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So after waving the wig, I changed my mind and restraightened most of it.

I've now finished this costume to the extent it will be finished for MCM. The kosode and hakama are fully hemmed and sewn, and I've created the dorsal stripe and tail from alternating wefts of orange and yellow hair, sewn directly to the cloth and running up my spine. The wig is finished, and I'm pretty pleased with the gradianting orange to yellow look. This costume really is a mass of hair.

I've not managed to start on the screen painted flames, so have decided to leave those for now. I will continue with them after MCM. I've also not been able to work on props (bow, quiver, arrows), so have elft the arm guard for now as it would look a bit random without.

I also nearly finished my ears by using bronzing powder to darken the insides and give them more shape, and then sealing them with Got2B hairspray which has left a nice finish to the ears.

Looking forward to MCM now!

Have sown the wefts into the base of the wig, and now have plaited it. Next step is to set the waves with a hairdryer.

Starting to put the wig together today. Have an arda jeannie wig in yellow, and also some additional yellow and orange wefts. Will be my biggest wig construction to date.

Finished the basic construction of the hakama, so now I can see how it all fits togther. I'm pleased with how they've turned out. The pattern needs a little tweaking to get a better fit next time I use it. It's all constructed from panels but the general advice of 12" for a size small didn't really seem to take into account how small I am. Still, both are wearable so I'm happy enough with it. It was my first major sewing construction too, so feeling proud of myself!

Collar is now attached! It's now wearable!

Delighted with how it's turned out.

So I finally faced one of the things about this cosplay I've been nervous of, and started on the collar. Made the long strip and folded it as necessary, then pinned it to the kosode. Still got to face sewing it tomorrow though!

Today I didn't feel like sewing (I may be procratinating attempting the collar of the kimono), so I started on the shoes and gloves. I first of all unlaced the shoes, then cut the modern tongue out of them so there's a gap up the front instead, as per the photos I've seen.

I then applied a first coat of paint to both gloves and shoes. Having read some tutorials, I'm using Angelus Leather paint in grey. I expect to have to use plenty of coats - but the intensity of the grey is already better than I expected, particularly given the shoes were originally black.

Been doing some more research into Yabusame archer clothing. Gloves appear to be personal preference. I quite like the idea of having shoes and gloves in grey to represent Ponyta's four grey hooves, so I've decided to go for them. Leather is the appropriate material, and I have an old pair of cream leather riding gloves that I used when I was competing horses, which I've decided to use.

I cannot find the name of the shoes - as the yabusame costume is based on medieval costume, I suspect that the shoes, even if I knew what they were called, would be difficult and expensive to get. I looked at lots of pictures, however, and decided that the shape was very similar to jazz shoes. Have purchased a pair of black jazz shoes to make a sort of replica!

So today I finished hemming the kosode along the bottom and the collar area. The collar area didn't technically need to be hemmed as the coloured collar will be attached over the top of it, but it is silk fabric so I wanted to help stop any fraying.

Also began to research how I will make the ears. I've been looking at my little pony cosplays which tend to use clay, rather than fabric, to create the really upright horse ear shape. Think I will be doing this option as it does create a good effect.

Have also ordered contact lenses!

Closed the sides of the kosode body and sleeves. Hemmed the raw edge of the seams - line was a bit untidy on the first one but learnt from it and followed the outside edge rather than the inside edge on the second. Looks much better! I then cut the angles for the front, ready to add the orange collar.

Couldn't do anything more tonight as I need to get some orange thread for the next step!

I've now cut the pieces out to make up the kosode, sewn them all to each other and pressed the seams. Next stage is to close up the sides.

Slightly concerned that this is going to be a little see-through and might need lining. I've never lined anything before.

Fabrics purchased for the kosode and hakama. I'm using a cream coloured satin-backed duponi silk replica for the main body of the costume, and today was spent beginning to cut out the pieces for the kosode.

I found a pattern online for a proper kosode, so have decided to us that rather than the inaccurate pyjama top.

I've based my design (somewhat loosely) on the clothing that horseback archers wear, and I'm looking at wearing a kimono top and hakama trousers. By happy coincidence I had an old pyjama top that was the perfect style and needing to go in the bin, so I spent today cutting it up and starting to make a pattern from it.

It's taken some thinking but I've realised that this isn't just a white tutu - this is the traditional La Sylphide costume. White romantic tutu with the pink flowers, the ruffles too and that is a pair of wings.

In the full shots, you can also see that Mytho is wearing shorts with bare knees and his jacket could easily go with a kilt.

It's really useful to now have a source for this!

So this was my halloween costume, the literary 'fairy queen'. It was a costume I put together from references to the fairy queen's appearance and stylistic features in 3 texts, Fiest's Faerie Tale, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Chaucer's The Merchant's Tale.

It's a fairly simple cosplay. The dress is shop bought and unaltered, as the jewellary. Most of the (relatively little) work went into the wig and make up designs.

The wig I attached the silver/grecian head-band. I initially tried to sow it pernamently in place, but laterly found it sat better with simple kirby grips digging into my skull.

The eyemakeup took a bit of practise and a lot of patience, but I admit I'm delighted with how it came out. I've never considered myself artistic, so being able to get it to look as I wanted was a fantastic feeling!

I may redo this further one day - I like the idea of making cuff jewellary for the wrists, plaited bands for the upper arms, and trying to get butterlies to stick throughout the wig, body, and dress to give an even more fairy-like quality. But, for now, this is going to be retired. It's been fun to do quickly, but I want to move onto some other projects now.

Had a play with the contact lenses today, and tried out some make up ideas. Not sure about the look though, so I think I'll try a few more things out!

Started on the revamped sandles. Got the basic sole down plus the first two straps!

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