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Made of wire and masking tape XD then covered in wading and fabric :3

That progress of the top. Bow was well too big at this point lol ><

Not done too much to the jacket, just made some of the buckles and details out of craft foam and painted them up :) Its starting to look more like lightning now. Tomorrow am going to get the rest of the fabric i need, and begin work on the cape ! I love my collar now. I added wire in to it to give it support and lightning wears it with one side pointing up lol

Ive been working on the Jacket all week and its been such a pain !!! Ive got no patter so i had to work i out with trial and error. Quite proud of the results so far :) added on the brown pannels and pockets yesterday.... took all day x_x

Got my wig today ! so happy with it , It just needs styleing a bit :)
Working on my sword at the moment too, think its working out allright, but ran out of glue sticks which is a pain !!
Also started working on the brown top underneath the white one. :)fun fun

progress has been really slow due to me been poorly so much :( Did finally get my bodysuit today though which is inspireing me to do more with this ^^

There are still alot of things to do, I want to make changes to the head still, and get her some proper eyes. Also need to make a proper top, the one in the pics is just a test. Need to do her tattoos on the body suit. needs to finish all the armour. I need to maker her skirt thing and the tail and shoes ! AHH quite alot to do ><
I'll get there ^^'

I decided to take apart most of my krystal head and improved it alot. I bought a slightly darker coloured fleece and re made the hair with it. I wanted the hair to stand out more, though you cant see it in the pictures very well ><. Also changed the headband a and made it much more detailed and changed the eyes. Also made on of the necklaves out of fimo, and used a gold chain to attach it too. And made the choker out of craft foam ^^ Am happy with progress so far ^^

God this head has been totally trial and error. I decided against using fur for the head beacuse it wouldnt of gone with a lycra body suit, and It expensive. Im quit pleased with it so far. Shes still missing a proper nose, needs work on her ears, details on her hair and head band ^^

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