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As stated, started as a reenactor 30 some years ago, but there has always been an element of cosplay in that hobby. Costumes and outfits were often based as much on popular film as research. Realy got into cosplay as we think of it now when I went to Whitby Goth for the first time eight years ago. More of a Polidori (historical based vampire type) than techno or emo, making and wearing 18th and 19th cent. style stuff, and some pure fantasy.I like the element of show off that you get with Goth, the dramatic clothes and the emotional baggage that comes with the dark look.Proudest moment was probably being complemented by the technical adviser on the set of "Soldiers" for fulfilling his image of that role (French Napoleonic NCO) wearing kit I had made and researched myself.Most thrilling experience in public, marching through Ramboullet in France, in the same role and being showered with flowers and confettii by cheering crowds.I was taking part in a reenactment, so it was nothing personal, but nontheless memorable.More mainstream cosplaywise I got an " I look great" award at the York, Costume Soc. convention about 10 years ago.Got seconde prize at Thoughtbubble 2009 for my Pyrate character, an outfit I made for reenactment originaly.
Lately I have got into the Steampunk scene, and have posted pics from the Asylum event in Lincoln in September, which was a lot of fun.
Recently I put the kit together for Allan Quatermain,League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, comic version, not film and wore it to Thought Bubble 2010 and won one of the prizes there.

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Still not completed to the level I want, but wore it to Thought Bubble anyway.......

Got tied up in another project for too probably not wearing this for Thought Bubble, but will do to another event later. Bah!

Pretty well done the Jerkin, just some interior finishing to complete. Vambraces and buckles are the next things to do. Gondorian buckles are of a distinctive pattern and used throughout the costume.

Started re cutting an old kaftan into the under tunic, and have made the leather edged tabard that goes over it.

I am wary of posting too many "planned" cossies especialy as I have had a couple go awry and end up on the back burner for some length of time. However, after watching the LOTR DVDs over the holiday, I was inspired to go for a relevant cosplay, and this one looks do'able without more than a reasonable effort. In fact, it is one of those where I already have significant pieces of the kit. Cloak, boots, sword, bow and undershirt, and materials in stock for a lot of the rest, leather and fabric. So, see how this one goes!

Went scouting round for a black turban cloth, but non found , so ended up buying 4 metres of black cotton muslin, which is pretty well the same thing. Tried out various styles of tying, downloaded from youtube, and found the best effect came from using a felt cap underneath, to get the height. Otherwise the turban was a bit low and lacked the form seen in the films.
I am going to have to make the bandoliers, I used to have an original 1904 patt. which is the type used for one of them, but sold it on some time ago. Big mistake, even the replicas are beyond my budget now. However I have downloaded the pattern for both types now, and bought the closure studs from Military Metalwork. So, I already have leather to do these, and will make a set for myself!

Pulled out my stores of silk and cotton fabric that I thought suitable for the project, and sorted through them. I have already made a couple of nagajuban, which are the next to the skin layer of the whole shebang. I have also recently bought online a couple of real Kimono from Japan to use as reference pieces for construction and finish, and bought a genuine Obi from Rakutan the online store in Japan, to use for this cosplay.

To be frank, I just fancy an excuse to do a Samurai costume, and came across these guys while doing research. I am picking Kondo as the char. because he was the leader of the group, when they were at their least moraly ambiguious. I already have a nearly finished unlined style Kimono in cotton.

Went with my niece to Thoughtbubble, we both wore Shinigami uniform, and had a great time. Today, hunting up info for another Wafuku based cosplay I found this site. , loads of info and....the strange sleeves on the shihakusho, not an abberation, just archaic. Those open sleeves that bugged me are not wrong, they are medieval, which makes sense for Shinigami most of whome are centuries old. So, seam ripper and sewing machine, here we come.

Looking realisticaly at the cossy, I can not get it done, the way I want it to be done, in time for Thoughtbubble. So I am putting it on a back burner to complete for another date, rather than taking a hash up I am not happy with to the event. I will be doing this outfit, just not for Thought B this year.

I have spent the last few days cutting and sewing. Cut the main body of the coat, and it's lining, and am sewing the gold braid on the panels. I am not happy with how it is going, partly because I don't like the look of the braid, partly I am not happy with the cut.I will take it a bit further and see what it looks like at the first fitting when I put it on. I will not abandon the concept, but I am seriously considering wearing something else for thought bubble, and starting over again on on the baron for a later event.

Looking at my reference pics again, I think he has at least one of his coats in velvet. In the end, I think that is what I am going to use. I would have prefered wool, it is far easier to work. Detail, detail, detail....

I have always had an interest in North Africa and the Arab world, and collect weapons and artifacts from there, as well as other places. I have always fancied putting together the full "kit". Then watching the Mummy for the umpteenth time I thought, "why not do it as a cosplay", and so....I hit the internet, and lo and behold, some nice person has already done, and shared the research. I couldn't not do it after that, could I.

Wore the kit to one of our local meets,(the Leeds Cosplay Group), and because it was a group event rather than a con I took my good katana, mainly for the sake of photos. Obviously a sharp sword can never go to a public con. Anyway I have looked up some detailed pics online to post with this set of pics. For those interested it is a Paul Chen Practical Pro Katana, which I bought some few years ago.
Wearing the rest of the kit for an afternoon focused my mind on some alterations I now need to make to various bits. A deeper body seam in the Hakama, and more defined pleats ,a better back Himo ( waist tie), and a better Obi sash to go under the Hakama, white or black, still researching that. Also some nice trad style accessories, like inro, netsuki and a shingen bag. I think I will be adding to this for some time, not really needed for cosplay I know. More for my personal satisfaction.

I am a regular attender at the Leeds Cosplay Group meeting with my niece, who is a big manga and anime fan, currently well into "Bleach". I decided it would be an idea to do something fairly easy and mainstream cosplay for at least one of these, I also have an ulterior motive. I am trying to persuade a number of the group to go for shinigame as a mass cosplay. We are a large group, imagine the effect of 40 or 50 shinigame turning up at a Con.
The uniform as illustrated is a fairly conventional Budo kit in black, with some detailed differences, but usefull for pretty well any generic Japanese cosplay. So elements of this kit, if not the whole thing, will get a fair bit of wear.

In 18thCent stuff the right cloth is a big part of the final effect, and a mate of mine has turned up a limited amount of the right stuff. Deep red pure wool, made by Hainsworth, who make cloth for the british army red coats, and have done since 1812. Cutting starts next week.

Interesting to see a contemporary portrait of the real, clean shaven, man. The whiskered image seems to have come in with a 19thC satire.
I will go with the film image, it suites me better. Now to chase up some good red cloth for the coat.

Tim came round today with a disk of the photos taken last week, so uploaded a few of them. I plan to edit/photoshop some of them to make them more evocative of the Eastern Empire, and perhaps a bit more fun.

There are surprisingly few pictures from this film, not just of the baron, but of any of it. It is a cult classic, but not a lot of it out there. At present I am collecting, reference material, and braids and cloth for the costume . Actual work on it will come some time in the future.

I was invited to take part in the Kelmarsh Festival of History, with the group "Hetarei Palatou" who reenact 10th 11th Cent Byzantium, a place and an era I have been interested in for years.
Some of the stuff, padded coat, boots etc, had to be made from scratch for this event. Other bits like woolen hose and linen wear I already had. Today I posted a couple of pics from that event, taken with me unawares. Later I will post some from a recent photo session.

Updating after getting hold of some pics after the con. Wore the outfit with my old Inverness cape and an Indian shawl that was very in keeping with the Victorian aesthetic. Made the gaiters at the last minute, and they worked, hoorah.
Many thanks to the guys who took those photos and let me use them. This would be a poorer hobby without those people who pander to our vanity by taking our pictures.

I've fancied making and wearing this outfit for a while now, and it will no doubt take some time to make and assemble. So planning and research start now.

At last, tonight I have finished the costume. Did the breeches a couple of days ago, complete with functioning pockets, two hip, two side. With the four on the jacket, I have eight pockets in this outfit, a record I think for any gear I've made.
Tonight I finished hemming up the jacket, did buttons, and the last buttonholes. These latter were a bit of a pig, my machine buttonholer broke while finishing the knickerbockers, so were a bit of a fudge.

I have long had an interest in the Old West and reenacted it for years. While working in a games warehouse a while back I was impressed by the cover art on the Red Dead series, and thought there was some good material there for an outfit. Combining the two for a cosplay seems to me a natural progression.

Decided to go with a slouch (broad brimmed felt) hat, because thats what Allan is shown wearing with the Norfolk suit, and have just finished steaming and reshaping the one I will use.
Some years ago I had the good luck to buy 3 good quality grey-green hat blanks at a very low price. They turned out to be for British military issue bush hats, sold off cheaply because of minor faults in the crown. Good quality hard felt, and very easy to reshape when steamed over a kettle or saucepan, with a nice wide brim.

Just now finished the sewing assembly of the jacket, only the button holes and some internal finishing to go. Then, the knickerbockers and gaiters.
This has been one of the most fiddly garments I've ever made, not much in the way of fitting, 'cos it's very boxy in cut. It's the patch pockets, pleats and straps.

Started assembly yesterday, and it's generaly going well. Still, at this late stage, undecided about some of the details. The problem is how close to keep to the illustrations, which are a comic afterall, and how close to a classic norfolk jacket I keep it.
I want to get some use out of this later, at steampunk and other Victorian type events.

At last, after weeks of looking at it, planning and moving pattern pieces around I have cut the whole suite out.
I've been chary because I only had a limited amount of this cloth. This cloth being original, old stock, Harris tweed. Hand woven, lichen dyed, narrow width, just the right colour and far to good for a normal cosplay.
However, a cracking material, and just right for also doin' Steampunk, which is often an outside, all weather, daylight affair with a very critical audience.

Found some pics of Mr Selous, the real life man who was the model for A.Q.They all show him in a felt hat, so that might have to be the direction I go in with my AQ cosplay. Though the comic does show Allan in a Topi sometimes.

I've got a fair bit of the stuff together, and tailoring the clothes is not a problem, I used to be a full time costumier. Still wondering about the hat and the boots, I have 2 kinds of solar tope and good high boots. Trouble is, should he actualy have a felt slouch hat and gaiters? The latter are more "correct" but the former more of the feel I want.
Otherwise, the leatherwork is sorted to a fair degree,and I've worked out my 30 second dialogue for the walk down the aisle.

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