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My cosplay interests have shifted back and forth in the past. At the moment, my cosplay interests lie within the region of videogames and comics, but the occasional anime/manga cosplay will crop up now and again.

My enjoyment of cosplay comes from the planning and creation as well as the wearing. I try not to take it too seriously, but I can be a bit meticulous, especially on the technical aspects of costumes ^^;

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Okay, this costume has turned out to be waaaay more expensive than I thought. Simply cannot afford the money or the time to make this one; plus exams steal me away from the MCM May Expo this year. Ergo, Motoko takes a back seat for now. She will resurface sometime!

So I haven't updated this costume in a while. As you can see, it has mostly been a case of buying the bits and putting them all together.

I've omitted the arm tentacle part, simply because a) I don't really have the time and b) Where on earth am I going to put it on the day? It'll as awkward as carrying a fire hose.

I'm only going to the Expo on the Friday, however this costume is also having an outing on Saturday. I'm going to Club Noir in Glasgow, and it's Halloween fancy dress. So this costume will get its full use!

I'm going to go onto sewing on the white parts of the jacket sometime this weekend. Right now I'm just sitting in the corner waiting for the lenses to dispatch.

Okay, well, about six months later, despite everything, the costume is nearly complete. I managed to do THE JACKET, which was what made me most afraid. But it turned out good =3 With a week to go, I've just got painting and holster-making to do. Bring on Expo! And the Jack-Harkness-cosplayer glompers >_> XD

And I decided to cosplay two different versions of him; the Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang version - white t-shirt - and the Exit Wounds version - black t-shirt.

He is the singular most decadent Torchwood villain ever to grace the series, in my opinion. And he mixes the sweet with the sour by being an absolute sweetheart in his moments. And having lovely eyes ^___^

I am neither a sweetheart, nor do I have lovely eyes. However, this week I do have in my possession a base for John's Napoleonic jacket. It's not perfect; less buttons than he has and minus the embroidery, alas that can be added and the missing buttons can be put down to a fight. It looks worn too, like it's been through a few battles! It was £52 from a local Antiques shop. My housemates kindly chipped in for it as an early Christmas present. Merry Christmas indeed! <3

As you can see, I've got most of the clothy bits of my cosplay together! Of course, Tyki does not sport pink hair and purple/green eyeliner XB

Will practice with the makeup and hair after I've bought the lenses. Currently pondering adding a smudge of black facepaint to make my cheeks look more gaunt. Teez and buckle are all cut out, but still need covering and painting, may dedicate the weekend to that.

Nothing better than a change of plan at 2am.

Decided to change thc colour of my contacts after examining footage of Tyki and his antics. Rather than go for an "in your face" yellow block lense, I'm going for a darker, more subtle colour. "Yellow panther", to name it.

So at least my eyes won't stand out too crazily from my grey face!

Today I managed to get hold of some extra buttons for the blazer. I've deduced that Tyki's blazer is double breasted; mine is single breasted. Time for some sewing. The buttons aren't black either, so it's time to break out the enamel pen for some customisation.

I also managed to buy a waistcoat. Lovely thing, proper black tie, silky with a subtle pattern. Very victorian gent. I managed to get £5 off of it and all as it was incorrectly priced. Ah, budget cosplay...

So now, all that's left is the shirt, cravat, lenses and shoes. Then I can get onto practicing with the makeup and making the props!

Edit: Also pre-ordered my fast-track tickets for MCM London Expo. Wooo, it's suddenly very real!

So I make my return to CosplayIsland for the first time in five months.

Right now, on top of my cosplay project, I have to do:
- 2 lab reports
- 4 modules worth of revision

It's going to be tight, looks like I'll have to pull a couple of all-nighters..

Oh well. Its all for the cause!

So today is the day I officially make Tyki Mikk my next cosplay project.

Gosh, I'm so excited! <3

I can't start buying things yet, so I may have to settle for making the Teez for now... Oh well, at least it will keep me busy. Money is going to be tight around Christmas, so I will save buying the actual suit until afterwards.

In this, eBay, charity shops and the local party shop down the road from my university will become my faithful friends!

Hey, I know I've only just finished two cosplay projects, but its always good to plan ahead!

I managed to finish the tail completely! However I realise I didn't put it on my to-do list.. Ah well.

I started on the gloves, finished one, going to finish the other tonight. My Anime and Manga society's having a cosplay workshop, so that should give me more opportunity!

Oh dear, university has taken its toll on my costume x_X All my cosplay gear has been sitting under my bed for about 3 weeks untouched! Now that it's October I should get my backside into gear over it.

So as of today I will be working on the wings and weapon. Mostly coating and paint jobs. Today I should also be getting my apron for Guilt-Na in the post today <3

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