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I have been cosplaying since October 07 and my first hand-made costume was KHII Kairi made in 2009.
I'm a picky cosplayer. The type that will fuss over all the little details and isn't happy if something isn't quite right. This means I would be happier with one accurate costume over 3 that weren't so correct. I would rather buy a costume than make it if I felt my effort wouldn't be accurate enough. An example is my Rinoa boots had to have exactly 5 shoe-lace holes but she only ties them up to the 4th.
Yes I'm a tad picky XD
My dream cosplay is the Dead Fantasy version of Rinoa and it is my aim to cosplay all versions of Miss Rinoa Heartilly as I love her character (if my username didn't give that away).

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My wig kinda fell apart on the journey to KitaCon even though I kept it pinned to my wig head in a separate bag. The lovely Frederica la Noir restyled it for me whilst I was wearing it so it wouldn't stretch afterwards.

Needs a few tweaks but Cookie Carol is ready for KitaCon!

I cut off the collar and sleeve cuffs from a white shirt and sewed them directly onto the base shirt. The tops of the cuffs I left a bit scruffy because the cardigan sleeves hide them. I also unpicked the Ralph Lauren logo from the chest.
This was done in the hotel the day before Kita.

Anna wears black court shoes with a square toe and small block heel. She doesn't have the patterns that Elsa has but she might have a gold border, there isn't a clear enough shot of them to tell.
I picked up these suede courts and although the heel is a bit too high it helps the dress from dragging on the floor too much. Unfortunately I struggled to find ones with square toes but I do like how these look and they're comfy.
These are worn with white knee high socks.

Seeing how it all looks together. Shirt still needs modifying.

Trying to find the correct colour for her trousers was such a pain as it's a light shade of brown that looks kinda grey at times. I got these last minute from ebay and were thankful they look ok. I just had to raise the hems a bit with wonder web.

Carol's tupperware for delivering cookies as seen in season 6, episode 12 "Not Tomorrow Yet". I work next to an Asda and I spotted this in there, I love just stumbling across things for cosplay!


Did my usual concealer, foundation and powder routine and found a good match of shadow to define and enlarge my eyebrows. Like my other princesses I used a brown pencil to line my eyes as black is too heavy and added a touch of white to the inner corners to open them up. Light coat of mascara, pink blush and pink lipstick.

This was my first attempt at fake freckles so I watched a few YouTube videos of various techniques. I decided to go with the simple one of drawing them on with a pencil and blotting/blending them to remove the harshness. As the character is animated I wasn't concerned with making them too natural looking but I got some good feedback when I shared the photos on facebook so I'm pleased =)

Removed the ribbons and cut off the loops as close as I could without damaging the fabric. The bodice is lined so I couldn't get to the seams to remove the loops entirely unless I wanted to pull the whole thing apart.

So it didn't dye to a lighter shade after all =( Kinda gutted and wish I chose the China Blue now. It's not a bad colour, just not quite what I wanted so I may try and amend it for another time.

I was torn between Dylon's China Blue and Ocean Blue as the colour I wanted seemed to be inbetween the two. The packet said that it dyed wool to a ligher shade so I went with the darker ocean blue. I've used dyes before and know the end result is always ok but still felt a bit panicky when it looked very purple!

Too light but I left it too late to look for one so got this last minute from Primark.

I was pleased with the plait and twist but the section of hair that folds in at the back (that some people mistake for a bun) was really awkward and I made a mess of it sadly. Hiding it with the ribbon comb lol

As I said before I bought this wig second hand and after a trip from the US (even though it was packaged well) it was looking a little worse for wear. So I took the style apart and attempted to smooth the fibres and put it back together myself.

Finding a suitable yellow striped shirt was a bit of a challenge but finally found this and it should work well after a few modifications.

Carol's Alexandria boots are the ECCO Women's Abelone cross buckle boots in mahogany. They are quite expensive and as I would only need them for this outfit I decided it wasn't worth the cost and found something similar. You can't see the strap and buckle detailing underneath her trousers anyway (they're more obvious in her Wolf disguise).

I saw this and thought it was the perfect style, with ribbing in all the right places etc. It's just a little too light and greeny-blue for my liking so going to try and dye it a better shade.

Reference photos.
Season 5, episode 12 & season 6, episode 12

Just over a week after ordering my dress has arrived making me very doubtful that it was custom made for me, especially considering the the bodice has laces on which they agreed to not do. They sent the underskirt with it which is VERY long so I don't think they paid proper attention to my height meaning I'll have to alter it. I'm unsure of the fit at the moment as I did order a size smaller as I am currently losing weight.

HOWEVER with all that said the quality of the fabric and construction is very good for an ebay purchase. The dress and underskirt look just like the photos on the listing and the fact is I wouldn't of been able to get an embroidered item at that price on commission. For what I paid it's no hardship to make a few alterations. Overall I'm pleased.

Also from angel-secret. They are the only seller I've seen to offer this and to be honest I hadn't paid much attention to the fact Anna has one until I saw the listing. It's mainly visible when she's jumping around like the scene in "For the First Time in Forever" when she bounces on the sofa to mimic the portrait.

The pattern isn't accurate but I thought it was really pretty.

Took the plunge today and ordered my dress. I knew I couldn't make it myself (getting the skirt pattern correct is a big task in itself) so I went hunting for a seller that looks decent and doesn't appear to have stolen it's photos (always a challenge!).

I chose angel-secret as most of their feedback was positive and they also include customer photos in listings which you can see match their stock photos.
They also have all the features I wanted including embroidery on the front and back of the bodice and skirt, boning in the bodice for shape and the colours look good also. They usually put lacing on the back of the bodice so I've just asked them to not include that for accuracy (there's a concealed zip in the side).

I follow Yuurisans Cosplay on facebook (beautiful twin sisters who cosplay together) and they listed up their Anna wig for sale and as it's quite an awkward style and they had it for a reasonable price I thought it best not to pass it up.
This is the photo they used for the sales post but I've seen other shots of it and it does look slightly more ginger in other lights.

I've been considering doing Coronation Anna for a while and spotting that wig kinda set it all in motion!

I wanted to use cream beads but I left it a bit late so gathered the most suitable ones I had in my beads/jewels box which ended up being pearls. However I didn't have the right size jewelry cord in the end so I couldn't attach the extra pearls and ended up with just the single one hanging down.

The peachy-orange fabric was handsewn on as I was having some issues with my sewing machine at the time. I was so pleased with the fabric I found, it's an odd colour but I think I matched it pretty well.

Started off by sewing up the side slits.

The buttons were removed and a small rectangle of fabric added with velcro to make the simple closure as seen in the references.

I made a template out of thin cardboard and cut around it along the base of the cardigan. The cut edges were handsewn together.

After cutting off the old straps I made new ones from leatherette and hot glued them onto the sandals.

Removed the front pocket and other detailing.

Corset- already owned
Briefs- bought
High heels- already owned
Bow tie- reused from regular Zatanna cosplay
Gloves- bought

To be worn with my regular Zatanna wig and top hat.

I used a spare strip of fabric to make a waistband and sewed this onto the skirt after gathering it so it would leave a gap at the front but have a little fullness at the back. I added snap fasteners and these would be hidden by my corset as it covers the waistband.

I had some black taffeta fabric in my fabric stores (originally for my Zatanna cape but I used something else in the end) that I thought was perfect for this. Pretty much all I did was to hem it and roughly curve the sides at the hemline. I felt it hang well enough to not need much else shaping apart from the gathering at the waistline.

My idea for the skirt/train came from Yaya Han's original outfit made for a photo shoot titled "The Raven" which I saw a variation of in person when she attended the Grand Cosplay Ball. I thought this fit in with Zatanna's style very well.



Crime scene tape
Evidence seals
Maglite mini torch
4 tweezer set (straight, curved, spade, self-closing)
5 x long sterile swabs in sealed tubes
2 x specimen tubes
2 x specimen pots
Spray bottle (luminol)
Magnifying glasses
Latex gloves

After finding the closest font I could find I printed out the letters onto paper and cut them carefully to make a stencil. I painted directly onto the overalls using Dylon fabric paint.

Original pocket flaps removed and reused as a sort of binding.

I don't like the finish on these, looks kinda like suede but they were the best I could find in such a short time.

Another ebay purchase. As with the combats I wear with some of my Resident Evil cosplays it took a while to find one that wouldn't swamp me as they are usually designed with men in mind.
I will need to make modifications to the breast pockets.

C.S.I. Las Vegas Nevada patch bought on ebay.

The sides of the wig were held back with brown hair grips and make up was kept fairly basic.

The top of the "overlay" as I'm going to call it was folded over the strap and hand stitched. The petal shapes at the bottom were hot glued to the shoe.
The only downside is the spray dye made the leatherette sticky and tacky and I'm not sure why, it has a normal finish on the shoe itself.

I hand sketched the detailed overlay (is that what you would call it?) onto the back of some cream leatherette and cut it out using a mix of scissors and a stanley knife. I drew around the first one to create a pair. Both pieces were then spray dyed blue.

The strap loops were made by using scrap material saved from where I removed the original straps and buckles. I sprayed them blue and hot glued them to the inside of the shoe. The buckles were then attached to the straps and secured with some hand stitching.

The buckle was painted with silver metal paint as it was originally gold.

The shoe straps were hand made using cream leatherette which was then dyed with the same spray I used on the shoes. The buckles were painted with silver metal paint as they were originally gold.

I changed the buckle for a more accurate one.

I removed the straps and buckles from the shoes and dyed them blue using Magix vinyl spray. Thanks to Alias Cosplay for the recommendation! They came out really well =)

Not happy with my first attempt but it showed I could pull her off quite well I think so I'm re-making the main parts of the costume to improve on the quality.

* New jumper (this time no neck alterations that fail!)
* New playsuit made from a lighter colour fabric and with a higher neckline.
* More accurate buckle on the belt.

The shoes were dyed burgundy using Angelus suede dye. The stitching didn't change colour but I'm pleased with how easy and effective it was.

It was a pain to find a suitable mahogany brown nail varnish. But little details count and all that jazz.

The hem of the skirt and petticoat have been raised and I've added hooks and eyes to the inside of the bodice to help with the fit.

Belle's hair is fairly simple but picking a wig for her has been awkward as it seems as if her hair changes each episode. It varies from loose waves to ringlets and her Storybrooke counterpart has a different shade of brown with highlights too. I was limited for choice as I had to order a wig late so couldn't order from outside the UK. I ended up spending more than I wanted but I'm hoping it will be a good quality wig to be worth it and I will end up using it for all versions of OUAT Belle.

The costume department for the show bought some beige shoes and dyed/painted them blue for Belle so I plan to follow suit. However I need to do a bit of modifying first as well as her shoes have a pattern detail attached to the ankle strap that I cannot find "ready made" as it were, the shoes they used are no longer available.

I decided to start out with a base shoe and make the detailed part out of something like a beige or cream leatherette. When finished the whole shoe shall be sprayed with a pale blue vinyl dye. The base shoes I ended up ordering were some character dance shoes as they had the best shape and heel style, I couldn't find what I wanted by searching for regular court shoes.

I really struggled to find heels similar to the Gucci Betty ones that Belle wears in the show. These were one of the closest pairs despite having the open sides, chunkier heel and being red. I want to try to make them more burgundy but that might be difficult as they are made from a suede type material.

After a little panic due to it being posted after the stated time my outfit is here and thankfully fits. There is a slight issue with the bodice not staying in place but I'm going to attempt to solve that by adding some hooks and eyes. The skirt and petticoat also needs the hems raised slightly.

This was the closest I could find to matching her necklace.

It fits hurrah! Although if I loose weight it might get a bit baggy around the middle, something the belt will help with I hope. The belt I got with it was black not brown so I shall have to buy a replacement. Loving the dress though.

The exact dress worn in the show is made by Armani Exchange so even if it was still available (which it isn't) there's no way I could afford it! There's quite a few websites that research the outfits of the cast and the dress I ended up buying is one of their alternative recommendations. It's made by one of the clothing lines in Dorothy Perkins and I managed to find just one listing on ebay for it which was luckily my size! According to the website this line comes up small so I've ordered a size up and I'm hoping it'll fit ok when it arrives.

I ordered her dress and underclothes from ProCosplay (after researching to make sure they owned the photos) as it seemed the most accurate and well made one available online at the moment. I haven't made a fitted bodice before with boning so was a little unsure about making it myself hence buying it. The shade of blue seems a little dark but her dress does appear darker in a lot of the scenes in the show, the promotional images are shot under bright lighting after all. I figured if it bothers me that much I can take it apart to use as a pattern/guide for making my own with lighter fabric at a later date.

Made using the same method as the medic bag. For the medic symbol I used a small patch I found online, I just had to paint over the red border around it.

I sewed the straps to the bag to make a sort of loop for the belt to go through. This keeps the bag sitting at the correct height.

I took the bag apart and made it smaller as felt it was too big. The closures/straps were hand made using beige cotton tape and side release buckles. I hand painted the medic symbol on using a mix of acrylic and fabric paint.

EDIT: Costume now retired so no improvements will happen sorry!

Things I hope to remake/improve in the future:

* New pink panels on shirt and bring in the armholes
* New skirt made with fabric that has the accurate pattern
* New sweeper
* Remake armband
* Remake stocking tops
* Change the red pear gem on the bracelet
* If I have monies: Buy the official earrings

I had to be pinned into the jumper as I couldn't adjust the neckline properly and I didn't get time to change the belt buckle to a more accurate one but here's how she looks for now.

The fringe of the wig was trimmed and some light styling was done with Fructis Manga Head wax.
Make up in general is basic as trying to look young, I turned my eyebrows green using eyeshadow.

Took a headband I already owned and covered it in green polycotton fabric.

I liked the pink panels on my old shirt so a removed them and hand sewed them onto the new shirt, wrapping the pale chiffon that was already on the shirt around them which lightened the colour a bit more. In the process however I noticed the panels didn't match shape-wise so I will probably remake them myself at some point.

A concealed zip was put in the back and I overlocked where possible. Unhappy with the neckline as it is too low but it's something I've learnt from I hope.
This was made in the space of one day.

I made the playsuit using McCall's Pattern M6362. I'm still not very good at reading and understanding patterns so it was a bit of a challenge even for a simple item like this. I didn't get the sizing quite right and had to take the bodice part in a bit but I didn't do too bad considering I think.

Using my engraving tool Sjbonnar made an indentation for the green triangle on the ocarina. We realise it might actually stick out rather than indent but this will make painting easier for now until I decide to add something to it later.

I changed the buttons as Serah's ones have visible stitching on and the ones that came with the shirt were not four hole buttons.

Using Dylon fabric hand dye I turned the white jumper a dark green.

I needed false ears that were large enough to stick out from my head and be visible but I disliked how big some ears used by Zelda cosplayers are. I found some "Demon" ears which were a size more to my liking whilst still being in the Zelda style.

I wanted to keep the chunky cuff design used in the REmake but if I used the same method as I did for Jill's gloves then I wouldn't get the watch around them. So I just used some black leatherette to make my own cuffs and added velcro to secure them. Also the fingers of the gloves had to be cut back as they were too long.

Bought online and taken in at the sides and sleeves as it was slightly baggy and both the S.T.A.R.S. girls t-shirts are quite fitted. The S.T.A.R.S. patch was sewn onto the left sleeeve by hand (The photo is a mirror image).

I decided to make both the medic bag and smaller pouch from scratch using a beige canvas material and constructing a basic messenger bag type shape. The canvas frays a LOT which meant I had to do some overlocking to make sure the inside seams didn't fall apart.
The front flap needs some re-shaping and I'm worried it may be a bit too big...

Sadly the shirt made by Pegsicle didn't fit me right and I couldn't see a way to adjust it so I ordered a new shirt from cosplayfly2010, the company who made my skirt. The arm holes seem a tad large but other than that it fits me quite comfortably, I just need to make some adjustments to the panels at the bottom as they are too see-through for my liking.

I wanted to make a LED fairy but whilst I was researching potential tutorials I came across a video for The Legend of Cosplay's faries. They were exactly the look I was going for and at a very reasonable price too so I went ahead and ordered one in the "forest fairy" colour. I'm hoping to be able to attach it to a wire on my costume somehow so it can hover just above my head but if that's not possible I can lean it on tree branches or something for photos.

The Legend of Cosplay shop: http://www.vendio.com/stores/linksliltri4ce/

Saria's ocarina looks like it's made from a pale wood, something like beech. It's hard to be sure as there aren't many detailed images/screenshots of it. As I was buying a pre-made ocarina an ivory one was the closest I could get to the colour in my price range.

To make the costume a bit more interesting I wanted to have Hermione looking a bit more dirty and bloody like she is after they leave the Shrieking Shack and her and Harry go to save Sirius and Buckbeak.

I have never tried any wound effects before so just watched a few tutorials on YouTube and got stuck in! I wanted to use a bit of special effects wax for the cut next to her eyebrow as it looks a bit bigger/deeper but I couldn't get the stuff to stick to my face, it just stayed on my fingers bah. So I just used a dark red lip pencil to mark the outlines of the cut and split lip and to draw the guideline for the scratch on the cheek. Then I used red and black facepaint (came in a set with the wax) to build the base for the cuts before finishing with "bloody scab" fake blood. It dries like a scab which I figured would work as Hermione's wounds would have stopped bleeding at the point they go back in time. I used the sharp point of a cuticle stick to apply the blood to the scratch but a brush for the cuts.

Love this colour! Just a bit of minor styling to do.

My original one (made in 2010 for Jill) had a paper label and was getting a bit battered so I wanted to remake it using photo paper for a stronger and nicer finish. Rebecca's the team's medic, it's an important item for her!

I bought a cheap can of anti-perspirant again although I went for a shorter and fatter can this time. Also it's the closest I could get to the design of the top of the can. I painted the parts that would be visible silver using metal paint.
I had a lot of help with the new label from Paul Elder, particularly as it didn't want to print the correct size, stupid printer. Got there in the end and it was quickly glued to the can using hot glue.

Thanks again to Paul for your help =)

Bought a webbing belt on ebay, removed the metal buckle and replaced it with a black side release buckle.
I have shortened the black belt now also.

Added another coat of metal paint and a top coat of acrylic to mattify it a bit.
Finished off with black patrol boot laces.
(My eyelets started popping out so had to re-glue them -_-)

Painting the ladder lock buckles silver to match the references. Using Hammerite metal paint.

Really pleased with the work Xero did on it =)

Picked this up again so I can rewear Jill to Expo with something new to pose with.

After asking for some advice on spray paint that turns out a suitable gun metal colour I bought a can of Plasti-Kote fast dry enamel spray in Pewter, a colour I looked at but didn't consider using before to be honest. The can is a lot smaller than the main Matt, Satin or Metallic range though so ran out before I could complete my 3rd coat on one side (the other had 4 coats). So some of the red is faintly showing through on this side. I haven't got time to get another can before Expo so will have to touch it up another time, I'm hoping this will do until then though, I can ask to be photographed from one side if need be.

(Oh and that wrinkly mark before the barrel starts is where the gun got stuck on a plastic bag during the first paint job back in February. I tried to sand it off but it didn't do much sadly)

I was still having no luck getting the washers to stay on the eyelets much to my frustration so in the end I glued them in place using UHU Power glue. Excuse the really messy insides of the boots, I decided cutting back the leatherette to find the original holes was easier than trying to guess where to make new ones. I shouldn't haven't glued the leatherette so far in in the first place. It looked a lot neater before!

I started adding the white detailing using metal paint as I find it more hardwearing than acrylic for footwear. The white parts are meant to be bigger but I thought if I extended the paint onto the canvas the difference in texture would be obvious and it wouldn't look very good. I intend to add another coat tonight.

Here's some progress shots I was sent of my Samurai Edge handgun. The modifications are being done by Xero -


Started adding the eyelets, they are giving me a lot of trouble though. I spent over two hours trying to get one boot done and it still needs two more eyelets. It really shouldn't take this long! The washers are constantly falling off, I'm wondering if the canvas is too thick for them. At this rate I'm tempted to glue the bloody things in place.

Three types of fabric, webbing and fastenings. I also have a camping mat to add the padding.

Testing out the wig, choker, earrings and make-up together.

Very basic make-up as Rebecca's only 18 so trying to keep my natural young looks lol Concealer, foundation, powder, small amount of mascara and brown eyeshadow to lightly define the eyebrows. Finished off with some pale pink lipstick also as most promo images show a bit of colour.

I originally thought she had green eyes so was going to order some coloured contacts but after zooming in on several references I'm now pretty certain she has blue eyes.

As you can see the wig was originally quite top heavy and looked rather ridiculous on me. I thinned it out a lot, trimmed back around the ears and styled the fringe trying to keep it natural and choppy looking. I've never thinned a wig before so quite pleased with how it came out. Even if I still think I don't suit short hair lol

Pink satin ribbon with a velcro fastening. The velcro was hot glued on to make it more secure. I would rather not use a satin ribbon as not keen on the shine but found it difficult to find a matt ribbon in a suitable shade and width.

Black leatherette was hot glued directly onto the boot. Not the tidiest job as I really struggle to shape this material around curves. I could of just painted it but I thought this would look better. I seem to be avoiding the easy options with this costume lol

Quite happy with how these look apart from getting the seam on the wrong side on one of them... Also one leg feels tighter and harder to roll up than the other. The fabric was quite cheap (I only used half a metre) so considering getting some more and re-doing the tight leg if I have time.

I decided to go with a beigey colour (similar to the canvas I'm using for the bags) for these rather than the popular white. In some of the Remake/UC references they look more beige and I think it looks better.

I used a linen fabric and first folded over all the edges and sewed them down to stop it from fraying whilst I was working with it. The fabric was also folded in half because it was a little thin. The folded edge was sewn to the bottom hem of the trousers on the inside. The tops were hand-sewn sightly below the knee just on the trouser seams, I couldn't sew all the way down these seams as it wouldn't go though my machine properly due to the trousers being already made (if that makes sense?). Also I didn't want any of the beige thread showing above the top of the turn-up. I hand-sewed where the fabric edges overlapped following the line of stiches I made when I neatened up the fabric to start. This creates a seam line when the trousers are rolled up.

I decided to line the trousers in this way as felt it gave a more natural look rather than just folding the trousers up and sewing fabric around on top.

MIL-TEC black webbing belt with metal slide buckle. Very long though so I might cut it shorter and seal the end with a lighter

I searched general ladies combats for ages in the hope of finding a suitable pair, at one point I had them but they were a skinny fit, who makes skinny fit combats? Bah. So in the end decided the best option was to go with BDU combat trousers. Tbh they are probably what she is wearing except she's turned the bottoms up, the pocket style matches Jill's and the colour seems standard military issue.
I just need to make the modifications to the turn-ups so they are a different colour.

All done. Thankfully the material is strong and sturdy so there is no ripping or fraying around the holes. Once the black detail has been added I will re-eyelet using silver ones.

Starting pulling out all the eyelets and other studs in preparation for adding the black leatherette detail.

I have seen many Rebecca cosplayers just get green Converse or similar style trainers and they look okay but as I always want to be as accurate as possible I'm taking a different approach. On closer inspection she actually wears patrol boots, the style is the same as Jill Valentine's but in her custom green and white colour.

Obviously these were designed for the game and in reality you can't buy this colour scheme! I was faced with possibly buying another pair of black patrol boots and experimenting with leather or vinyl dye when I found the Palladium boot range. They actually do a green security/patrol style boot but at around £80 they were way out of my price range. So I looked at a hi-top canvas pair that had a heel which I think I can comfortably modify. These were also quite pricey so I waited until a pair popped up on ebay and ended up with a size too small as didn't want to miss the chance of getting a pair of these.

I need to remove the eyelets, add the black trim, re-eyelet (with silver ones), change the laces to black ones and add the white detail.

Started searching for wigs and this was one of the first ones I found, it seems a really good style and colour for her. I just fear it will arrive looking completely different considering it cost me less than £10 including postage. Just have to wait and see, lets hope I found a bargain instead of something crap.

The obvious blurring of watermarks is amusing and worrying at the same time...

I ordered the Magnum Long in Light Green (004) from Arda Wigs because I think the colour matches the in-game art quite well and it should be easy to style.
It's currently out of stock and on backorder so I'm hoping it comes back in soon.

Re-using these from my retired Usagi Tsukino cosplay. Lucky I still have them actually as I don't like pearl jewelry myself.

You can see marks still at the tops but hoping it doesn't distract too much, it's more noticeable with the flash I think.

Still worried that the boots are too small and adding to the length would leave a seam line in the middle. But I really like the colour and material of these as well as having the right sole colour and heel size as mentioned before. So really don't know what to do... Might leave it for now and see how they look with the rest of the costume.

First tried covering the white marks with a green fabric pen but it was pretty dried up despite the fact it was new and I hadn't used it! Tch. So I found a permanent marker instead that matched the colour fairly well. I went over it twice but the white still shows through a little and on close inspection its kinda obvious the boots have been drawn on but from a distance I am hoping it's not noticeable.

Removing the studs was really easy but whoever made these left guide marks underneath them. I assumed it was basic tailers pencil that would just rub off but nope -_- What's extra annoying is there are 3 studs near the ankle that do not have guide marks, same as the studs on the belts I removed. Why did they need them for the tops? D=

My watch for Jill has a leather strap and Rebecca's is metal so I needed a new one. Sjbonnar ended up with an extra watch when he was working on Barry Burton so gave me this one =)

They don't appear to have the S.T.A.R.S. logo on the faces of their watches but I've always thought it was a nice touch.

Official Crookshanks plush from the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour.
Another gift from sjbonnar.

I think he could do with a slightly more squished face but other than that he's lovely. His fur is matty and keeps coming out in clumps- very in character!

Just don't have the contacts in or make-up on for these shots.
Excuse the demon eyes...

Just a few shots of how it looks when worn. I trimmed the ends very slightly but it didn't need any other work, even the fringe didn't need styling.

Not the neatest work but fairly happy with the result.

I used matt self adhesive vinyl to alter the gold stripes to blue ones. This seemed the quickest and easiest way to achieve the right look. The only downside is the stripes don't have the small stiches as on the actual trainers and I had to cover the Gola brand but figured the later wasn't a big deal as Hermione's jeans are quite long and cover this up most of the time anyway.

Hermione's jeans are completely plain so I removed a small Next tag from one of the front pockets then attacked the stitch detailing on the back pockets. The bottom two lines of stitching removed fairly easy but the top line took over double the time due to the type of stitch, it was a pain. The dark blue pattern left behind is obviously what the jeans original colour was, the thread prevented it from fading. Wish that wasn't there obviously but I prefer it to the coloured thread.

Tassel/ drawstring (whatever you call it) removed from hood and rivet detail added to pockets.

The zipper pull is still inaccurate (supposed to be rounded at the end) but I didn't have anything suitable to replace it with and had no time to order one.

Basic and plain, you only see the top just above the zip of the hoody.
Worry it's a little too dark but all the references have different shades of pink making it awkward to know which is correct.

Base hoody to be modified.

I bought it in an extra small (estimated as a UK size 6) as Hermione's seems quite fitted but it still feels baggy on me and it's quite long also, ending below the belt when it's supposed to end above it. Darn. I also don't like the white trim on the zip.

Hermione wears Gola Harrier trainers, a brand that comes in about 50 odd different colour combinations it seems. Unlike other popular trainers like Converse and Vans you can't get cheap rip-offs of the design and her particular colour scheme is on sale for between £35-50, an expense I can't afford or justify.
I managed to find a navy and gold pair on ebay second hand and decided I could attempt to change the stripe colour somehow as I couldn't find any other trainers in a similar style. They are a bit worn but Hermione's aren't exactly brand new anyway so I think this gives a more realistic look.

I couldn't find a belt with the correct coloured stripes and the closest one came in a childs size only so I had to buy two and combine them to make a belt that would fit me. I joined them using a hot glue gun and replaced the buckles with two D-rings.

Medium blue Next jeans found in a charity shop.
Please ignore the wrinkles and damp patch, they have just been washed.

I accidentally deleted the first batch of progress photos I took >_<

Parts of the barrel were sawn off and reattached to gain a closer match to my reference. I removed the cover with all the holes from the barrel completely.
I did a coat of paint using Plastikote Metallic spray paint in silver but it was too bright and shiny so I need to source a gun metal colour.

Bought this at the last Expo, managed to get a good deal on it as they were clearing stock. The guy on the stall checked that it was a similar model to one Jill uses for me (as I couldn't recall from memory and had no internet on my phone at that time).

It's going to need a few modifications, most obviously a paint job of course, but a pretty good base gun to start with.

Here's a reference of the shotgun used by Jill in Resi 3, it is found early in the game in the wine cellar where Brad Vickers sprints away from. This weapon is also used by Mikhail Victor in Operation: Mad Jackal minigame.

Game description:
"Benelli M3S. An easy to carry sawed-off shotgun. It uses 12 gauge shot shells."

Found a jumper with the same wide ribbed pattern that Saria has =) It's 100% cotton so can be dyed green easily. I will need to make some modifications to the neckline though but the wide shoulders of the playsuit should hide this.

I started watching a few on ebay that I was un-sure of then I found this in a wig store in Peckham, London whilst I was visiting sj. It might need a trim but I haven't tried it on yet to see where the length sits on me. It has a centre skin top parting and the fringe will need little work, if any.

Finding green boots that aren't wellies is hard lol

Found a pair on a site that sold everything for £5 so figured I wouldn't be loosing much if they were no good. The colour is great and the velour makes them feel so soft! The material is a good look for them I think, suits the character. I also like these because they have the correct sole colour and heel size. Obviously I need to spend a fair bit of time removing those studs, I just hope they don't leave any obvious holes. The belts just unbuckle and come off, easy peasy.

The only issue is I worry they're too short. Saria's boots aren't quite knee-high but these barely reach mid-calf on me, look almost like ankle boots. I would just buy another pair to cut up and add to these as they are cheap but I would have an obvious seam line around the middle of the boot... Not sure what to do at the moment.

Same one used for my other version of Hermione.

I don't think her boots are a suede type material and I don't like the grips on the soles and heel but these were in the sale and I knew I would regret not buying them if I struggle to find anything better in the future.

I now have jeans instead of corduroy trousers and they are a lighter shade of pink that goes better with the hoodie which is what I wanted. I also decided that pink Converse looked better with the overall outfit over the dolly shoes I was wearing before.

Photo taken at Expo by Aims Tacchi

Just in time for Expo! I'm really pleased with how the sleeves came out considering how much trouble they gave me to start with.

In the future I hope to do her full vampire face with a prosphetic forehead piece, fangs and yellow contacts.

Photo by: Akraru Photography

I made the taffetta part of the sleeves by drafting out my own pattern and sewing the red and gold pieces together on my machine. I tried to overlock as much as I could to prevent fraying although I ran out of the gold thread towards the end. These sleeves were attached to the leather ones by hand.

I had some leatherette left over from another project that thankfully matched quite well to the faux leather sleeves and corset. I used this as a base to sew the sleeves onto and it also prevented having a gap under the arm which I was getting before. This was sewn by hand with some parts reinforced on my sewing machine.

I bought a blazer on ebay that had faux leather sleeves, I figured I could remove them from the blazer saving me on having to construct a sleeve myself. I tried to attach them to bra straps but soon realised due to the way sleeves curve at the top of the shoulder that wasn't going to work properly.

Official Disney store plush =) He went out of stock/ production for a while so I was happy to see him back on sale again.

For AmeCon I decided I wanted to change the character's look slightly so I wore a purple wig, glasses and knee-high socks with school shoes instead of boots.

Photo taken by Manga Girl

Here's how Will looked for LFCC when she was unfortunately still in progress as I hit a snag with the leather part of the sleeves so they weren't finished in time. I was reluctant to wear it incomplete but sjbonnar talked me into it as he was my Xander and Frederica la Noir was being Buffy especially too.

Photo by: CELphotography

The ruffles for the corset trim were made by myself using copper red marble effect cotton and dark red taffetta (the same material I'll be using for the sleeves). The ends are lightly sewn into the corset but they are mainly held in place once the corset has been tightened.

Rather pleased with how this test went =) Did my usual concealer, foundation and powder base and then turned my eyebrows ginger using orange eyeshadow over a light brown eyebrow pencil base. I used 2 shades of green eyeshadow on the eyelids and added black eyeliner and mascara. Finishing off with the lips I used a red lipliner and lipstick. I'm pleased Willow wears quite a dark shade of red as I really don't suit bright shades.

I will be wearing hazel coloured contacts on the day as well.

I straightened the wig by wetting it and placing a damp cloth around the strands to protect from the straighteners. The wet wig combined with the heat caused it to create steam which straightened the wig instead of it having direct contact with the hot plates. I then trimmed the ends to shorten it a bit.

I'm really not happy with how the wig looks at the front of the hairline but I don't know how to style it without damaging the skin top.

Please excuse my lack of make up and general tiredness looking in the photo.

My corset arrived so I tested it out with the trousers, boots and wig on to see how the outfit is coming together.

I bought the real leather steel boned overbust corset from Corsets Boulevard, the same place I got my Zatanna underbust and several of my other corsets for non-cosplay wear. The steel boned ones are always great quality for the price.

I found a pair of GAP black leather straight leg jeans on ebay and got a really good deal on them. I hate how they feel though lol

The boots are the ones I wear for my Amanda Young cosplay as the style is the same as Willow's.

I bought a New Look D.Boy L wig in Red Auburn from Coscraft after much debating over the colour. I didn't want a wig that was too red but wanted it slighter darker than natural ginger. Awkward.

I plan to straighten and possibly trim the ends.

Complete- Duster and arm-warmers, top, skirt, shorts, boots, ring and chain, wig.
(Wig and necklace not in the photo)

The main outfit is now finished apart from the belt and I'm really pleased with how it's looking so far =)

I un-picked the yellow thread in the seam near the top of the waistline before shortening the hem with wonderweb. The top seam was still visible without the stitching and this bugged me so I folded it over and hid it inside the skirt. I allowed for this before raising the hem.
Rather than fuss about making the wrap skirt functional (it has a zip at the back hidden by the duster) I just folded over a bit of the fabric at the front and stitched it down using my machine to create a wrap effect. I purposely made the fold over-hang a bit at the end by not sewing it completly straight to help with this illusion. The buttons were hand sewn on, the DF version has brass ones not silver.

I tried making a mini-skirt once and failed miserably. I didn't want that issue again so bought a base skirt to modify. I should be able to shorten it but keep the waistline intact so I know it will fit me properly.
The DF version of Rinoa does not have a marble effect skirt and the shade of blue is darker.

I tried once again to sew the zips into the shorts themselves to make them fuctional, this time I had hoped using my machine with a low tension setting might help but during my efforts decided I hate lycra lol I tested it out on my old shorts so didn't ruin these thankfully. So I went back to the popular method of sewing them direcly on top of the shorts to minimise bunching, this was done by hand whilst I was wearing them.
Checking the references later on I noticed on a zoomed in shot that her zips have a slight dark border around them as if hers had been placed on top also so hey it works!

Lace detailing being added to the vest top. I hand stitched it in place first then went over it with my machine to strengthen it.
I use a lycra vest top with my original Rinoa as the fabric seems similar to the shorts and it does in Dead Fantasy too but I didn't think the lace would look right against lycra somehow so I opted for cotton instead.

Eyelets and laces added to one boot. Glad they came out how I wanted! Now to do the other.

Both cuffs have now been re-attached in the correct position with the zips removed.

Spray painted the black gutter mesh white. This shall be used to help shape the wing and for the feathers to attach to. I didn't want the black showing through as the insulation foam I am using for the feathers is quite thin. I shall prob cover this with plain white fabric also.

The wig was labled as heat resistant so I straightened it with my mum's straighteners but the condition felt crap after. Tch. Used the hot water method after to try and smooth it out a bit but didn't do much tbh.
Anyway I went ahead and trimmed the fringe and sewed the brown highlights into the netting. I used a bit of wax to separate the fringe a bit but I'm not keen on how it looks so brushed it out after this photo was taken.
I'm not that happy with how the wig looks overall but it'll do for now.

As I did with my last wig I cut up some auburn clip in extensions ready to be sewn onto the wefts of the wig.

Removed the zips from the cuffs and cut them off so I could twist them round making the split face the front. They were glued back onto the boot using super glue. The join won't be seen once the laces are in.

After round 2 we got a height and shape I was happy with and which is similar to one of the references I have.

This is what we had after the first round of heating and bending the PVC pipes. However I felt it was way too tall for my liking (in how it looked and for myself being able to support it) so the ends of the pipes were cut down a bit and we started round 2 of shaping...

sjbonnar heated the PVC pipes for me because I'm too much of a wimp to use my own heat gun... Although 2 people were needed anyway as I had to hold the ends of the pipe to stop them bending too far whilst hot and snapping.

My lovely bf sjbonnar was on hand today to help me test the harness. He noticed the pipes were leaning forward and trying to snap out of the clips. He thinks adding another support bar of plastic over the backplate and attaching a V shaped pipe connector for the ends of the pipe to sit in will make it a lot more stable.
I am also going to add another webbing strap to go under my bust to help keep the harness flat against my back.

This is how the PVC pipes looked in the harness without them being shaped or cut. I felt like a weird bug with giant antenna...

My Rinoa wig has seen better days so figured it was about time I got a new one. Unfortunately this hasn't got a side skin-top parting which seems impossible to find but it'll do. I'll find a better wig for my regular version when I update her one day. I do like the framing around the face on this though.

Made by myself without a pattern using white polycotton. Two metres ended up being the right amount to match the circumference of the bottom of the dress so I simply sewed and over-locked the side seams and the hem. Then I also machine-stitched the lace onto the hem. Getting the waistline done is where I got stuck so I took it to street-angel at Kita for help who sized it up and sewed in some elastic for me. However the elastic was many years old and once stretched wouldn't ping back to it's original size. Street-angel and the Cosplay Ops didn't have any so I had to leave it until I can buy some new elastic =(

I decided to wear black tights and my own black, knee high lace-up boots with this. One of the students, Asuka Watarai, wears tights and boots in the anime so it fits in with the style. I used my own hair and put it into bunches tied with pink ribbon that matched the uniform. I also wore a small black petticoat underneath the skirt to help it look more fuller and "poofy".

Photo taken by Nert

I wanted a new top and bought about 3-4 different boob tubes but didn't like any of them due to colour or how clingy the fabric was so ended up repairing my old one ^^' I un-picked the hand sewing on the seams (which was coming apart in places)and put it through my machine as well as overlocking them. I also added a fake seam along the top of the bustline because Jill has one. I hoped this would prevent the top "rolling" over also which was one of the reasons I wanted a new one.

Edit- The top still rolled. Bah. I might just find fabric I like and make my own using this one as a pattern, that way I can get the seams correct (they're not meant to go right to the top) and add the buttons on the back too.

First photo shows the seam work I had finished on the left and seam still to be re-done on the right. The second photo is the top once repairs and top seam detail were finished.

I got an iron burn on my old skirt (doh!) but I really liked it so was happy to be able to get exactly the same one again. I also had plenty of the grey ribbon I used before left over however this time I sewed it on with my machine instead of by hand and it's left a neater finish.

Photo shows old skirt on the left and new on the right. The iron burn is more visible when photographed with flash.

Added the belts and cut off the excess strap. They're not glued in place currently but might do that in the future. Still don't like them that much as think they're too baggy around the calfs. One day I might find a pair I like!

The flash makes the buckles look white in the photos but they are silver.

In the process of painting the heels and edges of the boots black with Ronseal metal paint.

The painting came out well so I decided to use that buckle instead of the silver one I had bought before.

Photo to come.

Mum trimmed the longer side of the wig for me so I no longer have that annoying bit flicking under my chin. It's a more accurate length now.

I shall also use the same make-up as my regular gijinka.
I would like to get a lighter pair of jeans tbh or I might just wear the knee high socks with shorts.

I sewed a hair grip inside the hood so it can be clipped to my wig to stop it from falling off.

I finally bought the correct length zip so I no longer have the random button at the bottom. It should be a lot easier to get into the dress now.

EDIT- It's not lol. I need to get an open ended one.

Painted the buckles of the new belts silver with Hammerite metal paint. The buckles are more square than my old ones but other than that they're the same.

In the process of painting the buckle with Hammerite metal paint.

Sorry the photo isn't very good.

The snap fasteners on the collar kept popping open so I replaced them with hooks and eyes. However this make the fabric gape and the hooks were visible =( It was suggested that I use velcro instead which I cut into thin strips and used a mix of hand-sewing and my machine to attach. I looks a lot better now as well as staying in place.

I commissioned street-angel to make this.

It is clearly very well made, all the sewing is neat and overlocked ect and every part of it feels secure. The tail has quite a bit of weight to it as is tightly padded and because of this it pulls the hood down a bit but I shall sew in a hair grip or something to attach it to my wig to keep it in place.

Found this whilst browsing a charity shop and thought it would work quite well for Kairi's school bag. I've bought some brown webbing to make the handles and I'm currently undecided if I will add the white details with fabric or paint.

The brown contacts I use for Rinoa and Hermione are too dark for Belle so I tried a hazel pair before AyaCon but my natural blue eyes showed through them too much so I stuck with the darker pair. I finally got around to buying and trying another brown shade in "Honey". This colour is a lot better as it hides the blue but isn't too dark. I fear they can look a little orange in some lighting but overall they work well.

I finished painting all the eyelets which came out rather well. I removed the buckle and replaced it with one I had bought a few years back with the intention of removing the plastic quick release buckle on my old belt. However I don't really like the look of this one, the buckle I removed is the correct style. I am going to try painting it with silver metal paint too and if it doesn't come out very well I'll stick to the new one I fitted.

Started painting the eyelets silver using Hammerite metal paint. Top row is finished.

Jill's belt doesn't have the additional clips/slides that help keep the belt flat when it's been adjusted so I removed these with a pair of pliars.

Removed some additional webbing and rings that aren't on the references. I didn't think about doing this with my last pair, my pickiness continues to grow it seems! The excess webbing on the adjustable straps was also cut off and sealed with a lighter once they were fitted to the correct length.

Again the small velcro strap made attaching this to the belt awkward, I wonder if I should consider adding my own strap or an extension somehow.
I haven't altered the suspenders yet so ignore how they look.

Note: Photo taken in a mirror so pouch is on the other side.

According to references the front pouch sits on Jill's belt just in front of the suspender strap (closer to the belt buckle) however I think it looks better on me just behind the strap. Also I'm the only one who worries about these tiny details anyway I'm sure >.>
The new pouch has got a very short velcro strap compared to my old one so I only just managed to get it to reach around the belt.

Note: Photo taken in a mirror so pouch is on the other side.

I removed the straps and buckles and cut off some of the tops of the boots before turning them in and gluing them down with super glue. Now the knee high socks are visible.

According to in game graphics and the cut scenes Jill's suspender straps cross over at the back with no middle horizontal support. Suspenders aren't designed like this (Capcom like to alter their tactical gear to make it impossible to match in reality) so like Quinzel I considered getting H-type LC1 suspenders and removing the horizontal part. However then I came accross the concept art in which Jill is clearly wearing Y-Type LC-1 Suspenders. Now I usually prefer to stick to how things look in cut scenes than what is more realistic but in this case I think it makes more sense to go with realism as it's possible there was an error in the final design or the graphic designer doesn't understand military gear etc. My old set of suspenders were Y-Type too, I'm just going to make a few adjustments to the new ones.

I finally found an accurate pistol belt from Galaxy Army Navy, a US surplus store. I decided to get new suspenders as well to make sure everything matched and because my current ones were second hand and worn. They were both cheap to buy and when they arrived it was clear this is because they are cheaply made in China (the suspenders actually have a white tag sticking out stating "made in China" lol) whereas my old set had US stamps on and were obviously genuine military issue. You can feel the quality difference but as my new set looks the part and I need to modify bits anyway I don't mind, I also like the fact they are lighter therefore more comfortable than my genuine ones.

Found some bright blue thigh high socks on ebay that came from China. I only pull them up as far as the knee though.

The appearance of snow made me want to finish off the remaining details on the jacket (although naturally it had all melted by the time I got my butt into gear...). I used 3 coats of fabric paint on the cuffs to turn them grey and also went over the stitching keeping the sleeves attached to the cuffs.

I really hate looking for Jill's boots... Matching the style and the colour is so hard. I finally came accross these on ebay, due to the way they're made they still aren't very fitted to my calves but they aren't as baggy as my old boots. I need to remove the straps and buckles, paint the heels and sides of the sole black and also turn down or trim down the tops somehow as they end right at the knee meaning the black socks won't be visible.

Bought some black loafers similar to the references from ebay. I just had to remove the tassell detail which you can still see on the left shoe in the photo.

Single and double pistol magazine pouches made by Guarder. I bought these from Wolf Armouries.co.uk
I find it odd that the single pouch is longer than the double considering they're the same make =/
I might see if the magazine from my Claire gun will fit into the single pouch as it feels odd having them all empty.

sjbonnar bought me the Noble Collection replica of Hermione's Time-Turner for Christmas which led me to want to do this version of Hermione as an excuse to show it off lol It really is a gorgeous replica with spinning parts and moving sand.

" I mark the hours every one nor have I yet outrun the sun. My use and value unto you are gauged by what you have to do. "

Wig and make-up shall be the same that's used for my pink dress version of Kairi.

Photo taken by Nert

I thought about doing this costume since I did my pink dress version of Kairi but my inability to find suitable fabric was what held me back. Then I saw a commissioners (Paper Cranes) school girl Kairi photos and the fabric looked really good so I contacted them to ask if they could source me some. Their supplier was out but they allowed me to have 2 metres of their own stock which should be plenty as long as I don't screw it up!
The fabric isn't perfect but it's the best I've come across so far.

Lost my job today so sadly had to cancel my commission with Tab. Im really gutted about it =( If I find something quick I can hopefully do this for Ame instead.

Currently planning updating most of the costume, this is something I have wanted to do for a while as I'm not happy with the accuracy of it yet and I enjoy wearing it!

I finally found a belt that has the correct amount of eyelets as well as the right buckle. I shall be ordering that soon and probably a new harness as my current one was second hand and a bit worn. They're quite cheap as well.

I'm currently bidding on exactly the same skirt that I have now. But I got an iron burn on mine... Oops. I might be able to make the grey trim neater this time as I didn't own a sewing machine before.

I might be getting a new top as my current one doesn't sit right along the bust line even when I try and keep it in place with sock glue. I want to add the button detailing on the back this time too.

I didn't have a close-up back reference of Jill before as I only used the fully animated clips and now that I'm checking the in-game art (and from actually playing the game myself finally!) I can see that she does have a double pouch on the back. I though it was one, the distance ref I had must have merged them together. Darn. Plus I can see they do have button closures. New pouches needed then!

Since I first wore this costume I wanted better boots. The search continues.

I want to re-straighten the wig using the hot water method again and trim the longer side so it's not below my chin.

So basically the only thing I'm not changing is the jumper XD

I found a cloak pattern (5794) in the Simplicity Halloween catalogue. My local fabric store didn't have that one in stock so I noted the number and ordered it from sewingworld.co.uk. I shall be using pattern C (bottom right photo) although I will not add the ties as I want it to fasten with a button instead.

As with the last pattern I used the sizing is all over the place. According to the measurements I am a US size 14-16 which in the UK converts to size 18-20! I certainly am not the size! Stupid pattern. At least as it's a cloak it's not meant to be fitted to my body or anything so I hopefully won't have any issues.

Re-wearing Belle at Kitacon (2012) and would like to have her cloak this time!

I plan on making it myself.

She wears 2 bracelets on her right hand. One is silver with plain, chunky links and the other is made of beads, some say pearls but in references they look more silver to me. The beaded bracelet hangs quite loose and is more likely to be seen outside her sleeve than the other.

I shall prob search ebay for similar ones.

It can be difficult to see them at times (I squint and zoom at every available image lol) but Yuna actually wears 3 rings.

On her right hand she wears a silver wishbone ring on her middle finger and a silver band with a dangling flower on her pinky. You used to be able to buy replicas of these 2 rings (shown in the image) but I cannot find them now =( I can get a plain wishbone ring on ebay, it just doesn't have the gems. The flower ring may be difficult...

On her left hand she wears a silver band with a turquoise/aqua gem on her middle finger. This is the ring most people seem to miss. I don't think i will have an issue finding this one.

I have commissioned KhaosKreator from Khaos Kostumes (http://khaoskostumes.com/) to make the majority of the costume. He will be making the skirt, obi and sleeves. The skirt and obi will be fully embroidered. I decided to get the sleeves commissioned as well as I haven't attempted gradient dye before.
This will be expensive but I know I will end up with a beautiful and good quality costume.

I shall be making/buying the rest of the costume myself including her summoning staff.

Saw this in the Bring & Buy at FushiCon, I have admired the uniform for some time on a few websites and once I had tried it on the staff said I had to buy it as no-one else had managed to fit into it all weekend lol It was only £15.00 and new with tags still attached so very hard to say no to. I was a little short on cash so Bento Dan and Quinzel got it for me between them (although I think Dan just wanted to guarantee he could get photos of me in it lol).

It's made by Bodyline. I need to make a few adjustments like changing the snap fasteners for hook & eyes as they won't stay closed but other that that it's really nicely made.

Photo on the right was taken by Bento Dan.

This was finished at Fushi with the help of Quinzel.
The train was just an extra bit of fabric that was hemmed quickly using wonderweb to give a neat edge and then one end was tucked into the waistband of my skirt and hidden under the corset to keep it in place.

~ I'm wearing a hoop skirt under the skirt in the photo.

This was finished at Fushi with the help of Freddie (Frederica_la_noir).

I borrowed the laces from my Zatanna corset.

This was finished at Fushi with the help of Freddie (Frederica_la_noir).

I know it looks kinda shapeless... It was a "fashion" corset, not a proper one.

Ria tried to find 3 pairs of shoes that matched in our sizes that weren't too expensive. We ended up with what we called "granny shoes" lol. Mine were red to start with and we only had one night to modify them so had to make do with 2 coats of pink acrylic paint. I hand made the bows and they were hot glued on but one fell off during the party and ended up being re-attached with double sided tape ^^'

The bows were removed and the darker pink ruffles hand-sewn on whilst wearing the stockings. Many thanks to Quinzel for helping me make the ruffles as I was failing at them...

I hand made the back bow and Freddie (Frederica la Noir) attached the shoulder straps for me by quickly running them through her machine.

Sorry the photo's a bit dark. The colour goes quite well with the pale pink of the dress.

Pretty self-explanatory. Ria found these for us to help poof out the skirts.

When we started working on this the darker pink fabric hadn't arrived yet so when it did Ria added the extra skirt layer and ruffles for me as we wouldn't have time to do it all before Fushi.

I saw this in the British Museum gift shop when I visited back in September and it was just too pretty to resist. Seeing how the ball at Fushi is a masquerade one this seemed the perfect use for it (and it goes quite well with my dress colour!).

Silver engraved locket. It opens and you can put small photos inside.
Sorry the photo isn't very clear.

Cream lace fan with tassel on the handle.
From ebay again.

Reticule= handbag

White lace drawstring bag. Sadly I couldn't get it in cream.
Another ebay find.

Cream satin with pearl detailing around the elbow area.
Bought from ebay.

Bought from ebay. They're wedding shoes but I thought they had a slight vintage look about them with how the front is styled.

I bought a wig but ended up sending it back for a refund as it was really thin. I didn't have time to get a replacement so I had to use my own hair. My fringe is too long and un-even (as it's a side fringe and not meant to hang down straight) but I hope it doesn't look too bad.

Yukiko's make-up is pretty basic as the CHAM! girls have quite a clean and innocent look about them. I decided to wear some pale pink glitter eyeshadow for a hint of colour and sparkle though. The main reason for the test was to practise her beauty spot which I drew on with pencil eyeliner. I put liquid eyeliner on my upper lids but think it might be a bit heavy looking (plus it's awkward to do!) so prob won't bother with that again.

Products used:

Maybelline SuperStay 24HR concealer in Light
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation in Ivory
Collection 2000 loose powder
Collection 2000 Shine Away compact powder in Light
Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Black
Barry M kohl pencil in 1 (black)
Revlon Vital Radiance eye primer
Barry M liquid eyeliner in 1 (black)
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 643 (pale pink)
Rimmel GlamEyes waterproof mascara in black
Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara in black
Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Delicate Pearl

Does anyone actually know what this is or if it serves any purpose? lol

Made using 2 pieces of craft foam, the bottom layer was painted with metallic gold paint. It attaches to the silver stocking top with a bit of velcro.

Sorry the image is a little dark, the flash glares in the mirror.

Plain white stretch bandage bought from Boots. Sealed at the back with mircroporous, dressing securing tape.

Made with help from these guides~


Made using faux leather/vinyl and with snap fasteners to close it. The metal stud detailing was done with rivets but sadly they are too small. I made the rectangles too big (1" x 3") and got a superglue stain on the front so will re-make this at some point probably.

After 2 failed attempts at getting a new wig I went back to my original one and attempted to re-style the back myself.

I had to take the ponytail down and remove some of the fibres from it so they hung down, these were then cut to to match the length of the back of the wig. The ponytail was brushed back in and I tried to sweep over as much hair from the right side as possible but as it was cut short a lot was falling out. Any fibres that couldn't be swept over had loads of Manga Head wax put on them to try and keep them in place. Then I made some wefts using the fibres that I had cut off and used these to fill in the gaps on the left side. The hair hanging down on this side sticks out a little as the fibres underneath my wefts were originally part of the ponytail and they don't seem happy with having to stay down instead now due to the way those wefts were sewn into the netting. Once finished I sprayed the whole area with strong hold hairspray.

I'm rather pleased with how this looks on my wig head but fear the moment I put it on the netting will stretch and show my dodgy wefts etc ><

As mentioned in my journal about the engagement pendant, the chain that comes with it is sadly not a replica like the pendant itself. The chain was too long and didn't have the clear beads on it.

I bought a simple necklace from Claire's Accessories that had the chain length I needed. Using a pair of pliars I removed the clasp so I could pull off the pearl bead it came with and slide on the clear beads I got from a PoundWorld bracelet. Using the pliars again I bend the chain slightly where I wanted the beads to sit then put the pendant on before re-attaching the clasp.

There are meant to be some smaller beads on the chain closer to the pendant but I'm leaving them off for now, might be too fidly to do.

The stockings are Smiffy's fancy dress hold-ups. I don't usually buy anything from them as the quality isn't good enough but it was difficult to find some thick stockings without lace-tops etc. I will prob have to use sock glue to help keep these up.

The stocking tops were hand made, I cut up a silver body warmer for the fabric and made 2 long strips using my sewing machine. I added the seam detailing (not clear on the photo) and hand-sewed the front and sides to the stocking tops whilst I was wearing them.

I think they could be better so will remake them for next year.

The red pear gem isn't big enough (or quite the right colour I think) but the best I could do for now. Another thing to add to my planned updates for next year.

I easily spent between 10 and 15 hours un-picking those... Had no idea it would take that long ><
This was done over the last month whilst watching anime/ a film or on lunch breaks at work.

Added duct tape for extra support lol It also smooths off edges to be fair.
The shoulder straps close and can be adjusted via D-rings.

The pipe clamps were bolted to the plastic plate but it wasn't enough to keep them from swivilling so I ended up adding tons of hot glue ^^' They don't move now but I don't know if they will hold up once the weight of the wings are added. I made 4 shoulder straps from nylon webbing and heated the cut ends with a lighter to stop them from fraying. These were hot glued to the back of the plate and then I covered this with part of a laptop sleeve so it will be cushioned against my back (this should also prevent the shoulder straps from coming off completely if the glue becomes loose).

A week to go and I only just finished getting everything I need... No pressure right? Not to mention I haven't finished the outfit yet either...

Here we have:

10 metre roll of insulation foam (hiding at the back)- for the main feathers
Bag of Turkey flats and fluffier feathers- for possible detailing
Plastic rectangle wall plate- base of harness
2 x PVC overflow pipes- "bones" of the wings
Overflow pipe clips- so the wings can be snapped in and out of the harness
Pack of knuts and bolts- for attaching pipe clamps to wall plate
Heat gun- to bend the pipes into shape with
Webbing of various widths- shoulder straps
Slides and D-rings- for tightening shoulder straps
Neoprene laptop sleeve (I couldn't get a camping mat or mouse mat)- to cushion the side of the plate that will rest against my back.
Gutter guard mesh- to make the basic shape of the wings, feathers will attach to this.
Glue gun and duct tape- to help keep everything together!

Pegsicle has been regularly sending me updates and photos of my commission. Here's what she's done so far.

I borrowed a one-hoop skirt from gaming_goddess to help poof out the skirt.

I hand-sewed the skirt to the bodice which took me ages as had to try and get the ruffles evenly spaced. I kinda failed at that but it doesn't look too bad. There's going to be a concealed zip at the back but Ria forgot to buy them oops.

The ribbons are just pinned to the dummy to show how they will look.

Ria cut out the fabric for the skirt, I hemed it on one side then she showed me how to ruche it to make the ruffled appearance that the CHAM girls have.

Ria (gaming_goddess) cut out the pattern pieces for me and I sewed them together on my machine.

Ria (gaming_goddess) covered the corset for me as she had re-covered one before for her Codex cosplay. She worked out the panels and sewed them together on her machine before adding it to the corset.

~ Photo shows inside and outside of corset.

We planned to use an old corset of mine that I don't wear often and cover it with the material to match the skirt. This is only a plastic boned "corset" from New Look so not a proper one but it's ok for this. I can always add some steel bones later and I want to do other outfits for this character anyway.

Updating this for the Fushicon masked ball (2011) and making the skirt and corset from the same material.

I bought some taffeta for this in a lovely purple shade that changes slightly depending on the light. Ria (gaming_goddess) kindly lent me one of her hoop skirts and pinned the fabric around me as she could make the skirt without a pattern. She sewed the back seam and I hemmed the bottom and sewed in the zip after she had pinned it in place.
Just need to remove the excess fabric from the waist and hem that.

~Photo shows Ria adjusting the skirt on her dressmakers dummy.

This is how the costume looked when worn for the Kita 3 prom (2011). I put it together using items I already owned so wasn't quite the look I wanted, worked as a test run for the character in general though.

This was made using a necklace cord which was wrapped around my wrist twice. I had to shorten it a bit and remove the excess chain links from the clasp. I took beads and gems from some bracelets I found in PoundWorld and attached them to the cord with the help of a pair of pliars. I'm just waiting on the big ruby pear gem then this will be finished.

I am a sucker for romance novels set in the Regency period and Julia Quinn is one of my favourite authors for this genre.
My character's surname actually comes from her most well known series of books about the Bridgerton family.


As I did with the bracelet I took some beads and gems from bracelets I bought in PoundWorld and attached them to the hairband with the help of a pair of pliars. The big clear gem was kindly given to me by gaming_goddess after I found it when snooping through her cosplay supplies lol

EDIT- I changed the big pear gem for a smaller one as felt this one was too large.

Yet another fail *sigh* Colour is more of a milkshake pink than the dusky pink of the listing photos and the netting was showing under the ponytail also. I feel like I am cursed with this wig, no other character has given me this issue. I am just going to stick with the first one I bought and not have photos taken from the back I guess.

As I said in a previous entry the shirt and sweeper are being made by Pegsicle. She has finished her Vanille cosplay now so can work on this and has said it shouldn't take her long. I have sent her the skirt and a good fitting blouse/shirt of mine so she can set her dress maker's dummy correctly but of course she has my full measurements as well.

All of the fabric needed has been bought and arranged to be sent to her address:

2 metres of white polycotton
1 metre of pale/baby pink polycotton
3 metres of medium weight interfacing (for the shirt, originally ordered 2 but it wasn't wide enough).
1 metre of heavy weight interfacing (shirt collar)
5 metres of white bias binding
5 metres of pale/baby pink bias binding (in 16mm and 25mm widths as unsure what needed)
10x black 4-hole buttons

Pegsicle already had some pale pink organza spare which she is using for the sweeper.

Just need to focus on the stuff I need to finish now!

My skirt that was made by cosplayfly2010 arrived today, 18 days before the deadline I gave them so I'm very pleased with that. It looks like their photos and thankfully fits (I was a little concerned with my waist measurement...). However although the front of the skirt looks short (as it should) it is still decent but the back only just covers my ass... Oops. I plan on wearing bikini bottoms for extra cover/security and I won't be bending over XD

So my second wig arrived and the moment I got it out the bag I was un-happy. The seller used a cheap fibre so the ends were all matted and felt like dolls hair. Even gently combing it did nothing to improve it. I shall be complaing and I have already ordered yet another wig to replace it. *sigh*

The photo is of the wig I ordered (looking nicer than the one I recieved). Made/styled by koreahomme

I really want to join my friends cosplaying as Lightning and Vanille so trying to rush this now and not be as picky as I usually would be, I can always update her later (as I always do with my cosplays).

Due to limited time the skirt has been ordered from ebay, I chose a seller that had fabric as close to the design as possible and asked for additional photos to confirm it was their work. Next year I plan to get some fabric custom printed so it's accurate to the pattern on hers and make it myself.

The shirt and pink over-shirt (sweeper?) has been commissioned by Pegsicle (my Vanille =p). The good thing about this is I can visit her for a final fitting once it's made and she's happy to discuss my pickiness for details lol

So all I need to do is sort out a possible new wig (with an accurate back parting), stockings, silver stocking bands, the diamond thing on her thigh (whatever that is...) and the rest of the jewelry (armband, hairband and bracelet).
Here's hoping it all comes together ok and in time. I still have my main costume for Expo to work on also eep.

Photo shows the skirt I ordered from cosplayfly2010

I spent ages looking for a pair of black ankle boots with a small heel and large cuff. All I could find was some with a weird heel but finally came across these. I need to remove the zips, add eyelets and laces in their place and twist the cuff around so the laces are front facing.

I commissioned Frederica_la_Noir to make Aqua's wayfinder for me as I love her prop and accessory work (and I'm a bit rubbish at small detailed things).

It was made using: Milliput, thin plastic sheeting, suede cord, glass paints, and silver acrylic paint.

I absolutely love it! Just kinda scared of breaking it ^^'

Check out her work and contact her here:


I had the honour of being asked to be involved in Team Giblets Ayacon 2011 skit. I love their work and when they approached me about playing Kairi I jumped at the chance. My part wasn't big so I was only needed for one day of filiming which took place in Southampton in July. I wasn't allowed to tell anyone about the skit or my involvement so I think I surprised a few people when the finished video was shown during the Sunday Night Live at Aya XD

You can watch the video here:


Film poster made by Keith Copping.

I attempted sewing it on but that wasn't going so well so in the end just broke out the super glue lol The collar is just a folded piece of vinyl, no foam was used.

I didn't take a progress shot of this as was in a rush at the time but here's a photo taken at Aya where you can see the front view of the collar.
Photo taken by Bento Dan

I was using my old t-shirt as a guide for the lettering and thought it would be interesting to take a photo to show the improvement.

I still prefer the old t-shirt itself as it's a perfect grey-blue colour and is ribbed too. I hope I can find it again one day.

Hand written onto the t-shirt using a mix of fabric pen and permanent marker.

This was done on-site at Ayacon the night before I was due to wear this lol

I managed to find a better sized D ring and decided to use the strap from my baton holder (bought for cop Jill but never used) for it. Unfortunatly when it's on it sticks out a bit from the belt due to where the poppers are so I'm going to have to adjust it at some point, maybe add velcro instead.

This was a very quick job done on-site at Ayacon.

I sewed in a straight seam down the middle of the back of the shirt as this can be seen in some references. This also helped me align my iron-on lettering as the A is placed on this seam. I had to trim down the letters a little and you can tell because my "s"'s don't match... They're hidden under the shoulder pads though.
The letters kept coming un-stuck, possibly because I've had them stored for about 2 years. I might have to buy some new ones at some point.

Just like the test the seam was pinned then sewed using my machine.
The curves are rather wonky... I'm really not good at this sorta thing I'm afraid ^^'

Just the collar to add now.

As much as I hate these things they do wonders for my boobs XD

Finally got them sorted! The centre piece is now only attached to the pads at the top slightly as if I sewed the whole way down the sides that's when I was getting the bunching happening. The pads keep the bottom of the piece flat so it doesn't gape thankfully unless I'm moving about a lot. The straps were shortened to pull the pads closer to my back so they didn't stick out as much.

The left strap was adjusted slightly so it was straighter after this photo was taken.

I haven't managed to sort out the petticoat yet but I consider it complete for now.

Here's the front view of it on (I have a massive forehead...). The side photos didn't come out so well.

Also only just realised the sides of Belle's hair cover her ears slightly. Ooops. Must remember to alter that...

Well I tried lol I'm not that happy with it but at least it looks slightly Belle-ish. The sticky-up fringe was awkward as I didn't want it to be too flat or too big and cartoony looking either and then the side bits were a pain also. Bah. Doesn't help that wig heads are made at a slight tilt (why?!) so I had to re-do the ponytail after it came out all wonky. Hmpth. As you can tell I did not have fun with this lol
It's all held in place with Fructis hairspray and a couple of hair grips.

I didn't like the ribbon I made, the sewing was scruffy and it was a bit stiff. I decided to go back to the bow design from the film but smaller than the one Pixie Dust Boutique made which wasn't really to-scale for Belle. Thankfully I had just about enough fabric left over from picking apart the original bow to make this one (so glad I didn't throw it away!)

I used street-angel's Sailor Moon bow tutorial on YouTube to guide me, I just didn't do the streamer/trail part.
Used my sewing machine this time also and made sure to iron the material after I had sewed the first section.

Really pleased with how it came out! And it was quite quick and easy to do too =) The ponytail shall be held in place with a pale blue hair band which the bow will be attached to.

She's all done whoop! I haven't got the contacts in or any make-up on in the photo so excuse that lol

I've been wearing it for at least an hour around the house and it's pretty comfortable, it just rides up a bit at times. I love how the fabric feels and that it's all shimmery =3

Thought these would be good to use for con parties and places where there isn't space for a mahoosive pair.
I used a pair I already owned which were bought from Claire's Accessories. I just removed the white ribbon straps and replaced them with clear bra straps.

Yeah it's not very neat I'm afraid and I think it looks better at the back as the waves are more widely spaced. Did I mention I'm terrible at getting anything even? lol I used clear nail varnish on the cut sections to stop the ribbon from fraying. This may mean the hem scratches my thighs a bit but I couldn't see another way around it as I can't over lock the ribbon.

Sheer ribbon was added to the bottom hem using a straight stitch but again with low tension. I didn't do a complete overlay of the dress like the original as in the Gee video it's not very clear the dress is two layers so thought it would be easier to just use a ribbon instead. The ribbon wasn't quite wide enough sadly but oh well.

I'm so pleased that even after adding the two ribbons I can still manage to slip this dress over my head, no zip required! Whoop!

Raised the hem to a more appropriate length (gotta be careful that my butt stays covered ^^')stitched it in place, removed the excess material and over locked the seam.

Pinned the ribbon into place and tried on the dress to make sure it looked ok before carefully sewing it on. I originally wanted to use a silver metallic thread I had however I soon learnt this type is thread isn't really made for use with sewing machines... So I unpicked the small bit I had done and started again with a grey thread.
Once that was done I cut the excess ribbon, folded and sewed the ends to neaten them and prevent fraying and added a snap fastener.

Whilst watching the film again I had to admit that Belle's shoes are actually brown not black. A minor thing but one that my stubborn attention to detail cannot ignore. So I went hunting on ebay and found a second-hand pair of brown pumps. They're real leather so will last well but they are very tight around the toes as I unfortunately have wide feet and most female shoes are made for those with narrow ones >_< So I apologise for complaining that my feet are dying by the end of the day lol

Bought a New Look "Linda S" wig in shade 33- Dark Auburn from Coscraft. Fretting that the ponytail will be slightly short but pleased that the fringe area appears to be doing that lifty-up thing that Belle does by itself so with a bit of teasing and hairspray it should go how I want it! The sides might be a bit awkward to work out how to style though... I also like that this wig has a slight wavy kink to it, again like Belle's =)

I've been thinking of other little props to use with this costume and one of them was a paopu fruit, something that Sora wanted to share with Kairi ^-^

I commissioned it from Blobfish as she has made some cute little plushies before and she made it in record time, it's really cute!

Check out her other work here:


"A Paopu Fruit is a star-shaped fruit native to Destiny Islands. It resembles the star fruit. According to legend, "If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what." This gives the fruit great symbolic meaning. Although this fruit has great meaning, it remains unknown whether anyone has shared one in the Kingdom Hearts series."

Sewed the dress pieces together on my machine using a zig-zag stitch with low tension due to the stretchy material. I cut away some of the excess fabric due to my generous seam allowance and then overlocked the seams.

It doesn't look the best shape laid flat and you can see the right side isn't shaped right (I'm clearly rubbish at getting anything even) but I'm not too bothered about it as the fabric clings to my curves any way, hence why I went with the dodgy pattern making as was mainly relying on the fabric to do the work. I'm pleased I can get this on just by pulling it over my head, no zips or buttons required.

The bottom hem needs to raised to the right length before adding the sheer ribbon and the silver halter neck needs to be done also.

I only had one metre of fabric but it was still enough to enable me to double layer both sides of the dress (hence all the pins in the photo, two pieces are being held together). This gives the dress a nice weight, makes it feel sturdier and removes any see-through-ness so I don't have to line it or wear a slip or something underneath.

As you can tell from the photo I pretty much cut around my original ball dress for Rinoa as a mock pattern for this, I just made sure I considered the seam allowance. I honestly don't recommend doing this for costume making in general as it can be inaccurate and the lines sloppy. I can't cut in a straight line as it is...

Oh and in case you're wondering I do still have the pattern used for my original dress but due to the weird American sizing it had to be taken in a lot so I couldn't be bothered with that again. Plus I'm skipping out on some of the seams and darts.

As mentioned in a previous journal I didn't like the look of the buttons on the back of the dress and I can't do them up without help. In the references Belle has a seam down the back of her dress so a concealed zip seemed the best option.

I removed the buttons and pinned back the side of the fabric with the buttonholes then using my sewing machine put in the zip. I left the bottom button as the zip wasn't long enough and the apron strings hide it anyway. I'm hoping my pony tail will cover up the zipper pull so when I'm having photos taken from behind I shall just ask the photographer to check it's not in view.

Although I plan to mainly make my wings out of craft foam due the un-natural size of the larger feathers I bought a load of white turkey flats and the fluffier feathers (forgotten the name) from Speckles as figured they could be used along the top of the wings for added detailing. If not then I'm sure I can find some other use for them in the future.

I painted the crossed parts at the base of the handles a darker brown to match the references. Just used acrylic paint which dried pretty quick.

Well some of them lol
I am finally going to attempt to make Kairi's Destiny Embrace keyblade =D

So far I have a broom handle, various paints, glue gun and extra glue sticks, sandpaper and some coloured foam sheets which I'm hoping will be paintable also. I plan to make the flowers using the foam but if that doesn't work I shall try some form of craft clay like model magic or milliput.

I need to get some wooden wheels, a wooden dowel head, plastic tubing/hosing, some form of wood sealant, rope and foamboard. I would like to make the handles out of wood too but I don't have a jigsaw cutter or anything suitable for cutting out curves.

I shall be using tips from a couple of tutorials to help me.

References images.

"Destiny's Embrace is a Keyblade which appears in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. In Kingdom Hearts II, it was given to Kairi by Riku in The World That Never Was in order to fight a swarm of Heartless attacking Sora. Like Sora's Keyblade, this Keyblade is from the Realm of Light.

Destiny's Embrace is only seen in two scenes in Kingdom Hearts II, but in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kairi gives flowers to Aqua during their encounter, unlocking the Destiny's Embrace for Aqua."

The velcro on the belts wasn't strong enough to keep it all together, both times I have worn this costume I had to keep re-glueing the velcro to stop it falling apart. I have now removed all the velcro apart from one side (so I can still get it on and off) and instead used a hot glue gun to seal everything. Hopefully that will do the trick!

I re-painted the soles and sides of the shoes using a metal paint instead of acrylic in the hope it will be more chip-resistant.

My Amanda cosplay (and Billy!) made a cameo in Cosplay Fever's cosplay music video to "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk.

Check it out here:


Wore the costume as it is so far to a friends birthday party. Before Ayacon I need to buy a wig and style it and get a petticoat. Also I want to remove the buttons from the back and put a concealed zip in their place. Then she will be finished!
Yes I still haven't ironed the outfit ><

I didn't like the way the hair bow was made by the seamstress, it just seemed too big and "fake" for my liking. I removed the clip and unpicked all the stitching so I was just left with a bit of fabric. Then I cut it into strips and sewed these together to make a ribbon I could hand tie for a more realistic look.

First make-up and contact test. I want to get a lighter brown pair of contacts and I will prob have to use a lighter eyebrow pencil depending on the shade of the wig.
I will have another test once I've bought the wig and styled it.

After having to wait a while to pay a cutoms charge *shakes fist* I finally got my outfit! I'm really pleased with the quality and fit of it, the seamstress has stuck closely to my measurements and the sewing itself is neat with over-locked seams. I also got it made in the lighter shade of blue like I asked ^^

Due to me being a picky arse though I will be making some slight alterations... I will remove the apron tabs from the dress as they are not needed and the buttons at the back will be removed and a concealed zip put in its place. One reason for this is I think it will look better and the other is I can't do all the buttons up by myself! So it will make it easier to get into the dress also. The hair bow is pre-tied but is too big and "fake" for my liking so I will take it apart, remove the clip and tie it by hand for a more natural look. And lastly I just need to add a few stitches to the shirt to keep the front collar crossed over. Phew!

But seriously, despite those little bits to do (purely 'cause I'm nit-picking) I am really happy with this commission and would recommend Pixie Dust Boutique to others.

Billy I already mentioned in a previous journal. The gun is the same one used for my Alice cosplay. I bought the nurses scissors from ebay as she fiddles with a pair in one scene.

The red trim and halter-neck of the top appear to be made of a leather type material when you look closely but sadly I couldn't get a suitable coloured leatherette/pleather in the time I had. I bought some dark red matt lycra material but after I dyed the top this was too bright so instead I used parts of the top I had cut off when raising the hem. The trim was attached to the top using fabric glue and I painted a white bra strap adjuster silver and added it to the halter-neck.

The back of the combats had corset style lacing at the top so I had to remove that panel first and then the buckles and eyelets/studs on the pockets. I sewed 4 silver buttons to the pockets and also added belt loops like I did to the front. The back pockets are too small but nothing I can do about that unless I ripped them out and added my own.

The buckle on the right thigh pocket was removed and all the eyelets/studs were taken out also. I replaced the silver zips with bronze ones on the front right pockets (top and thigh) and also cut a hole into the top pocket just underneath the zip so I could add the second zip she has there. I removed the zip from the top left side as it isn't meant to be there. I also removed a zip and pocket from the left thigh and using the material from the pocket I was able to make belt loops which were hand-sewn onto the waistband.

Amanda's bra is (if that's what it is?) is on view at various points of the film and the halter-neck strap is always seen. I bought a white triangle bikini top to get the base shape correct. It had sequin and bead detailing on it so I cut away the top layer of the fabric that these were stitched to. I thought this bikini was padded but unfortunately it wasn't (bought from ebay, was judging by the photo) so to give myself some better support I hand-sewed the bikini to an old strapless bra.

Here's how it all looks together, not a bad job I think.

Black wool top hat. I really wanted a satin one but they were out of my price range sadly. I wish it was a little taller also but it does the job I guess.

Purchased from ebay. Black hardwood shaft with a silver plated handle.
I wanted this so I could re-create a drawing by Adam Hughes and someone pointed out I might need the help in those heels XD

Made by Frederica_la_Noir

I just need to get the ball chain for it, she's done a great job ^-^

I raised the bottom hem and shortened the sleeves using wonderweb then I added the seam detail to the sleeves by pinching the fabric slightly on the inside and hand-sewing along the fold to seal it.

It came out better than I thought it would =)

The tailcoat was bought from www.borntodance.org.uk. I couldn't afford a proper one (that along with the fact most are made for men) so I was left with choosing either a fancy dress or dance wear one, I figured one made for dancers would be more hard-wearing.
When it arrived it was sooo creased 0_o I've ironed it since but fear it creasing easily during wear. It's made from 100% polyester and tbh feels a bit cheap but it looks the part. Oh and it has shoulder pads, they feel odd, not sure if I should take them out.

I got some "big knickers" from Peacocks lol, they're tummy control briefs and the material is quite thick although I will wear extra underwear underneath them (need something under the fishnets anyway). I bought some bikini bottoms to wear over the top but they were cut too low on the leg. I might find another pair but tbh the matt look of the briefs match the tailcoat better even if originally I wanted a satin-look pair.

I went for regular sized fishnets in the end as Adam Hughes doesn't tend to draw Zee with wide-net ones like other artists do.

Dyed the top using Dylon machine dye in "Ruby Red". I was worried it came out a little dark at first (never happy am I? lol) but after checking the references again I think it's ok.

Photo shows the top in natural light outside and indoor lighting. The shade it looks indoors is more accurate and in the film she's in a dimly-lit warehouse most of the time so this works.

Simple, plain, gold band. It's not accurate to Amanda's but it's difficult to get a close-up look at the detail so this should do.

Got some photos wearing the wig now that it's finished and also had a make-up test. I'm wearing concealer, foundation, powder, black eyebrow pencil, liquid eyeliner on my top lid and just under my lower one, brown eye shadow, mascara and a lip gloss in a sorta purple shade (in some lights it looks pink and others brown... it's odd). I did get red lipstick but it looked awful on me and in one of Adam Hughes drawings she has a slight purple colour on anyway so I hope it looks ok.

Cut the side fringe in, I think I cut it a bit too short but I'm not a fan of having hair covering my eyes lol

Here's how everything looks at the moment.

The shirt is a boys (age 14-15) formal shirt with a wing collar. They don't make this style of shirt for ladies hence why I had to get a boys one (an adult man's size would have swamped me).
I've got my much loved triple gel bra on in an attempt to achieve a more Zatanna-sized bust XD

The bottoms are temporary just for this photo, it's actually a swimming costume with the top half bunched under the corset. I will be getting some bikini bottoms instead.

I commissioned Frederica_la_Noir to make the key as I am rubbish at sculpting and making anything small and fiddly in general. I love some of the items she has made for her own costumes so was pleased when she agreed to work on this for me =)

Check out her work and contact her here:


Wanted a pair with higher heels so bought these from Barratts. I actually hate pointy toed shoes lol but Zee wears them so ah well.
My feet will be killing at the end of the day ^^'

I managed to find the perfect zips for Amanda's combats on a skirt I already owned so I decided to destroy said skirt lol I didn't wear it much anyway... The only issue with them is the backing material (or whatever you call it) is yellow and would show up quite badly against the black combats. So I got a black permanent marker and literally just coloured them in, something my dad found rather odd for me to do whilst watching a film at his XD

The photos show the silver zips that were originally in the combats, one zip removed and the colouring progress.

I love Jigsaw's puppet Billy and just had to get a good sized doll to carry around with me. This version is a talking plush that is now out of production and sold out pretty much everywhere, I was very lucky to get it =3

It might help people recognise the character as at first glance I will probably look pretty normal (won't have that issue with the reverse bear trap version!).

For the lapel of the tailcoat. Cheap ebay job.

Wicker basket was bought from the stable market in Camden.
The book came from an antique book store and was a gift from sjbonnar =)

Bought from a UK seller on ebay as it looked pretty much perfect. However I thought it already had a pre-styled side swept fringe but it was just the way the seller tucked the strands to one side in the photo, bah. I shall have to cut one in without destroying it... Made of Kanekalon and feels nice but malts a bit. Has a skin top side parting.

White cotton masonic gloves. The original pair I bought were too big but luckily I managed to find some ladies fit ones.

I need to change the clasps on the pockets to buttons, remove lace-up detailing from the back, add belt loops and possibly change the silver zips to bronze ones (I need to add an extra zip near the waist anyway).

Not entirely accurate but I'm guessing hers is a more personalised design (the ones available on the internet are all similar) and I'm not going to make one from scratch. It's only a small detail that probably won't be noticed much anyway.

Bought a pair of black knee high boots from ebay, the general design is pretty accurate I just needed to remove the straps and buckle from the tops. This was easily done by picking at the thread with stitch ripper.

The scooped neck and back of this top is just how I need it I just wish it was a more accurate material and a darker shade, I might try dying it. I need to shorten the sleeves and raise the hem.

Was looking on ebay for a suitable watch and found a perfect looking one but it was a Ben Sherman one and cost £30 something. I didn't really want to spend that on a watch... I searched just for Ben Sherman watches and was lucky someone was selling the same style with a start bid of £4. I ended up being the only bidder woo! Might of helped that the seller said the battery was dead but that's not an issue for me as it's just for show.

Before she ties her hair back later on in the film Amanda keeps a plain black hair band on the same wrist as her watch. I already owned one, easy.

I did plan on making it myself as it's quite a simple design but I couldn't find a pattern I was happy with and didn't feel confident altering one. Then I came across Pixie Dust Boutiquee on Etsy and ebay whilst on my hunt for a Rapunzel dress. She specialises in Disney Princess gowns for children and adults and her work is absolutely gorgeous! I can see she knows what she's doing and her feedback is flawless so decided to go ahead and commission my Belle outfit from her. If I'm happy with it I will prob order from her again and I've already discussed the possibility of Rapunzel's dress from the end of the film with her =)

Outfit includes dress, shirt, apron and hair bow. I am having it made in a lighter blue than the one in the picture. I will just have to sort out a white petticoat.

Photo was taken by Pixie Dust Boutiquee.

I bought the official replica of Serah and Snow's engagement pendant from the Square Enix store. Yes it cost a lot... But I wouldn't be able to make anything near as pretty and I'm a collector anyway so I will appreciate this outside of cosplay.
Despite the pendant itself being a replica the chain is not accurate so it will need to be changed or altered. It's also too long (it's pulled back behind my neck in the photos).

The pendant is made from 925 Silver and Cubic Zirconia.

Sadly I couldn't get Jill finished in time for Expo (May 2011) as I had issues with the shoulder pads once I started attempting to attach the pads to the centre back piece. They just refused to sit right and the joining peice of vinyl kept bunching up and looking weird. I spent ages trying to adjust it getting very stressed and had to just give up (for the mean time at least) as I was running out of time and still had to make alterations to the t-shirt.

Photo shows how the shoulderpads look so far.

Here's one complete pad done! I am about to finish of the other then it's onto the joining piece and collar.

The top piece of leatherette had the seam detail added using a twin needle on my sewing machine before it was glued onto the foam using UHU glue. The sides were shaped and glued into place carefully using super glue. I made a small hole in the pad where I wanted the buttons to go then added a small circle of super glue around the hole before popping the buttons into place.

I really struggle to shape the material around the curves... It just goes all bumpy -_- So it's not a very neat job I'm afraid but it does look an improvement on my old pair.

Many thanks to Paul Jacques for re-sizing the photo for me and printing it on photo paper =) I glued the photo to the card using PVA glue. I used a permanent marker pen to write her name and number direct onto the card and used a finer pen for her signature. The fine pen isn't permanent though so I have to be careful not to smudge it.
I did have a black and white photo to use like the reference but my skin and the background look too pale in it so you can't see it well hence why I went for a colour one in the end.

Bought from ebay and had a blue S.T.A.R.S. patch sewed on for my original version of Resi 1 Jill. I took the blue patch off and sewed a black one in it's place.

Mummy trimmed the ends of the wig for me and I did a bit of styling around the fringe. I used Fructis Manga Head wax to smooth down the wig as it had some layers sticking out that I didn't want. Also it helped tame the long fringe and stop it covering my eye completely.

Make-up wise is just the usual for Jilly: concealer, foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara and a slightly tinted lip balm.

I really hate cutting foam, it's so awkward to shape >_< The base for my shoulder pads is 1 inch thick plain blue foam (the sort you use to stuff cushions and couches ect). I tried to curve the edges like the references and make the back of the pads slightly wider but I don't think I managed it very well ^^' Also worrying that I haven't made them long enough even though I have made sure they are longer than my last pair which came up short at the back.

So far I have only covered the underside of the pads with faux leather/ leatherette which I glued on with UHU glue. Shaping the leatherette around the curves was a pain -_- I need to cut and shape the top pieces of leatherette and add the seam detail along the top of the shoulder before I add them to the foam pads. I'm uncertain if I will be using glue again as it's messy and I don't want to leave visible stain marks like I did on my first pair... I glued the bottom pieces because that's not really visible so I wasn't as fussed.

This is being re-used from my original shoulder pads. It will prob need some slight adjusting as my new shoulder pads will be a bit longer in length.

I asked Blue Tiger Trading to make some dark navy patches for me as I believed that was the colour in the REmake and a brighter blue was used in the original. However after checking references and watching cut-scenes in the game again I had to give up and admit they were in fact black -_-
Ordered a new set of patches which I picked up today. One for the shoulder of the t-shirt and the other for the beret.

I bought about 4 different t-shirts in varying shades of blue and grey before I settled with this one. It's not ribbed unfortunately but finding the right style and colour t-shirt made from a ribbed fabric is difficult =( I love the t-shirt I had for my original S.T.A.R.S. Jill but it's got permanent pen on the back and I haven't seen it show up on ebay again. Gutted.

Need to add the seam detailing, lettering on the back and shoulder patch.

I saw that Quinzel and Alias.com had managed to pick these up on ebay and after waiting a while for it to be re-listed I was able to get my own =) The badge is metal and it looks just like the one shown on the character select screen. I love little extras like this!

I just need to add the writing and get a head shot of me in my Jill wig and t-shirt. Hope I don't screw up the writing ^^'

I laced the boots using the Sawtooth lacing method which is how Serah does hers. I might buy a slightly longer pair of laces but other than that these are now finished =)

Added another coat of paint to the white areas but this time I used acrylic to give a more matt finish. The soles were then touched up in areas where the white had got onto it and then I had to use the white paint again to cover up an accident with the black lol
Finally got everything painted and the right colour! XD

Bought a cheap plastic wand from a fancy dress shop. Nothing exciting but the white tips can be pulled off leaving a hollow tube so I'm thinking of sticking some flowers in it for a photo or something.

Painted the white parts today. It looks a bit messy as used metal paint again and it gets a bit blobby and tacky... Hoping a top coat will make everything look a bit smoother.
And as you can notice I need to re-do the black parts now lol

My favourite store to buy corsets from (Corsets Boulevard) was having an Easter sale so I decided it would be the best time to pick up my underbust for this costume. I opted with a cream corset as it looks that colour in some references and it will help break up the white of the shirt.

This corset is fully steel-boned (steel busk and spiral steel), made from satin and fully lined in cotton with waist tape. The laces are strong enabling tight lacing, I can reduce my waist size by 2-4 inches (laces not pulled tight in photos).

I love CB's corsets, I have bought 3 from them in the past and they are an absolute bargain considering the quality. Will certainly be ordering more in the future to increase my collection!

Painted the soles and heels black. I used a metal paint so hoping this won't chip off as easily as acrylic.

Viper drop leg holster. I have cut off one of the two thigh straps as Jill only has one.

Re-used from my original costume.

I guess it's a key hook? Either way Jill doesn't use it, it's just added detail.

Easy to make, just looped some webbing around a D ring and stitched in place. Used velcro to enable quick and easy attachment and removal to the belt.

I think it looks a little small but this was the biggest D ring I could find in a fabric/ craft shop. I might have another look online but for now it looks the part.

The pouch and the buckle were re-used from my original outfit but I had to re-do the webbing strap as the height I wear this has changed due to the new combats sitting lower on my waist.

The pouch is a digital camera case, I added the clasp to the front.

I would love to get some lockpicks to store in this lol

I bought this a while back so can't actually remember where it was from... It might of been Poundland lol

The boots are Mil-com patrol boots which are recommended for security and police work.

Same ones used for my original S.T.A.R.S. Jill and Umbrella Chronicles Jill.

For my original S.T.A.R.S. Jill I did what most people do and bought a pair of standard BDU's on ebay. Although they are meant to be unisex because most army/tactical trousers/pants are made with men in mind it can be difficult to get a pair that fit a lady well. I couldn't find a store that stocked my waist size so had to wear a size larger and tighten my belt a lot, also the crotch area was huge! >_< So for the sake of comfort (and vanity lol) I hunted the internet for ages until I finally came across some pants made specifically for women.

I now have a pair of 5.11 Tactical Series Women's TDU pants. They are advertised as being "the choice of Federal, state and local law enforcement". Made in the US but stocked internationally so I didn't have to worry about high postage or customs. It's so nice to have a pair of combats that fit me properly, they're comfy and have in-built knee pads also which thankfully don't stick out in an obvious way. They cost quite a bit more than my last pair but so worth it.

Photo is a stock one from the site as I couldn't get a decent one of me in them due to lighting and mirror issues lol

The wig is the same one used for my REmake Jill.

Again I'm keeping the make-up basic. I used concealer, foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara and a slightly tinted lip balm.

Material matching the sleeves was hand-sewn to the shoulders and the sleeve ends were stitched to the darker jacket's ribbed cuffs to stop them moving about.

The hood was lined with pink material which was hand-sewn in and the hood closure tab things were stitched down which pulls the hood closer to the neck, makes it less open and baggy if you get what I mean... Hard to explain, look at the photos lol

New two-way open-ended zip has been sewn into the jacket. The top of the zip tucks into the neck as Jill has some strange invisible-ending-zip going on. Bottom of the zip is open part-way as per the references.

Added 2 coats of acrylic paint over the Hammerite which covered up the left over patchy marks. Then I glued black webbing over the green/grey straps to make them more accurate.

Same one I use for my other Jill cosplays. The modifications were made by Lycaneyes, I've just done some paint touch-ups. The S.T.A.R.S. writing on the barrel/slide is in black btw, it just hadn't been painting over in this photo.

Black Mil-com patrol boots, the ones I also use with my S.T.A.R.S. Jill cosplay.

As for all my Resi characters I don't like to have too much (obvious) make-up on as I doubt they're focused on looking pretty when trying to survive! I've stuck to concealer, foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara and a touch of lipstick as Claire's lips look quite pink in the cut scenes. I could of left off the eyeliner tbh to give a younger appearance.

I hate Claire's fringe! I have a side fringe so my hair was not happy about having half of it forced to go the other way. I already have long side-burn type wispy bits that are usually tucked behind my ears so just had to pull them in front and blend in with my feathering. The high pony tail was easy to style.

There are parts of this costume I'm not happy with but overall it's ok I guess.

Decided to use the one I wear with my original Resi 1 Jill and Cop alternate.

Here's how it all looks. Sorry it's a bit of a distant photo, my mum doesn't get on with technology lol

Re-using my S.T.A.R.S. beret that I use with my other Jill cosplays.

Made this myself using a blue bead and black cord used for jewellery and craft making.

Simple tan brown belt bought from Tesco. Buckle isn't accurate but again I was limited for time.

Used my own blue Converse, I just switched the laces for a shorter pair and didn't lace them all the way up so the jeans don't hide them and it gives the appearance the trainers aren't hi-tops. Not really accurate but they do the job.

Used the same top for Claire as its very similar, I just rolled up the hem a little as Jill's top is more cropped.

Bought some blue skinny jeans from Peacocks. They have those white streaks that look like deodorant stains to me but I didn't have time to find a plain pair online so these will do.

I wanted my Browning HP to look like it does in the intro to CVX so I painted over the brown grips. The paint was a little too glossy/ shiny but nothing can be done about that now.

Using the same fabric paint I added the yellow background to the Let me Live writing. In the official render it's a sort of washed out yellow but in-game it's more a solid block of colour.

Using Dylon fabric paint I added the front detailing making it more accurate. You can still see bits of the old paint on the jacket but hopefully it's not too noticeable at a distance.

Hair has been dyed a red mahogany brown colour and came out a nice subtle shade. It's difficult to match her colour though as it changes depending on type of reference (in-game, cut scene, render) and the light etc.

Also when I went to get my hair trimmed the other day I had more cut off then I would usually so my ponytail would be a more accurate length and won't cover up the detailing on the back of the jacket.

I might of spoke too soon in my last journal... When judging how well the transfer would cover the bad paint job the white background was still there so I didn't take into account what it would be like when I cut the image out. It covers most of it but some flames, a bit of leg and the spear still showed >_< DAMMIT! I think I'm getting somewhere with this mess and it screws up again -_-

I tried to remove the bulk of the paint as best as I could then used a red pen to try and blend the colours a bit better. Marks still show but from a distance it shouldn't be too obvious. Some of the flames I didn't remove the paint from as they blended in better as they were. You would only find fault with them if you were looking closely and were comparing it to the reference (or were a massive fan who memorized it or something...). So yeah, most people prob wouldn't notice but I know it's not right and that if you're looking you can see the flaws so I'm not happy with it. Just hope it doesn't make the photos turn out bad. I guess it's better than it was before at least.

Oh and I wanted to sew the image on but delicate areas like around her hands would make this difficult so I used PVA glue instead. I would of used fabric glue but you have to put it onto both surfaces and it would of been hard to match up considering the outline.

Bought a black CQC Holster for a Beretta from ebairsoft as it seemed the closest (and cheapest...) match to what I needed.

Reference image. I can't find any decent in-game ones to show you so here's just the official art.

The original plan was to remove the paint from the jacket so I could use transfer paper to put an accurate image of the Valkyrie in its place. The paint removal didn't go so well however as mentioned in a previous journal so I thought I was stuck with it. Then Amy (Blobfish) pointed out an obvious solution that I was too stressed/stupid to think of. She suggested that I transfer the image onto a light cotton material then cut around it and attach it over the dodgy painting. Thanks hun!

I ordered transfer paper from ebay and bought a cheap black t-shirt from Peacocks. Got new ink cartridges for my printer but it hadn't been used in so long that I didn't realise it was broken 0_o So took the ink back for a refund the next day and bought a printer (copier and scanner in one) which was cheaper than the ink! Nice lol Anyway so I managed to find an image of the Valkyrie online in a size and quality suited for my needs and printed that out onto the transfer paper. Then following the instructions that came with the paper I transferred the image onto the t-shirt and cut the logo out.

Pretty pleased with it! My jacket might be saved after all =)

The hem has been raised which involved cutting excess fabric, removing padding and cutting and re-stitching the lining. The sides of the jacket where the old zip was removed have also been sewn up and tidied. My Grandma gave me a lot of help with these bits.

In the photo you can see I've started work on the shoulder detailing, will cover that in another journal once finished.

Got my second belt now and did another test to see how the gear is looking. I also have new webbing straps to attach the side pouch to my belt, these are a better material and colour than the ones used in my last photo.

Tried as best as I could to over-lock the inside seams of the jacket. This was a bit difficult to do as the jacket was finished though and some parts were too much of a mess to tidy up to a good standard.

Unpicked the darts a bit so they're slightly less obvious then added in some seam detailing to match references.

In the photo I had started to try and remove the yellow paint also.

Bought a Smiffy's fancy dress Indian knife cheap on ebay. Pulled off the brown swede sheaf to find a black plastic one underneath, perfect. Found a stretch strap that attaches with velcro in Hobbycraft which is used for keeping things like sleeping bags rolled up but was great to use as my thigh strap for the sheath. I super-glued some webbing onto the back of the sheath to make a slot of the strap to pass through.

The knife and sheaf aren't fully accurate but they work well for now until I update them for something better looking.

Painted two coats of Hammerite metal paint onto the knee pads. It took to the plastic part well but as predicted neoprene is more difficult and the first coat just sunk into the material. This acted as a sorted seal for the second coat however and now the colour can be seen. It's still a bit patchy however so I will go over it again but use an acrylic paint now I have the metal paint as the base as hoping this will dry quicker and won't be tacky for a few days like the other paint is.

I really hate the painting on the back of the jacket so I wanted to remove it completely so I could transfer on an accurate image at the right size. Paint is hard to remove from clothing and using strong substances is at a risk of damaging the fabric. I was recommended nail varnish remover so put a little onto a cotton bud and gently dabbed at one corner of the Valkyrie. The top layers of the yellow paint came off really easy but the black outline didn't want to budge without a fight. I then tried using white spirit (testing on a no-noticeable area first to make sure it wouldn't remove the colour of the material) which tbh didn't do much more than what the varnish remover did. The bulk of the paint is gone but there's still a slight yellow stain that won't come out and the black outline barely budged as it was. So it looks like I'm stuck with the crappy paint job -_- I shall remove the bulk of the yellow from the rest of the design as I bought some yellow fabric paint for other parts of the jacket so I can now make sure it looks even as just re-painting the area I removed would prob stand out...


Photo- Paint removed is one of the flicks of fire, left side of the spear. Without and with flash.

Plain white thermal gloves were bought from ebay, picked these for their slight ribbed appearance. Using a grey fabric pen I added the lines you can see in the references.

You don't actually see if the watches the S.T.A.R.S. team use have the logo on them, they probably don't tbh but I think it's a nice touch!

I bought a military Nato Army watch strap as this was the longest one I could find. I had to replace the old strap due to having to fit the watch over the bulky wrist cuffs of the REmake style gloves. It only just fits if I do it up on the last hole! ^^'

I'm pleased with the result =)

With help from my Grandma the main jacket's sleeves were removed whilst keeping the lining attached to line the new sleeves. The ribbed cuffs were also attached to this lining and I decided to keep them on as they were a more suitable style than the pale blue sleeve cuffs. The new sleeves were sewed on and the cuffs tucked in to show the darker blue ones. I hope to be able to change these to a grey colour.

Changed the buttons to ones I found more accurate.

Sorted out the button holes first. I had to cut out so many loose threads and bits of fabric from inside them as Dream Angels hadn't bothered to tidy them up after they made them. I found a thread that matched the colour of the jacket better and went over them, making them a bit smaller in the process also so my new buttons fit better. You can see my stitching isn't as neat as I did it by hand and they did it by machine but the button covers most of it and the thread blends in with the jacket anyway.

Top button hole in the photo is the one I worked on and the bottom is an unedited one bar removing the excess thread in the hole.

I went with my preferred top of the 2 I had bought, the one that was a size 14-16... First I raised the hem using wonderweb then I focused on taking in the sides and sleeves to make it more fitted to my size. My Grandma showed me how to take something in properly as my first attempt wasn't quite right lol I'm really pleased with how it's come out.

Photo shows before and after.

I finally got my jacket delivered from Dream Angels but sadly I'm not too happy with it, keep finding bits that I don't like or are in-accurate.

As usual they made the bust area too big so I'm having to rely on my triple gel bra yet again lol Despite the fact they've been running their business for years they still haven't invested in an over-locker... The inside seams are fraying -_- The painting isn't all that great and the Valkyrie on the back is too small, it's meant to cover most of the jacket. To be fair they had photos on their site but some things you don't pick up on until it's in front of you physically. Although the painting in the photos is definitely neater in general. Oh and when I ironed it (cool setting, inside out) the yellow paint "puffed out" as it reacted to the heat so it's like 3D paint now 0_o

*sigh* Kinda dunno why I spent so much commissioning this when so much is wrong... Doesn't seem worth the money.

Alterations I plan to make~

* Attempt to over-lock in-side seams.
* Change the buttons.
* Paint over the front detailing making thicker lines.
* Paint a yellow background to the "Let me live" logo.
* Touch up the painting on the Valkyrie including lightening her hair, adding detail to her face etc.

Cut off the sleeves from the lighter blue jacket and pinned them into place on the main jacket. Currently the darker jacket's sleeves are still in-tact and inside the lighter ones but this makes them too bulky and hot so they will be removed when I go to attach the new sleeves. The shoulder detail shall be added separately using more fabric from the lighter jacket. I originally cut this part out attached to the sleeves but it was a bit awkward getting it to line up properly on the main jacket and then I noticed there are seams separating the sleeves and shoulder pads anyway so I cut those bits off.

Worried the colour contrast between the jackets is a bit too much ^^' I would prefer more subtle shades but it was difficult sourcing what I wanted. I finally came across another cosplayer who has done this version but her jacket was pink with white sleeves... So at least I'll be closer to the original? XD

Started off by removing all the zips, the poppers on the pockets and the tightening toggles (whatever you call them) from the bottom of the jacket.

Excuse the blinding flash in the photo.

Just a few little extras. Bought a black S.T.A.R.S. wallet on ebay which I've popped my Jill ID card into. Shall prob be using this at Expo instead of my usual wallet/ purse. I've also got a dog tag used for my bikini version of Jill.

Picked up a pair of black patent high heels from the Marks and Spencer outlet, managed to get an extra 25% off also as they have a slight scuff on one of the shoes. Bargain!

I thought these were the perfect style for Zee but now I'm thinking the heel should be higher perhaps...

You may have noticed that in REmake all the S.T.A.R.S. team gloves have quite chunky wrist cuffs which has confused many people as no tactical glove design like that exists (that I've seen) so most tend to skip out on this detail. Well I wanted to give it a shot and I'm actually really pleased with the result. My secret? PVC bondage cuffs. Yes you read that right lol

I got the idea for using a PVC or faux leather cuff to extend the glove when I was looking up wrist cuffs for Ryaoki's Steve Burnside cosplay. In this search I came across some "bondage cuffs" that were plain black and had a simple velcro fastening, they seemed just the sort of thing I needed.

I used pliers to yank out the metal studs holding the flimsy chain to the cuffs which left 2 small holes. This wasn't a problem as I simply cut off the wrist straps off my gloves and glued them onto the cuffs over the holes as you can see this strap fastening in some of the references. I cut of the velcro that was underneath this strap and then removed the webbing strap from the gloves as this made the end of the gloves bulky making it harder for the cuffs to close around them. I didn't need the straps to keep the gloves in place as now the cuffs do that instead. Once the gloves are on all I need to do is fasten the cuffs around them leaving a little gap between the edge of the wrist and the start of the cuff. Some of the velcro shows on the cuffs but this is on the inside of the wrist/forearm and is hopefully not too noticeable.

I love how these came out, I was lucky that the materials matched really well. The only problem I face now is finding a watch strap long enough to fit around my now very bulky wrist!

I already have 2 ID cards for Jill Valentine... I love silly extras like this, I just tend to forget to get them out oops.

Bought 3 different belts in the process of getting the look I wanted but I got there in the end! the first belt I bought was too thin, it didn't cover both buttons on the jeans and looked a little daft with the bigger belt loops. Second belt was ok but it had a round buckle and I decided to be a picky arse and want a square/ rectangle one to match the references I was using. So I bought another... Good buckle this time but the colour of the belt seemed a little too bright, I preferred the colouring of the 2nd belt. So I took it to my local shoe tailor/key cutter and he switched the buckles over for me, thankfully the belt widths matched.

Seems a lot of fuss over something simple like a belt... That's me for ya lol

Just testing how some of my gear looks. The bag and radio pouch are on the wrong side as this is a mirror image. The knee pads still need to be altered.

G James DNI grey neoprene knee pads. Bought as part of a knee and elbow pad set from EbairSoft.
I was so pleased to find these as no-one else had pads in this style apart from the ones inserted into certain BDUs. I shall have to attempt to make them white somehow. They're rather big on my skinny legs XD

Got the image from Lycaneyes who has now finished work on my gun and will be posting it tomorrow =) He originally did the grips black (as it shows in the reference) but apparently this made it look "very basic and plain" so he changed them to brown, the classic Browning look and how Claire's gun appears in the Darkside Chronicles.

Very good job and done within a week also. I recommend him for any gun customisations you may need.

TMC 1000 D CORDURA fabric Velcro Utility Pouch. Bought from EbairSoft. Shall be attached to webbing belt using a green webbing strap or something similar.

Managed to find the same style pair as before but a darker shade of brown. I cut these a little shorter though due to struggling to get everything to look neat and straight >_< They didn't give me as much grief the first time.

Photo shows new gloves compared to my first pair.

With the help of my Grandma we tested out putting princess seams into a t-shirt using my old S.T.A.R.S. top as practise. Grandma did the pinning and I did most of the sewing using my machine. They came out ok for a first try but the right curve didn't look as good as the left and I think they need to come over the bust a little more. But that's what the practise was for! The actual top should come out how I want I hope.

The other night my Grandma showed me how to use my sewing machine! And the first thing we did after practising on old handkerchiefs (lol) was raise the hem of my jeans for Claire. Now more of the boots should be on show =)

Wasn't sure what to do about these at first. I thought considering Jill's jacket and the fact she was in the Arctic that it would be sensible to assume she was wearing ski pants. But in the references they just seemed too tight fitting apart from the bunching around her boot tops. They're not BDUs/combats as there's a lack of pockets. I don't know what she's wearing so in the end I just decided to look for a pair of trousers or jeans that were as plain as possible.
I found a pair of white straight leg jeans, well they could be described as trousers as they feel more of a light cotton than denim to me. Jill doesn't appear to have back pockets but it would be difficult to find a pair without them. I like these as they fit well without being too tight and they're completely plain.
Bought from ebay, they were pretty cheap! =)

Ear hanger headset with adjustable mic for two-way radio. Bought on ebay. Was nice and cheap!

Viper GPS radio pouch in olive green. Bought on ebay.

Olive green canvas webbing/pistol belt. Cheap purchase from ebay. I have adjusted it so it sits low on my hips.

I bought a Double Eagle 1911 2 tone airsoft gun which I shall be sending to Lycaneyes tomorrow so he can do the modifications and paint job for me. When it's done it should look similar to Claire's Browning HP.

I decided I wanted to go with the Browning Hi-Power which you see Claire using in the intro scene of CVX. She is also known for using this handgun in Resident Evil 2 and The Darkside Chronicles so it's sort of her signature weapon like the Samurai Edge's are for the S.T.A.R.S. team.

The original design was of a single action, full steel handgun with a thirteen round capacity.

First I looked at ski jackets but couldn't find anything quite right. If I got the colour right there would be no hood or logos/patterns and many other issues. I then looked at puffer/bomber jackets as that is the type of material I wanted to go for but I didn't want the general look of a puffer jacket. I would of made it myself from scratch but I struggled to find a polyester material I could buy that wasn't quilting so it was back to using actual jackets as a base again.
Eventually I managed to come across a suitable styled bomber style jacket from Next on ebay. The colour looked a metallic blue but when I got it it seems more purple to me -_- It is blue in flash photography and some lighting but to the naked eye in my opinion it's purple. Bah. Oh well I'm sticking with it for now.
Found another jacket in a paler blue which I'm simply using for the sleeves and shoulders.

No wonder no-one attempted this before... Her jackets a pain in the ass lol

The contacts are Freshlook coloblends in Gemstone Green, the same ones I use for Selphie.

I kept the make-up basic, using my usual concealer, foundation and powder to start and a light brown pencil to define my eyebrows. I used a brown kohl pencil to line my eyes as felt it would be softer and more suitable than black. I also used a white pencil on the inner corners of my eyes to open them up a bit. Last touches were one coat of mascara and a pale pink lipstick.

Currently I have 2 possible tops for Claire. The one on the left in the photo is the first I got, a basic scoop neck t-shirt. It's slightly baggy in places but the seller didn't respond to my email about swapping it for a smaller size -_- The second one I prefer as it's more a square neck, the sleeves are longer and it's a clingy lycra type material. Sadly the smallest the shop sold was a size 14-16... and I'm a size 8 in tops aha.... So despite the clingy fabric it is baggy ^^' I'm gonna try and see if it can be taken in though as it's the most suitable top I've found so far.

I shall be using the same handgun that I use with all my Jill cosplays.
An airsoft pistol modified by Lycan Eyes, I just do the odd paint touch up.

Check out Lycan's work here:

Made by printing the label from an image found on DeviantArt then glueing it onto a deodorant can of the right size/ style.

I love this bag <3
I carry all my bits and pieces in this at conventions/ events whenever I'm cosplaying Jilly.

Bought for only £7 on ebay. It doesn't have a skin top parting unfortunately but you can't see her parting anyway due to the beret. The ends will need trimming as it's slightly too long at the moment.

Bought from ebay and altered to make them fingerless and removed most of the cuff and the stitching design, a little of the pattern is left but if I cut that off it makes the gloves too short.
I'm not too keen on the colour, I think they're slightly too pale so I might end up buying another pair but these will do for now or as backup. They only cost me 99p so it's no loss really.

Bought a pair of calf length boots from ebay. They have a buckle near the top but you only see the bottom of her boots anyway so no worries there. The colour is great and I managed to find some with a lighter colour sole also yay! It's just a shame about the seam running down the middle, ah well.

In the fully animated clips Claire's choker seems to have a sort of shimmer or shine to it and I found a pale pink crushed velvet ribbon that made this sort of effect. I just cut the length to size and added some white velcro. Easy. I think it should be a little wider though perhaps...

The photo shows it with and without flash, the "shimmer" shows up with the flash and also shows the proper colour (it looks a little salmon in bad lighting).

I ended up making a new choker last minute that was wider and didn't have that slight salmon colour.

I painted the eyelets (shoe lace holes) silver using Hammerite metal paint.

I bought some beige boots from ebay to alter as they seemed more suited than just buying Converse, Serah's shoes have heels after all.

The boots had 9 shoe lace holes whereas Serah has 8. I am one of those annoyingly picky people who notice these small details so therefore have to do something about it ^^' Thankfully it was quite easy to fold over the top of the boot and line it up with the 8th hole on the inside before glueing it down. I can get the boot on without the laces in so I folded over the top of the zip inside also to hide the zipper pull (Serah's boots don't have zips). Through lowering the general height of the boot it makes the tongue seem longer which is how Serah has hers so bonus there.

Next up is painting the eyelets (shoe lace holes), soles, heels and toes.

Nice and easy. Simple black flats that you can get in most shoe shops at the moment.

I had to alter the way the duster closes at the front. What is a little annoying is FairyPorchQueen originally made it as it is in DF where it ties but then she changed it to match the button closure of the game. I've had to remove the buttons and unpick her stitching to get the original ties back although they're a little short as she must of cut them before sewing it up.

I found some cat earrings on ebay that are silver with the hanging tail. They're not accurate but they look okay. I removed the hooks and snapped off the loops for the hooks, carefully trying to neaten the edges with a craft knife without stabbing myself. The cat has a collar with two crystals in which I popped out with the help of a craft knife again. There's one crystal in each tail just like Serah's so they stayed where they are. I then glued on posts to the back of the earrings and added butterfly clips. The glue isn't very strong but hopefully they'll hold as long as I don't fiddle with them too much. I'm quite proud of them!

This prob ended up more complex than it needed to be... I found a baby blue satin sash on ebay but when it arrived I realised it was a lot smaller than I first thought so I ordered two more and pondered how to get them together without obvious seams. In the end I used one sash for the main waistband which is held closed at the back with snap fasteners and then used the other two as the "trains" of the sash which attached to the waistband again using snap fasteners.

It looks a bit of a mess at the back where everything joins together but I hoped to cover this up by attaching a brooch I planned to make in a chibi wing design using fimo clay. I unfortunately ran out of time to do this so pinned a feathered comb (which I had bought for my hair because I thought it was a slide/clip not a comb) at the top instead.

I also ran out of time when it came to embroidering the feather design onto the trailing ends of the sash so I decided to carefully hand-sew white craft feathers onto it as a replacement, it still followed the design I wanted just in a different way.

I think the sash came out ok but I'm not entirely happy with it so will possibly remake it if I wear this costume again.

Although it's not exactly delicate wedding jewellery I shall wear Rinoa's chain and ring with Squall's Griever ring on it also. I believe Rinoa wouldn't be without this on her big day as it's an important symbol of her and Squall's relationship.

A note on Squall's ring:

"Squall's ring features a profile of Griever's head along with one wing along its side. Rinoa Heartilly expresses interest in this ring later on in the game and eventually ends up possessing it where she wears it next to her own ring through a chain around her neck. Eventually Squall allows her to keep it.

The ring, as a symbol, is a tangible manifestation of the circle; it represents infinity and eternity, divinity and life. The ring also represents power, dignity, sovereignty, and strength. Thus, to bestow a ring is to indicate a transference of power. As is exemplified by the traditional wedding ring, the object is also binding, as with husband and wife. "

Drawing/ design by Chibi.

I had a good idea in my head of what I wanted to do with the sash and Chibi sketched a design for me based on this. This helped as normally things in my head don't turn out so well in reality plus I'm rubbish at designing lol

The sash is going to be made out of baby blue satin and the feathers shall be embroidered on (white thread). I could make the brooch from Fimo but my sculpting skills really are poor so I have a plain hair slide I can cover with feathers to use as a back-up.

I borrowed my mum's before because I couldn't get one in time but now I've finally got a more accurate one. Although Usagi's is turquoise with bright yellow buttons it looks in the denim jacket style so I went with that for more "realism" I guess.

I originally bought 2 shirts off ebay but this one arrived after JAF. I prefer this one however so will be using it from now on. I also got some brighter yellow buttons, they glare a bit when using flash though ^^'

After spending hours on ebay looking at hundreds of jeans I found a pair almost perfect for Claire. They're the right shade of blue, are kinda high-waisted (most jeans these days are hipsters it seems) and have the correct front and back pockets. The only problem with them is they're bootleg whereas Claire's jeans are straight cut. I know hardly anyone will notice but hey I'm picky ^^'

Edit- Also they're slightly too long in the leg, not enough of my boots are on show. Bah!

The plimsoles/ tennis shoes I got cheap from Priceless. I changed the white laces for black ones and had to shorten them. I ran a lighter over the cut ends to seal them and stop them from fraying. I used black acrylic paint on parts of the shoes to match the design (some references look dark brown but I think black will look fine). I think they look pretty good but the paint does chip easily and needs top-ups after each use.

As mentioned in my first journal about the dress the top part is slightly too big for me as it seems to have been made for a lady with a more generous chest than mine ^^' I was worried it would be difficult to take in so went a different route. First I got a triple gel bra from La Senza to fill up the gap in the bust area. This bra requires the straps to fit properly but I had to remove them due to the dress being strapless so to stop the bra moving all over the place I used some double-sided body tape to keep it secure. The material of the bra and the lining of the dress slide against each other, there isn't any grip so the top of the dress still slipped down a bit. I just used more of the body tape to hold the dress in place just above the top of the bra.

And ta-da dress stays put and looks like it fits me nice and snug =) I made sure I did the "jump test" to make sure nothing slips down or falls out XD

I'm using the wig I use for my other Rinoa cosplays but I wanted to style it into some form of up-do for a more formal look. I was concerned about wefts showing or the wig being awkward in general but I managed to style it pretty easily. I left some feathering at the front to frame the face which includes 2 of her brown highlights and tied the rest of the hair into a ponytail at the base of the wig before clipping that up.

I won't be using the clip in the photos, I'm getting a plain white or cream/ivory barrette then adding some white feathers to it.

I bought an ivory wedding dress on ebay which is made/ designed by Antora Bridalwear. It's made of duchess satin and has a nice simple, plain design. The shop tag attached says it should be sold at £390 but I got it for £75! In general it fits well apart from at the bust where it slips down due to my lack of boobs >_< I'm either going to get a good bust-enhancing bra or get it taken in a little at the top.

I'm looking at getting a petticoat to poof out the skirt a little and a sash which I shall embroider a feather design onto to symbolise Rinoa.

The duster and arm warmers were bought from FairyPorchQueen (I do not know who made them). They're hand-knitted and are gorgeous as well as being that slightly darker shade of blue so I was happy to hear she was selling them. The wing pattern on the back is a little off but it can be picked out as it was done once the main duster was knitted. I may end up cutting into the back a little anyway depending on how I do my massive wings of doom!

The zips on the jacket I bought are a bronze colour whereas Spence's are silver... so naturally I wanted to change that. It would of been a pain to find replacement zips the right size (as there's some on the sleeves and pockets also) so I decided to paint them. I asked on the forums what sort of paint to use on metal (as didn't think acrylic would do the job) but sadly no-one replied. Thankfully I thought to ask Lycan who does custom paint jobs on airsoft pistols and he suggested Hammerite metal paint. I found a small tin in Wilkinsons and got to work.

I carefully painted each "tooth" which was fiddly work. It's not the neatest job but I didn't totally botch it up at least lol I'm really pleased with how the paint has covered with a single coat and the zips still work! I wasn't expecting that (thought the paint would jam the zippers) so that's a welcome bonus. I also painted over the poppers on the collar.

The only thing off with the jacket is that the popper button and snaps (whatever you call them) are meant to be the other way round on the collar. But it can't be perfect I guess.

Started making alterations to the jacket today to make it more accurate. I removed the chest pocket flap and the other half of the popper underneath it. One of the collar poppers was also removed as well as the little studs by the chest pocket and the zipped pockets.

Removing these meant you could see where the material was torn/ frayed so I covered those edges up with black marker pen (which shows a bit but better than the beige colour it was before). But the bigger holes still looked obvious so I used the pocket flap to cut up little bits of the material and glue it over the holes. Now from a distance it looks a lot better =) Again I had to tidy up the edges with marker pen.

On close inspection you can see what I've done but overall I'm happier with the way it looks now. Just the zip colour to sort out!

This journal is just to show off the before and after photos. My mum trimmed it for me whilst I was wearing it.

Again to point out (if you didn't read the information tab) that I chose a blonde wig because Emma Watson actually has dark blonde hair in the later films. If I was cosplaying the book version I would of course get a brown wig.

I had to remove one of the button closures and re-sew it back on as the original seamstress did it wonky.

Also I tried to adjust the hood a little as it is really big and heavy so I wanted to lift it up a little so it feels more comfortable and looks less huge. However the only way to do that was to make it so the hood was sewn slightly in the middle preventing it from actually being placed over the head and I worried this made it look even worse or stupid so I've unpicked the stitches and left it as it was originally.

I bought my patch from Blue Tiger Trading on ebay which is where I get my S.T.A.R.S. patches for Jill from. In general it's an accurate design apart from the outline shape of the patch (it's suppose to have a point at the top) and from further inspection of references they've changed the colour of the lion in the later films to a white/grey colour instead of yellow.

Being a picky arse I had to change it so I covered the yellow thread of the lion with a white paint pen I had used before to touch up areas of my S.T.A.R.S. patches. The shade obviously doesn't match the helmet and on close inspection you can see something has been put on over the thread but otherwise it looks okay I think.

It's an iron-on patch but I sewed it onto the robes due to not wanting to iron over the paint and I've always preferred to sew my other patches anyway, feels more secure.

I thought my old wig was too bright a shade of blonde and also had no skin top parting so I wanted to get a better one. This is one of my fav Alice cosplayers: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/159968/ and I managed to find the name of her wig on one of the photo captions. It's made by Rene of Paris which is an expensive "designer" wig brand. The only reason I bought it is because it's now a discontinued style and so was at a clearance price, there's no way I would pay the original price for it.

Because of the cost and the fact it looks quite natural on that other cosplayer I was very disappointed to find it doesn't even have a skin top. I can buy a £20 wig from Japan that has a skin top. So yeah, pretty annoyed about that, I just hope it doesn't look too fake. The colour and style are good at least, I just need to use a bit of wax to tame down the curls a bit so they're not too "poofy".

"Hermione's wand is made of vine wood and dragon heartstring core; vine is the wood ascribed to Hermione's fictional birth month (September) on the Celtic calendar. It is 10¾" in length."

I bought a replica of Hermione's wand from The Noble Collection which comes in an Ollivander's box made to look like the ones used in the films =) The leaf detailing on the wand itself is beautiful and when it's not being used for cosplay I shall have it on display in my room. It's made from a hard resin and although at 15 inches in length it's not accurate to the books description I believe it's the same length as the film version.

The tie I first bought was an officially licensed one made by Rubies fancy dress but I wasn't too keen on the colour, it just didn't look right to me.

Then we got a delivery from the Noble Collection at work which included Gryffindor House ties. They are 100% silk and come in a collectors box which says "Madame Malkin's Robes For All Occasions" and has the Hogwarts crest also. Now £30 is obviously a lot for just a tie... but I was twitchy over my current one and I do love Nobles stuff and have a few of their items in my collection already so thought when it wasn't in use it could be put on display with my other pieces.

The photo is a comparison shot of the old tie on the left and the Noble replica on the right.

Shopped around for shoes. You would think it wouldn't be hard as she just wears basic girls school shoes but my pickiness as usual made things difficult. I found a suitable pair in Tescos apart from the bows on them. As they were quite cheap I bought them anyway and tried to remove the bows without destroying them. It's left some tiny holes where the bows were stitched on but I'm hoping that's not too obvious, I mean I'm sure people won't be staring at my feet! lol

The cardigan was made by Lochaven Of Scotland (http://livelochaven.com/store_main.asp?int_category_id=6) who make all the cardigans, jumpers and tank tops to be worn by the cast and extras for every film in the Harry Potter series.

Yes it was expensive... but I am one of those people who are drawn to authentic things ^^' It's made from 100% natural lambswool and like with my robes comes with proper washing instructions and company labels. Obviously the Gryffindor stripes and number of buttons etc are all accurate to the movies costume design, this is exactly like the ones the actors wear =3

I think this costume is going to be the one that feels most "realistic" to me.

I brought my robes from Whimsic Alley (http://www.whimsicalley.com/) as after searching the net and checking supplier lists on cosplay sites they seemed the best ones available.

They're mid-calf in length and have a massive hood! It's all lined in a nice shade of burgundy and has an accurate button closure at the front with an inside wand pocket also. I was a little worried the sleeves are too short but double checking references I can see the students jumper sleeves sticking out a fair bit from the robes sleeves so should be ok. I like the fact it comes with a washing instructions label, the shops logo label and a replacement button. Overall it feels a very professionally made item and worth the money.

I just need to add a Gryffindor patch and they'll be complete =) Trying them on I got rather warm so it's good to know I won't freeze at Expo for once haha.

Picked this up from ebay as it was within my price range and the most suitable I could find. I planned to remove the chest pocket flap as Spence's jacket only has the 2 zipped pockets at the bottom. This I thought would be easy as in the listing photo the flap was plain but as you can see in the photo the actual jacket I got has a popper on it meaning if I remove the flap I still have the other half of the popper attached to the jacket. Also the listing photo showed one popper on the collar (which Spence has) not the two that the actual jacket I received has. Grrr! If I attempt to remove these I will be prob be left with holes in the jacket.

I complained to the seller saying they need a more accurate photo on the listing but I won't send it back as I can't find anything else more suitable as this jacket has the zipped pockets and the zips on the sleeves also that Spence's has. Although I wish they were silver not bronze... I might attempt to paint them or something.

The inside of the dress was fraying like mad so I brought some white cotton tape (about an inch wide) which I sewed over the fraying seams as a sort of lining to protect the dress fabric from wasting away on the inside. I did this on and off for nearly 2 years... On the train to Amecon I finally finished- about time! Better late than never eh?

I bought a black chain from B&Q which they cut to my desired length (30") and attached this to the wooden poles using wire staples which had been painted black to match the chain. My mum's partner helped me to hammer the staples in as I would prob end up splitting the wood...

And so now I have Selphie's Flail! I'm really pleased with how this prop turned out and it was quite simple to do. I have a lot more scope for posing now =)

The nunchaku are nearly done, I just need to add the black chain. I'm wondering if they might be slightly too short in length... but I'm sure it'll look okay. I can always re-make them otherwise.

I started off with a long wooden dowel which was sawn in half then the ends were sanded to neaten them. I put on a couple of layers of red craft spray then the black detailing was done using electrical tape to give it a neater finish. If I hand-painted it I would prob end up with un-even rings ^^' I'm finding electrical tape to be pretty useful for props lately lol

I'm still not entirely happy with it as I think I'm rubbish at sculpting clay lol but at least it looks better than my last two attempts.
After re-checking the references (fully animated ones being limited and blurry at times) I noticed the zipper pull is attached to the top of the zip on a little metal loop/ oval. I originally had mine stuck onto the top of the zip (which caused some issues... see info box) so now I wanted to attach it differently. I got some thin silver head pins and pushed one through the top of the zipper pull to make a hole before I baked it. Once the clay was hard I put the pin back through the hole and used pliers to shape it into the loop (a rather wonky one). With some help from my mum's partner we got the old zipper pull off the zip so I could put the loop and new zipper in it's place.

It's not great but it does the job and looks better than before so yay =)

Make-up wise I used my usual concealer, foundation, powder and brown eyebrow pencil. I attempted to turn my eyebrows a pink shade but it looked daft so I just toned down the brown slightly by going over it with a gold pencil. I used white eyeliner on my bottom eyelids and just underneath my lash line to open up my eyes. On the lids themselves I used a pale pink glitter eyeshadow which I also used a little of on my cheeks (I really need to get some blusher). Finished off with some mascara and pale pink lipstick.
I didn't bother for the test but I will also be painting my nails a pale pink colour.

Make-up used:

Collection 2000 Ultimate Wear (16 hour) concealer in Fair
Maybelline New York Dream Satin liquid foundation in Ivory
Collection 2000 pressed powder in Candlelight
Rimmel London eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown
Barry M Shimmering eye and lip crayon in a Gold (1)
Barry M Kohl pencil in White (30)
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Candy (58)
Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash mascara in black
Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipsick in Delicate Pearl (812)
Barry M Nail Paint in pale pink (119)

I bought the Clover wig in powder pink from Cosworx as the colour and length looked just what I wanted. The fringe was too long as on most wigs to allow for adjustments. I was trying to trim the fringe into a side style like my natural hair (and Rinoa) but either I was having a bad day or the wig didn't like me so I ended up with a straight fringe ending just above the eyes. I really didn't like this style however and ended up using some manga head wax to part it in the middle and sweep the fringe to the sides. I should of tried taming the wig this way from the start so I could have my desired side-fringe but ahh well. It looks okay I think.
I also tried to feather the sides of the wig so it frames my face better but it doesn't seem to have made much difference.

I made the cat ear shape by folding a piece of neophrene (useful stuff this) and glueing in place. I then covered these using the pink sock material left over from my tail. I used a crocodile clip taken from another hair accessory at first in an attempt to attach these to my hair but it wasn't getting an even amount of support and wobbled looking rather wonky... so I had to have a re-think about what to do. I was considering just buying a cat fancy dress alice-band and covering it but I didn't really want a visible band and I wasn't sure I had enough material left. Spent a long time looking at grips and clips in Claire's Accessories and eventually bought a pack of "sleepie clips" to experiment with. I glued one clip to each side of the ear so I would be getting even support and wahey it worked! I covered the visible ends of the clips with more pink material so it will blend into my wig better.

I think the ears are slightly too tall and pointy but I'm glad I worked out how to make them myself.

I was quite worried about the tail tbh, fearing it looking utter crap haha.

I used a sock as a base and cut away some of the material along the "leg" to make the tail thinner. Then I turned the sock inside out and sewed it shut followed by turning it back the right side and stuffing it.
I didn't want to sew it directly onto my leotard in case it tore and I didn't want to use safety pins or velcro either. In the end I got the idea to use a belt method from the way the cast of the musical CATS have their tails attached. I bought a pink ballet leotard belt, which is thin and elasticated, to attach my tail to. The colour was quite pale to begin with but I covered it with more of the sock material so it all matched. Then I simply sewed my tail onto it.

The colour of the socks by some miracle almost matches the shade of pink of my leotard so everything blends in nicely which I'm pleased about. The shape of the bottom part of the tail isn't quite right (and it's prob pretty obvious I've used a sock haha) but this cosplay is meant to be for fun so I'm not going to fuss around making it look identical. Overall I'm pretty happy with it =)

Complete. Hope to add Spence's jacket at some point.

Cheap wig from ebay. Would like a better one in a darker shade of blonde with a skin top parting.

The references clearly show a skirt but during the scene in the film where she kicks a zombie dog she appears to be wearing matching shorts.

Photo shows "heat creases"

Okay I was brave and very carefully sealed the edges with a lighter. It's actually left a kinda nice curled edge effect which I would of got with a rolled hem. The only issue is the heat caught other areas of the fabric and although didn't singe it (thankfully) it has creased it slightly. Trying to "pull" these creases out doesn't work so wondering if ironing them over a damp tea-towel would fix it. Prob not if the fabric has half-melted... hmm. I prob best leave it alone, no-one's gonna make a fuss over it apart from myself.

Right first the dress had extra frilly parts along the hem which I removed easily. Then I had to extend the slit in the side so it reached my hip. Unfortunately my cutting skills aren't that.. neat.. hah. I managed to get the top layer looking okay by cutting it bit by bit but I make the mistake of just hacking away at the under-layer thinking "Well no-one's going to see it". Umm no Leonie you idiot the under-layer is there because the top layer is semi-sheer... so you can see the layer underneath. Bollocks! I can tidy it up a bit but I've cut it back too far so now I'm worrying it looks stupid -_- You learn from these things I guess.
All I need to do is seal the edges somehow. I don't want a visible hem (would love a rolled hem but I can't do that) but the material is too delicate for wonderweb. I just need to figure out how I'm gonna stop it fraying.

I had to remove the straps and buckles and the loop holes that held them onto the boot. My efforts left marks (as did my dog when he jumped up so the material is clearly not scratch resistant at all) but I shall cover this with shoe polish and if that doesn't work I guess it doesn't matter as Alice's boots won't be brand new looking after kicking some zombie ass =p

So yeah they're not perfect but for now, at least, they'll do.

I brought a burgundy skirt which was just above knee-length so it needed shortening. As I don't have a sewing machine at home and my hand-sewing can get sloppy I decided to raise the hem using wonderweb which I hadn't used before.

I cut the skirt (more like butchered...) just shy of where I needed the new length to be roughly then got to work with my wonderweb and iron. I am not very gifted in even something so simple it seems... my hemline is kinda wonky, prob due to my poor cutting skills lol But it doesn't look too bad, I hope ^^'

The skirt just about covers my butt. Thank you Resi wardrobe designers... BUT I have some burgundy dance hotpants on the way to keep my modesty in check lol

My boots came from ebay and the seller feedback made it clear the quality would be cheap and they prob wouldn't last long but I was really struggling to find anything suitable. At least I don't cosplay every week so they should hold out!

They're not quite knee high and there's a seam near the top I don't like (picky, picky) but the material looks right and they're flat at least.

I got a plain gold band from ebay for Alice's wedding ring. Sadly mine won't have "Property of Umbrella Corporation" engraved inside =p

Tried sketching out the feather and lettering on the gunblade ready for painting but I wasn't happy with how they turned out so have left it for now.

I brought the wig from Cosplay Wig as it's the most accurate I've seen and I've loved wigs I've brought from them previously. In general the style and colour are great but the back isn't as accurate as I first thought. But without without extra wefts in the same shade of fibre I can't really do much to fix it. I had to slightly trim and style the fringe myself.

Weapon wise I've got my cheapo silver toy gun (from the early Jill days lol) and I've painted over the in-your-face orange tip. Promo images show her with 2 handguns in one shot and with a large assault gun in another. However in the film she just uses the one handgun and an axe so I'm sticking with that.

EDIT: Handguns are the Beretta 92FS Inox which Alice takes from the dead security guard and Rain's Springfield Armory Mil-Spec M1911A1 which she uses later on as the Beretta was discarded once it ran out of ammo.

The promo shot of Alice shows a Heckler & Koch G36K, but the assault rifle has an AG36 grenade launcher mounted under the barrel of the weapon. Alice is seen holding the G36K by the AG36 grenade launcher's pistol grip in the US theatrical poster. However she never uses this weapon in the film.

Reference photos of the costume. I did not add the annotations

I started off with a good old broom handle which was sawn to a more suitable length and the ends sanded down (one end has a rounded tip). I did a base coat of black matt spray paint then I did a few layers of black acrylic craft paint over the top. Black electrical tape was wound around near the top to make the grip similar to what I've seen in a US nightstick reference photo.
I just need to drill a hole just above the tape and thread a leather strap through it.

The most suitable skirt I found didn't have belt loops on it so I've had to add those myself. I was so lucky to find some fabric in an almost identical colour and weight to the skirt. I cut rectangle pieces out and folded them in half sealing them with fabric glue (my new best friend). The I sewed the ends over and stitched the home-made loop to the skirt. I did 6 in total, 2 at the front, sides and back. They didn't all come out the same size somehow despite using the first one as a template lol but I don't think people will be paying too close attention.

Started off with a police blue Pilot shirt. First I sewed the S.T.A.R.S. patch onto the right sleeve and then I had to make the ends of the sleeve cuffs white. There's not a great selection of fabrics in my area and the white materials seemed too thin so thought the blue would still show through. Then I had the idea to buy another shirt in white (got one from a charity shop) to cut up and use the material in that as it would look more natural as it's "shirt cotton" if that makes sense lol A few broken needles later and I achieved the look I wanted.
Then I just had to change the blue buttons to white ones. The buttons I have at the moment are a sort of clear white so they look tinted blue slightly against the shirt so I will have to get more solid white colour buttons another time.

I finally got around to getting a new zip in the dress that is actually long enough, no more annoying gap at the bottom horray! I first tried to hand-sew it in myself but I messed it up >_< So my grandma un-stitched it and put it through the machine for me.

I need to make a new zipper as my old one broke (and it wasn't that good anyway..) and I STILL haven't finished sorting out the fraying seams on the inside of the dress oops.
I have no plans currently to wear this costume again but I like to make sure my cosplays are kept in good condition and up to date.

My Grandma dropped the dress off for me today with all the sewing complete. I still wasn't quite happy with how the top layer hanged around my chest so I took it in at the sides a bit until it looked better. It was very awkward to do and it isn't a tidy job... but not very noticeable I hope. I then sewed the snap fastener to the halter neck.

I'm going to do a make-up test tomorrow with the contacts and false eyelashes and then get some photos taken in the full outfit with wig and shoes.

Round my Grandma's again this evening for more progress on the dress. Over the last week she cut out the chiffon layer for me and starting tacking the dress together and adding the ribbon to the neckline and the zip ect.
I tried it on and although the bottom half was a good fit the top was very loose (stupid size 12 pattern you lie!)So that had to be taken in quite a lot. The chiffon overlay was also too loose, said I wanted it slightly bigger than the lower layer so it floats over it but think I judged that bad. After sticking a load of pins in to get the top half fitting better the dress came off again and Grandma started un-stitching and re-sewing parts which took a good hour.
After the adjustments were made I tried the dress on again and the top half fits loads better. The chiffon layer could do with being slightly more fitted but it looks better than it did and I don't want to make a fuss ^^' We worked out where the hem of the dress will be and that was pinned into place.

It was getting late so we left it there. Grandma will sew the hem for me tommorow, attach a hook and eye above the top of the zip and if she get's time overlock the seams before dropping it off to me when I finish work. I will then just have to get the snap fastner sorted on the halter neck.

Today I finally started work on the dress with my Grandma helping me along the way. First we sorted the pattern pieces out, pinned them to the fabric and worked out where to cut for the size we were aiming for. For this pattern I'm a US size 12 0_o My UK sizing is a 8-10 which is around a size 6 in the US so dunno how I managed a size 12 for this! We thought it was wrong but that's the size I needed according to my measurements apparently.

Anyway. After cutting the fabric I was shown how to put tacks in for the darts and cut out some triangle markers at the sides (think they were just to help you line up the edges of the dress... I forgot ^^').

Then it was to the sewing machine! I didn't have any experience with one so Grandma started me off and sewed the curved edges and then let me do the straight lines. I was holding the material back a bit and so some of the stitching was too close together oopps but I'm learning!

That was all for today. Grandma's going to overlock the seams for me and then when I next see her we'll work on the chiffon overlay and the neckline before putting it all together with the zip and raising the hem etc.

Close ups of the braclet, hairband and pendant chain. Sadly it's difficult to get clear, hi-rez images of these.

I'm using the same wig, contacts and make-up as my original and SeeD Ball Rinoa to make the character recognizable still.

The highlights were hand-sewn into the wig myself and I trimmed the fringe and front feathering slightly.
My natural eye colour is blue so here I'm wearing brown Freshlook Colourblends contact lenses.
Make-up includes false eyelashes and making my eyebrows look thicker.

The only thing I did different was paint my toenails blue as obviously Rinoa wouldn't wear her boots to the pool/ beach lol

I quite liked the idea of Rinoa reading a Pet Pals magazine by the pool so I bought a general dog magazine from the market and covered the title with plain white paper. Then using basic markers and felt tip pens I added the new title, mentioned Timber (the Timber pet shop is where Rinoa bought Angelo and it's also where you can buy some of the issues of Pet Pals) and also threw in a mention of one of the limit breaks you can teach Angelo in the game "Wishing Star".

It doesn't look all that professional but I thought it was a fun touch.

I bought a blue rubber swimming ring from ebay and hand painted on wings in the style of those on the back of Rinoa's duster. I used basic acrylic paint which worked well but if you blow-up and deflate the ring a few times it starts to crack and come off.

Photo shows the outline before I filled it in.

I've bought a wig for this now as I wanted my character to have longer hair than my natural length. It's straight with no fringe and dark brown in colour to again follow the designs from the LOTR.

I wanted the main colour of the bikini to be black to match her strappy top and shorts. I found a black bikini from New Look which has little blue beads on the straps and also comes with a blue bikini with black beads- mix and match!
The blue bikini has actually given me ideas to do a Jill Valentine bikini version, oh dear XD Maybe one day.

I might add a blue sarong for when she's not in the pool/ sea.

The inspiration for this came from a cosplayer who did her own Rinoa bikini design. I saw the photos over a year ago and always thought about doing something similar.

Again my aim to be as accurate as possible kicks in, this time down to the colour of my eyes. I ordered a pair of Freshlook Colorblends contacts in "Brown" and love the effect, they look so natural! My actual eye colour is bright blue.

I have some new boots which are a more suitable design than my last pair (more feminine also) however they're a size too small so I will be complaining about my sore feet a lot >_< The pains we go through for cosplay!

This is how far I got with my pinwheel before my mum threw it out thinking it was for recycling -_- It was made with foamboard and painted with a metallic acrylic paint.
I shall have to buy more foamboard at some point and start again.

After the success of my brown contacts for Rinoa I ordered some bright green ones for Selphie =) Freshlook Colorblends in "Gemstone Green".

Spray-painted the gunblade black, I taped up the blade edge to keep it silver as shown in some references.

I brought Squall's gunblade from the Uniquities stand at Expo and as I grabbed it late on Sunday they had put it on sale so saved myself some money whoop! It's solid wood and has quite a bit of weight to it.
I plan to modify this to look more like Rinoa's gunblade.

Excuse my squinting face, the sun was shining on it.

Completed Kairi 2 days before expo and it looks good but I'm feeling strangely anti-climatic over it and I'm nit-picking over silly little things. I think it's because this is the first costume I've made myself and I'm just worrying over how people are going to react to it or if it's going to fall apart during the masquerade or something lol
Hopefully I'll feel better about it on the day, right now I'm just worn out physically and mentally over it all.

Basic make up was used as well as black eyeliner on the top lids and the brows turned a burgundy sorta colour to match the wig by mixing red and brown kohl pencils.

I got a black hood from another top and at first started to sew it onto the halter neck but found that glue worked better, at least down the front sides of the halter. I found it really difficult to do this however and had to keep stopping to change what I was doing and there was a lot of swearing involved and glue getting where I didn't want it etc ^^'

I added the stud detailing to the belts using silver rivets and had to poke at the leather with a craft knife to make a hole to get them in. I feared stabbing myself but I survived! XD I also added 2 small silver rivets on each side of the bag and used two silver buttons as the stud decoration on the front.

I added the eyelets to the dress and I was rather confused at first as this is the first time I've used them but after some practise on scrap fabric I got there in the end XD Also spent a lot of time cutting away loose threads and trimming and tidying around the zips but now it's finally complete and I'm happy ^-^

I commissioned 3 chunky, metal, 2-way open-ended zips (corr that was a mouthful) from ebay seller cosplay-oh. They are the zips they use for their Organisation 13 coats but they said they would shorten them for me. However they lied and sent me zips about as long as I am tall, they were made of plastic instead of metal and they lied about the date they shipped them also. I was not impressed as they were really expensive! I managed to get some money refunded after I complained through a PayPal dispute. Mio's friend who's a whizz with a sewing machine helped me to put them in the dress and also hemmed it and brought it in slightly. She did an amazing job and despite the fact the zips are not fully functional at the bottom (obviously we had to cut them to fit the length of the dress and the ends had to be sewed tight and a touch of glue added to stop the zippers falling off- this is why I asked cosplay-oh to adjust them) I am really pleased with how it looks.

I got some metal square strap holder things from other bags and looped cut leather belt around them sealing them with velcro (this makes it easier to put the belt on without making a visible gap in it also). I clipped lobster clasps onto the strap holders and added thinner leather belts to these so they hang at the sides. On the left side I attached the bag (it has a flap at the back sealed with velcro that the strap sits under).

I used charity rubber bands for her bracelets, just turned them inside out to hide the logos. So I'm giving money towards charity whilst getting my cosplay needs horray! Found a long necklace which had beads on which look very similar to her pendant so choose one that looked the best size and attached it to some black beading cord.

For the white top underneath her dress I bought a boob-tube then drew on and cut out the wavy pattern along the top. I had to sew around the edges after to keep it together and stop fraying. I used some basic white cotton material to make the halter neck for the top. One side was stitched in place and the other I used a button to make taking the top on and off easier.

Dress has been dyed pink (again with Dylon machine dye).

Simple, figure hugging, white dress. Bought from ebay. I shall be dying and altering this.

I have a really strong blink reflex and struggled so much with these but I was determined to be as accurate as possible so that includes eye colour.
I bought a pair of Freshlook Colorblends in "Green". My natural eye colour is bright blue.

This is how my costume appeared at the Grand Cosplay Ball. I really need to work on blending those ear tips...

Photo taken by SephNoir

I spent a small fortune on Barry M glitter dusts in silver & bluey green tones, a blue kohl pencil, base eye crayon (helps the dust stay in place) & pale pink lip gloss. I know the LOTR elves have quite natural looking make-up but hey it's ball so I can add a touch of glitter and artistic licence.

I plan to have a photo shoot with the more natural look.

I saw a tip online which suggests wearing ear cuffs to help hide the join between the fake ear tips and your own ears. I found some simple silver ones in Claire's Accessories.

Got latex elf ear tips from www.hightowercrafts.com after a recommendation. I've decided I don't like working with liquid latex lol I got Liz to help me apply them before the ball. We had to put a ton of powder on them as they are a lot darker than my natural skin tone and I hadn't any time to get some stage/prosthetics make-up. As long as flash photography wasn't used they looked ok.

Bought a circlet from The Moon Maiden on ebay. I have a silver butterfly necklace with some clear bead droplets which goes well with the outfit & circlet.

Unfortunately I only ended up wearing it at the ball for about 10 minutes as it clearly was slightly too big for my head on the tightest setting as it kept slipping down to rest on my nose. Was a shame =( I shall get some links taken out for next time or perhaps a different design.

My brother works in Deichman Shoes and when wandering in to say hi I noticed some great flat dolly shoes- silvery white with little beads and sequins on them. I got discount thanks to my bro!

Some of said beads and sequins fell off over the course of the evening due to my feet being trodden on the dance floor >_<

I ordered the Ravenswing dress from www.thedarkangel.co.uk They have some gorgeous designs and I brought a coat from them 2 years ago which I still adore so know them to be a trusty site. It's made with a stretch velvet material which clings to the body but isn't tight. Nice and comfy. And I've noticed a few of Arwen's gowns from LOTR are made from a similar material so it keeps in with my theme and style ^-^ My favourite part of the dress are the floaty over-sleeves.

Photos of my updated costume taken at the London MCM Expo Oct 2008.

Photographers: Silver & Paul Jacques

Wig arrived. At first was annoyed to find it didn't actually have a side parting (although at least had a side fringe). Wished it was slightly longer too tbh but oh well. I trimmed the fringe slightly to shape it better and cut up the auburn highlights (managed to find the same seller on ebay again and order the same ones I got last year) and sewed them into the wig just under the hairline. Not a professional attempt but the finished result looked ok ^-^

There is no close-up image or an official detailed description of her necklace. Some say it's a flower, others a shell, someone else said a four leaf clover... who knows. I guess you can use a bit of artistic license with this one so I just brought a small silver flower necklace from Claire's Accessories that looked suitable. A lot of people say it's the same as her zipper pull but from studying (squinting) at the images I highly doubt this.

On the Selphie figures it looks like she has a label (small white square) on the back of her dress so I cut some white cotton fabric to size and sewed it on.

I bought a pair of brown knee high boots and painted the soles black. I spent ages looking for just the right buckle and straps to put around the top of the boot. Strappy boots are in fashion at the moment but couldn't find anything suitable or cheap... Slim brown belts don't even seem to exist where I can buy two. In the end found some suede (would have preferred leather-look but ah well)brown boots with buckle and straps on ebay and just cut the straps off them and glued them to mine. Seems a lot of money to spend and waste of a pair of boots but hey that's the price for being picky. My sister can have the boots once her feet grow a bit more anyway. I cut off the tabs used to pull on the boots and re-used them as the strap loops.

10th Oct-
Sock glue is my new friend. No more slipping arm-warmers yay!

15th Oct-
New shorts had the zips sewn straight on top of the fabric this time to stop bunching. I was worried would look bad but has actually come out okay =) The shorts are slighter shorter in the leg than my last pair though.

23rd Oct-
Fabric for my new skirt turned up and I spent a couple hours cutting, sewing, un-stitching and trying again before I admitted that I fail at making a simple mini-skirt and gave up rather frustrated. The fabric was a lot darker than I wanted anyway (what happens when you buy online) so I resigned to somehow patch up my old one.

24th Oct-
Right skirt attempt part 2. I hacked off extra material and re-stitched the waistline. The zip came out as I found the fit was a lot better when using buttons. The back of the skirt gapes open but thankfully the duster covers that, the front of the skirt looked how I wanted it too so all is good ^-^

25th Oct-
Realised that I should have used a black eyebrow pencil to fill out and darken my eyebrows last year as it looks lot better.

Photos of everything done so far including the wig.

I made her shell-like looking zipper pull out of Sculpey oven bake clay. I have decided that I don't like making things with clay and I'm not very good at it lol Oh well. When gluing my "creation" to the normal zipper pull I tried to avoid getting glue on the zip itself as I still need it to open. Unfortunately I failed and the zip is now stuck. Bugger. I can pull the dress over my head for now but kinda need to sort this out...

EDIT- Issue has been sorted, see more recent journals.

I found a black shoulder pouch bag in a local charity shop. I had to rip off the brand name/logo off the front (not easy as was some metal badge thing) then I glued on a lilac ribbon in it's place. The shoulder strap was removed as was not needed.

I commissioned the wig from Seph Noir and it looks amazing! All I did was pick the base wig and the colour, she did all the ordering and styling. I highly recommend her for wig commissions =3

The dress was commissioned by Dream Angels who did excellent work with my Rinoa duster and arm-warmers. The general length, fit, design and colour are perfect but I was disappointed to find the zip doesn't reach the bottom of the dress and the bust is slightly baggy (I found this with my Rinoa duster actually). I might see if it can be adjusted one day but for now I just wear a padded bra underneath so it's not too bad.

I used black elastic for the laces to help keep them up what with the interesting way she ties them. The tongues had to be folded over and stitched as were too long and covering up the first cross-over of lace on bare leg. The sides of the shoe were also stitched very slightly to the tongues at the bottom to stop the shoe from gaping.

The rubber soles and edging were painted with black acrylic paint. They required a few coats as the paint chips off easy.

I brought some plain white Converse style canvas shoes and I have dyed these lilac using Dylon washing machine dye. I'm so pleased with how they came out!

I used 3D glitter fabric paint I had left over from a fairy costume (A Midsummer Night's Dream) I made during college to edit a plain black bag I would be using whilst at Expo. I think it's quite cute =3

The brooch was a last minute order from Southern Moon creations as I had trouble locating a suitable looking gem/bit of coloured plastic that I could make into the broach myself. Some people say it's too big but I think it looks really good. The only problem is it's a tad heavy and drags my bow down a bit.

My hair is naturally brown (not quite her shade however) and I also have a side fringe so the basic styling of her hair was fine. Her ponytail is quite long though so I brought an extension to clip into mine but it was cheap and matted really easy so it wasn't used again. Her hair bobbles I already had some years back but they were a slight too bright shade of green. I got some aqua green nail varnish and painted over them. One of the only things I actually did myself! ^^'

Catzia's Collectibles are known for making the best Sailor Moon tiaras and so naturally I decided to get mine from there. Unfortunately they're not very comfortable to wear >_<

Another purchase from Catzia's Collectibles. These are for pierced ears and I like to wear them outside of cosplay as I think they're rather pretty =3

I ordered the boots from Catzia's Collectibles and were very pleased with them as the style is very accurate. They came with black laces however so I just swapped them for some white ones. The boots were coloured with paint which has scuffed slightly through use but I can always tidy them up myself.
The only downside is they made a funny squeaking noise when I walk 0.o

The main part of her outfit (leotard with skirt, collar and bows attached),the gloves and choker I commissioned from superchinaseller on ebay. It wasn't quite as nice as the photo (there's a lot of copyright theft between ebay cosplay sellers) and I wasn't happy they weren't prepared to alter the collar for me as the stripes are slightly wrong for Jupiter but otherwise it looks quite good.

The first thing I got for this costume was the wig. It's absolutely gorgeous! Very accurate and I'm tempted to just wear it out for a normal day. It's made from a lovely fibre also which seems to be knot-proof even in strong winds.
Bought from Cosplaywig on ebay.

Photos of my first version of this costume taken during the masquerade at London MCM Expo Oct 2007.

EDIT 2011
Yes I shouldn't have entered as I didn't make the duster but I was a young newb and have learned better since lol I haven't entered a masquerade with a commissioned outfit since then (unless it's allowed like Aya, Kita & Ame).

Photographers: Mediev.net & unknown.

My natural hair style is pretty much the same as Rinoa's so I dyed my hair black and got some auburn-brown hair extensions which I cut to the right length & width and clipped into my hair. You could see the hair grips close up however so I may try a wig next time with the highlights put through properly. I have had my hair dyed like hers properly a few years back though, shame I didn't cosplay then!

Photo- My hair in 2005 when I had it dyed like Rinoa's.

The ring was a simple silver band I brought from a market stall years ago with her character in mind. The way the chain links are on her necklace are unique and I couldn't find anything that matched it so just found the closest looking necklace I could (which involved me taking off a pendant and re-attaching the links) which I then put the ring through.

Boots are actually meant to be boys school boots lol but they managed to fit me.They have 5 shoe lace holes and I tied them only up to the 4th as Rinoa does. The metal clasps she has on the front of the boots I made by taking apart 2 belts I got from Claire's Accessories and glueing the top part of the belt buckle to a black strip of elasticated material which I wrapped around the boot and tied underneath just in front of the heel. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

I already had a pair of black lycra cycling shorts so I made an insertion at the front of each leg and sewed in silver zips. Unfortunately because of the nature of the material it bunches up =( I still need to work out how to avoid this.

The skirt I made myself. I had a denim-type pleated skirt that looked the right colour so I took the zip out and un-stitched all the pleats till I was left with a scrap of fabric. Then I put it back together from scratch. I shortened the length, made the skirt wrap-around to create a seam at one side and sewed on 3 round silver buttons. Quite pleased with how it turned out but it does need a re-vamp.

Note: Yes the colour looks strangely different in every photo, it is the same skirt!

Seeing as it was my first cosplay and I cannot knit I did have the duster and arm-warmers commissioned for me by Dream Angels as they produce the most accurate looking ones I have seen. Made from real sweater-knit fabric it clings to your curves &amp; is gorgeous. Has the all important wings on the back of course. The arm-warmers are a tad loose so I intend to tighten them in the future or get some sock glue. I did alter the duster myself slightly however as the buttons needed changing (they were silver and I wanted them blue) and re-positioning on the clasp so it fit better.

Photo taken by Nert

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