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Cotton, pleather and reflective tape. Srsly pain in the arse.

Adding reflective tape for the stripes.

Using pleather to shape the upper armour... thing.

Got everything for this now! (except the damn boots... but they're gonna be a no show, so plan b is in operation)
Just need to make my habit.

Guns are all painted and look SICKKKK for £2 from the pound shop!
Holsters are getting there slowly but surely.

I accidently made 2 right hand side holsters... so it means the intended 'back' on the left one is now the front, but it isn't too bad... there is just a visable leather join line. I'll upload a picture when it's done, but it isn't too bad and I have no time to fix it now!

Made from scraps of leather, quick job. :)

I can't get a decent non-blurry shot of them due to shit camera and shit light... but I love them! They're REALLY BOLD in natural light. Vision is a bit of a pain in the arse and I might have to take them out and put them back in a few times during the day but no pain no gain. :)

... WIP. So much to dooooo and no time. xD

My leotard made by the wonderful Athora.x arrived this morning so I threw everything on for a quick photo. Love herrrrr it's amazing. Just need to add the zip and black stripes.
Blurtastic photo, sorry.

It arrived this morning to I cut it up because I couldn't resist. xD

Modding this jacket is a bit of a nightmare as it's real leather and difficult to pin and sew, but I love it so can't complain.
Just waiting on the swimming costume I've ordered to mod to arrive and make the holsters.

My fake-fringe arrived from China this morning. Yayyyy :)

Thank god for the RPF! There I learnt that Blondies knee pads are infact motocross elbow pads. WTF. So I found some on ebay, they arrived this morning and they are perfect! Thank you kind member of the RPF. :)

One gauntlet fringed and riveted.

My rivets arrived today so I took half an hour to make a bit of progress.

The black belts will be replaced with brown ones when they arrive.

Attempting to get a little of this made here and there whilst I revise for my exams. So today I added all the studs to the over-the-shoulder belt thing. Waiting for the rivets arrive in the post to finish it off :)

(Ignore the PJ's... I'm revising, I don't get dressed. xD lmao)

Foxface cosplay WIP.

With and without jacket… which is too purple, but is luckily a dye-able fabric so that can be fixed before I add the stripes :)

(I know movie!Foxface doesn’t have a knife… but book!Foxface does and I want a weapon dammit, even if it simply implies survival)

I need to get some shoes...

Thnk god for having stuff in your wardrboe that you never intend to wear again so can use for costumes :)
This sie 6 genuine leather jaket has been in my wardrobe for years and I've never worn it as with the sleeves on it doesn't fit me. Ive removed the sleeves and boom, Doppie jacket. :) Need to take it in at the waist and out at the bust, plus add the zips and sew in some faux seams and I'm done with this. :D Yayyy

This costume is pretty much complete... grumpy face as standard. xD

Excuse the photo of my stomach... lol.
Made my belt buckle from, once again, paper mache. Painted with black acrylic and nail varnishes, to get a sheen to the paint effect.
The plain belt was an ebay find, but the rings were originally silver so I simply painted over them. :)

I made the claws out of cardboard reinforced with wooden skewers and a wire framework for them to stay on my hand, covered in paper mache and acrylic paints.
Made from stuff found in my house, so didn't cost me a penny. xD

... I'm also making her Sonic Probe, which will definitely be accompanying me to Expo. :)

For expo I'm contemplating adding the visor to this costume, and it's getting there.

Excuse the hilarious fact that I wore a PINK top with a RED wig. Clashtastic.
(This is actually my best friend Jade's Ivy wig, but she is in Italy so I'm borrowing it in her absence. xD)

Rather than spending £50ish on an official jumper (which are stunninggggg and I will own one one day, just not Gryffindor :P) I bought a £5 white v-neck jumper from Primark, dyed it grey (twise... as it failed first time) and am now painting on the lines using fabric paint.

My exams finished last week, so the day before yesterday I decided to do nothing but make my Giselle dress.
I was determined to get this made in a day, as they design is very simple, and I did! Dress done in around 7 hours. :D
Needs the ribbon attaching... but other than that, done!

I have bought everything I need for this costume... just waiting for the last piece to arrive, my jumper. That will need a tiny bit of modifying (adding red/yellow ribbon) so all in all a very simple costume! :D

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