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Bumbling my way through cosplay for a while, mostly make it up as I go along XD

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Made a full bust cast of Asuka_UK using modroc today, going to run a positive cast of it in the next couple of days to have something to sculpt directly onto :)

I decided to build a scale model of the armour to try and figure out where I was going wrong (I've been watching Mythbusters for years now, I should've realised I'm supposed to do scale testing *first* >.<). I think I've got it all figured out now and once the snow clears I'm going to get cracking of version 4. I'm definitely going to build the legs in scale first before I do anything with foam though! XD

Just finished doing all the checks on the waistcoat, I'm pretty darn sick of checks right now...

I was very bored this evening, so I set about making some 10000 Yen cigarettes. After about 3 hours I've made one while doing some other stuff.

Has my cosplay bug finally come back? I damn well hope so!

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