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I'm back!! Been on a long cosplay break (2014 to 2018) but I'm back hopefully for good!
I don't really cosplay in the uk anymore as I don't go to cons here as much as I used to if at all. So in the future, more of my costumes will have their debut at Japan Paris expo.

Some backstory if you want to read:

It was in year 2008 during my first year of college. I befriended a college mate who had found out that I also liked anime
and spoke to me about mcm expo. At the time I was pretty clueless I had no idea that cosplay existed,
I didn't know anything about conventions either.
She persuaded me to come along and tried to explain to me what cosplay was.
I didn't get it, my mind couldn't comprehend it at the time.
As if people actually dress up as anime characters! So I thought.
Boy, was I stunned when I finally went to my first expo event!! I was a huge Gintama fan as well and when I saw
someone cosplaying Gin during my first expo, I felt this unexplainable feeling of joy. I was seeing my fav anime characters
projected their right in front of me in real life. It was mind blowing!
I wanted to be part of it, to be an anime character for a day was a childhood dream come true for me. (I used pretend I was sailor moon when I was young).
So after that fun experience, I immediately fell in love with cosplay, faithfully attended mcm expo london up until 2014. Then I started going to Japan Paris Expo from 2013
but since that is usually an expensive trip, I don't bother too much with UK cons.

I've also made a documentary about cosplay with a film group, it got screened at the David lean cinema at the Croydon Clocktower back in 2009, something like that. When I didn't feel so old!

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It looks awesome and its a perfect fit! Im looking forward to wearing it at expo.
But I still need to style my wig properly!

Been up all night making a gun for Michiko, and its almost 5am now, time goes fast. Im pleased with how it looks so far though

The wig arrived a while ago, just need to style it and I'm still waiting for the costume, should get it by tomorrow or on Monday, hopefully ._.

The way I keep putting this costume on hold .___. I think its about time I got it out of the way once and for all ><
Im just completely stuck on outfits, Michiko wears so many! ><

Got some more eye bandages and a smoke pipe today in the post. The smoke pipe isnt that good, its fake OTL It will have to do. -_-
The photo was slightly edited but only the contrast brightness,tone because I took it on my phone the quality was really crap. Seems like I bandaged the wrong eye as well?? Im not sure what eye its supposed to go on OTL But yeah Im pleased with how I look in this cosplay overall.

Brought the main part of one of Kagura's outfit the chinese dress one a while ago. It arrived yesterday, I was supposed to use it for another character but its not working out well. So If I get a Kagura wig in time I might be able to cosplay her for expo. I think I already have the right umbrella for her already too! :3

The main part of my costume arrived in time for EXPO yesterday! YESSS!! I commissioned it though. It looks awesome in my opinion. Fits well and I'm feeling more confident about this.
The wig I ordered for him arrived ages ago with some bandages I just need to style it.
I need to figure out how to wrap the bandage and buy something for my eye underneath cos it hurts using just the wraps if that makes sense.

Really not feeling this costume anymore. I ordered a wig for it but it's way too green and Im just not happy with my progress. So I have decided to keep this costume on hold for another time but I wont be cosplaying this at October expo. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to this. I hope I will be able to cosplay this version some day >_<

Wig arrived today, I like it. Wish I got a brown one now though :/
Not a very good photo sorry I would of got a full shot, but I wasnt wearing any makeup :/ My cosplays dont look right without it xD
Should style the wig really the bangs arent accurate enough >.<

Using my michiko wig for this cosplay :D Easy hehe

Brought the wig! Im not too sure what to wear for this cosplay though? Hmm :/

Did a dress rehearsal of this cosplay today, its all good! :D The shorts arrived today and I've got everything but the belt. I dont have any pics of me sadly but I showed my siblings my cosplay and they said i pulled it off well. So I'm really pleased with it all now, just need to finish the cannon. I'm also getting my blue contacts on wednesday and the opticians are going to show me how to put them on an stuff ^^ They arent all that blue though they are pale blue and disposable.I didnt have enough money to buy the brighter monthly blue ones so I will stick with those for now, and will buy brighter ones next time ^_^ It would of been a waste of money anyway as Im only going to wear contacts once or twice.
edit- brought the belt today, sorted! :D

My jacket arrived today, quicker than i expected! Its awesome! I really like it but the arms are slightly too short for me. Its not too bad though! Its not custom made so thats to be expected. It isnt too revealing either, it covers me up well, so I dont think I will have to get dressed at expo! Yay :D
edit! My wig also arrived on the same day (what luck) the postman left it outside for some reason :/ They do that all the time now really when it comes to wigs. Good thing my Dad came home early and saw it outside the door XD
I expected the wig to be jet black but its actually mixed blue and black. I couldn't believe it, I thought it was black but I didnt really look at the photo the seller put up properly. My fault >.<
I didnt really like it at first cos I was expecting it to be just black but I love it now.
The bunches really tangle easily though. Miku wig all over again -.- I'm not going to cut the bunches unevenly like BRS'S hair, I just cant. I cant stand unevenness!
Ugh really dont want to go through the untangling process all over again -.-

Almost finished the blouse! :D I redid the black the cuffs only I hand sowed this time without using fabric glue. It took 4 hrs but im pleased with how it turned out. Sowing is actually a lot of fun and quite easy once you get the hang of it. Still need a lot of practice...though. Also Need to get a new skirt because the one I brought is well too big for me and some special fx make up

Finished making the handle for my cannon today. It looks decent.... thats all I can say ^^
And I should be getting my coat and wig soon. Ordered them desperately, if my coat doesnt come in time I will just go without no big deal. But if my wig doesnt arrive then I'm screwed ^_^;

Well Im ready for tomorrow I think, quite nervous about it I guess. Im always nervous about cosplaying geez but it should be fun

My fake blood arrived in the post today, its pretty good stuff. I mean it fooled my Dad, haha I told him that my sister beat me up. I feel guilty though cos he was really horrified. The blood was very convincing! But I told him it was fake straight after XD Though my brothers and sisters didnt fall for it cos they knew about it already.

Yes, this cosplay is almost sorted just need the skirt and tights, and I will work on the extra bits when it gets closer to expo. Going to leave this cosplay for a while so I can concentrate on my Black rock shooter cosplay now and oh yeah need to some uni work grumble -.-

why are my cosplays costing me soo much!? argh grrrr >:O T^T
still need to get the skirt -.-

Ok so yesterday I went shopping with my sister. Ended up buying a blouse but it wasnt the length I wanted. Later we went to lewisham and I brought some leather. It was my first time in a fabric shop so I didnt know what I was going to get. But it was easy to figure out and the amount of fabrics they had in that shop was awesome. We also went camden after-wards to find a pvc/leather skirt, but they were either too pricey, too small or too big.
When I got home instead of using the blouse I brought I cut the blouse I used for my rolling girl cosplay into a crop top. Its not completely finished yet but I tried it on and its a little too short, I think well for me it is.
But Im going to cosplay black rock shooter on the saturday so what difference will it make? I had to cut the sleeves on the blouse so they are a little uneven. I have weird shoulders so I don't know? Thank God its not that noticeable at the moment though. I still need to sow on the leather so I'm going to try doing that by hand as my mum wont let me use her sowing machine. Hope I don't mess up! Ive got loads of leather left so if I don't like it I'm just going to have to redo it all over again T^T

omygosh I saw someone in my animation class watching episode 6 of PSWG today. How brave I mean there was scenes of Panty taking her panties off you know!! lol xD
I tried explaining to my friend what he was watching but she just gave me the biggest WTF look ever. Figures -.- I felt rude watching it behind his back afterward but I was too nervous to say anything ah well :3 It was that episode when Panty and Stocking were having that big showdown with the demon sisters at the school, I think? My memory of it is kinda hazy since I finished watching season one a while ago -.-
Sorry this wasn't relevant to my cosplay but it was surprising for me. xDDD

WTF it arrived here so quickly. Its a lot different than I expected it's really blonde, with only a slight mix. It wasnt pre-stlyed either, my mistake but the seller didnt exactly clarify whether or not it would be so I assumed. Its actually really nice wavy and quite long O.o Well Im no expect on wig quality but I think it is :D
Will add a picture later.
Just tired it on, I think the cap is a bit too small so it feels a little bit tight. Right now I'm really glad I got a really short haircut (mohawk :D) done because I hadn't cut it the wig would of looked too bulky at the top. My hair is unfortunately too thick so I cut it for the sake of cosplay wigs :D
It looks kinda weird on my skin tone, it makes my dark scars stand out more. Nooo -.- lawl. Which means I'm going to have to work ten times harder on my make-up than anything else.
Better start watching some make-up tutorials
I might have to style it myself as well O.o Not looking forward to that...aah well -.-

Plastic doesn't stick very well onto other plastics
Plastic sticks well on cardboard
Cardboard sticks well on everything
Yesterday I noticed that glue works better in a warmer temp so instead of gluing it outside (cos it contains epoxy constituents) I did it in my bathroom next to the humidifier xD

Today I dropped my cannon on the floor on purpose as a tester and the top part came apart a little on one side. Typical -.-
Glued it together again but I wont be doing anymore "testers" my cannon is like glass D:, so I'm going to have to be more careful with it. (Like dont drop it ever!!! careful) -.- I'm hoping the glue will last long as expo is in a few months.

The cannon is looking alright so far but parts of it like the base broke away twice, once when i lifted it up(with force cos i was showing off lol) and when accidentally knocked it. I cant paper mache it until its completely stuck together, so I have to go find some stronger glue in the afternoon. -.- Annnoying...
Dont know why I write so many journal entries...

Got my glue sticks on monday :D Started working on the thing a couple of days ago again, brought mum a peg basket so I could use the container she was using to store the pegs as part of my cannon -.-
I seriously did not know that peg bags existed till last week and in my mums case she didnt know they existed till yesterday. xD
Right now its 4:10 am. Havent slept at all because I'm trying to add as much detail to the cannon as possible and its taking time! Most of the base is covered in cardboard including this tube food container thing I brought from Tescos. (Note to self: Need to update my shopping list) The base is done and its actually really long. Ive burnt/glued myself and other things around me (like the table and my headphones argh!!)so many times while using the glue gun but its been worth it. But I've used up so many glue sticks! ;_;
Made a lot of progress though, :) Going to add the bar handle thingy bits last. This whole thing is a pain in the ass so it better be worth it in the end but end result depends on how good I paint it.
Really glad her cannon is black and only black.
Lets just pray I wont fail. Not adding progress pics right now cos Im scared it will go wrong but Im trying to take as many pics so I can add them later if the cannon ends up looking alright that is. Its really long at the moment cant lift it without using both hands or it hurts my arm and nearly breaks the grip. I made the grip out of cardboard, such a stupid thing to do -.- Too late now though!
I think this monster thing I'm making may actually end up being too heavy for me to carry for long periods of time. If I'm not careful.... ;_;

Listening to Seungri- "What can I do," at the moment! :D

Had to put my weapon making on hold because I need to get more glue sticks. Ordered some off ebay but its going to take a few days -.-

Ok just ordered my Panty wig, I was going to buy a simple blonde one that I could style but got a prestyled one instead since it wasnt too expensive. I think the hard part is over now, I find online shopping so nerve whacking. :S I hope I get my purchase soon and that it will look good as well.

Went to my local Tesco's today to do some cardboard shopping. I was a little frightened about taking some and walking out just like that so I asked some of the staff for permission. I told them it was for a art project, tehee but they were nice about it and said I could take as much as I need. There was quite a few people giving me WTF looks while I was walking around with long pieces of cardboard in three crappy Tesco carrier bags.Some woman looked at my pieces of cardboard then at me in surprise and smiled at me. Maybe she was amazed? Found it amusing? Who knows. Bit of a embarrassing experience but at least it was all free :D
In case you are wondering I need it for my Black rock shooter prop cannon.

Got the base for my cannon cant wait to start on it. Just not sure how I'm gonna paint it yet O.o

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