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Cosplayer since 2001 and before that I was making LARP costumes for a good few years. I love the challenge of recreating some of the amazing concepts we see in anime and games and turning them into a costume.

I am one of the founders of Wessex Anime and the one to blame for getting them started on cosplay. Since then we have performed many skits, won many cosplay prizes and generally gone over the top....a lot. nowadays we produce one performance a year, for Minamicon.

Over the last few years I have become more involved with organizing Anime events so my costume output has dropped to only one or two a year. Currently I am the Cosplay Coordinator for all of the MCM Expo events and the Cosplay Events officer for Amecon.

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Beard progression!
1) Head cast with 4-5 layers of latex to form a face fitting beard wig base...
2) Crepe wool thinned out and slowely applied to the latex base. Attached with latex and dried with a hair drier to speed things up
3) 1 full layer
4) Additional layers of crepe wool applied to suit
5) Tash added
6) Trimmed to suit
(may need some hair spray to keep it together a bit.

Beard wig will now be peeled off the head cast and excess latex trimmed away. It can be stuck to my face with Prosaid.

Initial dying and weathering of the robe was a success, though such a shame to treat the silk like this. Good enough for an initial wear at least.

Progress! Gandalf's robe is nearly finished and ready for dying. I had to modify the pattern conciderably to get the box pleats in and the yoke to the right shape so now it's sewn up I'm glad it fits ok without any major rework required. Only one minor panic when my material came up half a meter short (so much required due to the outside turnups) but I managed to get some more :)

So after much searching I've settled on Butterick B5626 - an out of print pattern for choire robes, It has a yoke and should have enough fabric to accomodate the box pleats. I'm modifying the pattern at the moment.

Added the cross strap and russian pistol holster (though the holster needs dying). I've had the main belt made from matching leather with the right buckle to a custome width.

Shoulder boards, rank insignia and buttons. All authentic russian military uniform gear to complete the greatcoat.

I've spent two months looking for suitable-not so-expensive material for this project.
I have finally lucked out and found some reasonable Silk Noil for his robe and a grey dappled brushed cotton for the cloak/hat; it's not wool but it has a very similar texture, look and feel, It's also a lot lighter so I shouldnt get so hot.

Ahhh, I just realised I completely forgot his leg thingy!
Leg thingy and extra hair for manchester then maybe!

Well I got Thor 95% complete, I've got a couple of details that I can still add if I fancy.

I finished covering all the armour segments in PVC late Thursday night and then took the sucker to Expo. Luckily Friday at the show was quite quite so I stole some time to assemble most of the costume - except the bits that had to be remade cos i'd covered them the wrong way around. did finaly have him workable by saturday morning so I defiantly wore him.

Found half an hour on Sunday for an upgrade in the form of some quick dry brushing for a gunmetal finish to parts of the armour.

On reflexion, this technique has proved a lot more complicated and time consuming than I was expecting but I got the costume done in a week of evenings and it's turned out damn fine.

Ok I don't often admit this but it's not going to plan!
Ran out of glue and fabric last night and only managed to get the base pieces fronts stuck down since the glue I got was taking an age to cure.
Might be able to pull some cunning tricks with fabric offcuts but theirs still a hell of a lot to do.

Finally got this started and spent what time I could making all the base foam pieces of his armour. I'm going to use foam covered in PVC/leatherette for this one to see how it go's.

Bracers and Grieves proved relatively uncomplicated but the body armour is comprised of about 20 seperate but interlocking pieces. I'll only know if I've got all the proportions right once it's all covered and stuck together!

Tonight it's time to get glue happy.

Spent tonight dodging last minue expo stuff by assembling my gloves, looks good, and I think thats just about everything done :)

A productive weekend was had.
Miiol has kindly styled a crazy wig for me.
I made my new arm and knee pads, using them as an excuse to try out heat forming plasterzote.
And I made my Gun - toy gun base for the chamber and grip, built up with plasterzote and plasticard, filled, primed and painted. Looks neat, although being made to a limited time scale it's a little rough and ready.

Left my memory stick of pictures at home though, so you will have to wait for progress shots

I've finished updating the coat, reataching fasteners, adding eyelets etc.
I've also started work on the gun and dug out material to remake the arm

Wooo, my Glasses have arrived, in record time to :)
Miiol is very kindly styling the wig so tonight I better get the old costume out and asses what needs to be done to improve it.

Ok, pattern has been cut, heavily adjusted (being tall is such a pain) and fitted - I decided to base the outfit on a clown suit to get the baggy look and pull the whole thing in at the waist. Mum is very kindly sewing the base suit for me while I deal with all the details and extra bits.

Really dropped the ball on timescales for this Minami :(

Had the grand unpealing last night, and the mask works, looks better than I expected. I'll add some shading tonight and pick up the face paint and contacts today.

Decided I wasn't happy with the body so took a tube of silicon sealant to it, to smooth the edges of the muscles into the body suit more. looks a bit better now.

Finally found my missing patern too, so i've made the base cloak/waistcoat thing and Leena took great pleasure in distressing it a bit.

Darkness shall go to the Ball!

Mask is pretty much done now. Body suit... i'm a little dissapointed with - should have made the foam detail much thinner as I don't have the time to build up enough layers of latex to conceal it's blockyness.

Clawed hands have been made too. marigolds + fake nails + flexible filler + latex ftw!

managed to buy even more stuff for the cloak (netting and spangly stuff), and loose the pattern I need. Will ahve a crack atr it tonight though

Progress is good.
Head requires a final couple of layers of latex and looks.....better than expected (holding my breath until it's taken off it's sculpt though)

I've also made the body suit and added muscle deffinition with thin carved upholstery foam - latexing that tonight.

I picked up materials for this clothes on Monday to, got a bit carried away. cotton, flocked Organza, fur and various patterned stuff. spent rather more than intended... >_<

Latex - on - and on - and on - and on. I'm on to the minor colours now but man is it tireing.

Successfully tinted my screen last night, really tricky stuff to apply properly - especialy when you forget to peel off the back film >_<
It's not great but it will do

I finally found a use for digital, other than endless repeats of top gear! They love showing cheesy old films like Red Heat late at night, perfect accompanyment to midnight cosplay.

Legs are finished now and the arms are very nearly there too. managed to get a coat of coloured latex onto the head and body as well. Unfortunately both I and my prefered craft shop have run out of red acrylic so it's a bit of a search mission at lunchtime today.

Been experimenting with ways of tinting my tv screen too and I think I'm going to have to go the whole hog and get some window tinting film... darned expensive though.

Well, arms and legs nearly complete now. coloured latex neaded a few more coats than normal for a good colour and I discovered I screwed up in construction as I used some dark craft foam for some detail - this section is now a lot darker than the rest of the costume :(

I'll paint the detail tonight and crack on with latexing the head and body.

Ok, so I've finished carving the last bits of detail and filling/trimming the joints. Taken a few progress pics to show what it looks like pre latexing too.

Next up a fun weekend of latexing, wish it wasn't so nice outside :(

Ok, nearly there, this has been tough getting finished but now have just the skull and crossbones to sew on and some boot tops and eye patch to make. (I think)

Had a bit of a wigathon with Miiol so I now sport the 'LLB'...... a wig that turns me magicaly into lawrence lewellin bowen!!! lol.

Finished my capelet last night, getting the collar to stand up just right has been an ongoing issue and also got his holsters done, really wasn't sure how they were going to turn out but I'm rather pleased with the end result.

A long weekend of progress has been had!
Managed to get the guns finished at last, sewed up the cloak and -almost- finished the capelet; if only I hadn't run out of Gold Bias. Also made his black and Yellow trim but then realised how tricky it's going to be to sew on.

Still got holsters, boot covers and accessories to make so a way to go yet.

Well both his guns are now constructed and I'm quite pleased with how they are looking, need to paint and finish them now.

I've got a suitable wig now and that needs styling. I've also picked up suitable fabric and cut out all required pattern pieces.
Oh, how I've come to hate cutting out cloaks, the amount of material required when your 2m tall makes it very tiring!!

Progress is oh so slow, mainly because I'm still working on something else...
I have however accumilated enough gubbins to make his laser guns now and over the weekend I made his pistol. Laser saber/gun thing next and then I will paint them.

Finnaly finished sewing all of the gold trim and frogs onto the waistcoat last night. Luckily despite it being gone midnight I somehow managed to get all of the frogs on straight and the waistcoat front lining up correctely when worn \o/

Drac continues to progress nicely. My riding boots arrived and have had suitable detailing added, and I've got my shirt, wig and teath too.
My cravat and gem are nearly finished, just need to add the lace on and i'm busily sewing the gold detailing on to my waistcoat, which is mind numbing at best!

Once there finished I just need to make the rope and clasp for the cloak and shave me beard to shape.

Well I've got a flauncy shirt and the boots should be coming today or tomorrow :)

I've also found some nice lace edging and fasteners so I'm cutting these to the patterns I want and painting them gold for the waistcoat trim. Also have a big red 'eye' to serve as the base of his gem, need to make a fitting for that though.

Made the red waist sash last night too, same red satin as the cloak.

Well I had to give up on the heeled ladyboots, best I could find in bigfoot size where thigh high and 90 quid with postage :(
So I've gone with some riding boots instead.

Other than that progress is good. Dracs satin cloak is basicaly done, it's ace and big enough to hide a small american state in! His jacket is also finished and I spent the weekend making his waistcoat, though I now need to work out how to do the gold detailing.

Pics to follow :)

Started work on the cloak and jacket this week.
All patterns cut, bodies sewn and sleeves and collars attached. The collars are epic!

Totally forgot to buy a chep bat at halloween though and I still have to figure out how I'm going to do the gold lace work on the waistcoat.

Got all the Fabric now and boy did it get expensive >_<
Found a lovely sued backed satin for the cloak and coat, some deep red lace to line the coat and more satin (only red) for the inside of the cloak.

Keeping an eye out for fancy gold trim now and knee high ladyboots now!

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