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Need to practice an work on it as not overly happy. Photoshoot soon~ finaly after having him finiahed for over a year~

My uniform arrived a while ago~ Tho I'm still waiting on my wig but it should arrive shortly. And shouldnt take much styleing so I feel quite relaxed about it. All thats really left is to sort trainers (dose not own white trainers besides Kuroko's) and make-up test which will do when wig is styled ^^ I'm loving how these basketball cosplays are so easy to pull together xD

So I'm over halfway now. Been doing this like mad for a month or so, I've managed to hand stich over 30 mts of gold trim to this thing T^T I really wish I'd been able to finish all the bits I wanted before my deadline and have it more polished off but alas my inablitly to understand when a project is way to advanced for my skill level managed to win out again. I love the cosplay its self but once I put it on to do a shoot the other week I felt very awkard in it and nothing sat right or the way I wanted. I know I'm my own biggist critic but until I see the raws from the shoot and decided either way I feel rather meh about this whole cosplay. It's also ended up turning out rather diffrent to the actual art work its sapossed to be based on which is abit meh. I'm going to contiune working on this now for Amecon and try getting the bits and bobs finished, try altering the bits I was un-happy with and practice trying to corset an tie up my arm pieces on my own X'D

So yer quite a while since I updated this. Almost done, just got a few bits more like tidying up the trousers and putting poppers on the top. I cant honisty say if it wernt for my lovly aunty helping me with this it Would have been thrown out the window on quite afew occasions. I always look at something and think 'ah thats easy!'... All I can say is I'm a Fool! Need to pull the wig out again and look at it properly as I'm starting to think it could be too blonde and not 'golden' engouth (first time I've wanted a more yellow blonde based wig and gotten an actually light blonde wig)

I have most the bits needed to start this now, still need to hunt a dress pattern and waiting for my skirt hoop to arrive. I really want to try clearing some of my half done projects before getting started on this beast before my attenion from it completly wavers. But as soon as I have a suitablish pattern I shall start.

So everythings cut out, ended up getting a pattern for the harem pants as all my attempts were outstadingly fail. Just to sew it all together and probaly need to buy more eleastic v_v also plan to work on wand and 'bangles' this weekend. Fingers crossed I can get atleast one of my in-progess finished soon >.<

Ya so I have everything to get started and whats the first things I work on? The furr boa..... ya my priotiys are clearly in the right place >.< So I have a wig, ears, tail and half made boa right now. Shoes shall be the next thing on my list and then I shall start the actually making of this.... I hope!!

Ok so the other weekend I actually cut out a sew together the trousers being really carefull to match up all the strips around the croutch area and allowing extra for the waist band an such... go to try them on to find out I used the wrong trouser pattern... RRRAAAWWW I managed to pick up my streach fabric pattern and didnt even think to check what was in my hand before going ahead and cutting v_v So its back to re-starting the trousers hopefully this weekend. I also remeber why I promised myself not to work with striped fabric again after Daggers shirt....Oh the pain and hassle!! But atleast its large wide strips I saposse so now were near as bad as before. Also wig is now here and shall be styled shortly when I get round to it.

Ok so I've basicaly ordered all the important bits needed, just got to wait for them to arrive so I can get strated. Shall need to do a few test runs on the trousers first I think, as I have never in my life made harem style pants and have no kind of pattern to work with >.< In all I think this is a rather easy cosplay from the fabric constucition side and without mass's of detailing I hope to get it fisnished rather quickly.

Obi + Bow is now finished. Remade the single arm thing an like it a lot better. Wig has been cut and styled and a few hair ordiments are done. Mask was repainted and altho its realllllly not perfect it shall hopefully do. Will be doing make up test soon hopefully. Still to do ~ sword, under top/ bandages and boot belts.

Kimono base done. Obi started tho its going to be small due to the beltage thats got to go on top. Mask arrived yesterday.... its bigger than my head and smells funny XD gonna wash and re-paint it this weekend. Chocker is made. And now plan to remake leathery arm thing so that it stays up. Still to do - Style wig + wig bow/tassle, undertop, obi bow + ribbons, remake leather arm, make shoe belts, find/make sword.

Wig ordered. Mask ordered. Belts ordered. Kimono fabric arrived Sat and pattern was cut out. Not 100% on the pattern on the fabric and its not as bright as I wanted but hopefully it'll work. Its an odd messurement for a yard (way more legnth then width)which has made cutting out the pattern really hard, and its going to have wonky sleeves due to not having enoght fabric but it should'nt notice as one arm is never ever worn. Second arm sleeve thingy is half way made. I used a wet look lycra I had laying around, it gives me alotta sretch but dosent stay in place on my shoulder. Not too sure about it atm, may remake using a diff material. Also painted a floural desgin on the gold I was planning to trim the obi bow and ribbons with, but after putting two of the ribbons together and seeing the resullt I really dislike it so that iders now been ditched.

Just brought a few bits, which class's as progress for this cosplay as most of it is brought bits and pieces. Brought the shirt and tie, already have boots I plan to wear and black trousers. Kinda iff'ing over the wig/wigs atm. The one I had planned to get has gone and no incoming stock of it so I gotta re-plan what to do. Not sure if I should get a long wig and cut N re-sew the hair back in or short wig it and try matching up extensions. Not cool. Also still need to do all the belts, sword and glove bits yet. Simple cosplay is not simple.

Ok so I decieded last Friday night I wanted this for Aya... the following Friday >< and bearing in mind I work 9 till 5 I didnt have much time at all. So ~

Day 1- Was spent running about getting the fabric and bits needed for it. Then de-gemming braclets/earings and working out a jacket pattern.
Day 2 - Due to prior plans only had a few hours spare which was spent cutting my 30" Kanu wig to just above shoulder level. Also made base black top.
Day 3 - Made waist sash, scarf and ribbons (from brocade D< booo fray'e fabrics)Cut jacket fabric
Day 4 - Painted lace, sew'ed jacket ... got distracted by brother playing dante's inferno (damn that game)Found leather glove and re-coloured
Day 5 - Jew fixed the bodged up coller I made, then spent hours gem'ing up the collor and sleeves with a mix of hot glued jewelry gems and hot fix crystal gems. (Oh god! The burns and blisters D8)
Day 6 - Styed wig, Made furry bit for jacket, begged a friend for a mic

I think thats it all tho I've probaly forgot something >< Anyways I'm 50/50 on this cosplay, some bits I like some I dont (like that wig D<) so will probaly re-vamp/re-make bits. But for only having about 4/5 evening hours for sewing I think I did ok ^^

Started the sword this weekend..... got blisters and burns all over my hands for the trouble >< its still only in its starting stages, and has ended up being way bigger then I'd planned. We'll see how it gose as it'll be mostly living in the sheath on my back.

Cloak has been order'd which counts as progress.... really it dose! lol xblackravenx was kind enuff to sort out a group order for us so we're all matching ^^ I've got my eye on a wig which I really hope will work for Lagi but have to wait until after Aya probaly to order -stalks wig- Also got me some foam jazz to attempt Le sword ~ its going to be my first time ever making a sword prop so wish me luck and be kind! ><

The title of this journal is what should be put on my grave stone v_v Can some one tell me why I thought it'd be a good ider to do fabric ruffles instead of ribbion? Please? Anyone!?

ok dramatics aside most of my weekend has been spent on the top skirt and ruffles for it and the bottom two skirts. Top skirt is mostly finished, and the bottom two are cut out. Looking at the amount of grey satin I used for the top skirt ruffles I think I'm going to run out now on the bottom two so will once again need to make a trip to the fabric shop. To be honist I really cant belive how much fabric this cosplay has eaten @_@ I knew it would be quite a abit due to the skirts and such but serously?! gah anyways as other plans for aya have fallen throw if I can get this done I may wear it for one of the evenings as its closer to being complet then others.

Recently I'v been having a down with my cosplay work, nothing seems to come out the way I want it. I'm not happy with the colour purple fabric Im using. It looked fine to begin with, but now I look at and think 'oh dear'. Also I so badly mucked up the jacket pattern this time around I had to ask my aunt for some serous help >< thank god she managed to save it -feels like a fail-

Anyways small update to say the jacket is practicaly all done, just afew little bits left to do on it. Shirt is done, tho might add alittle lace to the frills but not sure atm. Waist coat is half made and the shorts are cut out. Also have made a mini top hat which I'm not very happy with (no surprise there) but as time and money are tight right now it shall have to do v_v Still a fair bit to do but its mostly the detail'ing like the lace surspenders, little bows, gems and hat feathers. Also have decieded to now put the top hat on an alice band as I was studying the art work at the weekend and only just noticed theres a black bow on the other side of his face. lol Just when I thought I had it all worked out

Needing more ribbion to finish other side of the waist coat. Gee I really cant sew straght when i need too >.<

Patterns all cut out, just gotta be sewn together. Laazzyy~

So top and corset/underbust is more or less done now. Moved a few panels round on the corset/underbust I made and it laying alittle better. But when your poor and cant affor heaps more fabric it'll have to do. I also found the other red rose I pulled from a hair clip for Fleeting moon Len, so I can use that for the top flower ^^ Sleeves just need some lace and ribbion then there done and started the big bum bow Sunday. But I cant really make any more lee-way till the fabric shop have the black fabric back in stock ~ booo. Probaly put a pic up on monday of le progress thus far~

Was not able to get the skirt fabric yesterday, boooo. So I attempted to start the belt/corset/ underbust thingy today. Used leatherett I had laying around along with some old lace I found. Even tho I like the look of it I'm really not happy with it. I tryed to go more for a high paneled belt but it didnt really work, after I put it on the dress body with the undertop it just refusse's to sit right. Also had to add more panels as I mucked up the front fabric panel v_v pretty much no hope from the start lol. Gonna leave it for now and see if I can do anything with it tomorrow after work, if not it'll be the 'get and alter and underbust' oppion ~

So when I got home from work today was going thought scrap fabric to throw out (Le gasp) and came across abit of the black costume satin I'm using for this Len, was in good condision so I thought why not. Only had enouth to get started on the under top but its a start ^^ cant do anymore now till I get more lace and embriordy which will hopefully be this weekend along with more black to get started on the 4 pieace skirt. Cant decieded atm weather to make the corset/ underbust or try to alter a corset I already have and dont wear.I've never made anything with bone'ing before.... Anyways I'm off to sleep now ~ night all

Fabric all arrived yesterday and managed to get a skull on Friday after work from a pet shop. Need to cut down and sand out the skull to fit, and will start cutting out patterns next weekend.

Started the sleeves today. There about 70% finished now but ran out of fabric. Fabric shop at the weekend so will get more than.

So just to show this has actualy been started, begin on the eye balls today. Still need to do a few more and shall redo the pink as it smeared as it rolled off on a bid for freedom...

Also finaly made a desion on fabrics and designs. Actually decieded to try and keep it close to ordinal artwork as poss instead of going off and doing my own thing like with Alois. But then anyone who nows me will still know that there will be a few extra 'kj' touches lol

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