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I’ve been cosplaying since 2008 and have made over 30 costumes and altered many too. I’ve came back to cosplayisland to update everything I’ve been doing and to link all my costumes to that lovely timeline of events. It’s a simple by amazing idea which I love!

_________^^EARLY DAYS^^__________

1.How did you discover cosplaying?
I descovered cosplay originally just online while watching anime. Then I realised people did it closer to home to started to go to small cosplay meets.
2: What was your first cosplay?
The first ever cosplay I bought was Risa Harada fm DNAngel, which has now been sold. My first handmade cosplay was Kagura Sohma from Fruits Basket
3: Have you ever been in a cosplay contest?
Yes, I’ve been in quite a few. My favourite one was when I entered Shedinja into Sunnycon’s Rising Stars contest.
5: Do you prefer sewing, armor making, or wig working?
Sewing!!! I’ve sewing almost all of my handmade cosplays and only done 1 armour one.
6: Do you prefer to do photoshoots at cons or at specific locations?
I prefer them at locations , I’m normally too hot and flustered and conventions to organise a photo shoot.
7: Is there a type of character you cosplay frequently?
I don’t have a character I cosplay frequently however, I have done a few Pokemon cosplays and have more planned too.
8: Do you have any favorite cosplayers?
All my friends are my favourite cosplayers, Kalila Cosplay, white Enchantress and Kovie Kixx and loads more
9: What's the most detailed cosplay you've ever done?
I don’t think I’ve done a totally detailed cosplay yet, but out of what I’ve done I’d say my Rose from Titanic
11: What is your favorite cosplay you've done?
My favourite cosplay so far is Shedinja, only because I tried so hard to do armour for the first time and it was an ambitious design
12: What is your worst cosplay "horror" story?
I would say my cosplay falling apart at the con, Shedinja wasn’t built very well the straps came off my wings. Luckly I had a playsuit on which saved me a bit ha
14: What's the best in-character interaction you've ever had?
Being Princess Aurora, all the kids were really excited to come talk to me. I literally couldn’t get through the corridor for kids stopping me.
15: Have you ever cosplayed with a family member?
Yes, I have cosplayed with my sister but mostly I cosplay with my niece Little Niko.
16: What is your favorite cosplay photo of yourself?
I love my Rose from Titanic photos, I made the cosplay in 2011 and only got the photos done so I was thrilled to get those
17: What are your go-to stores for cosplay materials/full cosplays?
eBay mostly for equipment, 1st for fabrics for fabrics and coscraft for wigs
18: Do you prefer to buy pre-styled wigs or style your own?
I prefer to get a close enough wig but I do reuse them for more than one cosplay
19: Have you ever had someone mistake you for a different character?
Yeah quite a few times, I’ve been Al mistook for Ed and I’ve been Fullmoon mistook for a Sailormoon character
21: What's the biggest con you've cosplayed at?
London MCM I think would have been the biggest.
22: Do you prefer cosplaying characters with props, or characters that you don't need to carry a prop around all day?
It really depends, I like to be hands free if I’m with my niece but on my own I like to have a prop
25: Do you prefer to cosplay solo or in a group?
I love group cosplays, the feel of everyone together is amazing. You get people coming up for group photos over and over again
27: Have you ever done a cosplay panel?
Yes, i did one at Fortcon, it was about cosplay for beginners. I was so nervous!
28: Do you prefer to buy or make cosplays?
I prefer to made them but due to the time it takes to make them , I have bought a few cosplays for parties etc
29: If you could tell your past self anything about cosplay, what would you say?
Don’t start cosplay ha, seriously plan more and thing if the costs too
30: What is your ultimate dream cosplay?
Sylvanas From Wow

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So this is going to be my main cosplay for 2019 Sunnycon (yes I plan ahead ha) .

So I visited the fabric shop and came across this light velvet fabric. It’s got a lovely sheen to it. It only had 5 metres on it though so hopefully that’s enough. I do have cape I can use if I don’t have enough for that floor length cape.

I also have the wig so I have a basic start. Next I’ll be starting the corset since I have a pattern already for that

Finally done and in record time fo rme :D 5 days !! Did the skirt part and the little belt pieces today . Slotted the belt through and ta da! I know it wasnt a complex costume but I still can only work at my nanas where all my stuff is kept lol

Just need to find a cross as I don't have time to look for a wig my own hair will do. Will try and get pics at Anime Attacks!

Wow this has got to be the quickest costume I have made ever (still not finished but nearly done!) Completed the collar and the sleeves today :3 only got the skirt to make and the press studs on the front to do

Well started sewing today, made a little bit of progress. I finished the front part of the dress which included the gathering. I did have to take the whole thing in at the sides as it was too big though ^^;. I started to do the collar but cut that out too small and had to redo it gahhh!

I also bought a belt today that was plain black as i didnt have one ha!

Today I went out to get the fabric, there wasnt much i couldnt find that was thick enough to pass as a thickish school dress. I decided to go with something that has a better colour match over the fabric as I dont have long to make this. I love the tones in this fabric is perfect as the refs show a two toned colour for the uniform. I also started cutting out the fabric will the pattern i made. I also bought thread and ribbon.

So I couldn't find a pattern at all to slighty alter(well they were ones online but i didnt want to to leave the actually making of the costume til 2 days before). Therefore I altered 2 patterns i already had (a top and coat pattern). This took me a full day to work out and I used some scrap blue fabric to make it out of. The prototype is slightly big but thats nothing.

Colour is perrrfect! XD and the extra clip on piece is going to be used as a tail!

Brown parts - These are now edged with the gold braid and have craft foam inside.
Cat ears and tail - These are all done now too the ears just need to be sewed to my so-called grey wig ¬¬

Started making the chinese fastening thingy XD

I just bought this colour wig from thefivewits, I hope it's worth the price( considering the last wig i bought wasn't even the right colour >.<) I also hope i get it in time for expo , if not this is defo for Thought Bubble and Sunnycon

Right now to get cracking with more designs xD

Top - added some gold braid to the top now just need to sort out the fastening...which I am making myself.

Shorts - shorts are all complete with added braid too :D

Brown parts - I still need something inside of them and to add the same gold braid as the shorts to them

Ears/tailsd - I need to start these soon!

Just started making the brown pieces and they are all shaped right XD I hope they are the right length, I also need to find my craft foam for putting in these!

Still need gold trim but have a good idea where to get it XD

Top bas is now in progress, collar complete and interfacings done

Only took about 1 day in total to get this far, next is cutting it to the right length and I still need to find the gold trim lol

Well I have the paws now they were commissioned as I had no idea how to make the feet :D Just need to see if I can the ears and tail now which may also be commissioned but unsure yet. Black bits are laces which will be hidden xD

Also started making the top with the red fabric and I also bought some brown for the pieces off the shorts XD

I think I might have foing someone to commission the paws from and the ears and tail I'm going to try myself.

I have left over fabric from Alphonse so I will just use that for the chinese top, now I just need to find the right fasteners, gold trimming and time to actually make it

I've been looking for a wig like this and of course I could'nt find out therefore I will have to get this commissioned.

As for fabric I have white but not enough of it and I might have to make the swimsuit part more like hotpants at the bottom. I have never made boot covers so I'll have to practice that .I was also thinking wire in the cape parts but that's also something I've never done before.

...No straps how will it stay up?? hmm...

Now the chiffon begins! I have never used chiffon before therefore I did alot of practice shots before the jacket. I have the base of the jacket done but the front needs shaped and the back does too.
I still need to buy a zip and the bead edging for the jacket part.

Not sure on the date when I finished this as it's been left for a few weeks due to college work and family issues but around this time I was able to sew all the bodice up with lace I bought. The light purple was also sewed at the sides. I also have the rest of the chiffon for the skirt now and will be starting on the dark purple "jacket" part of the top next.

As I already had the white and light purple fabric this is when I got started on the bodice. The base got done and the purple ruched roughly to the front to see if it would work. To be honest at this point it was hard to tell if it was going to look okay as none of the bodice was machine sewed. This is because I was waiting to get the lace before machine sewing it.

Rewearing this for xmas 2010 and hopefully I'll actually get some photos of it xD

I can't believe how I've been able to find so much matching stuff. I admit it's not perfect but its pretty darn close for a "closet cosplay". The most problem was with the coat, I could only find really expensive coats that were stop on. I'm talking about £70 >.< So I settled with a close match which I will use for college too :P The difference are their is no pocket on the front and less buttons. But the style is brilliant.
Oh and no wig I actually dyed my hair purple :P

The image at the side includes all the items:

Far left - Long black coat
- Short Grey hoody
- Stripy top
-The necklaces that im going to chop for hers
- The black boots
- The ripped leggings
- The short trousers
- the fingerless gloves

The only thing left is the wand and maybe a beak XD

I bought some white gloves... I failed at making them >.< Just added the design on it and they are now done :D

Just had the worse time ever trying to sew the design on the back of the jacket D: It was just soo fiddly! I was planning on getting it transfered on but I've never did that before... second idea was to use a fabric pen/paint it... haha no way! I'm rubbish at painting! So fabric it was.. It's not great so no upclose detailed pics shall be took of it!
All left to do is the gloves!

I neeeeeded to update this much sooner but everytime Iim on here I get soo distracted xD
So the black jacket is all done the collar wasnt that back actaully lol, since the last post I've got the buttons on and the white outline is complete :D it honeslty looks soo cool XD

Left to do is the gloves and for the red jacket (I worked from a very close coat pattern so tht was alright.. first time making a hood and that turned out great!!) all i have to do is the design on the back :D Photos shall be up soon!

I should have updated this earlier but forgot. I've started putting the black jacket together, all shaped around the bottom and just added sleeves. Next I need to work out the collar.

The lovely ribbon is added now so the dress is complete for my holidays. It was kinda hard to get these equal, like the spaces between them and to get them the same on both sides. But finally got them sorted :D

Alright! With some help from my nana, the skirt is fixed onto the middle and it's all gathered again :D

It's sooo puffy its lush :D The only thing left is to add the black ribbon down the sides... i'll probs get that done at the weekend.

After fiddling around to get the other sleeve the same as the first one... (okay I have to admit I got a bit annoyed with that and asked for help from my nana) I now have two sleeves :D lol

The checkered part has the black piece in the front but still needs sewing in correctly so that needs done first next.

Next it was to get the right length of the skirt. I noticed that the white was longer that the check so those have to be sorted and then the two parts have to be gathered around the middle (again) and fixed into the middle.

Things are comming along quite well :D started putting the top pieces together and added the frill at the front. Also started on the skirt. I decided to add the white layer too for the skirt to make it more puffy. So the checkered layer and the white layer (with the frill on the bottom) have been gathered at the top but not fixed onto anything yet lol. Next I'm going to sort out the darts in the top and middle and then maybe fix the skirt before the sleeves...

Well the start consists of having all the fabric cut out for the bodice, the middle, the skirt (checks, white and black) and the sleeves. I nearly forgot to cut out the middle part diagonally...¬¬ stupid me. But I didn't thank goodness :D I havn't got long to get this done for my holidays lol

Well I finished the design and now the collar is complete. Just fixed it onto the jacket and added it with the tie and it's looking pretty good :D Setting it as complete as everything is made now. The only thing that needs to be done now is sewing the hat onto the wig.. I'm not going to be able to keep that on any other way lol

I do have photos of the costume.. and i will add the progress ones in the journal once I get them on here.

Well I completed the purple neck tie the other ... week ago i think and fixed the broach/ring thing onto it. It's just been my bday I was able to get a body thingy.. oh what are they called again!? I dont remember. Anyway expect pictures of the jacket soon on that.

As for the collar, my first attempt at the design failed however, I've never used a fabric pen before so I started it again with hand sewing... and its working xD Just need to finish that design and fix on the collar to the jacket and this is finish :D

Oh and finally got the buttons on the cuffs too.

As the title says, I have completed the white cuffs( still need to buy the buttons for them though) and the bow belt thingy. Eventhough, I've made similar cuffs AND a similar bow... these still took quite some time to get done lol
I did start to sew the one wing design onto the collar, however, that failed >.< So it's fabric pen time I think for that, but before that I'm going to sort out the tie thingy, I've got the broach painted and just need to cut out the fabric for tha tie.

Alright, this is has been the hardest pattern to find...ever! I finally found something that's quite similar but I have had to order it, which I haven't done before so lets hope it gets here in one piece.
I was also able to get the black ribbon from town... the black fabric I may use stuff from the fabric I'm using for Kanon and I already have a load of white fabric

Well got the base of the top done the other day. Today I cut out the 4 points at the bottom along with altering the seems on the front of the top to have less of a bust part >.< that was harder than I thought.. as I cut the fabric from a womans coat patttern...yeah
Howevers...I have to say I love the fabric I'm using for this *.* lol.. I did take a photo of the top along with the trousers etc BUT... my stupid camera on my phone didnt show the top very well so hopefully the next time I'll get a good shot of it.

I have thought about making this costume but making it simpler for my holidays.

I won't be adding the longer sleeves only the shorter ones.
I won't be adding the white skirt under the checkered skirt.
I won't be adding the collar either XD

This is all because of the heat in Florida >.< other wize I would have made everything.

Everything else I'm making the same and I hope to get started on this soon. Off to look for fabric tomorrow

EDIT: I may add the extras later on if its possible too lol

Well the plan was to have the waist of the trousers just elasticated... lets just say that didnt work ¬¬
I couldnt even get them up my legs...nevermind my bottom XD Therefore they were altered to have a zip and button at the side. Now they actually fit! HA!
Im really impressed with these trousers, they are soo comfortable and just brilliant if I do say so myself ^^
Also have the shoes, hat nd wig...

Now the top/shirt is pretty much complete. The sleeves are all done, puffed at the top and fur on the cuffs. The rest of the top is all "outlined" in the fur ( which the points were quiet fiddly to do and get right).

Just need to do the pom pom things and neck piece and maybe even some boot covers lol

Well like it says, after 2 days and im impressed with how much I've done XD

The skirt is complete, I must say this is my third circle skirt and i love making them. They are very easy and look lush when complete!
The base of the jacket is done, length is correct and its all shaped (you can see the bottom of the jacket just a bit in the photo).

I might start on the front fur before adding the sleeves but it all depends on what I feel like doing next tomorrow.

IT'S RED I SWEAR! Bright red in fact lol yeah photo taken with mob camera

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