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Still debating whether to include the lower adornment on Piers' mic stand but, as it's collapsible (and the top part preserves the microphone holder so it can be screwed on/off), I might skip it. Suffice to say that the props and accessories for Spikemuth's resident punk rocker/metalhead needed a lot of silver paint. XD

Between commissioned parts, modifications and a lot of trial and error, just about the only thing I've got left to make is possibly the most challenging: Piers' colossal wig! DDD:

Yes. It's still very daunting and tricky. BUT I WILL FIGURE IT OUT. :D

Quite a lot of progress from the last entry. The kneepads, pauldrons and the mask are all done, I've started modifying the boots and the sword's waiting on more Worbla so it'll actually be rigid enough to hold its shape.

After all that, though, comes the tricky part. The stealth suit that I've deliberately been leaving until last!

A plain, headless white zentai suit. Not much to say about the thing itself, buuuut... it does mean that the lowermost layer of this cosplay is pretty much done. The centrepiece would still be pretty difficult to do... but that comes later!

And it's still gonna be a secret. For now. :P

...but I suppose I've officially started work on this cosplay now.

Right now, with the gray undersuit basically being accomplished through a set of plain overalls (way easier AND they'd look hard-wearing enough to be military issue), the plan is for Phantom's refractive armour (aka: "stealth suit") to be mostly made from fabric-covered EVA foam and I'd just pull it on over the top. No doubt it'd have to be done in detachable parts so it could actually be stored/transported.

Oh, well. Stuff to think about!

...well, not retirement, as I've not retired anything! But I needed a second cosplay for MCM Manchester 2016 and, in all honesty, it was a toss-up between Teepo and Dust. Both of 'em need stuff redoing/improving, but I felt (slightly) more confident with doing Teepo's breastplate, gauntlets and sword than doing Dust's Ahrah Blade (complete with glowing LED runes. I WILL do that at some point!)

So, all going well, Teepo's coming to Manchester. I would like to get him some boot covers too but, with time as tight as it is (around three weeks to go), I'll likely just wear Dust's boots instead. I'll likely be wearing them for Zayne/my GW2 thief too. :D

After a bit of experimenting with craft foam, I stumbled across the perfect material to make Zayne's small thigh pouches: the cardboard that came with the pack when I bought it! Some primary school 3D geometry, lots of gluing and some fabric later and it all came together pretty nicely.

Now I just need a few more A4 sheets of cardboard so I can make the others!

The belts are definitely a challenge. I've made one of the main buckles - seeing as the width is an odd size, I made my own! - as well as the end... parts for two belt sections so far. The real trick is getting all the leather-ish material turned into the belts and leather panels.

The bracers, though, seem to be a little easier. Though, after drawing out all the outlines of the three-layered bracers onto paper, I'm gonna need ~£35 worth of Worbla for the pair. Ah, cosplay expenses, how I missed you. :D

The base coat is aaaaalmost there now. There's a few more bits of fur that need putting on to take care of the missing gaps. After that, it's a lot more planning to figure out where the belts and other leather panels need to go.

Zayne's coat belts are sort of how I imagine the 3DMG harness is for an Attack On Titan cosplay... a lot of hassle if you don't get one premade. Also, I really should take more photos. xD

A set of £5 headphones, some black and white paint, four little pieces of gesso'd camping mat foam, a permanent marker and a really steady hand. The shape may not be exactly right, but it works! The only drawback to wearing the full Frey cosplay is that phone touchscreens don't work when your fingers are covered by a zentai suit and some white gloves. Who knew? :D

I caved and ordered the wig for Frey, which just needs a bit of messing up to make it more unkempt than the pictures say it'll be when it arrives. After that, it's just finishing off the headphones. The tricky bit there is getting the lettering down!

The green bit of the coat's almost done. Though, before I took a break for the holidays, the sleeves were still separate and, with the exception of them, the fur trim was nowhere to be seen. And I've still got a lot of building up to do before this heavy thing's gonna be done!

Rather than checking out formalwear shops and having to pay rather a lot of money, I decided to ask around in a school uniform supply store. Turns out that, in addition to selling plain blazers, they even had one in my size. £30 later and I was one step closer to finishing this cosplay off. :D

After getting a couple of black Sharpies and a paint pen from Rymans, I finally finished off Frey's mask. And rather than buy another tie, I grabbed the double-length one (two black ties sewn together at the narrow end) from my old Aeon cosplay instead.

All I really have to get now is a black blazer and wait for Coscraft to open up after their break to grab a wig. Other than that, it's figuring out how to make the headphones fit (and decorating them).

The big centre piece of Zayne's default outfit is the Mist Walker coat (http://tinyurl.com/zaynemistwalker), a badass mess of leather, buckles, rings and pouches, all contained within a fur-trimmed trenchcoat. This'll be by far the most time-consuming thing to make.

After that, though, it's relatively plain sailing. His shirt and pants are mostly generic, with the exception of a sports-style knee brace over the right leg. The boots, while they were the Sneakthief boots (http://tinyurl.com/zaynesneak) on the screenshots I took, will likely be switched out for some more generic ones. Footwear that appears to be a pair of tabi/zori with shuriken strapped to the ankles... don't really fit the rest of the look that well.

Yup! That was fun. Despite everything, I think that Dust's the cosplay that's held up the best against an Expo weekend so far!

Aside from the wiring on the fan inside the head going all screwy, the only thing that "broke" was part of the cloak clasp on Saturday morning. And all that took to fix was some UHU glue from the cosplay repair desk to stick the Worbla back onto the plastic base. It held up for the rest of the weekend.

As I thought, the fan didn't make that much difference. Though that might have been due to its placement (directly above my head) and not having anywhere else in there to put it. So the airflow didn't really do anything. The Masquerade was great fun and, while I still can't stop my mind going blank when it comes to poses, I did learn that my overheating woes paled in comparison to those of others (Poor Baymax! D: )

In an ideal world, Dust v2 would have a sword that's actually finished and perhaps a head that actually looks more like him! The hat - and the clothes - turned out pretty well but, possible improvements aside, the holes basically render it compatible only with the "v1" head. So, if I remade Dust's head, I'd have to do the hat too. Don't suppose anyone's got any pointers/tricks to ensuring a facial likeness when making fursuit heads? :P

The finish line's here. Dust's coming to the May MCM.

The only drawback is... that his Ahrah Blade isn't. :(

With the design not taking into consideration stability issues (having the blade's whole weight resting on a seven-inch torch = not fun!) and with the blade itself still needing gessoing, painting and whatever other finishing touches I can think of, I doubt that it would be done in time to get packed up and brought out with me when I head down to the train station at 8AM.

If I wear Dust to another event, I'll be giving the sword a rethink. Lighter, better, glowier, stronger! That and learn to do a better head. But, for now, he's all ready to boil me alive in London, surrounded by thousands of people. Rejoice!

With some guidance from my brother (first time using LEDs and wiring, might as well ask someone who knows better!), the sword's starting to take shape. The trick is getting it done before the Expo! DDDD:

After a test attempt at trying to use Polymorph and powder paint to create the pommel gem for Dust's sword and seeing results faring rather badly, I decided to cheat a bit. I cut two hunks of styrofoam out, glued them on top of each other and basically whittled them down with a craft knife.

Not the best gemstone shape ever, but it fits in the setting-to-be I put together. That's the important thing! Just gotta paint them. :D

The only thing that needs finishing off in terms of clothes is the boots. Monday will hopefully entail an Abakhan trip to get some more blue fabric to tidy up the hat after the hole-cutting debacle as well as some brown leather-like material to form the wrapping for the sword's hilt and handguard.

The handguard itself's been carved out (of styrofoam) and is ready for when the electrics go in, basically having a hole put in the top/bottom to accomodate the wiring and the head of the torch. That's the plan, anyway.

Just under two weeks to get the sword built, working and ready. Then it's a matter of packing everything up.

- Pants are basically done.
- Cloak needs the clasp attaching.
- Waistcoat needs the trim sewing on.
- Undershirt needs the cuffs finishing off.
- Tail needs stuffing (attached to the waistcoat, using it as a sort of harness)
- Hat holes are done (finally), untidy bits need repainting and a new layer of blue fabric to hide where I hacked at it to get the holes right. Also, the hat seems to need weights in the back to tilt the brim up so I can see!
- Sword electrics are sort of planned. Once again, it seems like the weapon is going to be down to the wire. It's Aeon all over again! D:

It needs some tidying up here and there, but I finally got the hair styled! Sure, the head is basically evidence that Art was my weakest subject at school, but that's what the hat's for! Here's hoping the ears are big enough!

Ten and a half weft packs later, Dust has a full head of hair. This three-kilo behemoth (the foam/fur head and the hair combined) is certainly the heaviest thing I've made for a cosplay but, with quite a lot of hair cutting to do in the styling process, I'm sure that weight will go back down a bit!

Tail. Get it? Finally got around to sewing up the tail. Still have to put the kinks into it so it'll curl slightly away from the floor and stuff it, but still. Another little thing done.

Now I'm REALLY beginning to realise just how much hair is on Dust's head. I'm pondering whether to style it in sections (with the back first, before dealing with the front) or style the whole thing once it's done, though I'm leaning towards the former.

Anyway, four weft packs done, another three ordered from Coscraft. The madness continues!

This took quite a lot of pondering but, after a lot of decision-making on where they should actually go, I took the plunge and glued Dust's ears into place. While I might have to hand-stitch them down in order to make them more secure, there's only a handful of things left to do in order to finish off the head-and-hat combo!

- Cutting holes in the hat for the ears to (hopefully) poke through
- Applying wefts to the head to form Dust's hair
- Fitting the fan to the inside of the head (and make sure it works)

These are probably the most infuriating things right now. :D

Fidget is going to go one of two ways. The first idea is that I make the Fidget doll; a somewhat small-sized version of her that I'll carry about, perhaps peering out of a pocket or somesuch. The second, however, is rather more ambitious. Idea #2 is where I go big, make a "full-sized" version of Fidget (my estimates would put her at nearly a foot and a half tall, when compared to my height) and SOMEHOW mount her against my shoulder so that she'll be flying behind me. Of course, both ideas hinge on me being able to make a Fidget doll in the first place.

The sword... well, that's come to a standstill as I'm trying to figure out the wiring. Electrical engineering was one of the many many subjects I didn't take while in college.

And the eyes. Those are sort of progressing and the style of eyes I use depends entirely on which I get done to an acceptable standard first.

In more minor news, I'm currently trying to judge how big Dust's ears should be. They have to be big enough to poke up through his hat like in the game. Once his ears are measured out, furred up and stuck in place, I can then get on with the more precarious jobs of cutting the holes in the hat and tackling his hair.

A lot of stuff to do! D:

It's coming together, even if my schedule's suffering setbacks (paints on back-order, sewing machine stuck behind clutter and so on). I'm hoping that, once the furring/lining's all done, the fan's fitted (and hopefully not carving up my hair), the eyes are finished and glued in and Dust actually has a head of hair plus a pair of ears, it'll look a whole lot better.

The hat's just about done, minus holes for the ears (which haven't been made yet) and I've started lining the inside of the head. However, that won't actually get done until I've checked if there's enough space for a fan in there.

Even in it's incomplete state, it looked pretty damn good seeing Dust's head/hat on me in the mirror. I can only imagine how it'll look when it's done and I have the rest of the cosplay to go with it. :D

With about £100 worth of fabric and fur now sitting in bags, I have just about everything I need for this cosplay. Thankfully, I have the hat, sword and head to do until I get to a sewing machine. :D

As I haven't got around to going out to Abakhan to get the materials for Dust's head, I thought I'd focus on the hat for a bit. From the basic shape, I hotglued a layer of craft foam across the whole thing in order to try and strengthen what's otherwise just pretty flimsy upholstery foam.

On the underside, there's currently a series of craft foam strips acting as supports. I'm currently wondering whether to craft foam the whole of the underside as well or leave it as it is.

Anyway, from here, I'll be gessoing the whole thing until it's a smooth surface. Then it'll all be spraypainted black and the turquoise fabric will be attached to and draped over the sides.

While they both look untidy and are nothing more than uncovered foam, the basic shapes for Dust's head and hat are pretty much done now. It'll most likely be the hat, head and sword first, then everything else.

Having just taken a trip to the epic Abakhan in Wales and bought a sack of various fabrics for both Dust and the Fidget doll (FOREVVVERRR... >:) ), I think it's safe to say this is no longer just "Planned". :D

While I didn't get very many photos of either of my cosplays this year, Delsin was a whole lot easier to live with during the weekend, given the seemingly traditional London Expo heat.

Most unexpected highlight of my time cosplaying Delsin during the Expo weekend? A Fetch found me on Sunday and got a photo with me. I had an inkling that I wasn't going to be the only one cosplaying Delsin Rowe during the weekend (I spotted at least five), but seeing someone cosplaying a character from Second Son that WASN'T Delsin? That one, I didn't see coming. :)

Well, it's official. If you're wearing a wig, MCM May's gonna be warm! Anyway, about the cosplay:

Jumpsuit/Scarf: No problems here. Given this was the first big test of my machine-sewing fu, this turned out better than I hoped. The scarf was okay too, but probably could have done with being longer in order to make it easier to put over my head twice.

Gauntlets/Gloves: If I'm gonna rewear Teepo, then these will likely need a lot of work, if not remaking altogether. With how rigid they ended up becoming after having to use stuff that wasn't gesso, the gauntlets were pretty ill-fitting as a whole, running up onto the bottom of my palms. The gloves themselves were as simple as grabbing the first thing I found that was the right colour. In hindsight, not the best move. In future, I should get some in a more form-fitting material.

Boots: The black "cuffs" were fine, but the silver braces simply couldn't hold up to a day of walking about. Given that the boots were actual boots instead of simple boot covers (which I haven't learned how to make yet), they were going to be inherently problematic due to how irregular wellies are as a base (as some "anime-style" boots often rise high up the shin and have no laces). This meant that the foam I used had no stable platform on which to get stuck, regardless of what glue I used and, as people might have noticed by the end of Saturday, they'd all either fallen off or been taken off by me 'cause I'd just given up with them. The silver section'll likely be just painted on until I learn how to do a better solution.

Sword/Scabbard: The sword was pretty much an example of "I know the blade doesn't look very sword-like, but if it's not being whipped out that much, it'll be fine" The scabbard was fine... except for me having a derp moment and trying to paint over accidental gold spray from painting the golden bands with the wrong type of paint. Which got onto the bracers during the Expo over a month later. So I'll probably wash that off. As for the blade, I might be able to chop it down to a more blade-like shape, then reprime/sand/paint the exposed sections. But that'd mean making another scabbard or somehow making the current one fit.

Armour: Oh, where to begin, you velcro-ridden problem child? By the end of Saturday, a third of the velcro was trying to make a bid for freedom, the paint/gesso was cracking at the edges from all the flexing and, while it sounded like a good idea in my head, having a two-layer, front-fastening breastplate was way more work to put on/take off, especially when combined with everything else. I'll likely be redoing this for the future, and having it as a rear-fastening single layer job. That way, the front will be a continuous piece as I originally wanted it to be and it shouldn't be as cumbersome. Perhaps I'll work on the area around the shoulders too, as the armour was somewhat limiting on my arms.

So, all in all, there were a lot of things which I could've done better but, for my first big self-constructed cosplay project, it went a lot better than I originally hoped. Of course, if that could stop my mind from choosing the centre of a masquerade stage to suddenly go blank, that would be great. But we can't have everything, right? But, the hell with it. It was worth it to hear someone shout out, "You were awesome, Teepo!" on my way back to the hotel. I knew I likely wouldn't win anything in the actual Masquerade, so that in itself - combined with the fact I actually signed up and did it - was a victory.

And, for rightfully saying my first bash at the Masquerade would be fun and not fraught with failure, thanks Princess Derpy! ;)

Jumpsuit, scarf, armour, boots, gauntlets and the sword. It's finally done! I might give the whole cosplay a try tomorrow, including the wig and a hopefully non-failure attempt at some really basic make-up. There are quite a few things I could have done better but, for my first time making armour/a sword/a scabbard/a jumpsuit, I think it turned out pretty well! And I wasn't stuck until 4am on the Friday like last year!

The jumpsuit's pretty much done. All I've really got left to do is putting the armour together to the extent that it looks good!

EDIT: Jumpsuit's finished! All I need to do now is get some more velcro for the armour (to make it so the top layer doesn't stick out as much), do yet more gluing to get it all down, then FINALLY paint it. After that, it's getting the wig styled and perhaps a full-on test before the Expo if there's time. :D

The plan right now for the armour involves three total pieces of foam, arranged over two layers. The bottom layer will be made up of the two pieces on the sides, which get fastened in place with velcro straps around the front.

The central piece will be the top layer, which will (hopefully) be fixed to the bottom layer with press studs and end up hiding the unglued centre of the bottom layer. Here's hoping it looks good when it's all put together!

With smudges of gesso on my shirt and paint (somehow) on my arm, I now have a scabbard to go with Teepo's sword! One day's work well spent!

Everything's on there that should be! The only question mark on the whole affair is how well the gluing job will hold up when I'm wearing them and walking around.

Starting to put images on the journal now, as opposed to the Photos area. Anyhoo, I'm down to the last few hurdles between me and calling this cosplay - the first one I've done without buying a premade majority (Aeon) or predominately modifying store-bought items (Delsin) - finally complete.

The scabbard's been rather easy so far. Managed to nail the perfect width (after some adjustment cutting) on the second bit of foam. All I need to do now is wrap/glue the same red vinyl-like material I used on the sword's hilt around the whole thing, then cut out the embellishments out of craft foam and paint them the right colour.

More updates!

- Bracers are finished. They don't look as smooth as they really should be but, seeing as I could only get out of town to get gesso a couple of days ago, they'll do. If they ever get remade, they're getting gesso'd before painting!

- Boots are almost done. Just tried a new method of fixing the chunkier caps to the brace (UHU glue and A LOT of dressmaking pins to hold it in place while it dried) and, after two coats of gesso, I managed to put the boots on with none of them falling off. Painting's up next and, fingers crossed, they'll stay on while I'm wearing them in London.

- The armour pattern's been cut in half and separated at the shoulder to create a flat template that'll act as an all-in-one pattern (two full shapes for the bottom layer, then draw out the front section twice end-to-end to make the top layer). I'll likely end up needing to buy another of these camping mats to have enough foam for the scabbard later.

Using my limited sewing-fu, I managed to switch out the tacking stitches for actual seams. On the whole, there's not too many phases left to get this bit done; finishing work on the sleeves (make sure they sit right, pad out the shoulders slightly) being the main thing. But, it seems there aren't too many purple concealed/invisible zips in the world. Who knew? :D

Update: Found one!

- Boots

The basic shape of the braces are glued on. A few of my fingertips despaired at the hot glue and, right now, the whole unpainted/unprimed braces look like a bit of a mess. Hopefully, what I've already got to do the next step will also help to smooth out the shape.

- Breastplate

Cannibalised a t-shirt as a mount for a duct tape pattern. Still gotta draw on the basic shape and generally follow tutorials to make the thing. I'll likely order some more Worbla and use it along with craft foam to make this.

Hopefully, I won't lose track of time too badly! xD

It's not as much as I would have liked, but things are progressing. I'm getting taught how to work sewing machines and patterns for the purposes of making the jumpsuit, I've started to hot-glue on the foam board skeleton for the sword ready for expanding foam and the boots still need the "metal" (primed/painted craft foam) braces making and fixing on.

Seems I have a little more to do. Now that I've got the game and been able to look at Delsin's model, it's given me a couple of finishing touches to do. I'll throw some notes here, in case anyone thinks to do this and they don't have easy access to the game/a PS4:

- The skull on Delsin's left shoulder is another sewn-on patch; red background with black (masking taped?) lines creating the skull. They're seemingly smudged a bit, too. Like his hat, there's also another "Seattle 138" mini-patch here, separate to the skull patch and located underneath.

- Delsin's shoes. Black sneakers/trainers/casual shoes with white soles, along the lines of http://tinyurl.com/delsinshoeexample . However, his shoes have been customised. As well as the two yellow stripes at the side (diagonally/vertical, sloping towards the heel, if I recall) and the brand name beside them, they're also monogrammed. There's a "D" (in an old-style gothic font like http://tinyurl.com/delsinfont) on the tongue, also in yellow.

Kwik Sew #3389! If someone on the website I spotted it on used it for a Chell cosplay, then I can do it for Teepo! Thankfully, I know a place in town where I might be able to get/order it. :D

Guess this is kind of a thing now.

Got ideas for the gloves, following the same principle for the Aeon cosplay to try and make Teepo's boots and ordered the wig from Coscraft. So... all the really tricky bits aren't started yet. Yyyyeah, sounds like par for the course for me!

And, with the skull painted, there we have it. All done!

And yes, the next thing on the agenda is a photo or two of the whole thing. :P

As I'm very likely going to be waiting for most of this next week (if not longer) for the hoodie I ordered to actually arrive due to the holidays, it seems I've encountered a slight delay in the actual finishing of this cosplay!

So I fired up the Infamous Second Son E3 trailer for the five thousandth time, paused it at the first half-decent view of Delsin from the front and put the eight badges in the right place. One step to go!

Now all that's left to do is to paint the skull onto the shoulder of the hooded top, sew the patch onto the vest, put the badges on in the right places and I can call this done.

And Delsin's a graffiti artist too, so I have a convenient excuse for random smudges of paint in places there shouldn't be any! ;)

If all goes well, I should be able to get down to the local market later on today. The items on the agenda is another pot of black Dylon paint for the vest - because a few patches of the shoulder section need a little more paint on them to have the "darkness" match up better - and maybe a hooded top with a zip already on it if I can find one.

After that, it's just painting. Lots and lots of painting.

...you end up doing something that you didn't need to do?

It seems that what I thought was a panel of dark denim stitched over the vest is, in fact, a layer of black paint. I was looking through the trailers again and realised that, if it WAS a new layer of fabric, the seam atop the shoulder would be hidden.

Sure, I already bought the darker fabric before I noticed but, on the bright side, it's so much less hassle to get the cosplay finished. And I can just use a square of the dark denim fabric - and the white paint pen I got on my last trip to HobbyCraft - to make the rock band patch which Delsin's sewn on down near waist level.

Silver linings, and all that. :D

After figuring out how to get the fabric pen to work, I could finally write the "Seattle 138" onto the piece of black denim I sewed onto the hat. Almost there now!

I must have used almost half a roll of masking tape to make this pattern but, with the damn thing out of the way, I'm one step nearer to turning this plain denim vest into the far more epic one Delsin wears.

Next step: Cutting out the black denim and sewing it into place. Then the painting/badges can go on while I'm also fixing a zip to the black hoodie. :P

And that should be the last piece of clothing I'll need. After this, it's all modifying. :D

Sure, there isn't much actual "making" on this one but, with convention plans being somewhat unlikely and finances hardly ideal, I thought I'd make a start on this one above Teepo, seeing as Delsin doesn't require stuff like foam and Worbla's (for the sword and breastplate).

Well, let's see..! I was up until 4am on the Friday of the Expo finishing off the sword, I had to resew two of the buttons during the weekend, I lost one completely, the sword (predictably) broke on Saturday afternoon and, thanks to the heat of London in early-summer, I was sweating more during the day than Lee Evans.

But it was a hell of a lot of fun. Just about everything could have been better but, with it being my first time trying this cosplay lark, there's been nothing but lessons to learn for the future; chief among which being COSPLAY SOMETHING EASIER! *flails*

All that aside, the fact I was still getting people commenting about how awesome the whole thing looked was a definite morale boost. Helping someone in the Ramada in their quest to "hug every single cosplayer", the guy on Friday who was the first to recognise who I was cosplaying; in fact everyone who took a photo or talked to me - whether in the hotel, the epic queues, or out near the stairs - you all made my weekend. :D

"...I'm newbie cosplayer Origin... and these will be the longest and most frantic 80 hours of my life..."

As it stands, all that's between me and calling this complete is the Clock Sword; approximately 140cm of awkward shapes - points, curves and circles, oh my! - and other assorted stuff.

With the last time I cut or sanded anything for the purposes of a project being almost eleven years ago, when I was in high school, I'm way out of practice with getting surfaces even and level. But, if all else fails, I can just say that Aeon's been in a few fights and it's dinged up his precious sword/timepiece!

Right now, I've just finished making the thirteen holes around the clock's bezel. Still quite a ways to go, but here's hoping!

With almost all of the pieces of the Clock Sword except for the clock bezel and the mounting point for the winder cut out, it's just the task of sanding them into shape, sealing them, painting and getting them stuck together.

I'm toying with the idea of having the blade and pommel be detachable somehow, to give me the option of taking them off and handing them in (leaving just the central clock) if I want a break from lugging the whole thing around.

As for the thirteen Soul Keys? As much as I'd love to have them, I don't think there'd be enough time to figure out how to make them before the Expo. *sigh*

Well, where to begin?

With around a month to go before the big day, I decided to call upon my "Big Back-Up Plan", which entails using the Aeon outfit I ordered near the start of this project.

While it puts an end to my ability to enter the Masquerade this time around, it does allow me a much greater chance to get the rest of the cosplay done in time. So now, I have three weeks to:

- Finish making the Clock Sword
- Do the white detail on Aeon's boots
- Turn the glasses into an epic monocle
- And figure out where the chains go.

I -should- have everything I need to finish everything off. And, once that's done, all that remains is to practice putting the whole thing on and trying to look awesome. :D

Updatery: Check those middle two from the list. And after solving a small issue with the keyring, it's just down to that damn sword. After that, I can get the chain placement finalised and be all cosplayed up and ready to go!

After some application of more Clarksonian Theory (translated: disregard eyelet tool, use HAMMER) to the latter 28 eyelets, the pants're done and laced up, minus a bit of trimming (left leg, I'm looking at you!).

Seeing as my legs will be mobile just about all day, the fact that I couldn't get even two of the 56 eyelets to be in a straight line shouldn't be too obvious. But still! AEON PANTS, AWAAY!

After what seemed like forever with the belief that the house's resident eyelet tool had a bit missing, I decided to take the fallback option and bash them into submission with a hammer. Because, sometimes, the Clarkson school of getting things done actually works.

Aside from a little untidiness inside many of the holes (bits of metal curling the wrong way), the first of two legs of Aeon's pants are finally done. Once the black cord is linking them up, I'm hoping the mistakes won't be too visible.

Ah, well. Only another 28 eyelets to go!

Yup, it's April. Given that it's my first time trying this whole "make a cosplay in time for a 250-mile trip", I'd say the worries are definitely starting to set in. Mostly due to how much is still left to do. Note to self: cosplay something simpler next time!

On a brighter note, my dad made an unexpected visit with a couple of inch-thick sheets of styrofoam. If I can make the clock sword out of that as opposed to the wood, it'll make things a lot less stressful/exhausting when I'm down in London. Onward!!

Broke out the Got2B glue/spray and had another try at emulating Aeon's hair style. I'd call this done (or at the very least, better than the first time)! What do you lot think?

The boots for the cosplay are beginning to take shape. After finding a rectangle-buckled, grey belt in Preston, I managed to buy six of them and, after cutting them down to size and punching in some new holes, the plain belts are looking more Aeon-ish.

Another day, another couple of things bought for the cosplay project. As I didn't get all of the chain I needed the first time around, I got some more - this time for the space between the large buttons on the coat.

Add that to a decently long piece of wood which, hopefully, will become a decent representation of the bigger parts of the clock sword. Tomorrow, it's gonna be fabric shopping. Oh, how the fun continues to mount. :D

The search to get everything I'll need to get this cosplay done continues! I'll hopefully have the pattern for a tailcoat - which I can then modify heavily - by the end of the weekend.

But, in order to have something to show for my efforts thus far, I had a go at styling the wig to give it a more fitting look. For the first attempt, it could've worked out a little better, but still! At least the fringe isn't being eaten by my own eyes now.

And no, I'm not a photographer! Whatever gave you that idea? Note to self: Don't angle yourself directly in front of the bedroom light next time! <_<

The wig arrived from Coscraft today. This is a good thing.

That is all. ^_^

UPDATE: Okay, so maybe it's not all, after all. After stumbling across someone's (I forgot who it was!) stellar work at transferring Aeon's 3D model over to XNALara, I decided to grab it. Now I have an awesome reference for future work. :D

Slowly, but surely, more parts of the cosplay are coming in. Today, it's some boots. While they're probably going to be infuriating to work with, they're just about perfect, shape-wise. Now I just have to find candidates for the stuff that needs to go on it.

Additional: I had my first go at drawing the outline (with a pencil so it's near invisible and can be washed off) of the white detailing on Aeon's boots. If I get the shape/template right when the time comes, I should just be able to make four exact copies and go from there. Hopefully. :D

Two black ties, 48 silver eyelets, a cheap pair of glasses and some old-style keys made out of cast iron. Around £16 for the lot. Sure, the actual suit still eludes me, but still. Quite a nice haul to boost the morale after the debacle of yesterday. :D

Don't you just hate it when you feel like you've searched all over the centre of town for pieces of a cosplay and turned up next to nothing?

On the bright side, I did find a candidate(s) for the core of the Clock Sword's blade: a broom handle from a local pound shop. There's still the better part of 12 weeks until the convention actually starts, so these kinds of things are good to keep in mind for stages further down the line!

But I got a plain white button shirt for three whole English pounds and I found a belt in my wardrobe which - after painting/dying - could work. The real trick is how to nail the look of the undershirt.

From the looks of it, it's three (or at least two) different garments cobbled together; the white button shirt for its shoulders and collar and a more casual-looking black/dark gray striped shirt, vertical stripes on the chest, horizontal on the long sleeves. And then there's that deliberately long necktie/bow thingy...

...this list is immense. Regarding the challenge, Top Gear is springing to mind. "How hard could it be?". Very, as it turns out. :D

I now have a place to sleep between convention days. While many people are going to be making multiple cosplays for the Expo, I'm gonna stick with just one. Y'know, being a first-timer and all that?

But, thankfully, family members are willing to help me out. Something tells me I'm gonna need it. In less stressful news, however, I now have a glue gun. Just in case. ;)

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