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I started cosplaying in October 2007 and haven't stopped since.

My favorite part about cosplay is sewing. I make epic armour half the time, but my real love is sitting down in front of my sewing machine (the lovely lady that she is) and sewing away.

I don't always go for complete accuracy on my costumes because I see cosplay as an interpretation of a cartoon to real life. I'm a sucker for making things look worn in and old.


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And now the most complex part of the costume broken down- the COAT.

Made from an old bedsheet and lace I had hanging around. Realised in this photo that I need some beige underwear for this costume...

Full shirt making pictures over here:

Used a lace front blonde wig, back combed the top and slowly made it into a beehive shape. Total time about 8 hours- had a real task with the curls on the side and had to use bobby pins to secure them into place.

First attempt at wig failed. It got so far then I tried it on and found it too heavy at the back. I wanted this costume to be comfortable and to be able to wear it while working so I decided (after a 3am stare at the ceiling session) to order a new wig and start again.

I'm awful at getting selfies in costume.

Had real trouble lining up the button holes on the lining with the outside. Next time I'd add the button holes last.

About 200 on the pocket flaps alone. Sads.

46 designs, most of them the little swirls on the body of the coat. If I had to redo this I'd leave out the button holes and do those separately towards the end of the costume.

Buttons are embroidery on the taffeta with a felt backing. Cute little pearl clusters that NO ONE WILL SEE BUT I CARE.

Total work time on trousers- 9 hours. Made from 2m of taffeta, which is annoyingly see through. Embroidery was designed then applied to the marked out areas on the fabric before being cut out. Trousers were then self lined before the front flap welts added for that authentic crotch feel.

I spent a good few hours going through the series and screen shotting the costume. Unfortunately I couldn’t track down where the costumes ended up, though the costume maker in the series is billed as Annie Hardinge. I spent far too long finding out what the hell a watch/seal fob was.

Patterns I’ve taken from my pattern store and include the basic coat from burda 2471 and the trousers, waistcoat and shirt from simplicity 4923

Most of the materials in this costume are recycled or taken from my fabric stores. The hardest thing to track down was a suitable pink for the coat. In the show it is clearly a silk, but I went for an upholstery fabric in a dusky pink, the only fabric I could find with a tessellating pattern on it.

I have an embroidery machine which I’ll be putting to full use in this costume. Best source for embroidery thread I find is this store:

I ordered two 1000m spools and a big cone of white for the underneath.

Beads I decided on 3mm glass pearls to make it look less cheap, but also be dainty. I ordered 4000 over here:

For shoes I’m the same height as Christian, so we decided to put me in heels and him in flats to attempt to make me look like the tower of manhood that is Hugh Laurie. I spent a very long time looking for the right colour shoes before deciding it was impossible and buying the lightest suede ones I could find. Suede is fantastic for cosplaying because you can paint suede and it doesn’t flake.

These will be cut up to the correct shape, then these beautiful buckles added:

Wig stuff I bought this book:

And bought a bunch of wefts from coscraft

Total cost of materials (including buying white taffetta and a butt tonne of interfacing): £135.90

Finally updated the tutorial on the arm guards!

This is a detailed breakdown of the sculpting, moulding, casting and then heat forming. Cosplayers on a budget can always make the sculpt out of PVC foamboard like I did and then head mould it in the same way for a similar effect.

Template I made for my armour- feel free to use for your own projects!

All carved from PVC foamboard. More details of construction as well as moulding step by step over here:

Armour template I made- I took the size from the foam mock up I sent to the commissioner then drew this up after studying references. Larger file over here:

Bit wordy but here's a full breakdown of how I cast the first few bits of armour

Sewing order was as follows:

* Sew 1 to 2

* Sew (1+2) to 3

*Sew the strips of leather (6 in total) to knee following pattern and checking the widths are correct.

* Sew 5 to 6 with zip down side

* Sew (5+6) to the mammoth that is (1-9)

* Sew 8 on to the rest of the leg, including zip in one side

* Sew inside leg seam

* Turn 1 leg right side out (v. tricky with the leg scales), place leg inside other leg and sew up crotch seam.

* Add waistband and buttons. Make braces out of thick elastic and sew on dungaree clips.

More info over here:

Full breakdown of casting over here:

So, this is how you make something beautiful like this. During this project I would sew/add zip tops until my hands hurt too much then go off and sculpt armour until my hands hurt too much in a different way, then swap back. This is a costume to be paced- it’s physically impossible to last minute this!

A fair chunk of the work put into this costume has been on gathering the correct materials for the job. Any one else looking to make a loki costume I’ve just made your work a lot easier, here’ s the list of where I sourced everything:

Wig (original seller has shut up shop, here’s a close match though)

Black leather: ( 017 cowhide brazillian leather)

Patterned leather: (Big thanks to Liz for letting me know about this place. Call up and ask for a sample sent to you. They emboss lamb leather so you’ll need about 5 hides)

Green fabric: I dyed noile silk in my washing machine with dylon dyes, all from fabric land. It looks like this

Metal edging: cheapest place I could find was on ebay here Mine were size 10 in the brass. They come in packs of 30, I ordered 65 packs.

Metal chainmail fabric: Tricky one, on close inspection the costume looks like it’s got this stuff on it:

You can order samples and buy from this american company here:

Or you can buy 2 of these on ebay and repaint them like I did:

For armour I’m using silicone moulds and easy flo 120, which I buy here:

Black poppers for boot covers


(bit pricey but they have the perfect toes. Had to be cut down at the front to avoid the trousers bulging)

And that’s about it! If there’s any bits I’ve missed please let me know and I’ll try to track down how I sourced it.

Next step was to mock up a full pattern to be sent over to the commissioner to try on.

I’ve split the costume into 3 parts- trousers, tunic and coat. It’s technically a separate shirt and tunic, but to make it easier to get into I’m making them as one item with a zip up the back. The seam will be hidden by the coat and the hair and it helps keep the number of layers down. This looks like it will be a bit of a sweltering costume, so anything I can do to cool it down the better.

More info over here:

First step- gathering all the references! The commissioner was fantastic for this and gave me a big folder that they'd been collecting.
Image dump over here:

I'm finished with the painting now! I'm happy with the results and now the armour is ready to be bolted together with the crystal.

Finished all the basic construction today. ONWARD TO PAINTING!

I started on the heat moulding today which involved the chest plate. I was going to resin cast the front plate but it wasn't completely flat so it wouldn't have worked.

All these parts need to be heat moulded into shape. I may be putting this off slighty...

Here's the cut off bits and all the old bits of armour I used as a template for the new ones. Rest in pieces little dudes.

Each bit of armour has to be tested to see if it will fit under the crystal armour before it can be painted.

To make this version look more like armour I'm using snaps/poppers instead of zips. This was my test piece to see if the fastening would be strong enough and how much of an allowance I would need to add to compensate for the bulk in between the plastic pieces.

Here's one of the new gloves riveted together. Now to make the other one!

The old under armour compared with the new armour.

Not as shiny as I'd hoped and the weathering is a lot harder to do, but this is much better than the last armour

Here's the two test pieces in the new material I'm using.

Yeah, it's kinda fucked so I'm remaking it.

Took the two sets of armour apart today so I could work on the under armour. Here's what the crystal armour looks like without the under armour.

This is the final full design for the embroidery.

The swirls are made using thick Chinese silk thread which has been put in place using a technique called couching.

Here's a close up of the stitches. It's a long satin stitch and something called stem stitch for the edges.

This is about 10 hours work on the embroidery so far.

I'm learning how to embroider to put some patterns on Siegfried's capes. This is 1 hour worth of work using stem stitch which makes a much thicker line than back stitch.

Construction is all done, now onward to painting. Now for the mad rush for minami!

SO far made... 28 belts for the bioshock costumes. Should be the last of them now!

My hands are thankfull as this cow is 4mm thick, which makes for really tough work.

Made all the leg belts, 16 in total. My hands hurt from tooling all that leather.

Finished the undersuit, shorts and the basic leg structure. Currently waiting on leather order for the buckles so I can get started on the straps.

Body suit done. Matt is pleased as it doesn't make his balls dissapear into his body like most of the trousers I sew for him.

Started and finished the waistcoat today. It's fully lined with welted pockets, 6 real button holes and vintage buttons. The fabric is amazing, though took some persuading to get Timber to buy it for the waistcoat. The flower I just happened to have for some reason.

It's all new and lovely and shiny and because of it I now know that I need to charge £50 for custom waistcoat commissions. And now I have to go and beat the shit out of it and cover it with dirt. Oh well!

Finished most of the body. Took and evening of sewing shit together with wool. Also used super top secret binding technique to make everything hide away and make it look cool.

I'm proud of this shirt. It's all made with french seams and flat felled seams meaning there's not a fraying bit in sight! You'll see at the ball how the gloves work with the cuffs- it's rather clever.

This waistcoat caused a lot of pain. I had to take it apart a couple of times and added some gussets before I was happy with it. Still not fully happy, but it's a lot better than it was!

Team Khaos Kostumes (Matt Timber and Tab) all worked together on making the coat. Tab cut and pinned the peices, Matt sewed them and Timber ironed them (IRONING IS VERY IMPORTANT).

And then Tab was left to do the button holes D :

There were 38 in total on the coat, 35 on the front. As Tab sewed them he sang the "35 green buttonholes waiting to be sewn" song. BUT THEN HE FINISHED THEM AND SAW THAT THEY WERE GOOD.

Finished the head foaming, then went straight into doing the eyes and the teeth. I just need to paint on details now and then I can fur.

Made a tail today! Needs shaving down to blend the 3 furs better and airbrushing, but all in all, it DOESN'T SUCK TOO HARD.

...Maybe I should man up and get started on the head. I've kinda been putting the head off.

Here you can see all the front detail.

Made the base armor out of plastazote like I normally do.

Made nightmare's sword today. It was totally hard. Read about the full details on my Livejournal post here:

Then I kinda went nuts with making and forgot to take pictures. Enjoy the shiny sword light!

So with the basic shape of the sword I decided to add the fibreglass rod to it. This was done using isoflex and some scrap fabric. The fabric makes the pole a lot more secure inside there.

This is the support layer to give me an idea of what bits of crystal needed the gaps closed off. Glued together with Iso Flex impact adheasive, like always. The bottom layer is 3mm plastazote which I buy in bulk.

This is the sword I cut out. As you can see, it's slightly impossible, so needed a support layer

This is me drawing out the sword on the sheet of 8mm Plastazote foam. It took many hours to draw and get as accurate as possible, but I'm very pleased with the results.

Just some pink LED's in a row for the back of his helmet.

Red LED's set in glue for the eyes. Managed to pop these on a too high voltage today so I'm going to have to remake them, but it made a good test.

Made up the LED's for nightmare's sword eyes. These are made with 1 yellow, 5 red, 5 blue LED's in a star shape.

Got some LED's for the sword. I know the flower arrangement looks easy with LED's, but it's really hard working that close and making sure things don't cross. Especially working at double the needed voltage so having to keep track of the led's in each circuit.

First stage for a costume like this.. a good duct tape dummy.

I did a test piece for the crystal armour today. AND IT WORKED!

Finished this yesterday but hadn't uploaded it yet. Now onto the painting!

The arm is underway now. 5 days till Ayacon!

The arm is underway now. 5 days till Ayacon!

Here's the front boned but not yet finished

Boned the corset today with sprung steel and a sheet of MDF. Looking nice and deformed!

It's green polycotton with orange raw silk lining and a coutil strength layer using the fold over method. The cog fabric is one of my own that I designed and got printed a while back. I'm so going to use it to make a mini hat. All of the boning channels are stitched in orange- it's nicer to look at, but my god it makes mistakes one of my biggest fears.

I found out today that the bolts I ordered to mount the cogs on the front are too short to do it properly. So looks like I'll get this baby boned tomorrow but won't be able to finish the entire thing until they arrive. This makes me sad as I want my mechanical corset NAO.

Oh yeah, it's going to be boned in 10mm flat steel. And a sheet of MDF. Why the MDF? Well, that shall become apparant when it's done. When I wear this I'm going to look so wonderfully deformed.

Here's the drafted pattern for the corset.

This is the makeup test for his face. It came out a lot creepier than I expected.

Body suit done. It's a T-shirt cotton which will be a lot cooler than spandex to wear. There's a super sexy pair of breeches and a top with a zip down the back. In this pic I'm just testing the arm chain mail as that will be put on using super cosplay techniques later. However the stomach mail is now on the body suit. It zips on and off so I can wash it.

The first chainmail arm is now done, as is the waist. The other arm is about 1/3 done. Now I just have to do the neck and finish the arm. This thing was utter hell. Not only is is just a 4 in 1 pattern but I also had to do a join at a 45 degree angle.

This is normally hard, but even harder when you're connecting a loop.

The prosthetic chest works. Some issues with blending at the sides, but all in all looking pretty good. I'm so glad I haven't had to wait to get top surgery to do this. First step to man hood complete!

Did the chest stuff today. All the info is on my livejournal as I CBA to enter it all in here.

Coat is done! Made from scratch from a dark red wool and basic lining. Pattern made by me and design made to look huge so I look even smaller in it. The back's applique and made me swear a lot.

I now need to iron the crap out of it.

Belt is done! I made it from scratch using my half a cow. Hurt my hands a bit because it was really heavy duty but totally worth it to have my accurate hand made belt.

Appliquing the fabric for the back of the coat. It's going quite well except for me swearing a lot. The fabric is just... perfect. I'm in love, and it's a wool blend.

Chain mail arrived today. So I started on it. Man, this is going to take ages, but it's so addictive!

Done a chest cast of myself and a sculpt on top of it. Looking good so far, can't wait to get my prosthetics in.

My fabric isn't here and I can't start on the chest cast yet, so I'm doing the watch. Carving something that small is super hard, let me tell you.

I made the inside look fully accurate but managed to break the watch movement in the process. Sad Tab have non working watch now.

Oh well, I'll probably steal another one at a later date and put it in there. Working replica Ed watch? Awesome.

I always have problems with costumes not having pockets. So with ed I was like "HA, I can use a suitcase!" So I bought one, and it arrived today. I totally love it and wish I could take it with me everywhere. This will get good use in mine and Xae's performance at Ayacon.

Bought fabric for the DUAL CAPES. It's a beautiful deep blue linen for that extra authentic knight edge. Drapes beautifully, though I know I'm going to be in the Ibis hotel ironing it because it creases like a bitch. Now I just have to figure out if I want to hem it neatly or go for that rough and raggid edge. Matt thinks neat because he's like the SPOTLESS KNIGHT, but I *love* battle damage.

I'm making chainmail for this thing. I've ordered like 5000+ silver rings for the arms, but I also thought it would be cool to add some blue ones into the mix to add a bit of the ice effect. The blue ones arrived before the silver, and I just couldn't help myself.

Okay, so I plan things out a lot. I decided with Ed and Seigfried that I'd share the process of making it a bit more than with my other stuff. This is me planning how I'm going to construct the mould boxes for each peice that needs a prosthetic. That's chest, entire arm and leg up to thigh. Arms and hands are stupidly difficult so I need to be careful.

Figured out how much of the under armour needs to be made seperately and how much can be made together as one layer. The under armour is going to be super easy. You know, compared to the rest of the HATE.

When I make a costume that's like this (Ie, fucking impossible) the first thing I always do is figure out how I'm going to get in and out of it. Then I draw it a lot to get a feel for how the entire thing is put together. The hardest part with this costume will be making the clear armour float over the underarmour correctly. Crystal hides no flaws!

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