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The final touch to this costume was probably the most exhausting part. I'm not very good at crafting and prop making, so this was quite an experiment. It's not very accurate, but it exceeded my own expectations, so I'm not too bothered about accuracy. There is, however, one thing that annoys me. It is wobbly. It was well supported but the support inside snapped. Oh well.

I actually bought all the materials for this a while ago, but other costumes and life in general have been getting in the way.
So far all I have done is the wig and headpiece plus I have begun the construction of the dress. I'm very happy with the colour and fabric I've chosen for the dress, I just hope I don't mess it up with all the details.
I've never been good with wigs, so we'll ignore that one ;)

I am rubbish when it comes to armour and props. I've never really gotten my head around it.
This didn't turn out fantastically, but I'm happy. I used my Black Widow boots and used craft foam, elastic and a little of the velvet from the cape.

Two meters of crushed velvet and satin + hours and hours of sewing = a sore back, bleeding fingers and a pretty cape ^^
A few issues need to be fixed as it is quite heavy. Just need to add some support to the shoulder. I will be adding a thumb tack so I can hold it up as it has quite a train.

Made from craft foam and the remaining crushed velvet from the cape.

A mixture of lycra, leather and craft-foam. The shoulders lack any detail as they are there purely to shape and support the cape.

Made from Wobla and Craft-foam.

This picture just illustrates the 'making-off' as I'm too lazy to type it up.

As much as I'd love to own a pair of PVC boots, my funds just won't allow it. After finding a beautiful cheap pair of heels in Primark, I made my own using left over lycra from the catsuits. It's my first time making boot-covers and I think I did ok. Definitely need a few touch ups before I can really strut my stuff though.

Although there are a few faults, I'm really happy with the outcome. I can't wait for the whole costume to be finished now. I think if I make a catsuit again, I will go for the more 'one-piece' styled pattern; I am definitely a lot more confident.

Belt was made first using craft foam and leather. I may remake it as my circles are not entirely circular XD
I have decided to go for Gymnast catsuit design other than the original one piece because I am not entirely confident in my pattern-making skills. Other than the scrunched-up crotch, I am fairly happy. Just need to add on the legs and arms ^^

Image 1 - Dress and Obi. Both have turned out wonderfully. The fabrics (colour and texture) go pretty well together.
Image 2 - Bow. Love it but it is not perfect. It didn't stiffen right and weighs down the obi.
Image 3 - Wig. Love the colour and the style, just needs a slight alteration.
Image 4 - Dress Detail. Just the butterfly now sewn on since image one was taken.
Overall I am really enjoying making this and I cannot wait to finish it. I hope it does turn out ok. Not bad seems as it is another scrap fabric piece XD

So the party is this Saturday and I decided to start on my costume about three days ago. I made no progress other than to sew up the seams on the skirt >< So today I decided to start working on the pattern for the actual tunic and check that my colours and fabrics complimented each other. I love hoe it is looking on Elizabeth so I doubt it will look good on me! By the way, there will be gold detailing on he sleeves as well as on the body of the tunic. Everything is just pinned at the moment as a test, I will have to start sewing it up tomorrow and aim to have it finished by Wednesday (I have terrible lighting in my room and my hand sewing seems to have slowed down =[)

Well this hasn't turned out too bad considering it was quickly put together with scrap fabric. I would have liked it to have been tighter on the crotch area as it has for some reason gone a little baggy so if I have time I will try to fix that. The wig is not a bob because I couldn't afford to buy a new one, so I just clipped up my longer one, which looks pretty good. Shoes Might change to be more accurate but once again that depends on time and money - I love the shoes in this picture anyway XD I won't be making the daggers simply because I suck at weapon making >< Anyway, I love this costume, and hope that everyone else likes it too.

I am actually really happy with this but I have so much to fix and do. (Wig, Shoes, Shoulder Armour and Daggers need to be done) Th biggest issue I have with this costume is the leggings like to fall and show my bum, which I don't really appreciate. Therefore I am going to attach them to the top and turn it into a catsuit which the costume is originally. The long black ribbon is there to finish the threading; when the top and leggings are attached, the threading will go higher to my waist line. Other than that I really can't be asked to talk fully about the costume right now - too tired.

After hours of sewing that bloody leather, we are done.I quite like it, I am glad I decided on leather (might change my mind when I make the wrist guards). I chose leather because I wanted a stiff material and I thought it would go well with the pvc lycra I am using for the rest of the costume (also I lots left over from Noh's snake and Xiao Qiao's wings and I need to use it up). I have altered the design a little but that doesn't really matter.

Well these were harder to make than I expected. I have never made pattern to fit the crotch area before so it was a little challenge. The pattern is not perfect and a little messy but I am pretty pleased with it. I actually do really like them, and I hope the rest of he costume turns out well. A great start ^^

Just to prove I haven't given up . . . yet!
I am slowly working my way through the skirt which has a base topped with 28 petals (5 of which are complete), there are 7 layers and the little white tabs indicate which layer they go on. I have placed some of the petals on the base just so you get an idea of what it is like . . . but I got bored >< IT IS TAKING HOURS!!! why must I insist on hand sewing? My thoughts at the moment are indifferent, I can't really judge it until it is finished . . . even if it will be the death of me.

Today I had a make-up test, and I approve of my choice (Barry M) as the red is wonderfully vibrant I just need more practice applying it.
I have also posted another photo of how the costume looks on me at this stage. I am very unsure about it because it just doesn't feel right and the leggings (at the top) don't fit so I have so much left to do. If I still don't like it after I have made the skirt then i can see me scrapping it which would be an absolute shame because I really have put my heart into this one =[

Today I began structuring the top as you can see in my uploaded photo. It proved to be quite a challenge and took quite a while to figure out a logical pattern. You can also see my attempt to cover my breast up and when t is finished my tummy won't be completely on display either . . . well I hope. Some of it is still only pinned so it looks a bit messy, but I am pretty chuffed It is going to take me ages to do this top but I can't wait to finish it ^^ The photo does unfortunately make the fabric look dull, but it is in fact a lovely red.
The image wouldn't upload so I will try another time when I have made more progress.

The beautiful wig arrived today, hurray! I think the colour is perfect but I am not looking forward to having to style it for I am awful at cutting wigs =[
Hopefully this weekend I will be able to actually start the construction of the Headdress, but I can't promise anything XD
Also I have decided that I shall be displaying my tummy when I make the costume but my breasts will be completely covered. I am not that confident!

Well I found I picture of the back in a very low quality game play video. Firstly it shows that the hair is in a bob style and not her default's braided style which is quite nice actually as it will be a little cheaper and less hassle to style ^^ (I hate styling wigs ¬¬)
The dress is also backless as well as strapless *despair*. So I am going to have to look into 'invisible' bras and tape so it won't fall off and so I am more secure. Advice would be wonderful!
I am still deciding if I wish to but my tummy on show or not as I am worried that if I cover it up I will be adding too much to the costume and 'over doing' it a little. Opinions would also be wonderful if anyone reads this.

Things are finally undergo YAY! Decided not to do the shoe covers because it was too annoying and difficult ¬¬ But I am happy with the new neck piece simply because of the colours are better. Will get to work with finishing the fans this week (yay fimo fun) and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my wig arrives in time (damn natural disasters) otherwise I will have to use my tatty old one =[ bad times!! Also my contact lenses arrived which I will test nearer the time as they only last 30 days!

Well I have 2 weeks to finish this beauty and its not even half way there >< On an up side the last of my fabric arrived and so did my earrings ^^
I also want to talk about my fabric choice. I decided on a mixture of Lycra and satin. The Lycra is being used for the top and the blue part of the Obi; I am comfortable using Lycra and it is easy to work with when doing certain patterns and it doesn't need hemming (which is good due to the meter long sleeves ><). The satin is being used for the skirt just to give it back some elegance and so I can get practice using it.

I will be once again be wearing this costume in May. The wig will be replaced and to a better standard plus I will finish the other fan ^^ I hope to also have a proper photo shoot as this is the favourite costume and I'm so proud of it ^^

I have finally decided to ignore exams and Christmas presents (and christmas in general) to get started with Mulan. I have completed my hunt for fabrics and other materials needed for the costume and the first lot of it has just been ordered! Getting quite excited about this costume now, Progress should be up soon either next week or the week after ^^

Right the 2D was just the same kind of fail ¬¬ so i have discovered that i can keep my 3D snake and just pin it to the tights as it prefers to b pinned! The rest of the costume is going very well so far XD however i have to leave my Geta as they are :(

Well the 3D snake decided to fail on me, it was too heavy so the tights laddered when i tried to put them on ¬¬ I think i might just try it with a single strip of the leather, might not weigh down the tights.

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