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I started cosplaying in 2005 after seeing so many people doing it before me. Seeing how much fun everyone had who did made me want to join in, partly to see how it felt, and partly to see how people would react to me.

While I havent done whole costumes myself (Practically all bought online) I have done a few edits to articles of clothing (Editing 2 pairs of jeans and a jacket for a Roxas cosplay) and made a top from scratch. (My sewing skills arent on top form)

Proudest moment? I would have to say it was either my first cosplay experience. People were asking for pictures, trying to hug me (Before the free hug nonsence) and I felt really good. The other moment would be cosplaying who I thought was a rather unknown character at the time (Cooro from +Anima) and just having a huge amount of people recognise me.

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Im going to look at making an easy to construct costume. In an attempt to make a large fursuit type, that uses little padding, while still keeping its round shape.
I looked at hoop-skirts for inspiration. By using some flexible wires/cables, Im hoping I will be able to mould the costume in a way that can make it light and compact when packed away for transport.

The design itself is fairly simple, With only 2 main colours to worry about for the main body.
The only part I think I will have to work on is the legs. It will be impossible for me to do the costume with tiny stick-legs, So I belive the best bet will be to make some padded feet that will go high-enough to hide howmuch of my legs would not be in the main body of the costume.

And here are some optional ideas that I'm thinking of.

1 - Hero's Scarf
This is a quick and simple addittion to the costume that I dont have to worry about doing. Though the option to be the Hero Prinny is tempting.

2 - Adjustable Beak
The beak will most likely be my viewpoint for the costume. But one thing I want to look at doing is adding some extra life into the character by being able to open and close his mouth.

3 - Multiple, Removable, Eyes
On the referances, there are plenty of expressions that can shown off, simply with the eyes. If I use velcro to make some closed eyes as a base, I can make a number of extra eyes that can then be quickly put on and removed for particular poses.

This costume is almost ready!

Ive got the main costume ready and waiting. The wig I had made has arrived and I have someone making the fur-arm and claws which I will be given before the expo itself.

All thats left now is the eye-patch itself. But that will be way easy!

Pictures up soon!

Well, looking at the costume, most of it seems pretty easy to pull off. Most of the costume itself can probably be store bought and the wig itself shouldnt be too bad either. (Simple style and colour, and beads are easy to get too)

As I said in the information section, the most difficult part of the costume is going to be the bear-arm itself. As a beginner costume maker, I can see a fur-arm being a challenge...

The only other thing I can think of is the sword and its seath, guess it will be a matter of time and patience.

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