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I was vaguely aware of cosplay for quite a while but I started cosplaying properly in 2009 in an outfit that was entirely put together out of store-bought clothing and a lab coat I borrowed from school ^^' It was fairly terrible, in hindsight, but it got me started!

Most of my cosplays are gonna be from videogames, haha.

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All ready for the weekend! I've since detangled this mess of a wig, so now Lilina's complete. Except the bootcovers. They can be for next time I wear her.

I have a hat! It's all fleece, which was slightly harder to sew than anticipated. The spots are hand-sewn on, and the rest is machine-sewn.

Added the neckerchief and attached the skirt! The button on the neckerchief is one I've had lying around for years and not known what to do with it, but it's got an anchor on it therefore it works perfectly here :D

I made some adjustments to the pattern so it fits me slightly better now. I haven't made a sailor shirt since 2013 so this was interesting :S

I tried pattern drafting for the first time since Darklaw [which was a while ago, and I had assistance from people who know what they're doing] and I think it came out pretty good!

Here's the outer layer of my skirt! It's a circle skirt because those can be done without a pattern :P The lines around the edge are narrow ribbons that are zigzag-stitched in place!

[still needs pressing somehow but shhhhh]

The fleece had to be handsewn on because the denim was too thick to go under a sewing machine so it took AGES

THIS IS TAKING FOREVER AND IT'S REALLY TEDIOUS but I have to do it so it's getting done

I bought an extra one to use for the boots but this is the one I'll be using properly!

I was kinda scared to mess it up because it's made of velvet and that's expensive stuff but I've FINALLY started working on the decorations for the cape.

It's a cheap thing from Amazon with a ring of lace added.

Still needs collar and sleeves, obviously.

Hopefully I can get enough sparkles in time to make it into the Deco version but if I can't then this works as it is!

Technically this is wearable now! I still want to make a weapon and ink tank though.

Also check out my cool hat.

Still need to finish the tshirt and make a weapon and ink tank but otherwise I'm officially a squid now! The goggles are in case I can't get headphones in time.

Still need some accessories and the staff. Also not sure about the wig as this one's old and messy?

Old shorts I only bought to go under a skirt + bias tape = instant Inkling shorts.

Given a second lick of paint! They're perhaps TOO light now, but better that than too dark in my opinion.

They've been used for a couple of cosplays before now, I just drew the crosses on with sharpie.

Apparently I thought it was a good idea to hand-embroider the thing.

I dug up some old shoes which I've barely worn and gave them a lick of paint because they were perfect :D They may need another layer of paint, it's dried a bit darker than I expected.

I'm gonna need to use bigger pins but for the moment here they are. The rest of the wig needs redoing because I messed it all up trying to get these things to sit right.

The dress just needs spirals and the zigzag lace thing in the neck and it's done!

Skirt is ready to be attached and then I can put a zip in the back. Then it's just waiting for wigs! [and hoping they don't arrive while i'm on holiday oops]

Ok, that's a lie, there's still LOADS to do but the point is that this is all the sewing I need to do on this costume for my college course!

Finished the top! Pretty pleased with it, especially considering I only started it yesterday.

today on 'I don't want to sew a pleat ever again'

Got the trousers finished! Still need dots painting but they'll be done later.

There's a lot of work I need to do to make it fit properly because I accidentally made it WAY TOO BIG but most of the work is done now!

Added the tabard and gear patterns to the tunic and hood and also attached the hood to the tunic!

Made the hood and attached the ears! I still need to cut the gear patterns into the yellow fabric but I need some bondaweb-type stuff before I can do that. Also made the mask!

The cape just needs attaching to the collar, then it's done! It's about 2/3rds of a circle skirt with lining and trim. The buckle's just a small Worbla thingy.

It looks so much better with actual paint on it.

I painted the glasses a while back and today I added some very thin material for the lenses!

[thought i might actually use this function for once]
Made the base for the Master Crown! It needs painting and then I can attach a gem to the front.

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