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Got into cosplay when I attended the London MCM Expo May 07 and saw everyone else having masses of fun - I thought well why not?

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So it was a bad idea to leave the legs/wings until the las three weeks but school work's to blame, right?!

Wing Zero has risen frm the ashes... of hiatus. After more than a 'few' months of inactivity, I'm happy to say that the project is back on track! I'm working on it as much as I can in between of A Levels/exams/part time job to get it finished by May's Expo.

The whole upper body is pretty much finished, all's left are the legs, feet and wings. Huzzah!

The head is finished :) It has gone from looking like a Spartan helmet to Master Chief to a Stormtrooper to finally... a Gundam head!
Just latex and paint left :)

The torso is also nearing completion and so are the wing frames.

You have no idea how much I hate circuiting. But it's all done with, they light up when I speak. Time to implant these in the chest :)

Wing frame's finished.

With the lovely help from the experienced Companion_Cube and K4tt, I'm going to try my hand at circuting LEDs to the eyes and chest so that when I speak/noise is caused they will illuminate. The threshold decibel level will be adjusted so that the generall hubbub of Expo won't cause it to be constantly illuminated. I've ordered all the components needed for circuting, eee I can't wait to apply the Physics that I've learnt from 6th form into a Gundam project! Now the total expenditure has been bumped up to £148 - I will be expect the final cost to be £200 since I still have to buy latex and paint :P

The wing frame is looking good so far, it's not as heavy as I predicted it would be and I trust that it's strong enough for me not to worry about them breaking due to the weight of the wings themselves. Pretty good for cardboard I have to say!

15 sheets of plastazote arrived two days ago; I grinned in glee and got to work.

The centre torso mainframe is finished, it's purposefully made small (and bodyhugging) so when I build pieces on top of it it won't end up being overly huge and out of proportion. Photos when I've done more work to it otherwise you'll be spammed with worthless progress photos XD

Left glove's finished, right glove is on it's way (I have to do THAT all over again?! It's starting to bore me!)

£110 worth of plastazote has been ordered!

First rifle has been completed! (constructed, weighted, latexed, painted, detailed)

Second rifle on it's way.

Left hand on it's way.

Twin rifles construction begun, got as far as making the inner mainframe and layering plastazote on the outside but then I poured hot glue all over my left palm by accident and now I have a second degree burn :C I can't do anything with my hand in this state so all construction is brought to a halt.

- 36 ultra bright green LEDs to illuminate the chestpiece pending order.
- 6mm and 12mm thickness Plastazote pending order.
- Long plastic tubes already collected for the twin rifle.
- Latex at the ready.
- Rifles to begin construction as soon as my Further Maths exam is complete.

Wow, what a great weekend. Meeting Briareos/Xaerael was awesome indeed, that costume blew me away by a mile. The masquerade was great stuff and the level that everyone was comepting at certainly has kicked up by a massive notch. The Warhammer cosplayers grandly deserved first place and I also was in awe at the Haseo cosplayer.

Didn't rewear on Sunday because the wetsuit was still sort of wet and clammy from Saturday :P

Thanks to Xaerael for being Bri, TheInkOfDoom for kitting me up/down whenever I needed the toilet, Crims0n_x for dealing with my whining during the construction stages and everyone else for being a good sport on the day.

Till next time!

So very close to completion. Despite the number of pieces of armour that needs to be brought to Expo on the train, I can fit them all in 2 small sports holdalls :D What great packing skills!

Final itty bitty bits are to make 2 kneecaps and sew a couple pieces of velcro on parts so they can stick to the wetsuit.

So near yet so far. Expo is creeping up on us all in T minus 17 days.

All's left is to latex/paint the neckpiece, make the elbow/knee pads, stitch the ear muffs onto the headband and sew six pieces of velcro on the wetsuit!


Panic is starting to kick in because there is 3 weeks left and I've got exams next week, ugh!

Not a lot left to do, just make a couple more pieces, finish of sewing Velcro on the wetsuit, style wig, make headband and eye scope, etc.

Wish me luck!

Everything is gonig according to plan, the latexing works well and gives a good finish (thanks Neil!)

Bullpup rifle is finished, it has a laser dot sight and a acog scope:)

All 4 shoulderpads are latex and painted, in other words, finished woo!

Next up on my list is to sew the velcro straps onto the lower back plate and then latex/paint that.

I've hit the £80+ mark orz

Plating the gloves complete and covering the rifle in plastazote complete.

Now the rifle needs to have the raised details finished off and then I can stick my laser on, after all that I can finally paint it.

One shoulder pad done, another to go.

Still have got to do all 4 elbow/kneecaps!

Yes I know that I'm not really into posting photos online of my progress (cue laziness) but rest assured that progress IS being made XD;

Finished the greaves (leg armour) and boots so that's pretty much arms, legs and torso done. I'm now assembling the straps on the leg gun holster so that I can strap it to my leg and not have it slip down XD And yeah there's going to be a BB gun put in there but empty magazine so rest assured that I won't shoot people :P

One kneecap done, one more to go.

Two elbow caps to go.

Two shoulderpads to go.

Greaves have been cut to shape and they are now ready for assembling and painting/detailing. I'm going to cheat on this one and stick them on top of my shin pads so I don't have to make straps for them XD;

The lower back of the armour has been shaped and is also ready for reinforcing with fabric and then painting.

Errrr... the ESWAT assault rifle looks pretty similar to a FAMAS so I'm going to have to think hard for that. To buy or to make?

Finished the combat jacket, I did something stupid and accidentally glued the fabric (to strengthen the foam) on the WRONG side of the vest so the fabric was on the outside and not on the inside =.= Had to redo it all lmao. It's all good now though and I'm working on the boots/greaves now.

Finished carving the sword out of wood and then finished the scabbard on the second day :D

Have found the perfect rubber ankle boots that match Deunan's boots 99% so I'm glad... but £14 subtracted from my account now haha. Someone gave me a free call centre headphone that can be easily fixed to look like the ESWAT communications headphone.

Still not looking forwards to that rifle :(

Chestplate finished and it's looking sweet. Made a replica of the gauntlet so I have 2 now, one for L arm and one for R arm.

Thin vest that she wears: paper template has been made so I'll need to transfer the template onto two layers of foam and create a proper vest. Add raised details, paint, and it will be done :)

Extra large sheets of craft foam have arrived. Finished reinforcing the breastplate and will cover in craft foam and detail now :)

Mockups for gauntlets, kneecaps, elbowcaps, upper arms, breastplate and backplate are done.

Left gauntlet finished. Right gauntlet in progress (exact replica of left, basically). Upper arms are in progress, sewing tough velcro strips onto a wetsuit is a painful job on my thumb.
Elbow cap made a lil too large, gonna be a kneecap now. Will begin on greaves when I finish upper arms.

I've also finished the glove armour but will need to find the right pair of gloves to velcro these onto.

Hm.. the ESWAT SMG looks like a right pain. I'll start that when I'm feeling a lot more enthusiatic about propmaking ;D

Chest armour going good. Toughened the front, attached my old Nerf vest onto the back of the chestplate so that it's fully wearable and adjustable around the neck and waistline. Needs a large sheet of foam to cover and finish off details.

Uh... looknig for decent boots for Deunan. That's about it so far really :)

I deserve to be shamed for not having seen Ex Machina before deciding to cosplay Deunan. I've just finished the movie and my word it was breathtaking. Briareos' 'gun fu' was exciting and added a new level to the opening church scene, as expected from John Woo. I must admit that I'm not one to cry at movies when someone dies but I cried when Briareos said he would always protect Deunan even if the world ends; it was such a touching remark and awww... just awww. The sequel has added a new level of personality to the characters and the animation does it justice.

For those who haven't seen Appleseed... What are you waiting for?!

1. What do you make your katanas out of?
I carve them out of pinewood.

2. How do you wrap the handle of the swords?
I prefer to use cord as opposed to ribbons because cord doesn't stretch when pulled tight. As for the actual wrap, well it's simple but sort of complicated to explain, sorry! There are lots of twisting involved.

3. Can I commission you for a prop?
Yes you may send me an e-mail/private message/comment asking what you'd like done and I'll usually get back to you within a day.

4. But these look like they cost loads of money!
Actually, I usually charge £25-40 for a katana depending on the complexity, so not too pricy :)

5. Where did you learn how to make props?
I taught myself how to make props and using tools for the right use. If there's a prop that looks a bit tricky, I think and make plans step by step to achieve the final product. Then I make it ;D

6. How long does it take you make an average length katana?
About 4-5 hours excluding the time it takes for the spray paint to dry.

If you have any more questions, fire them at me and I'll stick the answers here ;D

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