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i guess my cosplay career started in may 2009, when i started talking to a good friend about the possibility of going to our first anime convention. alot of my friends have been into that kinda stuff for years, but we'd never gone to one before. soon after we started talking about cosplaying. the idea had always appealed to me, and i was really excited about the prospect. since then i've become obsessed with it, it's wonderful ^^. it's a brilliant way to show your love of an anime/charecter, and i find it gives me alot more confidence. i prefer crossplay.. i dunno why, maybe it's cause male charecters tend to be more epic??

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The robes arrived the other day so this cosplay is officially finished. I'm planning on going to Coventry Cathedral for some pictures soon

The thing I've always been least happy with regarding this cosplay was the pendant. The orginal was made out of carboard and paper mache and looked rather rubbish.

In my last ceramics lesson of the year we were given the oppertunity to make anything we wanted, so I decided to remake the pendant for this cosplay. It's now made entirely out of white clay (which makes it heavier than the original but not nearly as heavy as I'd feared)And has been painted with gold acrylic paint.

Whilst I am in no way proficient at prop-making, and my ceramics skills still leave a lot to be desired I'm really happy with how this turned out, seeing as for me at least this pendant is such an important part of Rhyme's character and identity.

(Geddit, cause it's progress... but it's slow! *shot*)
Ahem, this costume is pretty close to being finished now, thanks to a very productive meetup with Hannah. The shorts are complete, the hat is finished (and is too big for my head but hush) and the jacket is finished bar a few buttons and readjusting the tassles a bit.

So all that's left is to finish off the Cravat and make the bustle. This will probably be the most time consuming part of this costume as it involves about 17m of ribbon being attatched to material *sigh*

The boots for this cosplay are now done!!

I was really struggling for ideas as to how to do the boots for this seeing as they're quite an unusual style (and I suck at making boot covers). Luckily I remembered that I had a pair of boots that I bought years ago but had never really worn that were the exact same style as Ciel's boots only white!

I decided to use acrylic paint to paint them, as it's cheap and covers pretty well. I might do another coat or two the night before I wear this just to make sure they stay looking pretty all day xD

So I ordered my wig for this over a month ago and there's still no sign of it (it was dispatched on the 9th of January so I don't know if it was just delayed by Chinese New Years or what) leaving me with no wig for this cosplay *cries*

Fortunately, a friend at college gave me an idea which she used for her Drama. I have covered a black wig in talcum powder and it's given it the perfect colour, just have to hope it lasts the day :/

It's finally finished! I stopped procrastinating and finished hemming it this morning.

The original plan for the waistcoat was to modify a shirt I already own but I wasn't really happy with the colour of it and it looked a bit odd.

Then when we went shopping for material for Hannah's cosplay I found this gorgeous linen which was perfect for paperboy!ciel, and was only £5 a meter, so I decided to buy it and make it from scratch.

The hardest part of this was the collar, as the faux velvet I used really did not want to co-operate with my sewing machine, but I'm relatively pleased with the end result.

This costume is actually pretty close to being completed now.

I finished the trousers yesterday and I'm really happy with how they look

I also added two extra buttons to the shirt because it was quite low

The waistcoat is half finished, I just need to hem it and add the pockets and buttons.

Hoping to have all of the sewing done by the end of the weekend so that I can concentrate on making Hannah's coat for her Grell cosplay!

I made the eyepatch for this cosplay this morning!

I made it out of medical supplies I 'borrowed' from my Mum xD and some white felt.

The front: A large white plaster stuck onto some white felt
The back: I added a cotton wool pad to the back to give it more padding and make it more comfortable
The straps. Thin white bandages made to hook over my ears and secured with hot glue.

Simple enough to make, but I'm really quite proud of it xD

The sash is over 2.5 meters long and is also made of dark blue Countess Satin. It has approximately 500 gold spos on it, which took about three hours to paint on. It is now completed, as I made a thick bias out of gold Countess Satin, and have attached it.

I feel very cool wearing it around the house ^^

The tunic is made out of dark blue Countess Satin, and painted with gold iron-fix fabric paint. the design took six hours to paint on all together xD It's actually really comfy xD

This evening I decided to FINALLY put this cosplay in progress, as I've decided to go as Yuffie to my friend's 18th birthday party (the theme of which is 'characters'. When I started working out what I'd need to make this cosplay I was amazed to discover I already had EVERYTHING I needed!!

TOP: COMPLETE. This was made out of a Primark Basics black vest top, painted with white Prmer. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out ^^

SHORTS: COMPLETE. Made out of a pair of grey knee-length shorts I've folded and sewn to make shorter. Then I added the black flappy bit (made from some of the masses of black material I have lying around) and attatched one of two mini belts that I think came off of a trenchcoat sleeve

SOCKS: COMPLETE. black knee-length socks, painted with white Primer. Nothing special, but complete,nonetheless.

Bag: COMPLETE. Made out of a plain black belt (probably from the same trenchcoat as the mini ones)with a black goody-bag I got from JCC last year stitched onto it. Then I used some blac material to make the pockets.

So that's what I've done this evening. Not bad for 4 hours' work, eh?

Almost everything else for this cosplay is currently in progress, and with any luck it will ALL be completed by this time tomorow. WISH ME LUCK XX

I would really want to make this as accurate a cosplay as I can, which means I'd need a nice, wool-like material for the cloak.

This is where my problem lies: I AM ALERGIC TO WOOL AND MOST WOOLEN-GRADE MATERIALS! What material can I use that will look lovely and thick and authentic without giving myself more skin problems than I already have?! *flails*

For saying this cosplay was randomly decided upon.. It's nearly finished already xD I managed to buy the jumpsuit today from Ebay (for a lot cheaper than i was expecting) and whilst I'm not 100% certain of the colour, I'm sure it'll be fine for what I need xD

I'd like to replace the goggles I have with better ones.. but it's not a priority (same with buying gloves)

ALSO, this cosplay means i get to wear my ULTRA EPIC NEW BOOTS! (which I'm slightly in love with) :P

Peace out, dudes ~<3

Overalls arrived today, but as I'm a midget I still need to take them in, but once that's out of the way, C'EST FINIS!!! :3

WOOP WOOOOOOOP xD well, the shirt and short are completely completed now ^^ and everything else is done xD

I ordered the wig last night, so as soon as that arrives IT IS COMPLETE!!

This makes me really excited because I love Rhyme soooo much and can't WAIT to cosplay her xD Expect pics THE MOMENT the wig arriiiiiives ~<3

On another note~ if the wig arrives beofre Mrach 13th *fingers crossed* i'll most likely be wearing Rhyme to the next Notts meet xD

Peace xx ~<3

YAAAAAAAY!! finally was able to order the wig yesterday xD which has got me all excited and impatient :D

Blazer has had to be put pack until april, as i'm POOOOR >.< *sadface*

So even though i was promised a new wig for christmas (which i decided WOULD be for Honey).. i stil haven't been able to order one

HOWEVER!! mum has promsed that i casn order one at the beginning of feburary.. which is like, next week!! *happy bunny*

once the wig arrives i'll get some test shots done and then set to work on that blazer!! which i'll probably be maing from scratch and buying a patch for xD

wish me luck!!

soo, today i decided to make this costume in progress. My Tsuna wig died slightly after the last time i wore it (in the rain! O: ) and seeing as i'd never been truly happy with it anyway, i started from scratch. After about an hour and a half of back combing and half a can of hairspray later.. it deemed it fininshed. (i am now NOT ALLOWED to touch it again, don't let me!!)

then i was looking for some base headphones and happened across a pair that i'd been given on a plane two years ago and that worked (AND WELL!! they're louder than teh ones i'm currently using) so a few coats of acrylic paint et voila.. headphones complete xD

i'll upload some cosplay shots maybe on wednesday xD

for saying i've had this costume complete for absolutely ages now, oly this morning did i decide to get off my ass and take some pics of it xD xD enjoy

Seeing as i noe have three of the six items needed for this cosplay, i'd like to declare it half finished. However, some perspective. The three parts needed are the wig, the shirt and the shorts(arguably the most important ones :P )

i've decided to make the shirt from scratch, as i cannot for the life of me find a decent base :/ and i'll probably buy some white shorts and modify xD. Both will most probably be completed after christmas (shirt hopefully before?)

Wig SHOULD be getting as a christmas present (if not, i'l just buy it with christmas money ^^)

so there it is, wish me luck!!

so for the November Notts Meet i&#039;ve decided to do HalloweenTown Roxas ^^

wanted to do it for ages.. and i have pretty much everything i need for it ^^

can&#039;t wait for November 7th :D

so i finally styled the wig, completing this cosplay :D :D

gotta say, i'm so pleased it's done, now i just gotta wait for j-con to debut him ^^

So close now!! everything is ready, apart from the wig, which has been ordered. can't wait for JCC, when i'll finally be debuting this cosplay.

if i'm honest, tsuna was the first charecter i wanted to cosplay, over a year ago now, but i just kept putting it off, so doing it now feels incrdeadable.

the gloves are so pretty.. but i'm still having trouble with the flame. i might also buy some orange contacts.. if i can be bothered :P

well, it's getting there, slowly but surely

i'm tweaking the headphones (again) cause i'm still not happy with 'em

this friday, exams are overrrrr!! which not only means i'll have more time to sew but also i can cut up my old school trousers for the shorts + leg warmers!!

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