end of the movie now, it's is far too cold for me to be wearing a tiny black dress. Lucky for me though I have a girly sister who has some of the stuff ^^

My wig has finally been ordered and should be here sometime this week. I'm not sure if I'll be able to style it properly yet seen as my wig head isn't on me atm but I'll give it a go and get pictures :D

Lacking photo's right now due to me losing my face paint and only just finding it and personal reasons ^^;
The main costume is more or less done minus the coat which I may leave out for now but I really don't have to money to buy it. I've just started on my horns so I'm leaving them to dry now. I also just need to make the tail and get something for my feet. So I'm getting there :)

Okay, because I am so low on money I will only be doing her black dress version when she is tied to a chair. I have found a cheap(ish) wig that I'm going to buy for her, hopefully soon. Please bear with me, i've only just decided that expo is 100% go-go D:

Okay so I really do need to sort my corset out xD 1) It needs boning put it, hopefully I'll stop being lazy and do it soon and 2) Needs to be made tighter because I've being losing weight these days, it was loose on me anyway but it's getting worse xD
Hopefully it'll make an improvement....

Being working on my costume all week and I'm very close to finishing now, just a couple of bits and bobs left. I should most definitely be done by tomorrow seen as I want to spend Thurs cleaning my room :) So look out for photo's as I will be putting some up ^^

So ordered my new wig several days ago so that should be next week or the week after. I will also be going fabric shopping on Friday so I'll be starting on the main outfit, finally ^^; So sometime next month I will start posting pictures of my progress, so please look out for the photo's ^^

So I did ordered my wig but sadly it was faulty so I'm having to order another wig once I get my refund. I also still haven't got any fabric because i've busy with course work and other personal reasons. I have though bought an underskirt I found in a charity shop (god bless them places)and I will be getting some fabric as soon as I get paid again, so hold on to your pants, skirts or whatever your wearing at this current moment, pictures will be up after I finish college.

These picture's where meant to be up ages ago but i'm so busy atm orz well least their up now \o/~

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