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Done with the skirt a few days ago. I going to start cutting my Base wig for Queen, Hopefully it will turn out okay ^^ I'm not that good at cutting side fringes. Some tutorial might help :) also, I'm looking around for a base coat/blazer to use for it my other one was still a bit diffrent from Queen's Design. My old school blazer doesn't work, so looking around till I can find somthing :)

I wanted to redo some of the parts of this, so I started with re-vampaming the skirt. I brought more fabric for it and I'm am currently in the process of making it~ Pics shall be up tomorrow hopefully, as I'm nearly finished with it~.

So I got fabric to start on Yeul a few days ago, Plus some Fabric Dye~ I wanted to get somthing that would drape nicely to get the effect her skirt has, so it took some time~ I also tihnk that dye will be the perfect colour for it ^^ Gonna get started on it.

also did a stencil of her headdress to see how it would look like. I am kind okay with it, so just gonna get some slim foam sheets to actually cut it out.

So after loads of searching, this might be the wig i choose for Yuj. I really can't find anything else closer to his hair colour and this is kind close, but I'm still not really happy with it. ^^" if anyone could recomend any wigs to me, I would appriciate it!

Finally, the pattern was in stock at my local fabric shop. I broguth it and I will be altering it slightly. Overall, just happy that I got it.

I've been going on Various sites to see if I can find the perfect wig shade that is like Yeul's, and found a wig ^^ Her hair colour is so hard to find though! I have decided to go with her official art render with her Black/blue hair, as I prefer it. I have also brough some fabric for her Butcape! I found a tutorial how Vanille's One, so I will be modifying that for Yeuls version ^^

I went out today and got some Lining for it ^^ I wanted to buy more, but it was COLD. I can't wait to put it together! Will resume working on this on the weekend L)

I am about 50% done with the borelo for this cosplay, just gonna do the rest of it tomorrow and make some adjustments to the skirt ^^ I am really happy with the progress for this cosplay, I can't wait to be Stella!

I am thinking what props I should have for this cosplay, I'm thinking of having the NORA gun in Chapter 1, yet I can't find good reference for it. I might ask around on DA. Another idea is the four bottles he carries in the flashback. Those would be much easier to do, But i perfer his gun...

So far I think I have found a site which has the most perfect wig colour just like Yuj's, It's jus the lenght I am worried about. I want there to be enough fibres in it to create that same amount of 'poofness' Yuj has, but the length size is not what i want. but I might just buy this stores Extra Long hair wig then ^^

I finally found a suitable base shirt for Yuj! it's the same purple/red colour that he wears, same length, and got it dirt cheap at primark :D

I finally was able to get hold of a pattern and fabric for it so hopefully I can start working on it tomorrow ^^ wish me luck!

I am just thinking of how i should do the upgrqaded version of her from he playstation game, as it's a little easier to do and I don't have that much fabric left...
Plus no one has done this version before LOL
so i might do this version!

So I've been looking around abit, and i can't seem to find any Orange Lightsabers! i though they existed? LOL, the only ones i have seen are on Milanoo and they are the size of your finger too. gonna kept searching, other wise I just gonna amke do with Red.

I have upladed progrees shots for what has already been done and completed, only a small way to go now! Also I have started to assemble the bits needed to make this rapier. I am going to take refrence from the pics of them in my gallery, but also incorporate some Design from what i think Sella's would look like.
UPDATE:going to get the suplies to make her rapier this weekend ^^ can't wait!

I really excited that this is nearly finish ^__^ I really want this to turn out as an aweosme cosplay, so I'm putting as much effort as i can into this!
As well as having a photoshoot at Expo time, I would really like a Night photoshoot done with this, maybe in London somewhere, I've seen a few places that i Like, but still looking :)
It would be awesome to have a group or just a noctis or Prompto to do this shoot with!

Found two useful tutorials on how some cosplayers made thier cerberus which both came out looking impressive! its so hard to find refs of Vincent though, all you can see really is his cape, hair and Trousers, but not the upper body. will have to see what some cosplayers have done on thiers so i can see what they have done ^^

just found the black base wig i think will be suitable for Queen, and just ordered it with the CL Taobao wig Group Order ^^ her hair was so confusing, i couldn't tell if it was a really dark purple or black, so i went with others opinion and did Black instead!

Aiming to start her non- Sailor Senshi outfit first because i love that one more ^^ I found a costume breakdown of hers thanks to kairiPGSM.net, so its come in useful ^^
I've found a site which has some Gogo boots that look like hers, but the heel is diffrent :( still some more searching to do!!

I manged to take off the last two pannels on the skirt, now thats schools over i can now work on the entire cosplay ^^ I have an idea on how to create her rapier, and there are two ways of making it, so i'll start with the easier one first.

also, got to do her bolero ^^
Can't wait to finish this!

brought the orange and black tops and also the white bias to go around the edge of the orange top, now i just have to make some flower stencils and get some white fabric paint for the next step ^^

so i went fabric shopping to finish off my Stella, and while in the shop, i found the perfect fabric for the Skirt that is part of the uniform the Queen wears!

there were so many versions and shade of it in the shop, and i wansn't sure which was the right one at first, so its a good thing i have refrence pics on my phone XDD
so next week i can probally go and buy it if i have free time.

I hate it when you can't get time for cosplay, cause of exams :( but now that i have some free time, i can work on the skirt some more! i add the last panel on the skirt already, but i think it is a litte high up.

so i will take the last two pannels off and and them on agian, but lower ^^
I really am happy with the choice of fabric i have chose to work with, as it was a first time buy!! but i may have to back for more ^^

just realised from close inspection from the trailers that Serah's weapon is a sword which can spilt apart in a cross bow, until we see mre trailers, i am gonna have to slow down that tailer REAL slow to see how it transforms :)
it's a nice colour too!

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