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I've been cosplaying since 2007, been out of it for a good while as costume is also my job a lot of the time! Would love to take part in groups and such so hit me up if you need a spare <3

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I thought I'd give the Yaya Han Bodysuit pattern a go for this, rather than drafting my own. I have used 'View A' as the extra panels didn't seem necessary for me and will adapt it to a corset back later. I have also had to add a few inches of height in to the suit.
Next step is to make it up in firmer materials, with a top layer.

So I never wore this to Gemucon in the end, after a day at the event I didn't think it was worth cosplaying to so just chilled all weekend instead.
I brought it out to an expo afterwards..
In retrospect, I can say I unintentionally made it a little less scandalous - probably my own comfort levels creeping in. I'd like to say I'll crack this out and rework bits but it's been 4 years now, I probably won't.
But here's the "finished" photo at least.

So the dress seems like a pretty good place to start, right?
Have patterned out the bodice and sewn it up, it's zippered in the back.

I tried to get the wrap effect while keeping it as a solid garment piece, I think it's effective but would like to define the layers a little with some shadows and highlights later.

This is it today, at about 20 hours. It's all sewn together, the final touches are to add straps,a bit more boning into the bodice and remove all tacking lines.

Looking at it now I wish I had made the skirt shorter and the headband longer, and the accessories are too dark. However, I feel the skirt being a little longer makes it slightly more appropriate for a ball scene, perhaps? Maybe... maybe I'm just trying to justify it to myself.
I'm certainly not happy with how it's turned out, but I definitely now how to improve if it I am to wear it again.

So this is about 12 hours in, the skirts are pinned and the fringing only tacked.

With all LoL characters, there is a massive difference between the splash art and the models of the characters in game. I've decided to take reference more from the splash than the model as it's just more detailed and more glamorous.
The skirt in the splash art is made of three layers, and due to the movement she has in it I'll be making them circular. This isn't the traditional flapper style, but I'm sure Riot weren't thinking about being historically accurate when they designed her.

As I'll be wearing her to the AyaCon Cosplay Ball, I shan't be making the props as they're not allowed anyway!

Jinx's dress fabric is quite a tricky one, as it looks both lilac and white. Looking at other cosplayers they have generally made a decision on one or the other, but I've tracked down a fabric that has elements of both, depending on what angle you look at it from.

Made the mask, done a quick make-up test. That's as far as I've gotten.
I intend to make the cowl, but not sure if I'll have time so may be pigtails first time around.

More silly gifs:
Extra make-up photos:

If doing this has told me anything, it's that Isabella must have the patience of a goddess if that flower isn't tattooed onto her face, because it takes sooo long!

I figured I'd put my man-face to use and get around to doing at least a test for Isabella! I quite like how it came out, but there's no telling without the rest of the costume whether it'll look any good :)

So I've just got to add the sleeve and neckline ruffles now! I'm going to take the bodice in a little via the back beforehand, though to make it fit a little better.

Now with it all on I do wish I'd made the skirt start lower and made it so I could wear a corset underneath as it all feels very bulky but no turning back now!
The wig is almost done, will have to do that and a make-up test tomorrow!

Forgot all about the stockings, so having to compromise with bright blue tights cut down and stitched underneath black stockings.. One leg is with stocking, the other without..

Thank you conveniently placed flash :'D

So I've spent the last two days doing the skirt pleats alone.
If this dress isn't perfect, I may cry

Wig arrived. Is good. Needs a costume.

(I have two of this wig, by mistake - so if anyone wants one, give me a shout!)

Excuse the awful coloring of the photos - crappy indoor lighting + camera phone.

Ok, so I've been really slow with this costume - just a little bit a day, but it's getting there!
I've had some drama with the corset not fitting - - so the alterations have made the front look a little iffy - including the fact it was too short. This has been remedied with the strip at the top, which will thankfully be covered by a gold strip from the design!

The trailing tail.. things are all but complete - the white ones need the little crosses, and I'm tempted to make the gold ones a little thinner, but they're ok for now.

Jacket needs sleeves and collar, so that's all good.

Skirt needs the front panel and the lace & sheer butt skirts to be completed.

Bodice just needs to be sewn up completely and gold details added, then should be good to go.

Definitely on track for Gemu~!
The wig and shoes are both here, the wig is more yellow than I hoped, but I don't have time to replace it now! Thankfully you can dye stuff in game, so I'll just claim that ;P

So today I've been getting on with the Archbishop costume. I've made up the corset, just need to cut the bones to size and edge it before adding the chest details and then moving on to everything else
Everything from the white thread downwards will be covered by the waistband and skirt pieces, but I don't want to cut them off as they help keep the shape of the rest of it.
The corset isn't waist reducing, purely fashion, as I'm too lazy to sew in more bones and when I do use them I like to add them in using channels which I don't think would look good on this particular costume. It has two spiral steel bones down the bust to keep the shape along that line, but they're sewn into the seam itself.

I managed to pick up the shirt for this variant, so thought I may as well resurrect Nana :)

Managed to pick up a pair of shoes that I can paint white today. They're not the right style at all, but there's not much I can do about that with such little time left available to me so they'll have to do.
Photo is one painted, with one coat, and one not. I think I'll do two coats.

The Screw up? I made the skirt a few inches too short oTL There's absolutely no way I can change it as I have no time to get more fabric, or sew it together - so I'll have to be Chii as if she never left the peep show? oTL

Picked up the shoes from the post office today. COVERED in marks and scratches and what nots, thank you crappy ebay seller!
So, going to have to go emergency shoe shopping, if not I'll have to paint a pair of my own shoes *sobs*

Sooo I had to take the skirt off of the bodice again to do a new technique that /should/ hopefully make it more poofy.. if it doesn't work I give up on this one!

Still need to style the wig, re-attatch the skirt, get shoes, persocom ears, and so on. I really am cutting it fine with this one~!

OK. So continuing from previous ramble: I don't like the length of the skirt, that needs to go up a few inches. The persocom ears I'm wearing there are made of paper, so don't take them seriously. The wig is waaaay too thin, even the fringe is disappointing. I could go on oTL

Wig has arrived. Contacts are en route. shoes are en route. Persocom ears haven't even been started. Wig needs styling. Sleeves haven't been done yet. Petticoat hasn't been done. Wig doesn't seem thick enough.
And now I discover a new way to add the ruffles to the skirt.
oTL I feel like this is never ending xD

Picked up all my fabrics today~! I got 4m of the white, which is wayyy too much - but I'd rather have too much than too little nad £5 a meter isn't bad. I can always find a use for white fabric!
I went with a base fabric that has a tiny bit of stretch to it, as I couldn't find an opaque white fabric that didn't look like deck chair canvas, but I think it may add to the comfort factor of the dress.

Picked up some pink bias tape and a zipper, too.
I'll start making it all this weekend if I don't visit my mom x3

I'm currently half way through making up the mock dress just for my own purposes e.g checking I have the seams in the right places etc. I've realised I've not given the bodice enough length to do the V shaped waist though (darnit!) so it's a good thing I didn't go straight for the real thing!

I'm waiting to start university before I start with the persocom ears as I'd like to vacuumform them if it's possible (hoping my uni has a vacuum former, if not, I might make a DIY one or find another solution)
I haven't yet ordered the wig as I'm indecisive as to which one to get, however, I have made plans as how to get the shaping of it done, as it splits at the back.

Ok, this was always intended as a quick costume for a rubbish club night in which I presumed everyone else would be hiring their costumes - which they did - so I'm not that upset that it's not totally accurate.
I did make her star bag, but decided to not take it in the end as it would get in the way and suchlike while I was in the club / wasn't allowed it on the club floor anyway.
The wig could have done with more black detailing, and if I ever wear her again I shall add into that.
The outfit itself was a last minute throw together as I wasn't able to get a military jacket or anything *insert excuses here*
Umm.. I /do/ have skates, but again - can't take those into a club.

But yeah, it did the job :)

Today was an ill/unmotivated day today so have been fiddling with my wiggly~
Need to find a way to make the curls more permanent (at the moment they're tied up with thread) and less frizzy and possibly even smaller~~

Wig arrived - it's not exactly like what I ordered, but it's good quality regardless! I've cut the fringe but I'm unsure how I'm going to style the rest just yet - but it'll get done!
I've had to give in on the fabric search and just buy a pale pink or cream, as white just doesn't seem to exist!

As for the photo - I wish I could wear my false eyelashes as my face looks so empty without them! But, alas, I've discovered I'm allergic to eyelash glue and therefore have to keep use down to a minimum.

Decided to go with a pretty simple variant~ the one with the fluffy bits 8D (in gallery)
I've been shopping for the fluffy bits tonight and am at a current dead end - I've found the fabric I want, I just can't find anywhere to buy it!
I've gone with a short curly fur, rather than a full length straight one as I think it just looks a bit cuter~. Here's hoping I can find some!
(Image is of the fabric type I want - I want it in white though~!)

When I initially did Victoria back in 2009 I didn't wear a wig - because suprise, suprise the veil covered everything.
However, I've joined a video collaboration with LalaSosu and other Kuroshitsuji-cosplaying DA members so I figured I should get around to doing the wig ^^

The image doesn't show particularly well due to being taken on my phone, but I've started coloring the fringe and some of the front bangs. Had to be done as the wig was the wrong color when it arrived x_X

Just finished this and a Sakura one for a friend
Sooo much sewing x_X
Mine ended up having to be hand sewn as I had no orange thread and didn't want to go over it in any other color so went carefully around with black. Mine took about 17 hours?
Sakura's took about... 3? x_X

Ok dress is pretty much done now :) Just needs a bit of hemming~!

Also need to do:
-find wig (it's somewhere in my room x_X)
-Paint fake rose red (lolol)
-Make garter
-Buy backless bra

Then she is done 8D

Tops done.
I guess this variant is now complete, as I'm just using the same wig, shoes and trousers as the last one I did ^^

(I have no idea why some of the images are blurry and can't be bothered to take more for this xD)

Ok, so god knows how many hours and a bajillion and one knots later and the black overtop is done. Need to shred the base top more.
Not sure what to do with the dangling black bits. Might leave a few of the shorter ones.

Ok, ignore the image below. I restarted the top.
It annoyed me that the boxes were straight, rather than diagonal. This time, they're diagonal. They're uneven, but diagonal XD

Well, fiding a fishnet top so large, affordable and in time was clearly going to be impossible soo I'm making it 8D
It's not too difficult, in fact it's pretty relaxing xD

Only one sleeve has been shredded a bit so far~

After Shiro's failure yesterday I panicked about not having a costume for Saturday. Thankfully I had Serah with me who still needs a little bit of work.
Managed to grab some shoes today - they're not perfect, but it's better than no costume.
I'm not going to look fantastic, but it's better than nothing IMO...

Fixed the fringe, still need to sort out the ponytail & thin-ness.

((Camwhoring with Kairu, whose wig I also still need to sort out ))

This is the costume literally straight from the packaging, and oh boy - I now remember why I never ever buy costumes.
Just from what I can see I need to:
- WIG - FIX IT ._. GOD this is bad ._. restyle it and I need to add wefts in, but don't have time to order some so will have to make some and color and gurghhhh... Possibly buy a new one and start from scratch eventually....

-SHIRT- Take it in and change the see through panels (only a minor thing but I HATE the fabric they've used - how hard would it have been to have just used the same fabric as the over jacket ._.)

- OVERJACKET- Add the holes in the back of it - for some reason the manufacturer decided to overlook this obvious part of design? XD

-SKIRT- Change the godawful sequins on the front (personal hatred for sequins) I'd like to mod the skirt as they've included glitter silver thread for some obscene reason, but that's not possible ;3; aaand cut the lace as it's poorly cut out...

-WRIST BANDS- need to make a white one as a piece of ribbon isn't right. The black one needs taking in as it just slides down my darn arm xD

-SHOES- Need to buy some and mod them!

All small things, but when added together a lot of hassle ._. I doubt they'll all occur before I first wear her but they will eventually...

Face blacked out because today is a class day and I look crap 8D

Avoiding homework is easy when you have a new wig to play with 8D

Added a bit more blue and sorted out the spiking :)

Soo the wig (finally) arrived today! Therefore, Shin is a deffo for expo 8D I've lightly tinted the roots blue, it barely shows so I might add more but I'm afraid it might become TOO blue (although his hair is totally blue a lot of the time, I prefer a more natural look in most of my costumes). I've lost my wig scissors so the fringe isn't finished yet and the back hates being spiked so I'm going to have to play with that some more.

Threw together the outfit here just to see what it looked like and discovered that my chest binder is now way too big on me so looks like I'll have to do tape binding on the day x_X
Will be using the jeans and shoes in the picture, but modding the shoes.
Haven't found an orb yet - still after a legit one x_X

Oh god I really am Miwako mad :'D
This is a wig I forgot I had so yeah... 3rd for Miwako :'D Ohhh the outfit possibilities~!

... and wow, I actually look like I have a figure in these pictures *-*

Awww god darnit Deadman Wonderland - reveal that Shiro's the Redman on the day I cosplay her? Awww yeah xD
Shame the color scheme in the anime isn't what I cosplayed it as - guess I'll have to re-do her sometime.

At expo both my mask and glove broke within the first 5 minutes >.<;;

I finished Shiro today!
I'm not going to post any completed pictures until it's revealed in the anime that Shiro is the Redman as it might ruin the suprise for some watchers who didn't read the manga when it's on the front page! x33

So, my first Miwako outfit is now complete! (Image in gallery)
I feel I need a necklace and or something on my wrists. But I'm afraid this'll become happy berry overkill! I have a whole day of sitting around doing nothing but waiting for expo to come along tomorrow, so I might make a couple more bits of jewelry..

I wasnt really fussed about doing the shoes, but found some plain white heels for £3 today so thought "ehh, why not?"
I've painted them pink and added some happy berrys to the toe.
I want to add some lace detail / a bit of white paint detail to the shoes, to make them a bit more individual and interesting - but we'll see~!

Arghh why do I pull such silly shocked faces?!

Anyway, bought the contacts today. Sadly, they still show a bit of my natural color near the center but it's better than being all green.
Miwako is pretty much done now 8D

Re-made the backpack today as I'm now wearing Miwako on the Sunday and the previous attempt wasn't good enough.
It's 100% hand sewn ._.
This one actually works as a backpack, thank god!
I'm actually so happy with it! Just need to attach the straps properly and it's done!

To do now: Buy contacts - doing that tomorrow
Random jewelry bits - ehh sometime over the next week
New shoes? Not a priority

Not really relevant to the costume, but I wore the wig out today and got given free cupcakes at the cupcake stall because of my hair 8D
Excuse me while I go celebrate my luck with yummy cupcakes!

I bought this to use as extensions to the pigtails, but to be honest I don't think it really needs them soo I have a second wig to do another outfit with 8D Just needs a fringe~!
(Outfit in picture not relevant, that's just what I wore to college xD)

Had some spare time this morning and figured I'd do a make-up test for Shiro.
I don't like my eyebrows in this, at all - they need to be sorted out.
I'm not really sure how I'm going to do the make-up on the day as the lighting in the Excel toilets is pretty bad for make-up.
Also, it's hard to see with the contacts in so I can't be sure if everything's even! guhh! xD

Also covered the mask in a thin clay layer, to make it smoother and a little stronger x3

I.. attempted to make Shiro's mechanical hand today (see ref in gallery)

I don't think it went to well, but at least I tried

Re-dyed it.
Still tempted to add a dark outline to it~

Better image of the backpack. As you can see, the wings and green bit came out weirdly shaped, so needs to be redone eventually

Made the backpack today~! It's not perfect, but I';m pretty happy with it as a first draft :)
I am tempted to just stitch the backpack to my dress on the day to avoid the horrible straps - we'll see~!

Soooo the wig arrived today, as I said I want to add extensions to it to make the pigtails a bit bigger but to be honest I don't think it matters too much if they don't arrive in time.
Not sure if I'll bother making a whole outfit - I might just wear my pink lolita dress.
I'll make the backpack though <3

Better image in the gallery~
I am SO proud of this thing! The edges are all burnt by myself, hand dyed and such.It can be longer or shorter, depending on how much it's gathered at the top and it drapes in lots and lots of ways 8D It needs re-dying as it's not dark enough yet. I'm also tempted to add black to the edges so the tears show up more against itself.

Started the cape today, did all the ripping and junk - except for the back which isn't finished yet.
Going to dye it tomorrow then it'll be pretty much complete

I am SO proud of this damn thing!
It's not finished yet as I ran out of foam.. but FFFF- <3

Sooo I finally got started on the collar today~! Just needs a bit extra shaping and then covering!
I've also pencilled on the patterning, but you can't see that - obviously.

< *pouty face* Oh poopie~
Had a few hours free this morning so thought I'd update~
So, I have the wig. (ignore how bad it looks in these photos, I get lazy with the positioning of the plaits xD)
I have the scarf (which was commissioned by the lovely Bambi <3)
I have a base bikini top.
and fabrics for the skirt and pouches.

Just need boots and sleeves and beads!
She's coming together ^^ Slowly, but surely!

As ever, tardy photo =D

Soo I started a new outfit for Nana~ I DID paint "Black Stones" onto the top, but clearly, the paint doesn't show very well so am going to redo it in acrylic or something - damn yoou fabric paint and not showing on black~

It seems Nana will be appearing again in May. Not sure what outfit yet, though~
Oh, and she's not going to Midlands - as I'm not going =D xD

The skirt and tie in this photo are going to be replaced, but I wanted to see if it looked ok before I went any further~ Think the shirt might need a little shortening too.

Now to find me a Sanji ;D

Sorry for the lame picture, and for looking a bit like a slut, was the only one that didn't come out blurry.
And, ho shi- my wigs sit so much better since I got all my hair cut off <3

My scarf arrived today <33 I commissioned it from Bambi and it is SO perfect <3

Shall upload a picture once I get 'round to finishing the top x333

I have been waiting for this to arrive for sooooo long!

I look pretty crap in the picture, I'm going to blame it on the lighting and hope it insist it looks better in real life ;D
Derpy picture here, half decent picture in the gallery x3

It needs the beads still and a blue bandana rather than a black and white scarf... but plait wise I'm pretty happy with it, for now.

Right, the scarf and wig have been ordered.
I've made polycotton copies of both the top, skirt and boot covers.
I've figured out the fabrics and things I'm going to need.
I've figured ou how to do the wig.
Rikku is definately a go~! 8D

I'm not feeling too confident about posting a picture yet, so you'll have to wait until I get the right fabrics and the wig, or you may aswell just have a picture of me in my underwear here :'D
I'm feeling a bit uneasy about wearing her in public, aswell, as my weight is quite an issue for me - especially recently when I found out my weight gain attempt has TOTALLY failed and I've managed to lose a significant amount /lol rambling/. So yeah, we'll see~

Not sure when she'll be used, as I'm having doubts about Midlands expo, but I've also put my name down for the FFX/X-2 group for London MCM, so she'll be there if not at Midlands :)

This is how far I got before expo~ Oh, and the gloves are being digested by my bedroom atm. I'm wearing my contacts aswell, but they don't show too great~
Ffff- dat bodysuit seethroughness~
Still needs painting, flesh colored pants and a neckbrace, but other than that I'd say she's pretty much done. So maybeee she'll appear sometime next year?

(Also, YAY rubbish phone quality pictures as my cameras in Belgium D<)

I went downstairs after writing the last journal, and what do I find on the door mat? Only my new wig xDD
So heres a photo of the wig and my *coughfakecough* VW ring xD

I ordered a wig specifically for Nana the other day. Just waiting for it to arrive.
I'm also watching a pair of rocking horse shoes for her~ Trying to decide between strapped and un-strapped =S

This was me finishing the series, jumping up and going "I WANT TO COSPLAY NANA! 8DD" 100% closet cosplay x3
Hopefully, I'll slowly improve from here! 8D

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