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I've been going to cons since May 09. I started cosplaying thanks to my friend who got me interested in KoiCosplay and FDP, and from there I watched everything I could. Eventually I decided to do it myself and so I went to the May Expo as Misa. My cosplay sucked but I really enjoyed it, and decided that I would definitely keep doing this!!
My favourite things about cosplaying is meeting new friends & fellow fans and the sense of achievement when I complete a cosplay :)

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A quick update to say that everything is now here! I've been super busy so I haven't been able to do much, but once the bag is done it's basically finished.

Easy cosplays \o/

Izzy WIP 2!

Including finished holsters with details which nobody else will notice, vest with trouser braces and back thing added and necklace (made with Dem’s help <3333)

Including whip, stele, shitty-front-camera-heal-and-soundless-look-awful-no-insight runes, glove and basic costume.

Including: hand tattoos, neckales and bootcovers.

Including the hoodie, poster box and holster, as well as a photo of the whole cosplay as it stands now, given that half of the costume doesn't need to be edited.

Large, canon headpiece, skirt, two smaller headpieces made because I had the paper.

Yay finished cosplay yay!

Coat + belt, including details of pocket, epaulets, sleeve-things and belt. Belt is fairly fragile so it's not in the picture of the coat.

Shirt, trousers, wig, shoes.

I’ll post a proper pic of the full cosplay once I’m back in England (we leave tomorrow) because I need to cut the wig a bit eue

Do you think the holding-the-fringe-back-with-hairpins works or should I spray/cut them out of the way?


Horns, rough wig (fringe will be restyled before con, was just getting lengths etc right), braids, shoes, full face makeup and 2x3dent.

The facepaint still looks too dark to me, it’s annoying bc it looks lighter in the pot + dries dark on my skin :c Any tips or feedback on the facepaint would be adored (also please ignore sloppy lips and how I couldn’t be arsed to do my neck and the lack of piercings and wow this sucks)

(also I have sensitive eyes so after Expo I’ll just photoshop my bottom lids because that is as close as I get to my eyes with the paint)

Will get a full picture of the cosplay up soon-ish, I hope.

Glasses: need frame
Bracelets: need but probably won't get more gems
Shirt: needs to be redone
Fins: done

because I have no freaking clue how to make her boots.

I'm marking this complete despite still having things to do to it as the basic outfit is done, and any changes would be refurbishments based off when I have time and money. Pictures coming soon.

So I'm almost finished. The binder arrived yesterday, and the flag today, and all I need to do now is redo the curl.

Because my old one was too short & attached badly.

I'm excited for Expo <3

Nice and simple.
I'm wearing this again this October because we have a little Furuba mini-group planned XD

Attached is an image (hopefully) of the wig I'm hoping to buy for Mattie~
Here's the link if it doesn't work:, and here's the other one I'm thinking of: Here's the hoodie:
Anyone know where I can get a good chest binder/compressor from?

The coat has been dyed. The hood has been added (that was a b*tch to sew on). The panels on the bottom to make it the right length have been added. The bit with the snaps has been sewn in. Now for the zips. I have 4 sides to sew on. It took me at least half an hour to do one side. Oh joy Q-Q
Yuki...making an entire cosplay in 6 days...not the best idea...

Picture has what the coat looked like last night. Hood has been added since then.

I decided to do the summer version as seen in the picture. Personally, I prefer it, I'd rather wear it to LFCC seeing as it's in July, and it'll be harder to find a long sleeve shirt. I'm really excited to make this!!

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