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Made jacket last night!~ :3 Just added a bow to make it more female~ and shortened it!~
I'm not sure how to do the top yetttt~ Might leave it with what i was wearing there, Or make a bandage like top with a single strap?~

For the trousers Im basically making bloomers, And the yellowy tie at the front will turn into a perty Side Bow!~ :> Then going to make some Jewelry that'll match!~ Like a armet and Anklettts~

Being as unprepared as usual I was working on this wednesday night, Where my sewing machine decided to explode :> SOOO i had to hand sew the majority of the...everything but skirt =____= It was depressing and pretty Surprising it got it done to a point it could be worn :'D

I WILL be re doing it though as i really would love to get much better photos as i really do adore nagisa ; _ ;

Nagisa's wiggu arrived today tooo!<3 ahhhhh I love it xD
Im actually debating getting one without a gradient though as I'm not the BIGGEST fan of it :> But for May expo It'll do! ~

My wiggu arrived<3 I cba to do a proper test right now, But I will laterrrrr<3
It's such a nice wig ; 3 ; and the gradient is reallllly nice!

I went to fabric shop to get some other things for a friend, ended up buying Mor's stuff and making it as soon as i got in :B Used calico for the dress and muslim for the belt/thing :>
I'm actually REALLY happy with how it turned out, considering i literally just jumped in with no planning :B Spent around an hour making ittt~ seemed like longer because I got horribly distracted at one point :B

Sooooo~ i annoyingly got covered in paint in work today..so after being brought home I thought styling wig and putting everything on would be good :B

Jackets a paiiiin, I took it in a good bit, But its still big on top, i want to avoid painful ugly darts, and i've already turned everything inside out from gap i left in lining, and un picked lining/jacket brought it in and re sewn everything and put it back right way round...i don't want to do it again. I think it'll be mega awkward anyway~ (●´∀`●) too laze~ my skirts also a little big but that would be huge pain to take a panel out, and darts would look nasty...so i'll live with big skirt :3

Really happy with my wig thouughhh~ and I'm kinda okay with how i look in this :B -kinda- no necktie here, because last time i worn this was may expo 2010...im pretty sure we tied neckties together and made some sort of ribbon contraption, idk where they are :'D i'll just buy some ribbon in town later xD

my wig arrived few days ago, was in mega love. its sooo nice~ just needs bit of work on side and fringe but its dead nice. all curled at tips as well :3
excuse bad photo, was put on straight away, was to excite to take nice photo orz

edit - derp look how long my dress looks in that picture :B its actually short enough to warrant shorts being worn under but still~ made me hurr~ x]

thinking of getting that one!~ since the one i bought came NOTHING like the image description....put me off laurawu_123 on ebay for life >{ even though they do gernally do some good wigs 8P
tis a really difficult hair colour to match!~ hoping this one will work! :'D
reallly want to re-do minori at one point!

I threw my wig on my friend as it SERISOULY felt way to thin~ ahahhhh the weft were like completely on show~ D8

I DID need to buy some extenstions anyway to make her hair braid~ but instead i bought a whole new wig 8'D money i didn't plan to spennnnd but yea HOPEFULLY thats actually going to arrive on time~ if not I'll have to use this one and it'll be depressing to see it from behind xD

But on other hand~ I've made by awesomly puffy petty coat, and i've made her skirt. Which i just made using a primark double sheet, I've used barely any of it so like...i can SO use that sheet for something else. Going to work on the pattern now for the rest of the day wil hopefully have most of this done by next weekend, if not WUUUU for last minute making 8'D

this weekend was productive...for once 83
---the photos pretty gay i have no GIANT mirror..i do but its low down xD and i couldn&#039;t be bothered to take a proper one :&#039;D---

got to work on everythingg~ drew my pattern for my shirt~ and even though after working it out it SHOULD of been to small...i still made it AND it ended up being too big =_________= not particulary big just more baggy then i wanted xD and i had a go at gathered trim for the first time 83 wasn&#039;t as hard or annoying as i thought it would be~

the skirt! OTL i planned to sew like a 3rd down each pleat~ so it holds it shape and flails up less...i kinda messed up since the waistband ended up being smaller then the skirt width~ idk what i did tbh~ 8&#039;3 all i need to do is iron the pleats tonight annnnd thats done x&#039;3

ARMWARMERS...took me like 2-3 hours..i was watching tv at the same time but still! i kept making them to small xD OR to big~ xD ignore the bad sewing on them in the photo there...i couldn't be assed to do straight lines when it'd taken me that long to get the elastic right xD

but yea~ nice weekend of progress~ practically finshed so onwards to ushiooo~ xD

white wig arrived todayyy~ xD
veryy happy with it, Only thing is it is quite thinnn, which does suck since i still need to add some wave/curls to it. Still now sure whether i want it to be curlyish or waveh ~______~
since ushio has those plat things on the top of her head i maaay have to get some white extenstions, as even with cutting the wig shorter i don't think i have enough fibre to make them ¬ ___¬

photo is just how i've cut the fringe so far~ not SO bad~ buuut still needs a whole lotta work~ as soon as i got in from collage i was, OMG WIG~ and cut it straight awayyy xDD so I'll work on it later this weekenddd ^_______^

everythings completely finishedddd~ ...wish i had some kinda of progress shot but IDC im too tired =p I still need to IRON on my fabric paint in the morning~ so the colour sticks with water...but im still gonna count it as completed :'D

The boots gave me hell for this~ i don't own boots of the right size to model them after so i kinda had to go THIS WILL DO! ...they're baggy but i like them ;D

really excited for tomorrows shoot now~ awesome tiem with K-on girls~ xD
i can act all stupid and lazy...without being annoying ;D

okay so i've actually bought 'nearly' everything to start thiiiis 8D

i has butt loads of black laying around so i didn't need that, but i went out and bought some shirt fabric and fabric for the trimmings and tie~....WHICH i forgot existed =_____= but i randomly bought a meter of greeny blue for the trimmings 8'D so i i has plentehhhh~

i has MASSIVE feeling that the grey is going to be too thin though~ =_____= i when over board and bought 3 meters of it 8'D so i can screw up if i want since it was pretty cheap~ but i DO have another use for this grey~ which i may use then go buy some darker stuuuf~ and less thin stuuuuf~

....im SOOO not going to start making this yet properly 8'D i want to make ushio first~ since hers will be...fun :'D

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