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I adore cosplaying characters that are underdone, even if they're not recognised or putting new twists on cosplays that are often done ^^

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I am so proud of this hat -^^- Even if the rest of this project turns out naff - the hat is a winner!

So here's a step by step picture guide from reference, to wire cage, building up the hat! :D

Taken a break from painting panels as I had to restart and my brain was just ^^; So I've begun making the base for my sun hat! The skeleton is made from 2mm craft wire and sits quite comfortably! The next step is to cover it in batting to make a more solid base shape :D Wish me luck!

I decided to use an applique technique for the diamond panels ^^ I've never actually done this before so it was a learning curve! The material that has been used for the diamonds is left over heavy duty cotton from Combat Medic Ziegler. I bonded it to the trouser panels then stitched it in place! I hid the stitching with the golden trim which I hand stitched in place ^^

super proud of how it looks!

Do you ever start something and think 'urgh why was this a good idea?!' ^^;

So I've finished making my stencil and patterning out the design on the fabric, now it's panting time! This is gonna be a lengthy process and probably take me in to the new year ^^;

So tonight I've started transferring the patterns over to the actual fabric I'm using! Starting with the top half as it needs the least amount of altering. Have already cut the pieces and added the extra strip of material down the front, complimenting it with a slightly darker bias binding tape :)

So seeing as this is a personal project to strengthen my skills, I actually made a mock up! I never do this X3 But it has taught me lots of things, such as there's multiple way to do the elasticated bands on the legs and what part of my stitches I need to improve ^^ There's a few little tweaks I need to make (such as making it a whole size smaller!) Otherwise we're good to go on the actual fabric :D

So after weeks of working out a pattern, falling out and making up again we've managed to craft the armour!

It's made from craftboard covered in EVA foam ^^ the shoulders are made from worbla so to keep them a bit stiffer. All the armour pieces are detachable, being held together by velcro! ^^

It's our first time doing anything big like this and We're quite impressed with out work ^^

Managed to find the most perfect pattern. It's actually a two piece wedding dress with corset and skirt, although I'm not usually a fan of 2 pieces, I know it will come in very handy especially with the harness and wings ^^ I have also started sourcing fabric samples and decided on my trims for when I get round to it. Pattern won't be brought until after Midlands Expo when I have the money :)

Been figuring a way to make a Lunatone and Solrock for Tate and Liza and this seems a good place to start:D

I've found an awesome site for this! Thank you net!

I know its what, only 3 days till expo? but last night i decided to make myself a new whip :P It's still made from the same lovely browny, orange rope so it still matches Franzy's. But I've made the handle slightly longer and from a more durable tube I managed to get my hands on! *thank heavens for glowsticks!* the result of this being the whip is actually more practical to use (always good for Fanziska :P) and not that flimsy any more!!

Trucy has felt my wrath already... X3

Well Franziska is all completo and expo worthy now! The wig arrived today and looks gorgeous ^^ I cant wait!! Haha!! Just need to wait for Trucy to be completed and then hopefulllllllyyy me and my friend can do a full photoshoot asap!!!

after spending 7 hours today constantly sewing!! The main bulk of the costume is done!! All done!! Completo! Never to be touched again until expo hahaha!!! I will admit the cuffs were actually very fun to do. I got some material, formed some kind of plan in my mind and just went for it and suprisingly it worked! So yay ^^

Now all I need is the wig and whip and Franziska is a go for the saturday of Expo!!!

Woot Woot I shal now have a weapon for Shade! Last night I asked my boyfriend's brother if he could create me a piece of Nocturnes Tech for this cosplay ^^ Ok, so I know its not Shade's 'official' weapon, but you try dfinding a decent pic of her leech blade! >.< its hard!! Sides, I always thought she should of had a nocturnes tech blade anywa! They look faaaaaaaaaarr cooler and more evil and powerful!!

Well seeing for this cosplay I should get another blue wig i thought stuff it >.> I have the trusty Krystal/Falco wig and thats good enough! Ok so its lightly long and slightly darker then Ming-Ming but when working on a budget its better to recycle, right?

Afterall I can't really see this costume being worn more then once either

So yeah... a friend of mine is trying to pursuade me to have a beak seeing as Falco is a bird. One: I'm not too sure on the idea as a whole. If I did it I would only where it for the brawling masquerade. Two: Anyone have any ideas how the hell to make this beak?! HELP PLEASE!!

So yeah I;ve decided to make the dress, I;vealready brought a red top for Primark and im going to make the skirt. My mum gave me the idea of getting a black tututo put underneath so the skirt poofs ^^
I'm reusing my senshi bow pattern but making it smaller to create the bow for Minnie's head. All thats left to buy is black material to buy some black material to make her ears and tail ^^

Yay!! So I finally got round to piecing the bits of this cosplay I have lieing about =3 I can't wait for this brawl group in the summer and for those joining in with it THANK YOU!!! it will be Epic!!!

So yeah i can offically say now as I've started this cosplay: Falco enters the brawl :P

When this project was started we had 5 senshi and a tuxedo mask... now we're down to TWO SENSHI!! and tuxedo mask :( kinda sucks...
So yeah I'm on another scouting mission to hopefully refind some senshi before May X3 kinda the impossible task and to teach them the masquerade dances as well... I'm hopeing that a friend is still comeing and that i can pursuade him to be Mercury or Jupiter at least... but it still sucks :(

I'm haveing staff troubles :( one being I can't find it anywhere >.< and im dreading that my mum has thrown it out by mistake. Thats the only reason I can think of because it's kinda hard to lose a 6ft wooden broom handle staff thing X3. I don't really fancy remakeing it, especially because I;ve got another work laod from school and don't really have the time >.< also i need to finish of my two expo cosplays as well :'(

lol i have some pictures for this cosplay i need to post :P so far i have completed the tail, ears and the necklaces thing she wears on her head (if that makes sense to any of you X3) I've got part of the staff painted its just on hold whilst i have panto and exams (curse school!!!)

So yeah all i really need to do now is spray paint an old bra (which thankfully a strap broke on one of mine not to long ago :P (tmi i know X3) and finish making the skirt which is... cut up i think, justs need to be sewn together and made!! and then i just need to find my big blue mess of tights which are lurking somewhere in my room ^^ but it'll b ok, i think :P i hope anyways!!

oK, so i decided this would be a fun cosplay and got some people roped in to do it, all i need to do now is actually go shopping X3 thanks to a friend we've got the idea of using white leotards as the main body and make everything else! Luckily i found a pattern for our sailor necktie things.

So yeah, i know a dance shop is, just gotta gather everyone up and actually go X3

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