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I love cosplay, I really got into cosplaying after I went to my first MCM expo and saw people dressed up, so I thought I'd give it a go and got hooked. After a while I got into competitive cosplaying and I thoroughly enjoy it.
I tend to specialise in animal based cosplay, previous ones include Black Hayate, Alucard, Epona and my most recent cosplay Rainbow Dash which at the moment is the cosplay I am most proud of, but I always aim higher every time :).
My aim is to get to get better and better and maybe one day get into EuroCosplay, but even if I don't get there, i don't care, because cosplay is about community and of course FUN!!!

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I want to be able to move a bit further along on this cosplay, but I figured that if I really want to improve the quality then I should do a dummy version with some scrap pieces of fabric... and it turned out to be a good call because I made so many mistakes that I'm sure that eurocosplay judges would be able to spot them out a mile away.
For starters, sewing the fabric the wrong way up when using a double needle is NOT a good idea, make sure you sew your fabric the correct way up -_-.
Next make sure that you sew shirt edges as smoothly as possible, the edges around the arm holes and neck are a bit crinkled and don't look very professional, if you have to, bashe it, press it then sew it properly, might give that a go :).
Also and probably more importantly, when doing things like French seams... do them properly, check to make sure that there aren't any fraying bits poking out and pin them properly and for the love of the earth REMEMBER TO PRESS!!!!

Well the boxers are done! Everything is all sewn up, tidied up and looking awesome... or at least as awesome as I can get it.
The boxers are elasticated, the elastic was threaded through using safety clips pinned on the elastic and then pulling them through, the elastic was then sewn together and finally the elastic was sealed in.
I just need to add poppers on the front and then I'm DONE done.
The next plan is to make a test pair of trousers (to get used to the material) and then make some automail and wepaons :)

Sewing was fun, thankfully I got a brand new sewing machine making it a lot easier to work with compared to my old machine.
Most of the underwear was sewn to make a French seam, it gives a much nicer finish over a zig-zag and straight stitch that I used to use on my older outfits. It can be a bit confusing trying to figure out which is the right and wrong sides of the cotton but I got there in the end :).
The leg holes (forgive my terminology if it's wrong) were sewn with a over-locking straight stitch with a double needle (I LOVE MY NEW MACHINE!!!)

Starting to work on Ed, and I thought 'what the hell, why not make some underwear' especially since in his official reference pictures he's shown with his underwear which are baby blue boxers (thank goodness I don't dare think what the judges would think if they turned out to be y-fronts)
I bought the pattern from my local fabric store and transferred the pattern to greaseproof paper, that way I have a master copy of the patterns and if the others get damaged or lost I can make new ones.
The material is 100% cotton fabric which makes it easy to breathe and easier to work with, it's also lighter than most cottons that I've worked with which is nice.

This took 2 attempts just to draw but it was worth it :), It was odd really because you do have to use some maths for this. You have to get the angles right, positioning, shape and size... so much fun.
The next step will be to make the clay version so then I can make the mould and cast the mask :)

After being ill for the past few days I thought I'd do something to lift me up a bit, so I decided to do some cosplay research.
The armour is an interesting one because it needs to be tight fitted, but not so tight that I can't move or that it tears apart.
I did find some good trick on the net involving foam, glue and resin to make it more plastic like and solid making it easier in some areas.
The armour pretty much wraps around me, but it with some kind of clipping rigging I should be okay, got to ask a few guys for advice on that though but I should be okay :)
The breast armour pieces... hmm... going to be interesting for the decoration, may just use some sheet foam. And the strap will probably be something like leather or something fun like that :p
The armour goes pretty much down to just under my knee but the bit at the bottom looks quite solid. Which is a bit easier but will bring its own challenges I'm sure

Because I have no intention on rushing this project I thought that I would start with one of the hardest parts which is the sword.
As you can see it's not really a conventional sword in terms of it's design, it's also not a particularly stable sword to use in battle especially for it's scale.
Thankfully I do have a few options free to me in terms of how to construct it. I'm reluctant to use expanding foam for this as 1) it's rather fragile especially for a blade of that size, and 2) the pure size of that thing.
I may experiment with the dreaded material that is fibre glass resin, but like I said, I'm very reluctant to use it, but it would make the blade stable.

Thought I'd start finding some good reference images of Link so then I can start working on him early.
The sword will be an interesting bit to do, it will also be one of the first things to make because it has to be made from scratch, that'll either be foam or resin (if I can get my hands on the stuff)
I'm not going to rush on this one as this is my favourite mask from majora's mask (she says)

Well it looks like more progress has been made, I decided that for the front legs to have the foam go all the way up my arm to give her more of a natural bend rather than rely on having PVC go all the way up and feel robotic and uncomfortable., it also means that I can grip onto the scythe much better than I would have done otherwise which is a challenge in itself.
The stomach piece literally wraps all the way around my chest and my back, and when I start sorting out the harness for the wings, the wings will attach onto the back and have extra padding to enhance the shape. But not too much or she'll look like she has a hunchback :s.
I found a very interesting problem which I will be sorting out soon which is her armour, now those who know nightmare moon will know she has armour on her head, around her neck which wraps under her chest and her hooves... the biggest problems will be her neck and head armour, but I have a few ideas ;).


Well things have been going okay, there have been delayed because of helath but I'm fine now. So far the bits that are cut out are the front legs, the rear feet, the rump, the thighs, the tail and the wings. All of which are made out of foam. Templates have been a wonderful thing for this, they're great for helping get the proportions especially for something like this :p I still have to figure out the way of attaching the wings to the torso but it should be doable. The plan is to work on the head and next, then the arms and then the torso

Started on bits of nightmare moon's body, her hocks have been cut out but the next stage is to shape them so then they get the right shape.
I also started on her wings, they're just made out of foam for now... however there is one down side to this, with the fact that her wings are meant to stand up on end when I'm bent over it's quite tricky. I do have some options, these include wire or pipe.. still early days though :)

The scythe is coming along very nicely now... despite some minor complications.
Once I had the blade and decoration carved up and glued to the PVC pipe, it was time to add the expanding foam... that's when things got a bit complex.
You see even though I used foam board, the core still got warped and went a bit off centre, not so much on the front bit of the blade but the back. But then again that is why it is so good to use foam board... because you can still carve that whilst carving the foam.
Once the main bit of the blade was carved I had to the decorative bit that almost wraps round the blade... so more expanding foam and hours of craving and accidental stabs later, it was done... I still need to do a tiny bit of work on it, but otherwise I can start making the whole thing look nice and smooth

Finally started on nightmare moon, I decided to give her a weapon that, although not canon in the official show, IS canon in the trailer of 'Fall of the Empire' by Silly Filly Studios so it's more for the fans really :).
I looked all over the place to find suitable tutorials on scythes and most of them were... umm... not too good, they mainly used either cardboard or didn't do things that would give a high quality scythe... or even have ways of making the blasted thing easy to transport.
Eventually I found one and that really made a difference, I found the reference I needed of the scythe itself and got some foam board. I drew out the design for the blade and cut it out. I also cut the top of the PVC pipe to accommodate the blade, the shaft and the base at the bottom, the pieces lock together with some doweling rode which will have a bit of wire in it to stop it moving and the shaft was shaped by using a heat gun and slowly bending it.
I still have quite a bit of work to do but the next step will be to shape the blade, figure out the locking system and the various other shaped pieces on the shaft and the base

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