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I first discovered cosplays when I bought a book of the best cosplayers in Japan. When I went to the May 05 expo it was my first time to see cosplayers and I told myself I would cosplay one day.
My first cosplay was Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist at the October Expo 05.

I have 2 proud moments: the first is when our Lucky Star group did the opening dance at JapanEx 07 and got such a fantastic response from the audience. The second was when I won a spot prize for my Yami Yugi cosplay at the Anime Day in HMV last August as it was the 1st prize I had won :D

The greatest achievements are that I have made loads of friends and that I have grown in confidence thanks to taking part in masquerades, I do get very nervous but when the audience cheers for you, you feel such a sense of achievement :D

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Once the white paint was dry I used blue and pink fabric paints to paint on top of the white. I followed the pattern that was on Wyldstyle's jacket :)

I was originally going to use transfer paper but it would be difficult to print the pattern in sections. In the end I decided to use fabric paint. I had to use white on top of the black so it will be able to show the blue and pink when that is next painted on :)

To make Red's jacket I used 2 shirts, red and white. I put the white shirt inside the red, cut a line down the middle of the red then tucked and pinned the red shirt to the white underneath. Once sewn I then cut out what wasn't needed of the white shirt. I then tucked in the sleeves and once sewn I cut the excess off. The black shirt is what I will be wearing underneath :)

The mask template was from the same download template from tumblr. Now it was been cut from the worbla (the eyes I will cut ASAP), the next step is to heat it to mold it to a mask shape. Once that is done the fold the markings in the top of the mask to shape it more :)

I got the original hood patterns from tumblr (link in info) but when I printed them they were too small. What I did was pin down the originals I printed and drew the outline bigger on A3 paper. They are both now ready to use to cut the pattern of the material :)

I used cotton strips that I got in Hobbycraft. I first made the outline of the armband with a gold pen on 1 side of the black strip then cut it out. I then did the same for the no entry signs and POLICE letters. I then pinned them together and sewed them on ^_^

It's all done now, after 3 weeks of cutting, tacking and sewing ^_^
The sides at the bottom have been pulled in but enough that I can walk around easily. All thats left is to put the jewellery on and gold ling at the top

Tonight myself and Vicky tacked most of the dress together, theres still a lot to do but the structure of the dress has been done ^_^

Finally after a long time and thanks to my good friend Vicky we've started on Cosmos' dress ^_^
Vicky had leftover material which we are using to make the dress, I'm usless at reading patterns so Vicky has been pinning the patterns in place and I have been sewing them.
So far the back of the dress and top of the dress has been sewn and we'll start work on the rest in the next week including making it neat around the edges ^_^

I've just ordered the wig for Mion on ebay, the ponytails are clip-ons so I'll just be using one for the back, I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the right one XD

The skirt is nearly done, it took forever to cut out the diamonds, thank goodness for my Mum she cut out most of them while I was at work, I love her so much <3

I used wonder-web to put the diamond pattern on the skirt, it took a while as the skirt is ruffled.

Now all I need to add is the darker blue material at the bottom and the last ribbon at the top :D

Boy this is taking some time!
I've made the pattern of the skirt with a paper template.
It will probably take a while to cut out the pattern but I've got a week to finish it, I hope I do so ^^;

I bought 2 tops from Uni Qlo that were the same size but 2 different colours (white &amp; pink)
With the white top I tucked under &amp; sewed the neckline (back &amp; front) and sleeve line.
For the flowers I got some flowers that you use for making cards. I poked the flowers into the left hand side of the white shirt (front &amp; back) and taped it down on the inside. I then sewed the white shirt to the pink shirt so it stays in place.
And finally added the purple ribbon to the front of the shirt, it&#039;s a tad bit short but it will do.

I got some brown leather and started making the belt yesterday. It took a while to make with all the different straps and buckles.

I completed it in 7 hours and I'll be putting pictures up soon :D

The costume arrived last Thursday and it fis perfectly :D My Mum told me it was ruinned cause it's a tad short at the back with skirt but hey I'll wear shorts to help that.

I'm still waiting on the wig which is worrying ^^; as Kitacon is around the corner I'll have to shop around for another one and style it

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