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I used paper stencils to determine the size of each flap before I use worbla - the little badly made paper construction in the middle was for me to determine how big they'd look all together (which looks slightly too big? - trial and error now)

sadly the roses are slightly smaller than I hoped so i'm either gonna just buy loads or get some slightly bigger ones also.

These took forever due to me being a numpty and foregoing a pattern again.
They may be abit to baggy / long but there what I'm happy with for now.

Decided now was the time to remake the majority of red queen and finish whatever wasn't done! I wasn't happy with the skirt part of the dress mostly so this is the first thing I changed

This took way more time than I had hoped and the underside of the arm is still incomplete but there isn't much i can do about that now so i'll settle for this!

Okay do to do this I used about 4 different sizes and colours of rhinestones and then gemstone glue - If you do this make sure NOT to use superglue, the fabric just absorbed the glue and does not stick.

next time I plan to make a corset, get a pattern and steel boning.
I guess for most part on what I had to do - Trial and error, not really a recommended approach.

This is not the wig i'll be using. I seem to have missplaced my other.
But anyway! So many peircings! Just to note that I don't have any peircings done at all so all of these will be fake.

Brought the fabric for the cape today, Hope i have enough!

So this took about 1/3 hours in total to do. Wasn't that hard but as i needed to re use the shirt after i had to hand sew the cuffs on. Most feathers are just tooked under the wefting but some are sewn in so they don't fall out. The feathers in the cuffs are glued behind the black cuff. I may remake the cravat as it didnt come out the way i planned.

So most of the jacket detail was mainly buttons, cord and feather trimming. All which had to be and sewn due to not being machine friendly. Chains are what i had left over from Red Queen

I decided that now would be the easiest time to order some more feathers as i /clearly/ do not have enough. So, i ordered 600 feathers - Mostly black but some dark blue in aswel. I still need to order more as there the nice fluffy ones and i still have to get the more sturdy normal type. Just sewing the base of teh outfit at the moment~ Progress up soon!

This is the first time i've made shorts/trousers. I used elastic around all rims which i Threaded through and sewn to both ends of teh seem. The Zip was sewn down middle before seems were sewn. I used basic pattun from an old pair of none streachy trousers, folded and drawn round.

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