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So I finally started it with the overcoat first. First time making a jacket/coat, coming out fairly well. Kind of a pain without a mannequin to put it on so kept having errors here and there. Just need to hem the edges and paint the detailing on it.

Never though making her jumpsuit would be a pain without a mannequin, but I finally managed to in the end (will hopefully have pics progress up eventually when I can).
In the end I went for stretchy fabric instead for more free movement, seemed to be the better option in the end.
Now to make her arm and boot guards.

Finished the skirt a while back (bout a month ago)and so far the top is pissing me off (ive never made a full outfit from scratch before, so i keep failing and coming to a halt -_-) The white ruffle bits have been a pain a lil cus of the fabric a i ended up getting, but it'll have to do till i can remake it some time in the future, and unfortunately for me i couldnt get any stretchy blue fabric close enough to the colour i needed, so i just went for the same fabric i bought for Fang's sari.
Just need to buy the material for the side skirt on the top now after this is all completed.

Suit blazer needs to be altered to a double chested one,add the brown material to the collar, then make the arm band with the motif.
Just need to buy some white long socks and wait for my wig to arrive then finish making the horn.
Hardest bit for me right now is the face paint and finding a method of not letting it rub off on my clothes ^^; .

Finished making the skirt the other day but not completely 100% happy with it, then again its my first time making a pleated skirt so looking at it, it came out kinda good for a first timer :)

The wig my otherhalf bought for me arrived :D it just needs styling now, manily the fring spiked out cus Lightning's is spikey windswepped looking (thats gonna be fun doing).
Just need to buy some leather type meterial for the top now and make it then its good to go :)

Bought some lovely nice blue fabric the other day to get things started, hoping to start it this week, but been so busy lately that all my cosplays are on hold, so with what little time i have ive just been searching for the right fabric at reasonable prices. I was hoping to find stretchy fabric but they never had it, so i went for this one instead, now i just need to figure out how to cut out the patterns since its my very first time making a top from scratch

so been looking for a wig i could use for her since the 2 wigs i have arent long enough, hoping this one will work well (looks pretty good).
Just need to alter the suit now with some brown material and get some long white socks, then the hard part is the skin painting...

Bought the blue fabric for the sari today, may have a to get a longer piece though as im not entirely sure it'll be long enough (its 3 meters and im 5ft 2), then again i was a lil confused on how to wrap it, so when i do a test of that, then i'll see how it goes.

wig ordered, now just need to start making the top with the material i bought yesterday.

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