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At least wrap dress is what I've seen other people call it... honestly I have no idea what it's called or what it's meant to be. The long scarf like drapey thing that Rey wears. That.
For this I bought a load of muslin from a fabric shop near me. I think it was called 'organic' or 'natural' muslin; it's a pale beige kind of colour, similar to the top I bought. The width was about 147cm, I bought 3m of it, and divided it into sections of 60cm so that I had 4 pieces to make it, and one extra piece.
Then, using a sewing machine, I sewed the long edges of each piece together and turned them inside out, so that the material was doubled up (its quite thin) and there weren't frayed edges. Using the spare piece I practised gathering the material by hand, which you can find really easy tutorials for on youtube. You just do a long running stitch along the edge and then sort of pull the material together.... I have no idea how to explain it, my bad.
Once I'd practised and was happy with my technique, I used this to connect the four pieces into two pieces. Where the gathered seams are is where they rest on the shoulders, so the underside is facing out. Whilst wearing the fabric draped over my shoulders I worked out how long I wanted it to be, and then cut it to length - it goes to about mid-shin.
Working out how Rey wears it really confused me for a while, until I realised that the material crosses at her front but not at her back. So once I'd worked that out, I connected the ends of the front and back pieces on my left side with another running stitch but less gathered than at the shoulders. Lastly I cut the unconnected bottom edges again, but more messily so they look a bit tatty and frayed.
And that's all for now. I still need to weather the material, making it look a bit more dusty and old, but I can't do that for another couple of weeks as I'm not at home right now.

For the sleeves I bought some cotton crepe bandages which are the perfect colour (two packets measuring 10cm by 4.5m each). I wrapped them round my arms, with a little help from my sister, and worked out where to place some velcro at the ends to keep it in place. It took a couple of goes to get it accurate, but now they both completely wrap around the length of my arm and secure at the ends. Completely happy with them! There are some leftover bits of bandage which I will possibly use for the hand grip parts of the staff.

When looking up the wrist cuff, I came across a Cosplay Tumblr where they had a load of stuff for a Rey cosplay - http://popcorncosplay.tumblr.com/tagged/Rey
In that there was a link to a thread about Rey's costume from another site, on a particular page where there is a pattern for the cuff. I don't know where the source for this is or who made it, but it works! http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=237501&page=26
I had to keep adapting it a little to make it fit my own wrist, and ended up making three different ones. I then realised afterwards that with the bandages round my arms my wrist measurement would be thicker anyways, so I didn't actually need to keep making it smaller... oops. So I've scrapped the smallest one, but I'm keeping the larger two as they both fit well, and that way I can have a spare on the day just in case.
They are made of brown faux leather, and all I had to do was draw out the shape and then cut it. Fairly easy!

The first thing I bought was the trousers, which was in January. I ordered some that looked good on Amazon, and they were about £7 overall. Unfortunately the actual colour was darker than how they looked online (I ordered them in Mocha), and much darker than Rey's are in the film. I then ordered some different ones on eBay, but those went out of stock so I couldn't get them. In the end, I decided it didn't really matter that they were too dark, as the only person who'd care is me. Other than the colour they seem perfect to me, and are very light and comfy! This is the link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00IOT3UCY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I didn't want to spend too much money on the boots, and though I did find some really similar/good quality brown cable knit boots online, they were just more than I was willing to pay for shoes that I probably wouldn't ever wear other than for cosplay. So I figured I'd just buy some cheap fake Ugg boots. And luckily, I found some in my size in a charity shop for only £1!

Today I bought a creamy beige coloured t-shirt for £4 in Peacocks, cut and hemmed the sleeves shorter, and then cut and hemmed the neckline. It is definitely not the neatest thing ever, but I don't really care to be honest. Unless someone gets all up in my space and inspects the hems, then it looks fine.

I have also started the staff. There was a good tutorial for one on tumblr, but as far as I can tell that person's blog has now been deleted. At least I made a note of things and read it all through first! I'm going to do a separate journal post for the staff once I've finished it.

So I've finished my cosplay now. Bought some gloves and stockings on ebay, and necklaces on amazon. I've decided not to cut the wig, because I'm screwed if that messes up.
I've also practiced the make-up, which looks good I think.
Unfortunately I can't take a photo of it all because I have no one to take it for me.

SO I have the wig (had it for a while but haven't been able to update here.)
It's pretty good quality, lovely colour, and really thick. But it is so ridiculously long! Misa's hair is a bit longer than shoulder length. The wig goes down to my butt. I'm considering cutting it, but that could go so badly. So right now I'm just considering my options.

Using a tutorial I found online for "making a corset belt", I first made one a few weeks back. I used faux leather, but found that it didn't match the dress as the material was too shiny. So I have now done it again, using a thick cotton fabric and I am very pleased with how it turned out. Creating holes for the eyelets to go in was quite hard, but I managed it in the end.
I think it's gone okay!

A while back (February maybe) I found the perfect dress for this cosplay on Forever 21 on sale, so I bought it. And now that uni and exams are over for the summer, I've finally got to work. I bought some black lace trim (I think, I don't know the proper terms) and sewed that on with a sewing machine. While it's not the neatest thing I've ever done, it's black so I doubt anyone will notice. And I'm pretty pleased with it.
I've also bought some faux leather and an eyelit kit so soon I'll be able to start on the corset belt, using a tutorial I found online.

So my socks did not arrive before I left uni to go home for expo :(
But the day before (so today) I went out and, with the help of the gf, found some socks and then painted the stripes on. So they'll be dry by morning and hopefully okay! This is a pretty stretchy material so I doubt I'll have the same problem as before.
The socks also came with red bows attached, which I cut off and will attach to the shoes with safety pins. So everything is complete! Yay ^^

So the socks I got seemed to lose their stretchiness at the top after I painted them (I'm assuming its because of the paint because I don't remember them being like that when I first tried them on....). They were so tight I could barely get them on and it was actually painful.
I figured that they'd go back to normal once I'd washed them, but apparently not! D:
So I have ordered another pair and I really hope they arrive before I go back home.

So I now have everything I need - got the socks, shorts and t-shirt, which were relatively cheap and easy to find.
I have begun painting the design onto the shirt, as well as stripes on the socks. It's not perfect, but I'm pleased so far :)
Hopefully I'll finish it all before I go back to uni in three days!
I also have had the fringe cut into the wig. I probably should do a trial of doing the full body paint soon too!
If I can I will get red bows for the shoes, but in all honesty that is the least on my list of priorities, and don't feel they're that necessary to the cosplay... Oops. If I can I will :)

So I've bought the shoes. It isn't very much but I don't have much money left for this month. I just got some pink trainers from Primark cos they'll be cheap, and they were only £6! I just need to add the red bows to them, but can do that nearer the time.
Now I need to research into good quality (but affordable) body paint, and find shorts, t-shirt and socks. Then I'll work on painting the design on the t-shirt.

This took me a lot of trouble trying and failing with a glue gun, which I barely even used in the end.
Very simply, the crown is cut out of yellow card. I used some super strong double sided tape my mum has to stick some thin wire along the vertical bit (what do you even call that?) to support it. Then stuck another layer of card to the back. For the jewel I bought a small button and painted it blue with nail varnish, then stuck that on with the glue gun.
Overall it's a teeny bit tacky - but it's pretty strong and it fits and looks good unless you go right up and scrutinise it (I hope!)
If I had more time and more money to buy more supplies then I could do it a lot better, but I'm going back to uni tomorrow so I'm pleased with what I could do!

So yesterday I bought some card and stuff to do the crown. Ideally I wanted to use craft foam, but the shop I went to only had tiny sheets. But I'm hoping this still turns out okay!
Today I did head measurements and then drew out the shape I want on some paper and scrap card (whixh took ages) and then cut them out. I'm happy with the shape, but I need to make some kind of support for the jewel. I bought a little curved button to use for it, and it's too heavy for the card.
But so far I'm pleased!

So I've ordered the wig. I managed to find one that looked good on ebay, and the seller has really positive reviews. And it turned out to be like £10 total which was sweeeeeet. Hope its okay! Though I'll be at uni when it arrives and the delivery address is my parents' house, so I probably won't see it. Oops.
This is the wig I've got in 'pale pink' (which looks darker than the pink option, hmmmm)

I have decided on which Bubblegum outfit I am going to do - the one from the episode The Real You.
This seemed the easiest option considering I'm a uni student so have little time and money for ambitious cosplay ;_;
I'll need to get some pink trainers, white socks, white shorts and a yellow tshirt, which I will then paint the rainicorn on with fabric paint. That is my plan so far!

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