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I started cosplaying a few years ago, when my friend Elanor invited me to May Expo 2006. She was going as Ed Elric, so I decided (even though having never laid eyes on FMA but instead allowing my brother to spawn random crap about it) to cosplay as Roy Mustang. Thankfully she failed at getting me in a skirt. It was at these events which I met lovely kind people and eventually broadened my cosplay horizons. NOW I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO 8D

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I adjusted the length of the dress to make it more accurate (so short =__=;!). Ran out of ribbon so I need a bit more so I can do the remaining sleeve and start on the shoes.
Sewed in a sleeve, woo! I'm so proud of myself, lmao. I got a lot of pointers from my old textiles teacher and it was a lot easier that i thought it would be! Still, didn't stop me from thinking I was sewing the dress together, I've done it before! >_>

Also, took in the back material, it's still a little poofy but I hope to rectify that when I add the belts (which I shall get when i buy more ribbon). I've figured that I'm gunna use mai phat ass gangstuur shoes and edit them a little. Other than that the main stress of this cosplay is out of the way!

Main body of the dress is sewn - it fits, woo.
Tis a little long because I was scared and the backs a little big, but instead of taking it apart I think I shall just use saftey pins at the expo, lmao.
Added basic blue details, I've just got to figure out how to do the sleeves properly and I've gotta raid Primark and buy many cheap belts so I can destroy them 8D

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