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I started cosplaying after I went to my first MCM Expo in London (May 09) and saw that it was full of cosplayers. I didn't really know much about the cosplay community before this >.< I loved the idea and was soon hooked!

I mostly cosplay from Anime and Games as those are my main fandoms. I especially love music based anime series, like Macross!

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I love making bows so happy this costume has a couple! Pictured is back bow and neck bow. Couple of layers of medium weight interfacing used to help keep the shapes.

I ended up making this an all in one piece with a zip up the back as it just seemed easier that way. I drafted the patterns myself from some existing clothing. The sleeves are so silly, I love them XD

Princess Principle quickly grabbed my attention this season, I'm a sucker for anything with a Victorian-esqe setting, plus the characters were really likeable from the get go. Princess Charlotte is my favourite character from the show and her white state affairs outfit my fav costume. I knew I wanted to make it ASAP as I had most of the fabric I'd need stockpiled from other costumes cut offs. Sometimes panic buying too much fabric works out well in the long run!

I started with the skirt as that seemed the simplest bit, I decided on two box pleated skirts layered on top of one another with a shared waistband and zip at the back. Pleats need a bit more pressing still but it's essentially done.

I also styled the wig quickly as I wanted to get the measurements I'd need for the hat, pretty simple one apart from the little hair flicks, Got2Be glued and wax to hold that together!

So I decided that I wanted to remake a number of parts to this costume and re-wear for LFCC now that I have more experience. I completed re-made the top and back strap system, the belt, skull, hair bands and sleeves. Still not 100% happy but better than before! XD

Doing this group was a dream come true, I have always loved Team Rocket so getting to be Jessie with the rest of this fabulous group was a lot of fun.

The costume was pretty much all hand made by me (skirt, top, boot covers, glove covers, earrings.) Ekans credit goes to OrangeLightning. He is essentially a plushie, however his head is a wire frame covered in paper mache to keep the shape, then covered in fabric.

The major part of this costume, and the reason for a large bruise on my forehead when I got changed XD, was the wig. It was extremely heavy and uncomfortable which is something I will look at for when we re-do this group, also neatening it up as it got a bit roughed up during transport. The base is a wire frame sculpted to fit my head (thank you to OrangeLightning for helping with this.) It was then covered in a thin layer of paper mache to help strengthen it. Wefts were then glued all over the top. I put some weight in the front to try and even out the balance of back-weight. It also has numerous wig grips/clips sewn inside to help stop it from pulling back. If you'd like more details just let me know and I'll be happy to help :)

This was a fun evening costume for Kitacon :D I made the dress and hat from scratch using an old nurse costume I had to make a pattern, it's not the greatest construction-wise but I'm just glad none of the seams popped XD

As soon as I had finished Dangan Ronpa I knew I had to cosplay Junko, she is totally awesome! I already had the skirt from another costume, the boots I just changed over the laces to red. The wig is from Coscraft, great quality! The shirt was edited together from two, the white pattern work is painted on with dylon fabric paint. The Tie started out completely white, I used fabric paint for the black half and then made the no entry sign out of leatherette and added it on. The bow was made from scratch and safety pinned on. The bears were from ebay, really good bargain, just ask if you'd like the link :)

These horns were the bain of my life this expo, they had completed failed on me whilst traveling so I had to sew them onto the wig in the hotel room as a backup, rush job doesn't quite cover it hence they are wonky and not upright enough...something to fix when I re wear though!

Mostly just the base stuff done so far, the wig styled as well. Still a lot of work to do before expo >.< The top and shorts were both brought items that I will be editing, the jacket has been made from scratch by myself in a faux leather and the sword is being put together by OrangeLightning :D If you want anymore details feel free to ask :)

I never really did get time to update this progress journal before Aya, but obviously everything got done XD Rather than type it all out I think it's better to leave it as: if you have any questions on how anything was made just give me a message and I will be happy to explain :)

Most of this will be made of edited pre-existing clothing purely for the sake of saving time, however I will make the sleeves and jacket completely from scratch.

I've got a fair bit done since my last entry but still so much to do OTL. I have finished the sleeves (as pictured) and am making good progress on the under dress and waist piece, both of which still have a few more details to add. Everything so far has been made from scratch aside from the base for the dress, which was a little cocktail party dress that I have heavily modified.

I had far too much fun picking out all the fabrics, trims and buttons for this cosplay so seeing them all starting to come together is definitely a good feeling :D

I also managed to successfully integrate a wire frame into the waist piece to keep it more rigid, I hope to do the same with the over-skirt but I have a feeling that won't go as smoothly as I am hoping due to the weight of the fabric.

Time Taken: 19 hours.

I finally started working on Diao Chan today, hoping to have her ready for Aya if everything goes to plan. I have been buying bits and bobs for a while now but I finally went on a proper shopping spree and bought/ordered most of the materials and remaining things required.

Today I gradient dyed the fabric for the Over-skirt and Sleeves. I used Dylon fabric dye (For Use By Hand) in flamingo pink. I think I may have gone a bit too strong with the colour, but I'll have to wait and see when it's dried.

Time Taken: 2 and a 1/2 hours.

Once again I SUCK at updating...Making cosplay and having a full time job is a lot harder work than I thought >.< Next time I'll be sure to leave myself longer to do things so I actually have some free time XD

Anyways onto the progress report. I'm pretty much all finished now apart from some small bits and pieces that need neatening up and adjusting.

- Anklets: These are made from craft foam, cardboard and leatherette. They were painted with a gold metallic acrylic and then the bells sewn on. Fiddly work with the bells but got there in the end XD

- Leg Pieces: These have now been fabric painted with Dylon Gold. I had to improvise with some of the patterning on the lower legs as try as I might I couldn't find any clear references. I have also made the gold leaves from craft foam and will attach those on.

- Tights: Making these was fun a games. I started with a pair of 15 denier tights (the same as for the sleeves.) I cut the feet out and then proceeded to map out the cut outs with clear nail varnish before having OrangeLightning cut them out whilst I wore them. After than a fabric paint boarder was added and the frog clasps. They are pretty fragile but hopefully should hold up!

- Body Suit: This started life as a swimsuit before having the alterations made by myself. Fairly self explanatory from the pictures what has been done/added here XD

- Sleeves: These have now had all the details added on. Fabric paint on leatherette is not a good idea. Much better to go with an acrylic, however being a stubborn person I persevered. It took a LOT of coats XD The brooches on the hands are just craft foam painted with a metallic gold and metallic bronze acrylic. The "carving" details were done with a craft knife and sharp pencil. The jewel is off some cheap jewelry I picked up in Primark.

- Wig: Fairly simple styling job, just cutting the fringe in around the face and then plating the rest. The wig I received was not what I ordered but it was too late to try and get another so I had to go with this one. I'd definitely get a new one if I wear this costume again. The Brooches on the front plats just smaller versions on the hand brooches. The Ponytail piece on the back is just more craft foam and black leatherette.

Time Taken: Approximately 26 hours

- Moonhat: I have painted on the design using Dylon Gold once again and made the tassels myself from scratch as I couldn't find any long enough. Follow the link for the tutorial I used, it's really simple to do :D http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-make-tassels-for-your-curtains.html

- Collar: I finished up making all the small details for this now. Most of which were made from cardboard and craft foam with the same paints I mentioned before.

- Ears and Earrings: The ears was just a matter of painting and then adding some white fluff to make them look more accurate, the colour isn't a great match to my skin tone so I'm still working on this. The Earrings started life as some dangley clip-ons which I took apart and adapted to Da Ji's design a using a paper clip, Fimo Clay and bronze acrylic.

- Tails: By far the part of this costume that I am least happy with. I don't have time to re-make them now but if I re-wear this I most definitely will be doing so. They are made from pink organza stretched across a garden wire frame. Very fiddly and frustrating. The arm ones are alright but the waist ones aren't nearly big enough and don't hold their shape particularly well =/

Time Taken: 21 hours

I suck at updating this XD I've been doing bits on and off since my last entry so I shall just sum it all up here...

- Arm Pieces: I have finished the arm pieces apart from the small details. They are made of black leatherette and cut up 15 denier tights. Getting the tights to behave was a pain in the butt, however surprisingly less so than I was imagining.

- Headpiece: Or moon hat as I like to call it. I started by making a newspaper pattern, then putting together three layers of cardboard and securing it all together with masking tape. This was then covered in a wine red stretch fabric, the black tips made from leatherette. I am currently painting the details on and have yet to make the tassels.

- Leg Pieces: I spent today making the leg pieces out of the same fabrics as the hat, plus some gold I had left over from Zhen Ji. All that remains to do for them is the fabric painting.

Time Taken: 15 hours

I have pretty much completed the base for the collar now. It's made of leatherette in fushia and black, all the gold trim is ribbon. I started by making a pattern plan out of newspaper for this as I really didn't know how well it would translate to real life, thankfully it worked out fine.

Time Taken: 5 hours

I purchased a white base boot and then used leatherette in white and red to create the top pieces before attaching them on. More fiddly than I imagined it would be and they still need some tweaking but overall I'm happy :D

Well I made it...it was one heck of a challenge but I managed to finish it XD There are a number of things I would change to improve it (gradient dyeing *shakes fist*) but for now I'm just happy that it somewhat resembles the reference art XD

In total in took me around 62 hours of working on it (82 if you count the bits I ended up throwing in the bin and remaking) and around 25 hours for OrangeLightning on the crown, shoulder armor and flute...was it worth it? Of course, I finally got to be my favourite DW character, something I have been wanting to do since I was around 14!!

Oh and what's this, the official site for Dynasty Warriors 8 just launched...I wonder what Zhen Ji's design will look like this time...praying for no peacock feathers XD

I didn't get another chance to update before Expo, since the end was a bit of a rush and I had to fabric paint and sew most of OrangeLightning's Cao Pi as she ran out of time XD

So...I finished painting the tails, sleeves and coat and attached everything together. Attached the back necklace and finished painting the front necklace and then added the pendants I'd already made. Styled the wig...which was a pain in the bum, this was done in a similar way to my Jun and Juri wigs, creating a base wig first and then creating a separate bun styled around an insert and finally sewing that onto the base wig. Attached the gold chains onto that...ummmmmmmm glueing the extra pieces onto my shoes. OrangeLightning helped me to re-paint the front of my tights, as well as finishing off my crown, shoulder armor and flute...

Time Taken: 17 hours.

Today I fabric painted the front side of the tails and coat, hopefully finish the back off tomorrow. I can see the end XD Also OrangeLightning has finished all the detailing on my flute...my god, I love it! I can't wait to see it painted :D

As well as that over the last couple of days I have attached the brooches into their respective places, put together and attached the hip chain onto the "skirt", finished off all the gold netting and FINALLY got around to making the front strap for the coat XD

Time Taken: 7 hours.

So since my last update I have finished off all of the trimming (sleeves, tails and coat), fabric painted the insides of the sleeves and attached the tail ends onto the coat. Also Orangelightning has made a start on my crown, shoulder armour and flute :D

Time Taken: 10 hours.

I have finished fabric painting the pattern onto my collar. I used a card stencil and then thickened up the lines with Dylon fabric paint in Gold. A very long process but I'm much happier with how it has come out this time around, could be better but that's life XD

This picture also shows the finished brooches, these are just sculpted in clay and then painted with a gold acrylic :)

Time Taken: 4 and a half hours.

Well this didn't go exactly to plan, whilst the actual gradient dyeing was a success, the colour of the piece doesn't match as closely as I had hoped with my base coat. Since this was the closest purple dye I could find I think I am going to have to make new tail ends and suspend gradient dyeing this piece until I can research a better method of doing so. Sadly I don't think this will happen before October Expo, slightly disheartening. If nothing else I have learned in future to gradient dye first, buy matching fabric after XD

...is not my strong point XD I've only used it once before this but at least this time turned into much less of a disaster! I used Fimo air-drying clay. Still waiting for it to completely dry so I can properly assess it. The pieces are the hip brooch, the bust brooch and all the pendants for the hip chain and necklace. Hopefully I won't have to remake, time will tell XD

Time Taken: 3 hours.

Today I trimmed the collar piece with gold, it took far longer than it should have with it being so fiddly! I got halfway through took it all off and started again XD

Time Taken: Around 1 and a 1/2 hours.

Today OrangeLightning helped me to make stencils for all the fabric painting that needs to be done on this :D

Time Taken: 2 and a 1/2 hours.

Most of the details haven't been added yet but here is the base!

First time putting all the base parts together so most things are being held on with pins, please excuse any messyness XD The white parts are overly long and not hemed as I haven't gradient dyed them yet.

Since the last update I have covered the collar base in fabric as well as made bases for both the tail ends and sleeves and then covered those in fabric as well. I have also begun to style the base wig and made an insert to style the bun around!

Still need to add that clasp XD

Time Taken: Around 6 and a 1/2 hours.

This is the base for the collar, it's made from craft foam with cardboard for support, the next step will be to cover it in fabric ready to the fabric paint the details on.

Time Taken: 1/2 an hour.

Now that October Expo is getting closer and I have finished my course I am starting to work on this again. When I came back to look at it I was really unhappy with my original progress. The bra and skirt piece have had more layers of fabric paint now and the tights will be being re-painted. I have scrapped the original sleeves and tail ends as I want to do the gradient dye and paint them using a stencil to make everything more even. The purple base coat has had some sizing adjustments but I'm still not happy with it =/

This costume has been a mash up of brought/edited and hand-made items. The waistcoat and shirt are both items I bought and then edited to better resemble the reference art. The skirt, apron, red bow, white bow and hair clip were all made by myself. The chopsticks are just regular chopsticks painted to look like pocky and the cuffs are from my Bunny Girl Yoko just now trimmed to match the rest of the outfit.

So here is the finished dragon, the details have been put on with dylon fabric pens. This whole piece took around 6 hours to complete :)

Done all the block colour painting now, just waiting for it to dry so I can start with penning on all the details :D

This is the base of the dragon, I will be putting the black details over the top with a fabric pen once it has finished drying. The dragon is all hand painted with dylon fabric paints for use of dark fabrics (Green 37 and Yellow 34.) There are two coats of the green and four of the yellow :) I still have yet to paint the back of the dragon as I am awaiting the arrival of more paint XD

Today I mostly finished styling my wig for Jun, it needs a little neatening up and spraying into place but I will do that the morning I wear it :) It started life as a thigh length wig, I styled and shortened it into an up style wig and then used the left over hair to make a separate piece for the three spikes. This was then all sewn together :) To make the separate hair piece I used the same method described in my Juri Han costume's journal.

As for other progress, I have made a start on the hair clips to attach to the wig and have finished making the garter :D

I have so far edited the cheongsam to more closely match her design and fabric penned the panda emblem that goes across the chest (picture). Still got a lot to do before Ame!

This should be a pretty simple to put together cosplay. I have bought the pencil skirt (which needs minor alterations) and white shirt, edited a tie with fabric pens to match the design of hers and already had the shoes, tie pin and belt. The last things do for this are to style the wig and make any props :)

Still need to decide what to do for her makeup, I will probably do a couple of tests once the wig is styled and see whether the all white liner and lashes look will work in real life XD

My dress finally arrived :D I don't like the brooch and crown it came with however so will be remaking these along with the earrings :D The dress needs a couple of adjustments to the fit and a good iron but overall I'm very pleased :D Still awaiting the wig to style and need to get some shoes. Also thinking of getting some longer white gloves as the one I have are a little tight.

I got to see my commissioned costume for the first time today. It looks great and the fit is wonderful :D The cape is very heavy however so may have to look at a better way to attach this onto the main dress =/

Here's the finished costume (for now at least) this picture comes complete with the adjusted top and re-made gloves XD If I re-wear this costume in the future, which will undoubtedly happen sooner or later, I think I will look to completely re-make the strap system at the back out of pleather or something similar so it holds its shape better =/ I also found a couple more reference pictures which better show the details on the back panel, so would add those too.

I have finished the skirt and top, they were made by editing a dress into the two parts and adding the yellow trim :) Pretty simple job XD The boots were originally grey and I just painted them to be red. The rest of the costume was put together from things I already had lying around. The poke balls were made for me by OrangeLightning, the floating mechanism was my addition (not a very complicated one however XD)

Commission arrived today :D So happy with it! Just had to make a few small adjustments to the sizing. Now just need to finish the boots and pistol!

Firstly I really want to thank Speckles for all her helpful advice, without which I don't think I could have done this XD

1. Okay, so to start off I sewed some inserts in the shape of Juri's pigtails and stuffed them with toy stuffing. You could also use polystyrene, but I found this so messy >.< I used a black poly cotton drill, it's probably a good idea to try and match the colour of your fabric as closely as you can with the wig, that way if there are small gaps after the covering they are less noticable.

2. I brought a wig with a clip on ponytail, this way I could style the base wig and then use the wefts from the ponytail to create the pigtails. Step 2 is basically to watch this video XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y4FD4Pso_I Not all of it is relevent as its for a specific wig but the method for hotglueing wefts is really presented clearly. :) The second part should pop up in the recommended videos to the side.

3. I used the top method shown on the picture to the left. Bascially you just want to use the hot glueing method shown in the video and adapt it to this diagram. Both ways would work really well, its just whichever way you would prefer to do it. I choose the top method as I'm a really messy worker and just envisioned stuffing and glue everywhere! Which reminds me, put plenty on newspaper down as this can get quite messy! Also the ice water really helps at saving your fingers from getting burnt.

4. The hairspray is really helpful at keeping everything together, I used Schwarzkopf got2b glued blasting freeze spray. As well as spraying throughout, I also gave the pigtails a really good spray at the end before leaving them to dry for an hour or so.

5. If the pigtails still have fly away hairs etc just give them another good spray, and repeat until satisfied. I must of used about 3/4 of a can of hairspray on mine XD

6. Now you just need to sew them onto the base wig and your all done! :D They will probably need another spray after this since they might get a bit battered in the process.

A note about transport and storage. My wig is currently living in a big box as I don't have the space to keep it out on a wig head, this is probably how I will transport the wig too, though I imagine there will be some bubblewrap involved XD. I would say if you can keep it out on a wig head however this is the better option!

Time Taken: Approximately 3 hours per pigtail and then an hour of touch ups and assembly to the base wig.

So far I have brought the jeans, black top and glasses, painted the boots, begun to edit the jacket, made the ring and nearly finished making the necklace. Still need the call band, luckily I already have thie belt XD The wig I brought for this still needs styling properly.

This has been a pretty simple job so far. I have brought the shorts, stockings and boots, edited the top and bracelets and made the hairband and microphone. Still need to make the earring and wait for the wig to arrive so I can style it :) I already had a necklace like the one needed here.

I have managed to accquire a plain black cheongsam I will be able to edit for Jun now ^^ Still probably won't get to do this for quite some time but still it's a start XD

Due to a heavy workload for University now, I don't think I will be making much more progress on this until the summer :(

Today I made the waist piece and sewed the beading onto the black hat piece. I also cut out all the stars, they just need spray painting gold before they can be attached :D

Time Taken: approximately 2 hours.

My completed box pleat skirt :D I used this tutorial video in order to help me with the pleating: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbxUNIkc5Gw I changed the width of my card pieces to 1.5 inches rather than 2 inches in order to create slightly smalled pleats.

I think I have now completed everything I need for SeeU! I made or edited everything for this costume myself except for the basic top which I had commissioned since my try at using PVC didn't go very well XD I shall have to get some more practice in before using it again!

I had a cold last week and felt entirely bored of lying around in bed, so I decided to do some work on Velvet as everything that needs doing for Zhen Ji and my other in progress costumes at the moment involved going out shopping, getting fabric paint out, wig styling, needing a second pair of hands etc. Turns out that I completed most of the pieces for this over the last few days. All thats left to do is the gold stars and beading as well as the waist piece and her Psypher prop (but OrangeLightning will do that nearer to when I wear it XD) I shall upload a "progress so far" shot probably this weekend :)

Time Taken so Far: approximately 10 hours.

So after a break over the Christmas period I have started working on Zhen Ji again. Today I made a pattern for the collar piece which turned out to be easier said than done XD Picture when I have actually cut the fabric for it!

Time Taken: 1 hour.

I had my uniform commissioned for Christmas and it arrived today :D I'm very happy with it...almost sad about cutting in the rips in and covering it with fake blood XD

Today I attached the tail ends onto the coat and finished the trimming around the outside so now all thats left to do here is finish the fabric painting design on the coat.
Time Taken: 1 and a 1/2 hours.

Finished fabric paintiing the last remaining side of the tail ends today. Once it has dried they'll be ready to attach onto my coat :D

Time Taken: 1 hour.

Today I attached the completed sleeve ends onto the coat and also the last of the gold netting onto the sleeves. Just from trying this part on I can tell its going to be horrible trying to move around much in this XD With approximately 25 hours racked up from working on this already, its nice to see it start to come together :D

Time Taken: 2 and a 1/2 hours.

I painted the other side of sleeve one today :D The sleeve ends have now been fully painted, just need to let them dry and I can attach the gold netting and then sew them onto the coat.

Time Taken: 1 and a 1/2 hours.

OrangeLightning is making this costume for me to go along with her Atlas at Kitacon 2012. I can't wait to see how it turns out :D

I have painted both sides of the second sleeve! I have also painted the other side of tail end one. Still need to paint the reverse side of sleeve one and the other side of tail end two...and a lot of other things XD

Time Taken: 3 hours.

Completed Outfit for Kita :D Couldn't resist taking a few shots, its been to long without a chance to cosplay XD Photos taken by OrangeLightning.

I have finished fabric painting the tights today. Dylon Fabric paint was used for this as well.
Time Taken: 1 and a 1/2 hours.

This is pretty simple, I am slowly collecting the bits and pieces that I need. I have made the collar and cuffs, I want to make little cuff links that have her skull emblem on them. i am also going to make the ears since I can't find any I like that are like hers.

I made the second sleeve today, no picture as its the same as the first one XD I hope to fabric paint its first side along with the other side of both the first sleeve and the tail ends this weekend :D Also hoping to make a start on the collar piece fairly soon!
Time Taken: 2 hours.

I fabric painted the first side on the first sleeve today. It came out ok I think, not quite as even as I would have liked but it won't be so noticable when the sleeve is connected up and attached onto the coat!
Time Taken: 2 hours.

Halfway through fabric painting the tail ends now. One is by OrangeLightning and the other by myself, to save my sanity she is helping out as it just takes so long!! Obviously after the other sides have been painted the sides will be paired up, probably with mine on the back, as her's look better XD
Time Taken: 2 hours.

Finished the first sleeve end today. It will be connected up and onto the coat once it has been fabric painted as it's obviously easier to paint it whilst its flat XD The material is the same as the Tail Ends: Duchess Satin.

Time Taken: 2 hours.

I made the white bases for the end of the tails today. I'm not going to attach them until after they have been fabric painted since they should be easier to paint this way. The material is Duchess Satin.
Time Taken: About 1 and a 1/2 hours.

I've now added all of the gold netting, except for on the sleeves as I haven't actually made those yet XD
Time Taken: About 1 hour.

I have made and trimmed with gold the base for the coat now :) It doesn't look very good on the hanger, it would look much better on a dress form but alas I don't have one :( Anyway, now that I have the base I can start to build on the more complicated parts like the sleeves, collar and tails :D
Time Taken: About 1 hour.

Fabric painted the skirt and top today :) It took quite a while since it needed a couple of coats. The fabric paint is by Dylon, the colour is gold.
Time Taken: Excluding the drying time inbetween layers 3 hours.

Started work of the base for the coat today. Pain in the butt getting the tails even. The material is poly cotton (I think.) I'm terrible with fabric names I just tend to go by colour and then texture XD I couldn't find very much in the dark purple I wanted that wasn't satiny, very thin or fleece :(
Time Taken: Approximately 2 hours.

A made a small start today and made the base for the skirt...I say skirt it's more like a belt XD I'm not exactly sure what the fabric is as I found it on the odds and ends table, it was the exact colour I was looking for though :D Bargin!
Time taken: About 1/2 an hour.

Dress edited, sleeves finshed, stocking done, collar made, leg armour made and recieved weapons and mask from OrangeLightning...is it...ready??

I got the dress commissioned today. I am really trying to get all of my Kitacon (and May Expo) cosplays ready before Christmas this year. My dissertation for Uni is going to be causing me enough stress during spring/summer that I don't want to add geting cosplay together to the to do list! Yay preperation for once XD

I have made all the adjustments that I wanted to add for the moment ^^

This cosplay will be in its element at October Expo, I shall be able to get myself all manor of pumpkin shaped things XD I will be making some improvements between now and then :)

-Wig: This has already undergone some re-styling but I will be tidying it up a tad more.
-Hat: At the moment the piece coming of the hat just sort of flails in the wind. I will be attempting to make it into the sqaure curl hers has...how successful this will be is yet to be forseen.
-Skirt: I will be inserting wire to try and make it look more like hers rather than just hanging limp.
-General Adjustments: The arm pieces and leg pieces are slightly to big for me now so I shall have to adjust them back to fitting.

Urgh essay over...now just to do it all XD

Today I made my first attempt at styling Euphie's wig, i think it will be a case of styling on the day though as I'm not sure how well the buns will survive storage. Also realized that I parted it the wrong way *facepalm*

My wig and hoop skirt arrived today, I can't wait to put the whole cosplay on :D

Pictures to follow as soon as I've styled the wig, edited the dress and someone has time to take some of me in the garden XD

It was a lot of fun to wear this cosplay at the final party. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get many photos of it :( Shall have get some more at a later date :)

My dress arrived today! It fits perfectly and its so pretty! I just need to wait for the wig to arrive now and get a hoop skirt to give it that poof ^^

My dress was shipped out today :D I can't wait for it to arrive and try it on!!

I managed to find a dress whilst shopping yesterday, it's not perfect but after editing it today I think its passable. I really want to take this to Ayacon so had to work quickly and I think it looks alright :D

My base dress arrived today :D Now just to edit it...

I have finished modifying all the clothes for this now, just got to work on the earrings (if that goes to plan) and then the Millenium Rod.

I just need to find a suitable dress for this now. I will hopefully manage to get one before Ayacon as I want this to be one of my evening cosplays *fingerscrossed* Going to have another look around town today :)

I finished the arm pieces today, they were pretty simple to make :)

Finally finished modifying all of the clothes and making all the accessories for this :D Can't wait to wear it :D

Urgh, Rider is one of those characters whose hair colour changes slightly with different reference pictures. From what I have seen so far it goes from a pinky purple right over to a silvery purple...I have picked out three suitable wigs one from each end of the spectrum and one in the middle...now I just have to pick between them...easier said than done XD

I made all the beads and the large moon piece for Yuuko's necklace today. It was my first time doing any clay modeling so I think they didn't come out to badly XD I used Fimo Airdry Clay Natural.

Now that summer is here I fianlly have enough time to make her necklace, which I have been wanting to do for too long XD Will finally be complete in my eyes after this XD

Finished the sleeves and top details today. Progress is going well :D

Finished the belt for this today...a very tedious task XD Progress so far shot :D

Finished the base for the top today, theres a few little bits that I want to neaten up but plenty of time for that :D

Finished the bottom half of this today by editing some tracksuit bottom trousers :)

My outfit arrived today and I love it! It fits like a glove, if a little short at the back XD

I shall soon be scheduling a meetup and photo session with my Lau ^-^ Couple cosplay pics to come!!

The last things I have to do for this now is make some Heaven Coins and Backlace (gun)...so close XD

After their adventure up to Birmingham for Kitacon my ornametal clubs are rather battered and bruised. I am not sure whether I will do a repair and patch up on them or scrap them and do a re-make there as well =/ Shall ponder away on that one XD

Have finally got ahold of some wire to make my skirt poof out like hers :D That shall be added next time I wear this one :D My friend tried to add the wire when they were making it but it just wouldn't go in the post like that XD Better late than never :D

I have spent today attaching the black trimming, chinese fastners and fabric painting/penning on the butterflies...I now have purple hands but I am pretty pleased with the way everythings looking :D Especially as I haven't used fabric paint/pens before now!

I have now finished the gloves and gold armbands as well as the shoes :) Just need to wait for the dress to arrive now :D

My new corset arrived today :D So that's that sorted, just got to put all the trimmings onto the dress now and shall be done :D

I have now re-sized the jacket so that it doesn't look so huge on me! I may adjust the sleeves slightly more so that they "cling" more to my upper arm, haven't quite decided on that one yet. That is a simple enough change to make though :) The last things I have left to do now are sort out an under-bust corset and then completely re-make the dress...So not leaving the hardest parts till last XD

I have now re-styled the wig :) I am happier with the way it came out this time around and think it looks better. Next I will hopefully be starting work on adjusting my original blue jacket in order to make it fit better as it is quite big on me!

This should end up being part of a K-On group at the Japanese Arts Festival in London in July. Hopefully I will be able to get everything for it ready by then >.<

Ordered the outfit today along with my other group members, hopefully it will get here in time!!

This was a fairly easy cosplay to put together. Just sewing detailing to a bikini top. Then a matter of collecting all the other bits and pieces and making the gloves and skull. The gun was made for me by OrangeLightning :)

I shall be re-doing this cosplay as I not happy with how it came out. It was one of my first cosplays so I just feel I can do it better now that I have gained experience :) Not entirely sure what I was thinking with the design XD

I intend to do a re-make on this costume over the summer, now that I have more time. I am still not really happy with the way it looks =/ It's not horrible but I love this character so much and I don't think I have done her justice yet!

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