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I love to cosplay the evil characters of the series, it just seems that they always have the best outfits and weapons >8D

Back about 10 years ago I remember seeing some cosplays on the internet from America and I was HORRIFIED. I remember thinking "Why the hell would you want to dress up like that!?!"... Oh how wrong I was!

A few years later on a whim I found the Tokyotoys website,and they were having their first store opening in Telford. I decided to go and see what it was about. I remember wearing a black coat, so whilst there I bought a toy gun and a large hat to cosplay as an assassin just to join in with the rest of the group. It was there that I met some of my oldest friends and I've never looked back since!

I decided then to make sure I could do the best cosplay I physically could, I went to a tailor and pestered him to teach me how to make a basic suit, etc...
Six months later I was able to make a basic suit 8D

With this knowledge I attended the MCM expo and debuted my Suzaku cosplay, I was astonished to be asked to come on stage with the final 3 groups. Since then I had the honor of being asked to JUDGE an MCM expo (It's INCREDIBLY hard and I was shaking when I came off stage) and I'm attempting now to go into the realms of ARMOUR!

Recently I looked back at my cosplays and thought "That cost several hundred pounds to make, how can I do it cheaper but still keep the quality there...?" I realised that I was making the cosplay in a true style (as in you could wear it everyday and it would be fine) I am currently trying out cutting a few corners to save money but keeping the quality of the cosplay the same.

If I could give any new or old cosplayer a single piece of advice it would be:


An anime character always has perfect clothing, and the only way close to achieving that is to iron your outfit! 8D

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As this cosplay went down so well in May, I'm going to wear it in October :D

I've decided to re-position the arrows on my back. Hopefully it should make it easier to get through crowds!

The main work now is to make sure the arrows are neat and tidy, along with finish the trousers.

The crossbow is built on a rifle stock template. It's been extended with some 2x4 pine and wrapped in cloth (so as to avoid paying for paint). It's also collapse-able as the bow can be removed.

Thankfully, it doesn't and cannot fire arrows!

I've revived this cosplay with some new ideas. I should hopefully have it ready for London's MCM in October 2012.


Bought online and it's absolutely perfect!

(As much as I wanted to make something like this, I still can't think in 3D and this was cheaper than the materials it would have cost to make one)

I've decided to age this character and have him on bamboo crutches / have a walking stick. I think it'll suit him :D

I have no idea when I will do this, but it's made from cardboard and that's it xD

I'm re-making the hat as I made it too large and it wasn't round enough :/

Well, I decided I'd try making the hat instead of buying one. (If I could ever find one that is!)

So I'll be using:

White ash

Wish me luck 8D

Yet another antique to carry around with me!

This is a VERY thick brass bell that has a loud ring to it that resonates for quite a while so it'll be easy to hear in the excel.

It's also going on the front of my boat afterwards! :D

I've now made two bags to hang from my waist.

I've gone along the lines of thinking; "If this is a travelling monk, wouldn't his items be worn and tatty?".

So, one bag is crudely stitched together and rough. The other is held together with dried grass!

I also have a large opium pipe (unused xD) and a nice scroll (which is Chinese so I will hide the text).

Some water fell on the arrows (condensation from the windows) so I have to do them again =_=

Thankfully it was only two of them.

Blimey, these too ages!

I've changed (from the old design);

The sleeves are now sewn to the under kimono to keep them in place (instead of Velcro), the grey kimono cloth has been added, I've used some elastic to hold the sleeves upright when I wear them, and the interfacing is now slightly longer.

Plenty of wondaweb going into attaching these >_>;

(That stuff is expensive!)

After re-re-re-re-re-reading the doujinshi, I noticed that the character becomes progressively unhinged as the story progresses. I've chosen to reflect that in was as thus;
Rags and tatters used to carry his wears and Unsymmetrical / unfinished / rough stitches on the sleeves (as in a repair a tear).


It must be my lucky day! I've just been given a small wicker bowl that'll be perfect for an offerings bowl. I just need a small amount of yen in spare change to glue to the bottom of it!

Just broke my bow. I will now take £10 out of my birthday money to buy some more wood / string ://///////


Drawing on feathers has to be one of the most BORING LABORIOUS TASKS IN THE WHOLE OF HUMAN HISTORY!

I found two small curtain poles in a skip at the boatyard, so I can now make the scroll he has, I'll just pop down to my old job and have a nice picture of the heroine printed on some canvas 8D

(Also, I am not spending ANY money on this cosplay, it is made completely from leftover scraps and bits that I can find / get from people)

The pens I used for the artwork on the flights seem to have disappeared :/

I don't have enough money to buy any more so I'm going to rip the boat apart to find them.

I now have a new hat, it also has a chinstrap just in case it's windy when I go outside (it hides inside the hat if not needed).

I've also changed the shape of it so that it doesn't come down to my eyebrows like the previous one, it's also MUCH lighter and has a fabric with a natural pattern. (It's also not completely smooth like the last one, it now looks rustic and handmade like an original cloth hat)

I've glued some felt onto the arrows to give them that red band at the top, just below the flight.

It looks good from the front but crap from behind :/

Took quite a while, made of buckram and stuck on with hot glue (I couldn't stick them on in two separate pieces / cut the wood as it looked unclean from the front)

They now need to be painted / illustrated.

I've now made a straw mat that looks like a Tatami (traditional Japanese floor MAT) so I can stand on it a pose! ( Hopefully people will throw money at me 8D )

I'm re-making this for the London 2010 May Expo (Sunday).

I'll have the full 17 arrows (like the illustration) and a lot more props to hang from the belt (water canister, prayer stick, etc)

Well, I didn't realize that the Kita-con sign up was full so I can't debut this there ;_;

I've just realised that the manga I have been reading has been "flipped" (as in the old format where they are mirror versions pre-manga format) so the design I had is now the correct way around 8D

The scanlations ARE over 10 years old xD

I've already made the suit for Maximilian (Well... Sort of altered an old one I made years ago) so I can just add a sash, some eppaulets and a medal and it's done 8D

This costume consists of:

A block of foam
Polystyrene balls
Pipe cleaners
A woolly hat


And due to loosing ones job this project grinds to a halt ¬_¬

Why does this fabric have to be £10 a yard? =_='

I've even managed to get it reduced... It WAS £16!

/Has bought another 3 yards

Slow day...

I had to make ANOTHER foam sandwich, as my orgional idea didn't work.

I'm now having to buy some more shiny fabric as I've run out too xD

/Bounces off the wall

I work 84 hours a week.. AND THEY'VE GIVEN ME ANOTHER DAY OFF! :D

I'll be planning to make the tail coat... AGAIN. It's good news about my job too! I didn't loose it!

/Is sat here after his monthly meeting just having a 15min rest xD

I'm pondring on re-making them much lighter, that being... Instead of using a "foam sandwich" I'll try using just several layers of buckram fused together into the same shape, hopfully this shouldn't crease too much when it bends.

Hopefully =_='


My lovely dog (I still love her xD) has PEED on my tailcoat armour!


That's about 24 hours work solid there ¬_¬

I got some! xD

I had one type and then found another... Which is FAR superior! I'm currently stretching and gluing it to the armour (with WATER BASED SUPER GLUE?!?) which is going quite well...

The helmet is nearly finished, I just need to tidy up the back at the top and then add the visor...

I'm pondering on using dark green spandex instead of the plastic as it would me MUCH easier to do well.

Aaaand now I have sunburn on my nose ¬_¬


I've changed the shape of the helmet to what the origional one was and fuzed most of the things for the back.

It was also my lucky day... As I got an ENTIRE ROLL OF FUZING (say about 20 meters) for £10!!! (The shop didn't want to measure out 8 meters O_O)

This was a bugger to put on =_=

The green filter is going to be very difficult... As the perspex material is too stiff, and green flim is too fragile ._.


I just need to re-make the spine and fuze everything and it's ready to paint O_O

/Going ahead of schedule... By about 2 months xD

My iron needs more power xD;;; It's doing th job with the interfacing, but it takes a LOT of weight and time to fuse onto the foam...

Other than that... IT'S GOING WELL O_O

This just needs fuzing with interfacing and it's ready to paint!

After about 8 / 12 hours straight I have a new back plate to work on!

I've found out that I can fuse ultra stiff interfacing onto craft foam! This saves me a LOT of time and money :D

The shoulder pads were HORRIBLE to make a pattern of, and they're not complete yet... I'll be working on them for a while XD




I'll just cut the bottom out, stick my arm though and make the rest of the shape with craft foam!

This should save me a LOT of time and foam :D

It seems I can't think in 3D ¬_¬

I've already used 4 meters of foam too D:

I'm currently re-working on the spine and back plate xD

I've made a start on the arm and wrist guards... These are simply held on by sheer clamping down force, not anything else XD

My plan will be to have the fu protruding out of any holes / gaps in these to make the effect of fire being pushed forth out of them!

I still havn't found the cloth... But I'm doing this for the October expo XD



I've managed to get the arrows to sit correctly, through looping a cloth belt inbetween them and the quivver and then securing it to my back~!

It quickly detatches in the event of an emergancy (on-coming crowd XD) and it's very comfortable!


THE CREASES WON'T IRON OUT! >_________________________<;;;

I WAS going to buy some geta, but they were very expensive ¬_¬

So... I went and hunted around the boatyard, FOUND some wood and made them! :D

They were completely free and RECYCLED! (As we know how bloody important that is ¬_¬)

I want to make this... ¬_¬


I need some help though >>;

Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab, Xaraelllllllllllllllll, you two are the only people I know that might even attempt this... XD

How much for some help? :3


Argh, this stuff is a bugger to iron =_=

/Personally doesn't like it now as he thinks it looks untidy ¬_¬

17 arrows = Too many XD

It turned out that with the 17 arrows that I had planned to use, wouldn't actually fit on the quivver... >>;

So! I'm now using 10 XD

The quivver was very easy to do, a few holes were cut in it and I then thread some string through them to keep the arrows in shape. It's turned out a LOT bigger than I thought it would, maybe too big for the expo O_0

Notice the torso front... It has an opening which is tied back...

I DID have this shape, but now I'm cheating XD;;;

I went down to a dry cleaners to borrow a trouser press, I've put in a REALLY defined pleat, to give the effect of it being folded over. I founnd a button that looked like a knot, and just added a trouser hook to hold it in place!

It looks a bit off, but with the little time I have left... It'll do! XD

Due to the little mis-hap... I havn't got much fabric left, so the size of the sleeves isn't as big as they were before -_-

The hard bit of making them stand up is over and completed! I'm VERY happy with what I did to keep them like that! ^^

It's made by ironing in extremely stiff double sided interfacing, the sleeves are then attached to my undersleevs via velcro. Thus giving the view of them being "unsupported".

^_^ It's getting better, slowly... XD


I thought this would be hard! But... IT TOOK 10 MINUTES! XD

It's made from; Wire mesh, string, double sided tape & pleather.

I basically folded the mesh around my head to make the shape, tied it together, covered it in abolut 25 meters of double sided tape and then stuck on the pleather! It's glued together at the back to keep it taught.

I'm very happy with it! Only drawback though... IT'S HEAVY! And with it being 3 foot tall it sways about a bit!

I'm going to have fun walking with it XD;;;

I've started again... And I'm having to cut corners left, right and center... ;_;

I face the problem of not having enough time to line the fabric, etc... So in other words... It looks crap ¬_¬

Ah, this might not be my best cosplay, and I've got so much more to do... I do hope that I don't disappoint anyone who was looking forward to seeing it! >_<;;;


Oh no...

No, no, no, no!

I was sewing... On the treadle... And the fabric was pulled into the flywheel for the foot pedal... IT'S RIPPED... EVERYTHING!


/Starts again...

Is a £2 corner shelf from B&Q!

I'm going to make a cloth pocket for it to sit in and then glue the arrows to the shelf!


(But I HATE the arrows... They are IMPOSSIBLE to fletch neatly! >_< )

Take a gander at the sleeves... The seem to "hang upwards" with an air gap in between them and the "undersleeves"... >>;

I'm planing of fusing it... Alot... And then using bottles upon bottles of starch to keep them like that...

My main worry is... Will it stay like that whilst I travel to the expo? Methinks not... Oh joy =____________________________________=

O_o... - Was the responce of the teller at the end of the counter... When I bought the ENTIRE roll of 12 meters of white fabric... For only £22.49!

Yes... I WILL need that much! (I have to double line EVERYTHING, so there are 4 meters of fabric just in the sleeves O_O!)

The fabric I belive it curtain lining... It's VERY soft and smooth... And once ironed it won't crease when I move... PERFECT!

Now... To sewing! (With a semi-broken treddle... It's running TWICE AS SLOW AS BEFORE!)

Notice the trousers... o_o

I'm pondering on making HUGE baggy trousers and then filling them with bean bag fillings! I just don't hope they burst at the expo >>;

I DO love the idea that when I walk they;ll go "shush shsu shus" (like walking in the snow...) They would probably generate static electricity too! So I'll be shocking all the free huggers I see! :D

Hmm... I THOUGHT this would be simple!


This is so hard it's unbelivable!

Because everything is on show, you can't use anything to hide the seams... Or cheat. So this cosplay has to be made "real clothes" style... Urk >>;

I'm happy with the bow. Very happy XD It's HUGE too and it works!

/Is under orders not to fire arrows at the expo >>;

Oh yes, the arrows... Well, they are about 3 feet long and the fletching is "fun" to do... (Damn glue won't stick without melting the feathers or leaving a giant smudge ><) I've also got to figure out how to get the arrows to sit like that in a cloth quivver... Any ideas?

I'll be putting in as much work as I can ASAP to try and get everything neat and tidy XD



The fur that I NEEDED for this has stopped being made, thus... I can't make this one without it. I'm having to revert back to making the monk now =_=

Sorry everyone >>

Urk. I chose a hard one... I mean... A CHALLENGE!

Well, I saw this character on Wikipedia... And I thought... Why not? O_o

It;s going OK so far, it;s the first time I;ve used craft foam and it;s interesting stuff! I;ve cut out a basic suit back pattern with tails ( as suits are my only forte ¬_¬ )...

I;ll need to trim it into a more slimline shape soon ( I;m not looking forward to the posibility of spoiling it ) and make the fur suit.

Oh joy... A fur suit... O_O?!?


/Is planning on buying a boiler suit and using that for a pattern.

The hardest part of the armour would be the 3D bits... So basically 99.9 % of it ¬_¬ The horns on the mask are causing real headaches as they are a 3D tringle... On a curve O_o

Other than that I have this left to do:

Back of torso
Front of torso
Front chest attachment
Shoulder faces - Large
Shoulder faces - Small
Upper arm bangles (x4)
Lower arm bangles (x2)
Hand faces (x2)
Sythes (x2)
Front of waist armour
Back of waist armour
Front of hip armour
Back of hip armour
Hip spikes (x2)
Cod peice O_o (I never thought I;ve have to make one of those!)
Top of leg spike
Knee joint armour
Bottom of leg spike
Feet armour
Feet flames
Disk? (Maybe for the masqurade only... BUT PAINTING THAT!?!)

Probably lots more that I have yet to notice ¬_¬...

Wish me luck... Please... I BEG OF YOU!

/Flops due to exhaustion

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